Who is Dr. Sambones?

If you are a first-timer to a Rally/Samboree, you should head for Dr.
Sambones’ table as soon as you check in and park.  Why? And who is this
Doctor Sambones, anyway?

Chapter volunteers who are armed with the information you need to get the
most from your Rally/Samboree experience.

There is a program of events and seminars at the ready -- in case you left
yours in the rig.  A log of all registered campers in case you need to find a
friend and don’t know where he’s parked.  We have information about nearby
medical, veterinary, and laundry facilities, as well as shopping centers and

Find out about where to sign up for outdoor and indoor games, etc. We also
have sign-up sheets for those interested in a table at the chapter flea market.
At some Rallies/Samborees, you can arrange for a sewer pump-out (Honey
Wagon), or register for individual or chapter participation for the theme
parade, site decoration competition, or the Mad Hatters.

The table is filled with free pamphlets, maps, and other tourist information.
Help yourself!  If, in spite of all the available information, you have a question
that we can’t answer, we’ll research it and get back to you.

Lost and Found? Check Dr. Sambones.  Did you miss getting a first-timer
ribbon? Come back to registrations.   Need information about chapters in
your area?  The volunteers can help you.

Volunteers are at the table at certain hours, so check your program.  But
even when the Volunteers are out, sign-up sheets and the goody table are

Now that you understand what Dr. Sambones, stop by at the next
Rally/Samboree and say howdy.