The Good Sam RV club got started in 1969 when a handful of RVers put Good Samaritan
bumper stickers on the road and in campgrounds on their rigs so fellow members would
know they could get help on the road. From this small Club we grew. In the early days,
Good Sam Members spread the word at RV parks and other Club events. Soon everyone
wanted to know how to get a Good Sam "smiling face" decal.

                         WHAT IS A GOOD SAM CHAPTER?

All Good Sam members are encouraged to join a local Chapter for wholesome, increased
outdoor fun, fellowship, travel, touring places of interest, pot luck dinners, and other
interesting camping activities. Good Sam chapters are made up of individuals from all age
groups not just retirees.  We strongly encourage the young along with the young-at-heart  
to join a chapter.  This creates new and long lasting friendships and memories. Chapter
members usually meet once a month for a campout get-together or other Chapter
activities such as service projects or support of local charities. Some of the Florida
Chapters only meet October through May because their members are comprised of
“workcampers” or  “snowbirds”.  

A Chapter is made up with a varying number of rigs, each Chapter determining its own
membership size, and are composed of their own elected officers. They camp together,
play together and give support in times of need. The Chapter members have vests in their
own Chapter colors, with Rally patches, patches from the states, parks and points of
interest, they have visited. The more you become involved in a Chapter the more
satisfying the experience. The reasons for belonging to a local chapter is for the fun,
fellowship, games, travel, eating, craft, love of the outdoors, camping, etc. Chapters
support each other by having monthly campouts.   The more members who are involved,
the more things the chapter can do.  Many chapters support local charities; most all the
chapters support National and Florida Charities: Dogs for Better Lives, Florida Guide Dogs
and Camp Boggy Creek.

                            HOW TO JOIN A CHAPTER  

Each chapter has its own individual membership requirements but one that is universal is
membership in the Good Sam Club.  If you are not a member of Good Sam, please click on
any Good Sam icon on this website to join Good Sam Club.

We strongly encourage you to visit with several chapters before you decide which chapter
you want to join.  Some chapters are into volunteering, others travel to lots of out of state
places together, while others just enjoy spending time together relaxing.  Chapter life is
what you choose to make of it.  The chapters all have a weekend that they usually camp
but most will also change their schedule around depending on member’s needs and
events they want to attend.  All chapters have a guest program that allows you to camp
with them for a few visits without becoming a member.  This allows you to get to know
them and allows them to meet you.    Be sure to talk to a few presidents in your area.  They
will tell you about their chapter and when and where the next campout will be.  Deciding
which chapters to visit can take a little time.  Click on the Chapters & Presidents page on
this website.  Do not be overwhelmed when you open the page as we have many chapters
in Florida.  You can quickly narrow that list down to chapters near your area by looking at
chapter names and president’s towns or clicking the Map of Florida Chapters.  Some
chapters are named for their area such as Citrus County Sams.  Look at the presidents
towns and choose ones in your area.  Remember most chapters have members from a
large area and travel to lots of different campgrounds in the area.  If you are still not sure
of what chapters to contact feel free to call or email Tommy Crutchfield, State Director at
850-723-0119 or  He will be happy to help you with locations.
After you have been to visit and decide which chapter you want to join it is very easy.  Just
let them know you are interested and most will have you fill out an application and they will
take it from there.   


A Rally is a statewide campout open to all.   Florida has three Rallies a year; Winter Rally
in February, Spring Rally in April, and Fall Rally in November, a camping adventure on a
grand scale—all done by State Staff and volunteers.  A multiple day event with an
emphasis on fun!  Meeting new and old friends!

There are major events like Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Entertainment nights,
Samgo (Bingo) nights, and Sunday Worship.  There are also all types of indoor/outdoor
game competitions.  There are vendors of special interest to RVers, seminars, special
products for the ladies, and crafts.

The Florida Rallies are unique from many other State Rallies. We have entertainment
three nights of the Rally, and Samgo (Bingo) two nights.   We are known for our Golden
Wedding Ceremony, with vow renewals, where we celebrate the 50th anniversaries
of couples that are attending the Rally.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly, outgoing group and encourage new campers to
attend. You need not be a Good Sam member to attend but we challenge you to leave
without wanting to be a member!

The camping experience is one of a kind! And it is a safe and hospitable environment for
the whole family!