1.  A total of three games will be played within 1 hour 45 minute.
2.  Four discard piles are needed before you can build on them.

The Play

1.  One partner on each team will deal out 4 piles of 6 cards.  These card piles
will be combined to make 4 stock piles of 12 cards each.

2.  Player with highest card (not Skip-Bo) will play first for each hand/round.

3.  On player’s first turn he will draw a hand of 5 cards from the draw pile.  
After first turn he draws enough to make a hand of 5 cards.

4.  Player’s turn ends when he discards.

5.  If pile becomes exhausted the completed piles may be shuffled to form a
new draw pile.

6.  During his turn a player can play from his partner’s stock & discards as well
as his own.  Partner must keep silent.  Only the player taking his turn can ask a
partner to make a play.

7.  Any player guilty of advising his partner during his partner’s turn takes 2
cards from the draw pile and places them at the bottom of his own pile,
without looking at them.

8.  If player draws too many cards, the extra ones are to be shuffled into his
own stockpile.

9. A partnership wins when their own stock piles have been played.  The
winning partnership will record a score of zero.  The losing partnership will
count the cards from both hands and record that score.  

10. Winners move up one table toward table one and switch partners.  
Losers stay at the same table but switch partners.  

11. If a winner has not been determined by the end of the 1 hour and 45
minute time period, the partnerships will count their cards and record that

12.  The lowest overall scores of the three games will determine the first and
second place winners.
Revised January 2019
Arrive 15 minutes early for all games.  If  there are multiple winners there will
be a play-off one game with the lowest score for 1st and 2nd place.