April 18, 2013 Spring Samboree
State Committee Meeting
Okeechobee KOA, Okeechobee, Florida
Meeting Minutes
Joe Weston, state director, called the meeting to order at 1:32 p.m.  He asked if all chapter presidents or
representatives had checked in with Mike Abrams and Liz Abrams.

Sharon Bundy gave the invocation, and Bill Hammel the wagon master led the United States Pledge of
Allegiance.  Sharon then read the Good Sam Pledge.  

Mike Abrams explained the procedure for a state committee member to speak to the committee or to vote
upon pending motions.   

Liz Abrams, secretary, gave roll call.  A quorum was reached, with 38 chapter presidents or their
appointed representatives present.  

Joe called for a reading of the minutes of the state committee meeting held in February 2013.  A motion
was made to waive the reading of the minutes and accept them as published, by Chick Thompson, North
Florida Lifetime Sams. Evelyn Jorgensen, Sassy Sams, seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  

Committee Reports

Joe Weston explained that there is no treasurer’s report as Linda Voyton is absent from this Samboree
so she can care for her husband Charlie. Joe reminded everyone to sign the card for Charlie which is
located at the building’s entrance.

No report.  

State Store
Loretta Redderoff reported that the store is doing very well.  There are only two of the new Southeast
Region badges left but more will be available at November Samboree.   

Dogs for the Deaf
No report.

Florida Guide Dogs
No report.

Sherri Risberg reported that some chapters have not provided her with their historic data.  She requests
a paragraph or two of how your chapter was formed.  She suggested that while sitting around your
campfire or gathering for potluck dinners, start talking about memories.  You’ll likely find tidbits of
historical information from many chapter members.  If that doesn’t work, then talk to people at Samboree’
s who may know something about your chapter’s history.    

Jill Campbell asked the chapter presidents to send her any changes to mailing addresses, email
addresses, phone numbers, and changes of officers.  Please ensure the rosters that you send to her
have current information.      

Emergency Response Team
Mike Abrams said everything is up to date on equipment and supplies.  He purchased a new response
bag and some new medications that were needed.  

Boggy Creek
Peggy and Bob Brown, liaison to Boggy Creek, reported that in 2012 seventeen Florida Good Sam
chapters or groups donated $4,755, for a total of $8,284.25 since 2011.  A Boggy Creek patch will be
awarded to each chapter member for the first $250 donated by the chapter.  After that, an additional
$250 will warrant a heart patch.  Thereafter, for a cumulative donation of $500, each chapter member will
receive an additional heart patch.    Contact Peggy and Bob to let them know the number of patches
and/or hearts you need.  Donations for the year will be received at November Samboree in Eustis.  
Walking tours of the Boggy Creek facility will be offered.  Boggy Creek thanks the Florida Good Sam
chapters for their support.  

Wagon Master
Bill Hammel, wagon master reported that we’ve parked a total of 356 rigs at this Samboree, so far with a
few more expected.  

Evelyn Jorgensen, Sassy Sams, shared information about a charity for families of wounded military,
called Operation Helping Hand.   If you would like to attend a dinner to learn about the charity, contact
Sassy Sams.   

State Director
Joe Weston said he had received 30 or more complaints about last night’s program.  The entertainment
was great, but people complained that they could not hear due to conversations in the audience during
the program. Please be courteous and step outside the building if you need to talk.    

Debbie and Joe Weston have decided to waive the 10% state charge on money raised by chapters for
their charities.  This will remain in effect as long as the Weston’s are directors.  One exception is Samgo
because supplies are purchased by the state. The form will be updated and posted on the web site.  

Many people are submitting outdated forms to us.  Please download forms from the Florida Good Sam
web site and throw away the old forms.  

Starting with the Fall Samboree in Eustis, you will no longer receive an email acknowledgment for receipt
of registration.  If you want confirmation, you need to provide a self addressed stamped envelop with your
application.  This change is necessary due to many illegible and incorrect email addresses on the

Joe and Debbie feel this has been the smoothest opening days of any Samboree since they have been
on staff.  The staff did excellent job parking.  

There are many “first timers” this Samboree.  We hope they decide to join a chapter at the first timers
meeting tomorrow.  Joe has received 30 requests from perspective chapter members during this
Samboree.  When you receive a request from us from a perspective chapter member, please contact
them right away while they are still interested in finding a chapter.  

Old Business

State Standard Operating Procedures
Chick Thompson, Florida Lifetime Sams, thanked Charlotte and the committee for the hard work they did
when assigned to rewrite the Constitution and By-Laws.  They did a very good job.  Chick reviewed the
proposed standard operating procedures (SOP), which they wrote, and he feels they did not meet the
objective.  He moved that the state committee disband the committee and appoint a new one to write a
SOP.  Rich Gavin, Sunset Ramblers, seconded the motion.  

Charlotte Smith asked for discussion so the committee could understand what Chick felt was wrong with
the proposed SOP.  Chick said it appears that the proposed SOP is similar to the previous document
named Florida Constitution and By-Laws.  Charlotte said that since sending out the proposed SOP for
review, the committee had received comments from reviewers, including instruction from the state director
and from the Good Sam Club.  Part of what she wished to do today was to go through the SOP and
remove those things that are no longer appropriate or allowed. Chick commended the committee for what
they did, but said it was not up to the committee to delineate the ASD jobs since the state director
appoints ASD’s to assist him, not the state committee.  Therefore he will not withdraw his motion.  

Hal Hauschild, Go See Um Sams, said we have thirteen pages for Florida’s proposed SOP and there are
only eight or nine pages for the Good Sam Club Constitution and By-Laws.  Why would Florida’s SOP be
more complex than the Club’s constitution?

Bill Piper, Rolling Sams, said that he sees the merit of the proposed SOP, but understands the state
committee is not happy with them.  He feels this meeting is not the time or place to edit the document.

Joe asked for a vote on the motion and the motion was approved 25 to 5.

Joe asked for volunteers for a committee to write a Standard Operating Procedure.   Chick Thompson
and Rich Gavin volunteered.  Sharon Bundy said that Debbie Dlugosz of Getaway Sams would
volunteer.  Joe asked that Debbie send him an email saying that she agrees to serve on the SOP
committee.  The Club has asked Joe to have the SOP ready for review by June, we are running out of

Gail Nelson, Jupiter Lighthouse Sams, asked if there was a template or guidelines from the Club that
shows what they are looking for in a standard operating procedure.  She said she would have liked to
see the critique from the Club.  

Joe explained that the Club’s Constitution and By-Laws say the State may elect to have an SOP but there
is no requirement to have one.  If you have one, it may not conflict with the Good Sam Club Constitution
and By-Laws. The Club says the State’s standard operating procedure must have in it the number of
state committee meetings required per year and what are the dues per rig each year. The rest is up to
the discretion of the State.

Joe asked if the presidents were interested in reinstating the president’s breakfast at the fall samboree.  
The state committee meeting would be held afterwards. This would take place on a Saturday, and would
conflict with Bocci Ball games on Saturday.  

Chick made the motion to have the president’s breakfast and state committee meeting on Saturday
morning of the Fall Samboree.  George Olson seconded.  Motion carried.

Next committee meeting will be November 23rd at 9:30 am the Eustis Samboree.  President’s breakfast
will be at 8:00am.

Bob Brown, Florida Eagle Sams, called for an audit of the 2012 books.  Hal Hauschild, Go See Um Sams ,
seconded the motion.  Chick Thompson, North Florida Lifetime Sams, concurred that an audit is needed,
but asked to delay as courtesy to Linda.  Joe said we could delay it a few months and that the 2012
books were closed out at the end of Bob Ward’s term.  Motion carried.  The same audit committee, as the
2011 audit committee will serve.  

Chick Thompson moved that the meeting be adjourned.  Hal seconded the motion.
Meeting was adjourned at 2:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Liz Abrams
Secretary, Good Sam of Florida