1. The State organization shall be known as Good Sams of Florida, Inc., operating under the
constitution and by-laws of the Good Sam Club.

2. In accordance with the Good Sam constitution and by-laws, Good Sams of Florida, Inc.
hereby establishes a State Committee, consisting of the Chapter presidents or their
representatives of chapters in good standing. When a representative is to attend the State
Committee meeting, he/she will bring his/her designation from the president, in writing to the
State Secretary.

3. The State Committee will meet two times per year or at any time the State Director shall
deem necessary.

4. In addition to the Treasurers duties listed in the “2013 Directors Manual”, the Treasurer
shall make available the books for audit annually.

5. Should business arise between committee meetings that needs immediate attention, at the
Directors discretion, business may be conducted with the State Committee via electronic
means, i.e.; email or text.

6. A charge of $2.00 per member rig shall be levied in order to provide operating funds for the
State, paid to the State Treasurer annually.

7. The color “Bright Orange” will be the official color of the State and will not be used by any

8. The State Director shall determine how all State Committee Meetings are conducted.

9. State staff is encouraged, at the discretion of the State Director, to attend the State
Committee Meetings.

10. The references utilized to ensure no duplication of duties or responsibilities used for this
document are: 2013 Good Sam Directors Manual.