Good Sams of Florida, Inc.
Committee Meeting
Fall Rally in Eustis, Florida
November 21, 2015,  9:30 AM

1.        Invocation                                                         Sharon Bundy
2.        Pledge of Allegiance                                        Bill Hammel, Wagon Master
3.        Good Sam Pledge                                            Sharon Bundy
4.        Parliamentarian Instruction                            Mike Abrams, Parliamentarian
5.        Roll Call of Chapters                                        Liz Abrams,  Secretary
6.        Minutes from Okeechobee Spring Samboree
7.        Treasurer’s Report                                          Linda Voyton, State Treasurer
8.        Committee Reports
a.        Legislative                                                  Sharon Bundy
b.        State Store                                                  Lorretta Redderoth
c.        Dogs for the Deaf                                       Bill and Joan Conway
d.        Florida Guide Dogs                                   TBA
e.        Historian                                                     Sherrie Risberg
f.         Webmaster                                                 Jill Campbell
g.        Emergency Response Team                     Mike Abrams, Coordinator
h.        Boggy Creek Report                                  Bob and Peggy Brown
i.         Report of ASD’s
9.        Wagon Master’s Report                             Bill Hammel, Wagon Master
10.      State Director’s Report                              Joe Weston, State Director

      Winter Rally

Winter ‘Rally in Tally’
Approval of Budget for Joe Weston 2016
Candidates for upcoming State Director and State Treasurer Elections

Next regular meeting in Okeechobee, April, 07, 2016  at Spring Rally