Helpful tips for FIRST TIMERS on how to make your Rally experience the best it
can be. This information is from the Good Sams of Florida website. www.

The Florida Good Sam Staff works very hard to put on the Rally so please make
sure you let them know you are having a good time. Staff members will be wearing
an orange shirt each day with STAFF on the back. During evening programs, staff
members will be in a white shirt and orange vest. We look forward to meeting you.

                               GENERAL INFORMATION FOR ALL RALLIES

We hope it covers all the BASES!

Arrive with water and propane tanks full but with your waste tanks empty.   
Dumping facilities vary per Rally; please check the Rally application.

Think Power Management!  Since electric supply is sometimes limited, depending
on the facility, do not use electrical appliances that draw large amounts of
electricity; i.e. heaters, air conditioners, etc.  

If you need to move after you have been parked, you must be approved and
assisted by the Wagon Master or his assistant. Any staff member wearing orange
may radio the Wagon Master for assistance.

Handicapped parking is available upon request with a valid Handicapped Number.
You need to put handicapped parking on your application but please know if you
choose handicap you will not be parked with your chapter.

Please do not block fire or emergency lanes with tow vehicles.

There is no smoking in the main hall or near the entrances and/or exits.

Pets are always welcome at the Rally but please pick up after them and keep them
leashed at all times. Service Dogs are the only animals permitted in any buildings.

                                IN CASE OF MEDICAL EMERGENCY

If calling 911 from a cell phone, you may not reach the LOCAL 911.   Remember to
state your location (found in the program), the campground name and the county
you are in.

If at night, turn on rig or tow vehicle lights and blow horn.

Contact a member of the staff wearing orange shirts. You may reach State Director
Tommy Crutchfield anytime at cellphone 850-723-0119, or the Emergency
Response Team at 727-643-0325.

                                           RALLY INFORMATION

The Florida Rally will be filled with fun activities, interesting dealers and vendors,
and informative seminars.

Because many events and activities will be happening at the same time, please
check your program to plan your day and determine what you will be participating
in. We know there is something for everyone to enjoy on the program.

Chapter volunteers also help to make the Rally a success. We appreciate all their
time and hard work in many areas including hospitality, registration,
security, door prizes, games, food services, etc.

                                RALLY/SAMBOREE LINGO GUIDE:

o FIRST TIMER – That's you! Anyone attending a Florida Rally for the first time.
o RALLY – That's here! Chapters from all over the country gather for a Rally.
o CHAPTER – Group of local campers who belong to Good Sam and camp
together on a regular basis.
o SAMGO – Our version of Bingo. Bring small bills, daubers, and your enthusiasm.
o DR. SAMBONES - Our one stop location for all your questions! Ask about Rally
activities, local listings of churches, restaurants, etc., product brochures, lost and
found, and MUCH MORE.
o EARLY BIRD - One day prior to the Rally dates. AN EXTRA DAY to have FUN!!

There are lots of games both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor games include
Bocce Ball, Bean Bag Baseball, Corn Hole
, and Holey Board. Also at the Spring
is Golf.    Indoor games include Mexican Train Dominoes, Chicken Foot
Dominoes, Cribbage, Hand & Foot, Euchre, Pinochle, Skip-Bo, and Wizard. The
Florida Good Sams game rules can be found on the Good Sams of Florida website.