Use 4 decks of cards.

Draw for partners - Spouses may not be partners

One (1) person for each couple will keep score.

1 game will be played  – with a time limit of 1 ½ hours

3 hands will be played – with melds being 90, 120 and 150

Draw for highest card for first play.

Deal 2 stacks of 13 cards each, turning top card up on each stack – pass one
stack to player on your right and the other stack to player on your left.

Exact dealing from number of cards picked up earns player 100 extra points.

Player chooses one stack to play (hand) and turns other stack face down (foot).

You may not consult with partner regarding how to play a card.

Only one partner must make meld.

Each player, on their turn, must draw two cards or pick up first six cards in stack
(using two natural cards from hand) and discard one card.

If draw pile becomes exhausted, the discard pile may be shuffled to form a new
draw pile.

No cards may be picked up from stack until one player in the team has made
meld;  however, top card may be counted in meld.

Played cards must always have one more natural card than wild cards.

No wild cards may be added to closed books.

All cards in open books must remain visible.

Laid is played -- you cannot pick up a card after you have laid it down.

A book consists of seven cards.

A red book must have all natural cards and a black book must have a minimum
of 4 natural cards and up to 3 wild cards.

Two red books and two black books are required to go out.

You must ask your partner for permission before going out.  

Player must have discard when going out. Player gets 100 extra points for
going out.

When a player goes out, all cards in remaining player’s hands are counted
against them (including partner’s hands).


RED BOOK – 500 points

BLACK BOOK – 300 points

JOKER (wild) – 50 points

ACE – 20 points

KING through 10 – 10 points

9 through 4 – 5 points

2 (wild) – 20 points

BLACK 3 – 0 (no) points

RED 3 – -500 (minus 500) when in hand at end of play

BONUS: The first table (4 people) completing the game and turning their score
cards in
receive an additional 400 points per team.
Revised January 2019
Arrive 15 minutes early for all games.  All games will play appropriately 1 hour
45 minutes.  If more than multiple winners there will be a play-off which may
cause overtime play.