Section 1.  The term "Club" shall mean the Good Sam Club.

Section 2.  The term "Chapter" shall mean a duly chartered local Chapter of the Club.

Section 3.  The term “State” shall refer to State of the United States or a Province of Canada, as

Section 4.  The term “Sponsor” shall mean Good Sam Enterprises, LLC.

Section 5.  The term Sponsor’s Trademarks shall include all trademarks, service marks, logos,
slogans, etc. used and registered by Sponsor, including, without limitation  (a) the Good Sam
emblem- a cartoon character of a man’s head with a halo over it, on a circular background, a copy
of which is attached hereto as Exhibit “__”, (b) the Good Samantha emblem – a cartoon character
of a woman’s  head with a halo over it, on a circular background, a copy of which is attached
hereto as Exhibit “__”; and (c) the trade name The Good Sam Club.  

                                                                 ARTICLE III
                                                     GENERAL MEMBERSHIP

Section 1.
All people who are interested in the promotion of the principles of good recreational vehicle
camping as defined in both the pledge and the preamble are eligible for membership in this club.

Section 2.
Pursuant to the process provided in the By-Laws, persons of notable interest, who are in
sympathy with the objectives of this Club, may have membership conferred upon them.

                                                                ARTICLE IV

Section 1. Club Management
The Sponsor shall appoint appropriate personnel called Regional Directors to carry out the day
to day management of the Club. The Sponsor may appoint representatives in the field to assist
with the Directors’ responsibilities. These representatives serve at the sole and absolute
discretion of the Sponsor and Sponsor may remove such appointees from his or her position at
any time, for any reason.

Section 2. State Directors
State/Provincial Directors shall be elected by a majority vote of the Chapters within the State or
Province. Each State/Province shall present the designated representative with a candidate for
that office, who shall have received a simple majority vote of all chartered Chapter delegates in
that State, at an election following the rules and procedures specified by the Sponsor. If a
vacancy occurs during the term, the Sponsor and/or its representative may appoint a
replacement for the duration of the term, or request that the State present another candidate for
the position.  A State/Provincial Director may be removed from their position at any time at the
discretion of the Sponsor, for any reason.

                                                                ARTICLE V
Amendments to this Constitution may only be made by the Sponsor.  Any and all other changes or
             amendments to this Constitution and the By-Laws shall be null and void.


                                                                 ARTICLE I

Section 1.
Each membership will include one couple or single and any dependent children. To obtain
membership, the candidate shall submit an application to the Club. Payment of annual dues and
acceptance of the Good Sam Pledge as set forth in the Preamble will be considered as an
integral part of this application.

Section 2.
All members in good standing will be notified of renewal well in advance of their expiration date
by the Club. If a member does not renew his/her membership within sixty (60) days after the
expiration date, his/her membership, his/her privilege to renew at the renewal rate, and the
rights to his/her original membership number may be considered forfeited. A new application for
membership will have to be submitted.

                                                                  ARTICLE II

Section 1.
The Club reserves all rights to charter Chapters of the Club and further reserves the right to
withdraw or cancel any and all such charters.  Sponsor may withdraw or cancel any and all
Chapters at its sole and absolute discretion for any reason.

Section 2.
Each local Chapter is authorized to act with other local Chapters within the same State to form a
State Committee composed of one Chapter President (or his/her appointed delegate) from each
Chapter within the same State if they so choose.

Section 3.
This document shall encompass the sole Constitution and sole set of By-Laws for the Club.  Each
Province/State Chapter shall be governed by and act according to the Constitution and By-Laws
of the Club. Provinces/States Chapter may elect to have their own set of Standard Operating
Procedures (SOP’s) but they must be submitted to their Regional Director for approval.  All
Chapters are Chapters of the Club.  Any provisions in the SOPs or other Charter documents that
are contradictory to the provisions of the Club Constitution, By-Laws, or the General Policies of
the Club are null and void.

Section 4.
Upon notice to a Chapter by the State Director, that Chapter will be required to submit a written
list of all Chapter members and officers showing the individual member's name, address, and
Club membership number. This is required to maintain good standing with the Club.  

Section 5.
Membership in any local Chapter will be dependent upon current membership in good standing
in the Club.

Section 6.
All Sponsor Trademarks are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a
service mark of the Sponsor. The Sponsor grants the Club a limited and revocable license to use
Sponsor Trademarks for official noncommercial identification purposes only. Misuse or
unauthorized use of any Sponsor Trademark shall result in the immediate cancellation of the
Chapter's charter.  The Club agrees that it does not presently have, nor by reason of this
Constitution or affiliation with Sponsor acquire any property right or rights to use such Sponsor’s
Trademarks.  All uses of the Sponsor’s Trademarks shall inure to the benefit of Sponsor.  
a)        All Chapter patches, flags and decals containing Sponsor Trademarks must receive
      prior written approval from its State Director and the Sponsor before being produced
      or distributed.  Sponsor Trademarks shall only be used in good taste and to promote
      the Good Sam pledge and Chapter activities and in a manner consistent with the spirit
      and written text of the Constitution, By-Laws and other policies of the Club, which shall
      be determined in the sole and absolute discretion of the Sponsor. The license granted
      herein shall expire immediately upon the loss of any Chapter’s charter.  Upon loss of
      its charter, a Chapter shall immediately cease use of any and all Sponsor Trademarks
      and return any merchandize or paraphernalia containing Sponsor Trademarks to the
      State Director.

Section 7.
The Club recommends a Chapter to have a minimum of six (6) rigs, however if membership falls
below this number, the Club may extend, on a case-by-case basis, special circumstances and
time-frame to allow for membership to be rebuilt.  

                                                                   ARTICLE III
                                                      SPONSOR CORPORATION

Section 1.
The Sponsor may appoint or employ such staff as necessary to carry out the purpose of the Club
and such staff may receive compensation and/or reimbursement of expenses as determined by
the Sponsor.

Section 2.
The Sponsor may remove a State Director or other Club officer from office in its sole and
absolute discretion, for any reason.  By way of example and not limitation, a Club officer may be
removed for failing to abide by the Constitution, By-Laws, or other policies of the Club,
unauthorized or misuse of Sponsor Trademarks, attempting to act as an agent of the Sponsor, or
failure to perform the duties of the office.

                                                                  ARTICLE IV
                                                           STATE DIRECTORS

Section 1.
Each State or Province Director may appoint one or more Assistant Directors, a Secretary, and
other officers as appropriate (except Treasurer who is elected by the State or Provincial
Committee) to assist him/her. All State officers must be residents of the State or Province, unless
a special exclusion of residency requirement is approved by the Sponsor.

Section 2.
The State/Province Director position may be a single individual or a couple.  If a couple, one of
the individuals is the elected position holder.  A State or Province Director is appointed to a two-
year term.

Section 3.
The State Director is the highest Club officer in the State. His/her functions are:
a) To represent his/her State membership to the Club.
b) To represent and uphold the Constitution, By-Laws, and other policies of the Club.
c) To act as the advisor in the administration of State and Chapter business.
d) To administer the formation of new Good Sam Chapters.
e) To officiate at State Events
f) To advise the State Committee composed of Chapter delegates in his/her State, to officiate
at its meetings, and to vote only in the event of a tie.
g) To perform such other functions as specified in the Director’s Manual.

Section 4.
State Directors may receive such compensation and/or reimbursement of expenses as
established by the Sponsor.

                                                                   ARTICLE V
                                                         STATE COMMITTEES

Section 1.
Each State/Province is authorized to form a State Committee composed of Chapter presidents or
their appointed delegates as specified in Article II, section 2 of these By-Laws. When formed, a
State/Provincial Committee has the voting power to reconcile serious disputes within the State
and in any Chapter within the State.

Section 2.
No part of the Constitution or these By-Laws shall interfere with the authority of the State
Committee to establish, regulate, or control a State treasury; nor to interfere with the State
Committee's right to levy a reasonable fee to be paid by all Chapter members within the State, to
be placed in the State treasury. Such levy will only be recognized by the Club if made by a three-
fourths vote of the Chapter delegates attending a meeting of the State Committee held after
thirty (30) days written notice of the purpose of the meeting to the Chapter delegates within the
State. The vote to levy a fee may be made by mail. If there is no designated Chapter delegate for
a Chapter, such written notice shall be sent to the Chapter President. All such funds shall be the
sole property of the State Committee.

                                                                   ARTICLE VI

Section 1.
All resignations from any position or office shall be made in writing and presented through the
proper chain of authority of the Club. No resignation shall cancel the dues of a member for the
remaining terms of his/her membership. Any and all benefits (except Life membership) derived
from holding a State or Chapter office shall terminate upon the date of said resignation.

Section 2.
A member may be expelled from his/her membership within the Club for his/her opposition to the
Good Sam Pledge, Preamble, Constitution, By-Laws or the other policies of the Club. Before any
proceedings are taken on the proposed expulsion of a member, the member must receive
written notice of the contemplated action and reasons.  The Club retains the sole right to expel a
member at its discretion.

                                                                   ARTICLE VII
                                          DISBURSEMENTS AND REIMBURSEMENTS

Section 1.
All disbursements relating to activities outside of a State or Chapter will be handled by and
through the Club. In cases where reimbursement for travel or postage is sought from the Club by
a State officer, staff member, or any other indicated individual for services performed in a Club
activity, written approval from the Club must be obtained prior to incurring such expense.

Section 2.
No State or Chapter staff member or employee, nor individual member may act as an agent for or
make any financial commitments for the Club without prior permission in writing from the

                                                                   ARTICLE VIII

Section 1.
Amendments to these By-Laws may only be made by the Sponsor.  

Section 2.
No part of this Constitution or these By-Laws shall be construed to interfere with the rights of a
duly chartered Chapter to levy dues or fees for Chapter use, as agreed upon through a vote of
the membership of the Chapter.  All such funds shall be the sole property of, and used by, the
local Chapter.

                                                                  ARTICLE IX
                                                             STANDING RULES

1. Written resolutions, signed by their authors only, will be considered by the Club.
2. Only members in good standing may address the Club on matters of policy.

Effective as revised March 7, 2013


With the objective of stimulating a greater interest and development of the principles of
good camping, ecological awareness, kindness for our fellow human beings and all wildlife
throughout the world; and with the avid desire of creating an enthusiasm which by reason of
example, we hereby form ourselves into The Good Sam Club adhering
to the following pledge:

The Good Sam Club Pledge        
As a member of the Good Sam Club I pledge to give aid to others in need, respect nature and
the environment, give back to the community and those less fortunate, treat others with
dignity and respect, and to wear a smile (like Good Sam and Good Samantha’s) and promote
the pledge of the Good Sam Club to others.

Consonant with the most liberal spirit of tolerance in the achievement of our purpose, we
further agree that in its vigorous pursuit, this Good Sam Club shall at all times during the
span of its existence, maintain an attitude strictly non-sectarian, non-partisan, non-sectional
and non-racial, and it shall not, as an organization, take any part in political issues, or the
affairs of state or governing body with the sole exception of those which exclusively affect
the positive attitude of the future of camping in respect to our defined ideals.


The Good Sam Club shall be the name of this organization. It is sponsored by Good Sam
Enterprises, LLC. The Good Sam® name and logo are registered with the United States Patent
and Trademark Office as a service mark of the Sponsor and used by the Chapters pursuant to
a limited revocable license as described herein. The Good Sam Club has the sole right to
charter local Chapters of the Club. Each duly chartered local Chapter shall be wholly
independent from the Club and the Club wholly independent from the Sponsor.  No Charter,
Director, or member is authorized to act or speak on behalf of the Good Sam Club or the