APRIL 16, 2015
Florida State Director, Joe Weston, called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.   Sharon Bundy gave the
invocation and wagonmaster, Bill Hammel led the committee in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Sharon then read the
Good Sam Pledge.  

Mike Abrams, State Parliamentarian, explained meeting procedure for being recognized to speak and for voting
by using the cards, which were distributed to the presidents and authorized representatives.

Secretary Liz Abrams called the roll of chapters present.  There were 31 presidents or delegated
representatives in attendance which was enough for a quorum.  

Joe Weston called for a reading of the minutes from the meeting at Eustis, November 2014.  Bill Catron,
representing Lake Eola Sams, made a motion to forgo reading of the minutes and to accept them as published
on the website.  Lorraine Smith, Rolling Sams, seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

The treasurer’s report was distributed.  Linda Voyton, State Treasurer, asked if there were any questions on
the report covering 2014 through March 31, 2015.  Wendy Parsels, of Carefree Sams, moved to accept
treasurer’s report as published.  Elizabeth Trotter, seconded the motion and the motion carried.    

Committee Reports

Legislative:  Sharon stated that there has been no legislative changes to report relative to RV’s at the State or
National level.   

State Store:  Loretta Redderoth said the State Store is open and doing very well thanks to all here.  

Dogs for the Deaf:  Reba Ward is no longer the liaison for Dogs for the Deaf.  At this time we do not have a
liaison but we are looking for one.  Please come to see Joe Weston if you are interested in this position.   

Florida Guide Dogs:  No report.  Tom and Nancy Leonard, the liaisons for Florida Guide Dogs are absent as
they are away visiting their new granddaughter.  

Historian:  Sherrie Risberg, state historian, said that more pictures have been posted on the Good Sams of
Florida website.  Keep taking pictures and making memories.

Webmaster:  Jill Campbell said updates are continually made to the website at   All
Samboree photos have been downloaded and can be accessed through the website under the tab Samboree
Photos.  Please send your chapter newsletters to to be published on the
website.  Please verify your contact information is correct on the president’s page and if you have a website,
send that information to Jill who will include the link.  

Boggy Creek:  Bob and Peggy Brown reported that in 2014, eighteen Florida chapters gave donations to
Boggy Creek for a total of $7,692.  Since 2011, the grand total is over $21,000.  Your donations help send
chronically and seriously ill children to camp each year.  

Bob and Peggy will contact each chapter president during the month of September to ask for volunteers to
work at the Holiday party on December 12, 2015.  Boggy Creek requests that any Good Sam volunteers to go
through a single source, that being our liaison the Brown’s.  

Two tours to Boggy Creek will be offered at the November rally in Eustis.  

Wagonmaster:  Bill Hammel, Wagonmaster, announced that on Tuesday we parked 251 rigs, and as of
Thursday we have 363 rigs present at this Samboree.

Emergency Response Team:  Mike Abrams purchased new batteries for the AED.  He shopped around and
found batteries for one half normal price.  A blood pressure cuff and stethoscope were purchased replacing
worn out ones.  The system is working well and we’ve got good people volunteering to help us.    

State Director’s Report:  Joe Weston said that we have received requests from three chapters to decharter.  
They were not able to maintain adequate membership to keep going as a chapter.  Requests from Silver Sams
II, Bass Capital Sams, and Suwannee River Sams were received.  We hope some of these members will join
some of your chapters and continue camping with us.  Russ Brindley, Skyway Sams made motion to decharter
these three chapters, Bill Catron of Lake Eola Sams seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

Joe thanked everyone for being here and for supporting us here at the Samboree, and for all you do with your
chapters in helping others.  Without you, we wouldn’t be here.

Old Business:   

We are still looking for a venue for 2016 winter rally.  We’ve contacted many facilities and so far, everyone is
way out of our price range.  Tallahassee fair grounds were comparable for camping fees, but wanted $2,000
for building plus a fee on every table and chair.  Joe has had over 25 inquiries over the past month about
having the winter Samboree again.  

Joe spoke with the director of Rodeheaver Boys Ranch in Palatka, and he said they were planning to put down
ground asphalt roadway, which will make the campground area flood proof.  They previously put down concrete
flooring in the building, and provided heaters.  We would like to give them another chance and have another
Samboree there.  Joe will contact the portalet company to negotiate a low cost for pump outs for every rig since
there is no sewer on site.  Lorraine Smith, Rolling Sams make a motion to try Palatka one more time since it is
such a great place to camp.  Elizabeth Trotter, Palm Coast Traveling Sams, seconded the motion.  Joe asked
for discussion.  Joseph Sanders, representing Wun Wun Wun, recommended negotiating with Tallahassee
chamber of commerce for a better deal before going back to Palatka.    Joe stated that some people also are
concerned with Tallahassee since weather conditions for camping can get bad there, as well, during February,
and he agreed to look further into the cost factor.   Bill Catron, Lake Eola, said his chapter is split 50/50 on
whether to go back to Palatka.   Bill Watson, Everglades Sams, asked for what date we were discussing.  The
first opportunity to go back to Palatka would be February 2016.  It takes four to five months to organize a
Samboree, we might have enough time left to meet the deadline for a 2016 rally.  Joe said that Rodeheaver is
very receptive to negotiations.  They are a non-profit organization and this is the way they make money.  We
would not agree to go there if the roads are not fixed.  Joe would try to separate our rally from the Blue Grass
Festival by at least a week to allow grounds to settle.  A straw poll was taken of who would support a Samboree
in Palatka, results were about 50/50.  Joe will go to Palatka and check out the ranch to see if improvements
have been made to his satisfaction, and will bring back to state committee in November.  A vote was taken for
the motion made earlier: to go to Palatka for winter Samboree, and motion passed.  Joe said even though the
motion passed, he will not sign any contracts until he first let the committee know.  

New Business:

The audit committee,  consisting of  Burt Pritchett of Good Sam Seahorses, Bill Conway of Trail Blazing Sams,
Karl Rabbe of Golden Triangle Sams, and Jim Gonya of Golden Triangle Sams, conducted an audit of the state’
s treasury for  the year ending December 31, 2014.  Bill Conway reported that the committee found the cash
receipts and disbursements were maintained in an excellent and correct manner.  No errors or omissions were
found in receipts, journals, ledger, bank statements and reconciliation of reports.  The committee determined
that the records and reports are adequate for analysis and management decisions.    Bill Catron, Lake Eola
Sams, made a motion to accept the committee’s findings, and Bert Pritchett, Good Sam Seahorses seconded
the motion.  The motion passed.

This is the beginning of Joe and Debbie Weston’s second term as Florida State Director.  After much thought
and discussion with each other, and among staff Joe and Debbie have agreed to run again.  If anyone is
interested in running for state director, please let Joe and Debbie know.  

This is the beginning of Linda Voyton’s six term as state treasurer and she said she will also run again for
another term.  

The Fall Rally’s theme is Memories of Christmas Past.  Instead of a parade or country fair, we will have an
event called Winter Wonderland.  We’ll build a Christmas/snow village behind the main building at Southern
Palms, Eustis.  Each chapter that wants to participate, will decorate a booth or designated area based on a
Christmas memory or movie as inspiration.  Send Debbie and Joe your theme and do not tell anyone outside of
your chapter.  This is not a competition between chapters, but a fun event.  Visitors to Winter Wonderland will
try to match themes to decorated booths.  Correct entries will have a chance to win a prize.  Everyone will be
allowed to guess the theme, not just chapters.

Joe handed out Good Sam brochures for free membership to give to people who are not already members.  
This is something to incent people to join the Good Sam Club and your chapter.  They are not to be used for
membership renewals.  

Bill Catron asked if the number of sites available for Okeechobee Samboree had been lowered.  Joe said we
have had 370 sites available for the past four years.  Joe surmised the reason we have less than that at this
rally is because the Alabama Samboree is held at the same time, and many north Florida rigs are going there
this week.  

Bill Catron, Lake Eola Sams made motion to adjourn the meeting.  James Gonya, Golden Triangle Sams,
seconded the motion.  Meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.        

Respectfully submitted,
Liz Abrams
Liz Abrams, Secretary