APRIL 7, 2016
Joe Weston, Florida State Director, called the meeting to order at 1:46 p.m.  Tommy Crutchfield gave the
invocation in Sharon Bundy’s absence, and then all said Pledge of Allegiance.  Liz Abrams read the Good
Sam Pledge.   

Mike Abrams, State Parliamentarian, explained the meeting procedure in order to be recognized to speak
and for voting.  

Secretary Liz Abrams, State Secretary, called the roll of attendance; 31 of 50 chapters were present.
Joe called for a reading of the minutes from the Winter Rally in Tallahassee.  Wendy Parsels, Carefree
Sams, made a motion to accept the minutes as were posted on the website; Ray Russell, Jupiter Lighthouse
Sams, seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

Linda Voyton, State Treasurer, passed out the treasurer’s report.  She explained the loss of $3,057.32 is
now $2,057.32 since we received the one thousand dollar deposit from Tallahassee Fair Grounds.  David
Coyner, of Sampipers, made the motion to accept the report and Bob Payette of Space Coast Sams
seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  

Committee Reports  
State Store:  Lorretta Redderoth thanked everyone who has come by the store during the rally.  We
appreciate your patronage.  The store will be open until 11:00 am Saturday.  

Dogs for the Deaf:  Joan and Bill Conway, liaisons for this charity, reported a total donation of $2,660 during
2015.  Part of monies received is from the dog walk held at fall rally in Eustis. Please let your chapters know
that we will have another dog walk at the fall rally this year to benefit both Dogs for the Deaf and Florida
Dog Guides.  This is a great fundraiser for these charities.  

Florida Dog Guides F.T.D. Inc.:  Jim Robertson gave the report in the absence of liaisons, Lew and Dana
Smith, who were absent.  Some contributions were sent directly to Florida Dog Guides while others were
sent through Lew to Florida Dog Guides.  If your chapter sent money directly to Fla Dog Guides, please let
Lew know the amount and when the contribution was sent.  He needs this information in order to account for
donations from chapters of Good Sams of Florida.   He wants to make sure every chapter receives accurate
accounting.  Thank you for your support of Florida Dog Guides.

State Historian:  Sherrie Risberg reported that all the photos displayed on the monitor in lobby were taken at
various Good Sam rallies over the years.  Also in the same area of the lobby are many photo albums of
Florida chapters with photos taken over many years of campouts and Samborees.   If you do not see your
chapter there and you have old photos, please send Sherrie information. All photos that are taken by
Sherrie and Jill at the Samborees/rallies are stored on the Florida Good Sam website.  Look at them; you
will be amazed at what you find.

Webmaster:  Jill Campbell explained that the documentation of the history of Florida Good Sams is ongoing
and changing regularly as new things are added.  Betty Babson created the website in 2004, and took
pictures during the samborees for years.  Jill is working on adding all those as well.  Check out the
homepage of the website and you will see photographs of past State Directors of Florida to commemorate
50 years of the Good Sam Club.        

Emergency Response Team:  Mike Abrams was glad to say we have not had serious medical issues at this
rally.  All electronics and AED microcode is up to date.  Mike purchased a new oxygen bottle this week, and
all supplies are current.  Brian Whittie and Mike are standing by to help with any medical emergency or first
aid that may be required.

Camp Boggy Creek:  Peggy and Bob Brown, liaisons, reported that at last November Rally, 26 chapters
contributed $6,963 to Camp Boggy Creek, which brings contributions from Florida Good Sams to $29,140
since 2011.  Thanks for your monetary donations and, volunteer participation including handmade bears
and afghan quilts.  There are copies of patterns for making the bears and afghans at Dr. Sambones table,
or see Peggy.    

Wagonmaster:  Bill Hammell reported that at the end of Tuesday, our first day, we parked 261 rigs, which we
believe is a new record for a single day.  On Wednesday, 64 rigs were parked.  As of today, Thursday we
have 335 total.  Joe explained we have had several last minute cancellations.  We did not sell out all rally
sites, which we expected since Georgia rally and Florida rally were scheduled at the same time.  Thank you
and your chapter members for supporting us.  

Directors Report:  Joe explained some reasons for the loss in Tallahassee of $2,700.  Since we had not
hosted a rally at that location for over ten years, we made four trips to Tallahassee for planning purposes.   
Hotel and food expenses were incurred.  Since all these positions are volunteer, Joe does not expect the
people to sacrifice a weekend then pay out of pocket for a place to stay and something to eat.  We received
no comped sites in Tallahassee, so we paid for every single site for staff and honorary guests of the
southeast region state directors.  The new contract states all Good Sam staff’s sites are comped  for eight
nights, which alone is valued at $3,200.  There was much concern about the Tallahassee site, but the rally
was very successful and we have received many wonderful comments about the Tallahassee rally.  Several
people who missed it have said they cannot wait to attend next year’s Tallahassee rally.  Joe foresees a sell-
out for 2017.  

We urgently need chapters to step up to take over the outdoor games of Bean Bag Baseball and Holley
Board.  Sampipers ran the outdoor games for 20 years and are retiring from that extraordinary record.  
Please go back to your chapters and discuss.  If one chapter can take over one game, it would mean a few
hours work. Please consider helping your Good Sam rally out.  Dave Coyner, Sampipers, said they would
be willing to help assist and train whoever is willing to take over.  

In Tallahassee, we had representatives from Florida Dog Guides come to the state committee meeting.    
Today, we welcomed Michele Irwin, from Dogs for the Deaf.  She arrived from Oregon this morning.  
Michele stated that Florida has been a good contributor to Dogs for the Deaf for many years.  Since there
may be about 30% of people in Good Sams who do not know much about Dogs for the Deaf, a short video
played.   Dogs for the Deaf is headquartered in Oregon.  They have been trained rescued dogs to help the
deaf since 1977.  Most dogs are rescued from shelters and humane society.  They are typically between 1
to 3 years old with temperaments that are friendly, energetic, and confident; motivated with toys, responsive
to treats, and love human affection.  They receive six months of individualized and professional training.  
After training, the dogs are delivered to new homes throughout the United States by their trainers.  Dogs for
the Deaf also trains program-assistance dogs to work with and assist professionals such as teachers,
counselors and physicians that help people with special needs, such as PTSD, by calming and motivating.  
In addition, to help improve lives of children with autism spectrum, a new program for autism assistance was
introduced. They are a non-profit organization that relies on donations from individuals, service
organizations, and businesses to help them improve the quality of life for people nationwide.   Michele said
they would love to place a dog with someone in the Good Sam organization.  Please contact them if you
need a dog for special needs.  Since 1999, Good Sams of Florida has donated $96,700.  

Old Business:
We signed a two-year contract with Tallahassee Fair Grounds.  They have done everything they could to
have us return. This is our 38th year here in Okeechobee.  

New Business
Treasurer’s Audit:  Bill Conway, Trail Blazing Sams, reported that the committee examined the financial
records of Good Sams of Florida for the year ending December 31, 2015.  They found the records
maintained in an excellent and correct manner, no errors or omissions were found in month-to-month
tracking, receipts, disbursements, bank statements, and reconciliation of monthly and end of year reports.  
The committee stated that the reports and records are adequate for analysis and management decisions.  
The audit committee consisted of Bill Conway, James Walters, Jax Rambling Sams, Steve Griffin, Golden
Triangle Sams, and Frank Morton, Manateean Sams.  The audit committee submitted the report for
approval of State Committee.  Dave Coyner, Sampipers, made the motion to accept audit report as
submitted.  Elizabeth Trotter, Palm Coast Traveling Sams seconded the motion and the motion carried.

This is the last year for Joe and Debbie Weston as Florida State Directors.  We have asked for potential
candidates over the past months, again we ask if any candidates would like to come forward to speak to the
committee. Tommy and Lois Crutchfield restated their interest in running for the position.  No one else came

The position of State Treasurer is also up for re-election.  Linda Voyton stated her intention to run for the
position for another term.  She has served for twelve years.  Joe then asked the committee if there were any
other potential candidates.  No one else came forward.  

Once you chapter presidents receive the ballots for election of director, please have your chapters vote and
send in completed ballots in a timely manner to enable Good Sam in Bowling Green to tally the votes.  The
state committee members will vote for the position of treasurer.

The next State Committee meeting will be in Eustis, Fl. on November 12, 2016 following the president’s

Connie Homan, Dogwood Sams, made a motion to purchase a new computer for Debbie Weston, who has
used her personal computer for Good Sams business for four years, and the keyboard is now skipping and
letters on the keys have faded. John Sutter, Go See Um Sams seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  

Joe explained that when we arrived here, Linda Voyton’s computer crashed.  Ken Risberg tried to get it
running again to no avail.  Luckily, the computer was backed up regularly to an external hard drive.  Due to
urgent need, Joe authorized Linda to replace the computer.   Joe would like committee’s approval for that
purchase as well. Wendy Parsells, Carefree Sams, made motion that committee approves the purchase of a
new computer for State Treasurer.  Bob Payette, Space Coast Sams, seconded the motion.  The motion

Joe Weston, thanked Bob and Reba Ward for help with planning site layout at Tallahassee Fair Grounds.  
No one on staff had previous experience in Tallahassee, and Bob was a great help.  

Elizabeth Trotter, Palm Coase Traveling Sams, made motion to adjourn the meeting.  David Coyner,
Sampipers, seconded the motion.  The motion carried and meeting adjourned at 2:33 pm.  

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth  Abrams
Liz Abrams, Secretary
Good Sams of Florida