APRIL 19, 2018
DIRECTOR - Tommy Crutchfield called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm.

Tom Booth gave the invocation then Wayne McGee presented the flag and led us in the Pledge of

PARLIAMENTARIAN - Robin Murray read the Good Sam Pledge.  He asked if everyone had checked in
with the secretary and received their red card.  He then described the meeting procedure and asked
everyone to raise the red card to speak, then wait for the microphone before speaking.   Please return
the red cards after the meeting.  We use Roberts Rules of Order as a guideline for our meetings.

SECRETARY - Mary Murray did roll call, with 24 chapters or representatives in attendance.  Mary then
advised Director Crutchfield that we do have a quorum.    

Mr. Crutchfield asked for the reading of the minutes of the last rally.  Wendy Parcels of Carefree Sams
made the motion to accept the minutes as printed.  Dennis Banks of Citrus County Sams seconded the
motion.  Motion carried.

TREASURER -  Linda Voyton handed out the treasurer’s report before the meeting. She asked if there
were any questions.  William Abbott of South Florida Sams asked what happened to the other half of
the State 50/50 money.  Linda explained that the remaining half is used to purchase door prizes and
told him he could find it under State 50/50.     Wendy Parcels made a motion to accept the report as
printed and Bill Chambers of Lake Eola Sams seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


STATE STORE - Tom Booth said the store is doing well and they are having a good week so far.  
They have new merchandise and he invited everyone to come by.

DOGS FOR BETTER LIVES - Joan Conway said she reported the total amount of contributions for
2017 in Tallahassee but would give it again. They received a total of $3,836.26 in donations for 2017.  
She asked the presidents to advise their chapters that they will be having the Costume Dog Walk in
Eustis.  She has some forms for anyone who may need them.  Joan said the representative from
Oregon, Michelle Irwin, was supposed to make a presentation today but was not able to get here so
she would be giving a presentation in this room tomorrow at 2 PM.

HISTORIAN - Sherrie Risberg - Said those of you who have been around a long time will remember
the Traveling Samaritans and mentioned some local people.  She said she has been working to input
Good Sam information from previous Good Sams magazines onto the website.           
WEBMASTER - Jill Campbell said the program cover page has the address for our website, oridawww.  It has all kinds of information to make the webpage more user friendly.  She
and Sherrie are in the process of revamping that information to make it more user friendly, but it takes
a while.  Jill said the Newsletters have decreased and urged everyone to send in more letters.  Her web
site is  She said everybody likes to go to that page to read
what other chapters are doing.  She is trying to adjust the homepage to make it more user friendly.    

Jill asked the presidents to let her know if you have established a website or changed your website

EMERGENCY RESPONSE - Brian Whittie said the AED batteries are up.  He said it’s been a quiet rally
with no major incidents.  Let’s keep it that way.

BOGGY CREEK- Bob Brown, liaison for Boggy Creek, said he gave the report in Tallahassee also but
will do it again. As of last December, they had received donations of $8,802.64.  He and Peggy will be
doing tours of Boggy Creek at the rally in Eustis.  They can take 40 people on Thursday and on
Friday.  Bob said that Sherrie will be teaching how to build a Boggy Bear tomorrow.  They have a bear
on their table to see what they look like.

WAGONMASTER - absent - Tommy announced that we have 281 rigs parked and that is down from
last year.  We need to all work together and put out a positive attitude.

Tommy asked if everyone had read the letter he sent out about Tallahassee and then he read it for
those who had missed it.  He asked for suggestions.  

Tommy explained why the Winter Rally was eliminated, but should a suitable facility be located it could
be re-instated.  He said the Fall Eustis Rally and the Spring Okeechobee Rally will continue as
scheduled. He asked everyone to encourage their chapter members to attend rallies.

Tommy said Alliance Coach is at this rally and will be back in Eustis.  He encouraged everyone to stop
by and look at the new units. He hopes in the future they will have some seminars.

Tommy said the Good Sam trailer has been updated at a very reasonable cost.

NEW BUSINESS - Tommy said we needed to decharter three (3) chapters:  

Lady Lake #173.  Jackie Fields of Manateean Sams made a motion to decharter and Maurice Bergeron
of Good Time Sams seconded the motion.  Tommy asked for any discussion.  Motion carried

Bill Chambers of Lake Eola Sams asked if he could get a list of the dechartered members to invite
them to join them.  Tommy told him to come to him and he would be glad to give him a list.

Daytona Drifters #33.  Wendy Parsells of Carefree Sams made a motion to decharter and David
Coonts of Florida Hi-Loafers seconded the motion.  Tommy asked for any discussion.  Motion carried.

Sampipers #81.   Maurice Bergeron of Good Time Sams made a motion to decharter and   
Bill Chambers of Lake Eola Sams seconded the motion.    Tommy asked for any discussion. Motion

Tommy said since he and Lois have been the directors we have gone from 48 chapters down to 42.  
Please help build us back up.

Our next rally will be in Eustis November 14 thru November 18, with early bird being November 13.  
The theme for this rally will be Wild Wild West.  He said he is trying to get corn hole boards.  The state
meeting will be November 17 in Eustis, FL.

Ken Risberg said that in Tallahassee he had asked for help with chairs etc.  He said thanks to all for
the effort put forth.  It made it a whole lot easier.

Tommy said that last night we had some great entertainment.  He asked all chapters to please not talk
during the entertainment. He said if you need to talk please take it outside.

Mary Ellen Morton of Manateean Sams said on Monday the Auditing committee examined the financial
records and they were maintained in an excellent manner.  No errors were found.  Tommy thanked
them and said they had done a great job.

Jill Campbell said the Good Sams Facebook page is being overlooked.  She said as a group we
should post things going on at the rally.  She said our numbers are dropping and we really need to
increase them.  People are selling their rigs or are not able to drive anymore.  The consensus is that
Good Sams is an old group and it really is not.

Tommy said we lost several members last year.  We had several memorials.

Mike Abrams of Trail Blazing Sams made a motion to adjourn.   Mike Kyle of Florida Eagles Sams
seconded the motion.  Motion Carried.  Meeting closed at 2:05 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Murray

Mary Murray, Secretary
Good Sams of Florida, Inc.