APRIL 27, 2017
Robin Murray, Parliamentarian, asked if everyone had checked in with Mary and received their card.  
He then explained the meeting procedure in order to be recognized to speak and for voting.  Please
return the cards at the end of the meeting.

Tommy Crutchfield, Florida State Director, called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.

Tom Booth gave the invocation and Wagonmaster Wayne McGee led the Pledge of Allegiance to the

Mary Murray, State Secretary, called the roll of attendance; a quorum of 29 chapters was present.

Director Crutchfield called for a reading of the minutes from the Tallahassee Rally.  Liz Trotter of Palm
Coast Traveling Sams made the motion to accept the minutes as posted on the website and Richard
Gavin of Sunset Ramblers seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Linda Voyton, State Treasurer, handed out copies of her report before the meeting. John Russano
made the motion to accept as posted and Dean Belmonte of Sassy Sams seconded the motion.  
Motion carried.


Legislative - No report

State Store - Tom Booth reported that the State store was doing very well and thanked everyone for
coming by.  Tom said they have about 50 birthday patches available and also have patches from
Tallahassee and a few from Okeechobee.

Dogs for the Deaf - Bill Conway said that he and Joan have done the Dog Walk in Eustis for the last
two years and have had no help.  They collected over $500.00 in donations from Camping World and
Lazy Days for the walk in Eustis.  This year we have Joe and Debbie Weston representing Florida
Guide Dogs.  He said he hopes to have all chapters participating.  Last year the donations from
chapters and Good Sams totaled $7,475.00.  Bill said that Michelle Erwin from  Dogs for the Deaf will
be doing a presentation tomorrow.

Florida Dog Guides - Joe Weston said he and Debbie were pleased to take over as liaisons.  He said
that last year $1,177.00  was donated to Florida Dog Guides.  He said that tomorrow there will be a
representative at the table with merchandise, selling one day raffle tickets for Saturday.  Please stop

Tommy thanked them for all the work they are doing.

Historian -  Sherrie Risburg said to keep making memories and have fun.  She will be contacting some
people for their memories.

Webmaster - Jill Campbell said she has continuing information going on the website at each rally.  
Constant pictures and information are added.  The registration for Eustis is now posted on the
website.  She will be putting previous minutes on the website also.

Emergency Response - Brian Whittie said everyone should be drinking water.  He said tea, coffee etc.
is a diuretic.

Camp Boggy Creek -  Bob Brown said that at our November rally there were twenty chapters plus
Good Sams of Florida who contributed $14,174.67 to Camp Boggy Creek.  That brings the total given
from Florida Good Sams to $43,314.77 since 2011.  At the Tallahassee Rally in February 2017 we
had a Boggy Bear Sewing Seminar led by Sherrie Risburg that was well attended and generated some
more enthusiasm for making the bears.    She said that tomorrow, Friday, at 3pm  they will again have
a seminar in the seminar room  and asked everyone to remind their chapter members.

Tommy then asked if there were any ASD’s that had anything to report at this time.
No response.

Wagon master - Wayne McGee said they parked 235 rigs on Tuesday and 60 on Wednesday.  So far,
we have 313 rigs parked.

State Director’s report - Tommy said we have a new chapter coming on board,  the Florida Hi-Lofers
Good Sams.  They will be chartered Saturday night.  

He said at the fall rally in Eustis this year we will bring back the parade and the theme will be Sam and
Samantha on Safari. He asked that the presidents communicate to their members about all emails you
receive from him.  We want to keep the chapters notified about what is going on.  In Tally we will have
a table decorations competition instead of rigs.  We will have more information coming out shortly.

Old Business - Tommy announced that the winter rally will be in Tallahassee on February 14, 2018,
with early bird on February 13.

Treasury audit - Mary Ellen Morton said that four people made up the audit committee. James Walters
of Jax Rambling Sams, June Depp of Go Go Angels, Steve Griffin of Golden Triangle Sams  and she
met on Sunday and Monday and examined the treasury reports and they were accurate to the penny.
Mary Ellen is with Manateean Sams,  She stated that the raffle proceeds go to the people purchasing
the gifts.  Linda tells the purchasers the exact amount available and if there is any money left over
after purchases are made,  it is added to the amount available for the next rally.

Decharter - Tommy announced that Pine Tree Sams had asked to decharter.  Dean  Belmonte of
Sassy Sams made the motion to decharter and Wendy Parcels of Carefree Sams seconded the
motion.  Motion carried.

Dean Belmonte of Sassy Sams asked for names of the chapter members; he said they could absorb
some new people.

Tommy announced that the next business meeting will be held at Eustis on November 18, 2017 after
the President’s breakfast.

Steve Griffin of Golden Triangle Sams made a motion to adjourn and John Russano of Trail Blazing
Sams seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Murray

Mary Murray, Secretary
Good Sams of Florida, Inc.