February 18, 2011 Winter Samboree
Palatka, Florida
State Committee Meeting
Meeting Minutes
Director Bob Ward called the meeting to order at 3:32 PM and asked if all Presidents or representatives had
checked in with Mike Abrams and Mary Murray.

CHAPLAIN Sharon Bundy gave the invocation.

WAGONMASTER Robin Murray led the Pledge of Allegiance.

GOOD SAM PLEDGE – In the absence of our Sambassador, Rosemary Bates-Ranks, the Good Sam Pledge
was read by Mary Murray.

PARLIAMENTARIAN Mike Abrams explained that we are governed by the rules and regulations of Roberts
Rules of Order and under the Constitution and bylaws of Good Sams International and Florida Good Sams.
He asked if everyone had checked in and received their ordinance card. Mike stated that to be able to speak
during the meeting you must get the attention of the chair by raising your card. If the chair recognizes you,
you must then stand and state your name and chapter before continuing. He also advised that the ordinance
card should be raised to vote. He asked that the cards be returned to
him at the end of the meeting.

SECRETARY Mary Murray gave roll call, with 35 Presidents or representatives attending. This was enough
for a quorum.  Mr. Ward called for the reading of the minutes. Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime
Sams moved to waive the reading of the minutes and accept them as published. Bob Brown of Florida Eagle
Sams seconded the motion. Motion carried.

TREASURER Linda Voyton stated that everyone should have received a copy of the Treasurer’s report and
asked if there were any questions. Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams moved we accept the
report as published and Leo Nadeau of Sunset Ramblers seconded the motion. Motion carried.


LEGISLATIVE – Sharon Bundy spoke of the rising price of fuel. She also gave a report on Verenium Corp.
and decisions made in January by the Environmental Protection Agency. She discussed the Obamacare
issue and stated that John Q Public has been screwed over once again. For the full Legislative report, see

STATE STORE – Dee Robb said they are training Loretta Rederoth to help in the store when someone is
absent and she is doing real well. She said Pam Bundy is their leading sales person. She seems to get all
the men that come to the store to buy. She said the store is doing good and thanked everyone for their
purchases. She said everything is going well.

DOGS FOR THE DEAF – Leo Reuss said they had a dog walk in November and eleven (11) dogs showed
up, which is a big improvement over the year before when they had no dogs show up. They collected $116
dollars. Leo said they collected $2,744 this year, which is down a little from last year.  Bob Ward said that
Dogs for the Deaf contacted him and Reba to go and interview a person down in Holliday, FL and they
reneged and had them go to Leo, who is our liaison on that. Leo said they wanted him down there at a time
when he couldn’t make it.  He told them that he would work with them in the future.  Bob said it just goes to
show that they do place dogs here in the state. He said a lot of times he and Reba get calls and stuff like
that for an interview but he likes to go directly to the person in charge. It’s a great honor to do something
like that and he is sure Leo and Linda hated to give that up.

FLORIDA DOG GUIDES FOR THE DEAF – Tom Leonard said that last year he was able to take over to
their Christmas meeting donations totaling $5,794.33, which is fantastic. The Dog Walk was inclusive in
that figure and was $303. Pennies for Pooches was included in that figure also and totaled $123.05. Tom
said that TOP DOG AWARD for the year was Golden Triangle Sams, who donated $1,500 last year. This
chapter has donated a total of $12, 325 since they have been participating. Florida Dog Guides for the
Deaf wants to thank each and every chapter that supports them thru donations. He said that smaller
chapters would do better with the Pennies for Pooches and would receive patches for their flag. These are
done in $100 increments. They received donations in the amount of $95 in memory of Joan Weston,
Joe and Debbie Weston’s mother. Tom said he needed to speak to Sunstate Sams after the meeting.

HISTORIAN – Sherrie Risberg said it seems everyone enjoyed seeing the pictures from Wekiva on the TV
and she will be putting up pictures tomorrow from Dunnellon so you can see how cold we were. She said
we are warmer than a year ago but she wouldn’t say we were warm. She said she still needs to hear from
chapters that have not turned in their history.

WEBMASTER – Jill Campbell thanked Bob and Reba for their support in allowing her to make changes and
improvements on the website. She also thanked the chapters for their newsletters. For any that are not
doing so, you are missing out in telling other chapters what great community work and events you are
doing. Jill said that the index page on the website has pictures of the wreath laying ceremony at the Florida
National Cemetery for Veterans. She said that was something to behold. She thanked Tom Leonard for
some of the pictures that are posted there. She said that last year she added a link to Boggy Creek and
also added an Adobe format for the list of needs that they request so you can print that list for your chapters.
This year she added a link to pictures taken at the camp. Again she thanked Tom Leonard for the beautiful
pictures he furnished for the website. If you have not visited the website go to www.goodsamsflorida.org
and explore the pictures from the last couple of Samborees.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE – Mike Abrams thanked Tom Leonard for a goody package he received that was
crammed full of medical supplies that cost a lot of money.  It was off the shelf products that had possibly
been dropped and the edges were dented in a little bit. The local pharmacy did not want to sell them because
of the damage to the box. There is nothing wrong with the supplies inside; it was just that the box was bad   
Tom collected those and provided them to us. It was a great thing to do and he really appreciates it. Mike
said he has yet to have a call during this Samboree and he doesn’t want any. He said that everything is
going well with the emergency response; we haveall our supplies and we don’t need any money. He said
thanks to all of our members for all the great support that we give each other as a family.

BOGGY CREEK – Tom Wise - said thanks for donating around $2,000 in November.

ASD’s – no comments

WAGONMASTER – Robin Murray said they did really good parking this time. He thanked Joe Weston and all
the people who helped. He said they have parked 240 rigs so far and will probably have a few more coming
in tomorrow. Robin stated that we are way down on attendance, probably because folks have bad memories
from a few years back. He asked the members to go back and tell their chapters that it is not bad; it’s
good. As far as he is concerned, it’s wonderful. Parking was a snap. They have had a few problems with
water and electric but the folks here at Rodeheaver got right on it and got it fixed. He said this is the best
Samboree he has ever been to as far as parking goes.

SAMBOREE SEARCH COMMITTEE REPORT – Robin Murray reported that the committee members have
been working hard to try to find sites that can be used for Samborees and it is really difficult. He said April
is not too tough; we have been in Okeechobee for the last 28 years. He said that for November and
February they are hard pressed to find a site large enough. He said he didn’t know what the future holds for
February but as far as he is concerned, come right back here. The search committee hasbeen really active.
They had a meeting at the Wekiva Samboree and kind of laid outsome guidelines as to what they could do
and what they were looking for. They have checked with 7 or 8 fairgrounds, the air force base, military bases
etc. John Weaver checked with the Florida State Fairgrounds, but it will probably be too pricey; Al
Richardson checked with Volusia County Fairgrounds and it has a big enough building and will provide
tables and chairs. They have the facilities, the building and space, but it is all dry camping. Robin checked
with the Sarasota County Fairgrounds but the main problem is that they only offer 5 amp electric.
Clarebrook in Claremont has 1,250 sites and they are interested in getting our business but their big
drawback is that their biggest building only holds 300 people. They would need to expand their building,
which he doesn’t think they are agreeable to do or we could rent tents, which gets to be pretty pricy. The
most positive thing we’ve come across is Southern Palms in Eustis.  They really want our business and are
willing to work with us. They have 950 sites but their largest building only seats 400 people. They seem
willing to expand the building.  The big plus is they are right next door to the Lake County Fairgrounds, which
has a building that holds 1,000 people. He is going down there Monday to look the place over.  The committee
members have been really active but there is no perfect solution.

STATE DIRECTOR’S REPORT - Bob Ward said he doesn’t have anything.

NEW BUSINESS –He told the Presidents that they made these Bi-Laws and it is basically his job to enforce
them. Our Bi-Laws say that if a chapter doesn’t make at least one meeting per year they are to be
dechartered. He said that they have to change the Bi-Laws or it is going to get really sticky. He does not
want to decharter anyone but we need to bring this up and somebody needs to talk about it or we are going
to be losing a lot of chapters. Mr. Ward said that right now he is holding the charters for Suwannee
Rambling Sams #166, and Suwannee Valley Sams #160 and he expects to be receiving the charter for Happy
Sams #35. A lot of chapters are not getting any new members in,  they are getting older and nobody wants to
hold office, so we are just phasing away slowly but surely. Mr. Ward said that California is working on a
brochure on how to advertise and bring in more members and will be getting it out as soon as possible. He
will be sending it to you as soon as it comes in. It’s difficult out there right now and he understands that. He
stated that the price of gas is going up. We have to do what we can, even if it’s to change these Bi-Laws
around, to stop this dechartering of chapters. He asked for any suggestions. He said that in November we
will be looking at ten or better chapters to decharter. He has a list of every chapter and ten or better have
not attended a Committee Meeting. His job is to direct you and make sure you abide by the Bi-Laws.  Mr.
Ward said that there was a Director’s meeting in Las Vegas two weeks ago and a lot of new things were
brought up. He did not go. He asked Rosemary to come up and give us a report about what is going on with
Good Sams and what the stir-up is out there.Rosemary Bates-Ranks gave a report of what’s going on with
Good Sams. She said it  was a very exciting, positive and motivated meeting. She said we have a gentleman
who is only 37 years old and is now the head of it and did not appear in person but was on a monitor. The
meeting was supposed to be about two hours but it went on for more than four hours. He introduced himself
and at the beginning he said Good Sams is the heart of the organization and it’s time that we got Good Sams’
name back out there. We should not be hearing Affinity anymore; it is the Good Sam Organization. She said
a lot of people were “jumping hoops”. From what some of the gentlemen out there said, the new man sleeps
about three hours a night and while they were there (Emergency Road Service, Camping World, etc.) every
time a Director came up to the monitor with a question, he had an answer or he had a guy in the hall he
would call to talk to the Director and find out what is going on and how they could help. She feels real positive
about the new organization. They are giving every state some money to help with the website. The Camping
World banner will go on the website and also a link to the Camping World store. The states that get sales
thru that website could get double the money that they are going to give the states now. They talked quite
a bit about the internet; it is the connection to communications. If you have the same pictures on it and it
doesn’t change people will click on it, look, and say “nothing new” and go on. You have to be working
the webpage and keep it changing and make it look different in order to get more attention.

Rosemary said when you sit here and listen to some of the donations that have been given over the year,
you know that your chapter does more than that. If you only knew the amount of time and the money that
was given to all the organizations that you support, it’s phenomenal. You’re doing it because of the goodness
of your heart and it gives you something to do as a chapter, but the impact that you are having on the dogs,
the children,or Boggy Creek, or veterans, whatever charity is just phenomenal so you really should feel good
about what you are doing. When you are talking to people, just tell them about it. The time that you are
putting in to these causes is just phenomenal that you care enough to go out and do this. Let the newspapers
know and make sure the Good Sam name is on it. It makes a big impact on the State of Florida.

Mr. Ward thanked Rosemary for attending our meeting. He said it was time to get back to these three
chapters that are looking to be dechartered.

Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams moved that the chapters be dechartered. Chip Benvenuto of
Sassy Sams seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Mr. Ward asked the new presidents to check the web page and make sure all their information is correct. We
only go by what you send in to us. He thought it would be simple. He said that this time with the rosters we
got anywhere from two pages to four pages to a little bitty note pad. He thought this would be simple. All he
wanted you to do was to send us your roster with your people on it, their name, their address, their
telephone number, email address, Good Sams number and expiration date. We just wanted what you have. .
We didn’t send anything to you to correct. We just wanted you to send us what you had and we would put
it on a form and make sure that you got that back and also that is what we would send out to California.
That’s what we basically look for every year. We’re not going to send you a bunch of paperwork for you to
correct to tell us if this member belongs to you or not. The only thing we want you to do is send us your roster
with the people in your chapter and the officers that are officers at that time.  We’ll find out if you’ve got
officers that’s changed or not and get it on the website. Out in California they don’t care who officers are,
they are just basically looking for addresses. Bob asked how many new presidents had the President’s
package passed down to you. Several hands were raised and he said to report to Mary so you can get that

NOTE: Jim Cutshaw of Pinetree Sams, Henry Harper of Crosstrail Sams and Bill Scheffer of Bay Area Sams
were the only ones who reported to Mary that they needed the package. The package was sent on 2/15/11,
along with the Secretary guidelines.  Mr. Ward asked how many have the Florida State By-Laws. He advised
them to see Mary. He advised the ones who need the International By-Laws to see Rosemary after our
meeting. These By-laws are on the web page. He said the minutes of each meeting are on the web page.
They go all the way back to when he started as State Director. We put as much information as we can on the
internet just for you, and for other states.  Mr. Ward said he got a lot of complaints this last year. He had Jill &
Mary trying to straighten out the rosters. He said the rosters are supposed to be in by December 15 and
there is no reason we should have to wait until the end of January to receive them. He said we had chapters
that were so late getting their roster in it was ridiculous. It’s simple; don’t get mad if we call you. It’s annoying
to you and to us. He said things would be much easier if you would just work with us. Our webmaster had a
death in her family. She was executor of the estate and had a lot or work to do with that. We rely on Jill for
information and the program and he told her not to worry about it. The program will not be put on the
webpage any more; we have enough work to do. Just look at an old program. It doesn’t change much. You will
know when you get here.

Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams made a motion to adjourn. This was seconded by Marie Rose
of Florida Single Sams. Motion carried

Meeting adjourned at 4:32 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Murray
Mary Murray, State Secretary
Good Sams of Florida, Inc.