2015 Fall Rally
50th Anniversary Celebration
Southern Palms RV Resort, Eustis, Florida
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Carl & Nancy Smyly
Palm Coast Traveling Sams
November 16, 1965
Harry & Marie Grizzle
Gulf Coast Seagulls
October 9, 1955
Darryl &Vicki Wischstadt
Pasco Loafers
August 20, 1965
Ron & Pauline Lecroix
Everglades Sams
July 3, 1965
Bob & Joanne Brown
Florida-At-Large Sams
September 17, 1960
Bill & Joan Conway
Trail Blazing Sams
September 3, 1965
Larry & Eva French
Florida Eagles Sams
August 15, 1965
Mel & Dottie Fringer
Space Coast Sams
June 19, 1965
Jill Campbell performing the
Wedding Vows.
Gail Dubose
50th Anniversary Cake 2015
Lois Crutchfield & Libby
Schramm Serving Punch
Millie Hammel & Grace
LeBossiere serving punch
Congratulations to all the couples celebrating 50 plus years of wedded
bliss.  May you have many more years together.

                                                Joe & Debbie Weston
                                                       State Director