A 60 card deck –- normal playing deck + 4 Wizards + four Jesters.
Jesters are lowest in value followed by 2 up to ace – with Wizards highest in value.

Object - correctly predict the number of tricks you will take in each round.
You receive points for being correct – the person with the most points wins the

Dealing – Each player is dealt one card – high card deals.

1st deal - each player receives one card
2nd deal - each player receives two cards
3rd deal – three cards, etc.

Deal passes to the left after each round.  New dealer shuffles all 60 cards.
After the deal, the next card is turned up to determine the trump suit.
If the turned-up card is a Jester, it is turned down and there is no trump for that
If the turned-up card is a Wizard, the dealer chooses one of the 4 suits as trump suit.  
Dealer may examine his cards before declaring the suit.
On the last round of each game all cards are dealt out so there is no trump.

Bidding – Each player starting at the left of the dealer states the number of tricks
he/she will take (0 or 1) on the 1st round – scorer records it.  
Total number of tricks bid may or may not equal the total number of tricks available.

Play – begins to the left of dealer.  Any card may be led.
Play continues clockwise and must follow suit if possible.
2 exceptions – Wizard or Jester may be played AT ANY TIME
even if player is holding card of the suit led.

Winning tricks – (a) 1st Wizard played,
(b) highest trump if no Wizard played,
(c) highest card of the suit led if no trump played.  
Winner of the trick leads.

Leading Wizards or Jesters – if lead card is a Wizard, it wins the trick.
Players may then play any card they wish including another Wizard.

If lead card is a Jester it is a null card.  
The suit for this round is determined by next card played.
Jesters always lose – 1 exception is if only Jesters are played in a round,
the 1st Jester played wins the trick.

Scoring – 20 points if correctly predicted the number of tricks taken
plus 10 additional points for each trick taken.
Players whose prediction is incorrect lose 10 points for each over or under trick.

Length of game – 60 cards in the deck.
Play continues until the round in which all the cards are dealt out.  
3 players = 20 rounds, 4 players = 15 rounds,
5 players = 12 rounds, 6 players = 10 rounds.
Player begins with a (0) zero.
Revised February 2012