April 26, 2012 Spring Samboree
State Committee Meeting
Okeechobee KOA, Okeechobee, Florida
Meeting Minutes

Bob Ward, Florida State Director, called the meeting to order at 3:31 PM and asked if all presidents
or representatives had checked in with Mike Abrams and Liz Abrams.

Sharon Bundy gave the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Joe Weston.  

Mike Abrams, Parliamentarian explained the Good Sams of Florida meeting parliamentary

Linda Voyton, State Treasurer, read the Good Sam pledge.

Liz Abrams, Secretary, gave roll call, with 39 presidents or representatives in attendance, which is
enough for a quorum.  

Mr. Ward called for a reading of the minutes of the State Committee meeting held in March 2012 in
Palatka, Florida.  John Weaver, of Skyway Sams moved to waive the reading of the minutes and
adopt them as published.  Bill Conway of Trail Blazing Sams seconded the motion.  The motion

Committee Reports:  

Treasurer:  Linda Voyton asked if there were any questions regarding the report that she sent out to
State Committee members.  Gail Nelson of Jupiter Lighthouse Sams made a motion to accept the
treasurer’s report as submitted.  George Olsson of Osceola Sams seconded the motion.  The motion

Legislative:  Sharon Bundy gave the legislative report.  Highlights were redistricting, bear sightings,
state prison closings, and strike by workers in Nigeria will greatly reduce US oil supply.     

State Store: Carolyn Swiney said State Store sells are average this week.  We do not have Century
Patches as we are having major problems with our manufacturer.  Reba is trying to find a distributor.   
We will have patches available at fall Samboree this November 2012.  

Dogs for the Deaf:  Reba Ward said Leo Russ resigned as liaison for Dogs for the Deaf and thanked
him for his hard work.  Since no volunteers came forward to take over this responsibility, Reba has
accepted the liaison position.  

In 2002, Reba started the dog walks to raise donations when she came on staff.  She is combining
the dog walks for both Dogs for the Deaf and Florida Guide Dogs for the Deaf beginning in Eustis fall
The report for November 2011 fundraising at Eustis, Fl has been posted on the Florida Good Sam
Web site.  A total of $2,831 was received from ten chapters.    

In the future, chapters who want to make donations should fill out a form and indicate which patch
they want; either the dog bone patch or the regular Dog for the Deaf patch.  You should send the
form along with your donation and chapter roster.  These forms will be available on the web page or
at Eustis Samboree in November 2012.    

Historian:  Sherrie Risberg encouraged chapters to watch the slide show of Samboree pictures, which
is continuously showing on the TV located in the main building this week.    

Florida Guide Dogs:  Tom Leonard said donations this year for Florida Guide Dogs for the Deaf were
$5,435.20, not inclusive were the donations received from the Dog Walk for  $297.36, and Pennies
for the Pooch for $92.64.  Top Dog award went to Golden Triangle with donation of $1,500. Thanks
to all chapters who have supported Florida Guide Dogs for the Deaf.  Regarding patches, we found
that it is better for smaller chapters to donate through Pennies for the Pooch to receive a patch with a
flag rather than trying to achieve the $1,000 Paw Print Patch.  

This year Florida Guide Dogs for the Deaf placed a dog with an American soldier that had just
returned from Iraq.  He had fear of leaving home and now feels comfortable with his four-legged
companion.  This is the first time that the organization has put a training dog like this in place.  

Webmistress:  Jill Campbell thanked Bob and Reba Ward for their support in allowing her to make
improvements and changes to the Florida Good Sam web site.  We continually strive to add
interesting things.  

Thanks to all the chapters that are sending their newsletter summaries or the links to their
newsletters.  Any of you that have your newsletters on web sites, Jill can add a link to your website so
others can read your full newsletters.

A picture of Jax Rambling Sams, 2011 Chapter of the Year was added to the home page as well as a
link to the Samboree Registration form for the upcoming Samboree.   Also added pictures of the
Palatka entertainment.  Check out the link about “How to join a Chapter”.  You’ll find there a lot of
information for your first timers.   

Please send any changes that are needed on the president’s page such as president’s name, mailing
or email address, phone number, or web site address.  The address for the Good Sam of Florida
website is. www.goodsams-florida.org.   

Emergency Response:  Mike Abrams said AED manufacturer shipped the micro code to bring our
AED to 2012 standard.  The code has been installed and an AED certification was received.  We are
up to date with our equipment.  Mike said he has sufficient supplies at this time.  Our expenses have
been low, just the cost for the new micro code and certifications for the AED and CPR.  .

There has been some interest by chapters in how to operate an AED.  They have noticed the
increasing appearance of AED’s at various locations during their travels.  In the fall, Mike will give a
seminar to show people how the AED operates so they feel comfortable in the event they need to use

Boggy Creek:  Tom Wise said that the Boggy Creek organization thanks us for our donations.  The
amount of the donations can be found on the Good Sam of Florida website.  In 2011, Boggy Creek
welcomed more than 150 children diagnosed with severe asthma for summer programs and family
retreats.  Each year doctors across Florida donate their time, which allows Florida’s seriously ill
children the opportunity to enjoy normal camping experience that is fun and medically safe.

Wagonmaster:  Joe Weston said we have parked 340 rigs with 13 more expected for a total of 354.  
We’ve had a lot of cancellations.  There were no major incidents to report.  We look forward to seeing
you all at the Fall Samboree in November 2012.

Audit Committee: The chairperson, Mary Ellen Morton of Manateean Sams ,  thanked the audit
committee, consisting of Evelyn Jorgensen, Sassy Sams, Jean Mennenga, Manateean Sams, and
JamesWalter, Jax Rambling Sams who met this passed Sunday April 22.  The audit went well and was
completed in less than two days.  We would like to report that the financial records were very

Chick Thompson, Florida Lifetime Sams made a motion to accept the audit report and George Olsson
of Osceola Sams seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  

Bylaws Committee:  Charlotte Smith said the committee would meet tomorrow afternoon, April 28,
2012.  Anyone can come to the meeting and observe.  This will be their first meeting.  Regarding the
Good Sams Club President’s manual, Charlotte advised presidents to let the Bylaws Committee look
at the state and club bylaws and present to the committee what they deem is an appropriate action to

Bob Ward said he received many complaints about some people talking loudly during the
entertainment last night.  He asked all presidents to remind their chapters to be considerate to others
during meetings and evening entertainment.  If members do not want to listen to entertainment, they
do not have to stay for it.  Please respect each other.

Samboree registration forms are frequently sent in without detaching the top portion of Samboree
information.  Please ask your members to detach the top part of the form and keep it for their
information.  It has the date and location of the Samboree as well at cancellation policy.  Send in the
lower half with your registration fee.  

He asked the presidents to let their chapters know that the State Committee is open to everyone.  
Only the presidents or their representatives have the right to vote, but anyone is allowed to attend
the meetings. Also, to emphasize that the State Committee Meeting is your meeting.  We schedule a
meeting twice a year in the north and south part of the state so more are able to attend.  

Bob explained that the State Director is responsible for raising all the money for this organization to
operate, with the exception of about $1,400 yearly from your chapter dues.  Past State directors;
Warren Bradley raised approximately $20K in his four-year term and Bill Maxwell raised over $30K.  
We currently have $25K in a CD.  At the end of Bob Ward’s term there will be over $60K in our

He asked if there were any questions for the State Committee regarding problems with your chapter.  
If there is anything that we can help you with, please let us know.  

Charlotte Smith, Lake Monroe Sams, asked if others were receiving email inquiries from the Good
Sam Club regarding folks who are interested in joining the Chapter.  Charlotte has found that after
sending information to them they are not heard from again.  Are other Presidents having similar
problems?  The response from others in the meeting was that they are having the same lack of

Bob Ward reminded everyone that the State Committee Meeting in our Fall Samboree in Eustis is an
important one, as the new Florida Good Sams Bylaws will be voted on.  

Chick Thompson, Florida Lifetime Sams, moved that the meeting be adjourned.  Gail Nelson, Jupiter
Lighthouse Sams seconded the motion.  The motion passed.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.  

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Abrams

Liz Abrams, Secretary
Good Sams of Florida, Inc.