February 18, 2010 Winter Samboree
Dunnellon, Florida
State Committee Meeting
Meeting Minutes
Director Bob Ward called the meeting to order at 3:35 PM on February 18, 2010, and asked if all Presidents
or representatives had checked in with the Secretary and Parliamentarian.

INVOCATION was given by Sharon Bundy.

SAMBASSADOR Rosemary Bates-Ranks read the Good Sam Pledge.

WAGONMASTER Robin Murray led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

PARLIAMENTARIAN Mike Abrams stated that each president or delegate had received an ordinance card and
it should be used first of all to get the attention of the chair.  Anyone who would like to speak to the committee
must first raise the card, wait to be recognized, stand and state his/her name and chapter before continuing.  
He also advised that the ordinance card should be raised to vote.

Director Ward stated that we do have enough chapters present for a quorum and said it was now time for the
reading of the minutes of the meeting at the Wekiva Samboree in November.  Chick Thompson of North
Florida Lifetime Sams made a motion that we waive the reading of the minutes and adopt them as published.  
This was seconded by Carl Smyly of Palm Coast Traveling Sams.  Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT - Linda Voyton said that the report was sent by email.  If you cannot print them reply
back to her so she can mail a copy.  There is one correction at the bottom; the CD renewal interest rate is .07,
not .70.  She apologizes for the typo.  Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams made a motion to
accept the treasurer’s report as published, subject to audit, and this was seconded by Forrest Fritz of Good
Sam Seahorses.  Motion carried.

Mr. Ward said that Bob Kuehling was no longer administrator so therefore he would like to have an audit and
would need an audit committee.  Since this will be a state committee, he asked for four volunteers and they
must be available to be at Paradise Oaks in Bushnell, FL to come in on March 7th, the audit will be done on
the 8th and you will leave to the 9th.  He stated that the camp fee would be covered by Florida Good Sams.  
Linda Reuss of Go See Um Sams, Debbie Weiss of State Staff, John Weaver of Skyway Sams, and Jim
Johnson of Casita Scramblers volunteered.  Jim Johnson stated that he is also a Certified Public Accountant.


LEGISLATIVE –Sharon Bundy gave a continuing report from November 2009 in reference to Verenium Corp.
building a cellulosic fuels plant in Florida near Okeechobee.     She also spoke of turning citrus waste into
ethanol.  She said producing ethanol requires copious amounts of water and Florida is already struggling with
water demands.  

Sharon also reported that the U.S. Forest Service has proposed to eliminate the 50% discount at National
Forest campgrounds that has been available to holders of lifetime Senior and Access passes.  The change
would apply to campgrounds managed by private concessioners, who represent 50% of National Forest
camping capacity and 82% of reservable campsites.  Seniors 62 and older pay a one-time $10 fee for their
lifetime pass.  Lifetime passes for the permanently disabled are free.  Together, senior and access passes
represent more that 78% of all pass sales.

You can read the full proposal and send your comments electronically at this website: http://www.regulations.
gov/search/Regs/home.html#submitComment?R=0900006480a60f36 or send comments via postal mail to”
Attn:  Carolyn Holbrook
U.S. Forest Service
Recreation and Heritage Resources Staff
1400 Independence Av. SW, Stop 1125
Washington, DC 20250-1125

To read the report on Cleantech promises, go to http://cleantech.com/news/print/5447.

STATE STORE – Carolyn Swenia said she and Dee have been fairly busy in the State Store and have sold a
lot of jackets and other merchandise.  Mr. Ward told Carolyn she did such a great job with the State Store and
said also that the State Store donated some door prizes for us, which is the first time that has ever happened.

DOGS FOR THE DEAF – Leo Reuss said at the last meeting $3,106.28 was donated by 14 chapters.  Nine
states received benefits from this and Florida had one of them.  He said there is one autistic trained dog
placed in a home and he is doing fine and it looks like a project that is going to really help autistic people.

FLORIDA GUIDE DOGS – Tom Leonard reported that $5,037.21 went to Florida Guide Dogs for the Deaf.  
They went over to the winter program and the lady receiving the donations actually began to get tears.  
Florida Guide Dogs is a local organization and all donations stay in the state.  He said that any donations to
that facility are tax deductible.  He announced that Golden Triangle Sams is Top Dog for the year with
$1,500.00 donated.  They have given a total of $10,825.00 since they have been working with this group.

WARREN BRADLEY MEMORIAL FUND - Ginny Bradley thanked all who donated to the Warren Bradley Fund
for Shriners.  The only problem they ran into was that checks were made out to the Warren Bradley Memorial
Fund and the Shriner’s Hospital could not accept them.  The checks need to be made out to the Shriner’s
Hospital.  They contacted all the presidents and everything was taken care of.  She said she went on a tour of
the facility and it makes you very grateful that your children and grandchildren are born healthy.  There are
some horrible things that they are working on. The Chapters that donated were Bay Area Sams, Calusa Sams,
Capital Seminole Sams, Getaway Sams, Golden Triangle Sams, North Florida Lifetime Sams, Sunset
Ramblers, and Tallahassee Good Sams.  Some individuals donated also. The amount she took over there was
$1,324.00.  She thanks you very much.               

Bill Scheffer of Bay Area Sams said they make a trip every December to the Shriners Hospital to present
checks and any chapter is welcome to go with them.  It is a wonderful thing.   If anyone is interested let them
know and they will give you the date they are going.

HISTORIAN – Sherrie Risberg stated that she has recently taken over the job of historian for Good Sams of
Florida and has been given a task of scanning our state history into an electronic version.  She said she is
now in the process of scanning many years of photo albums on to the computer, a project that will be on going
for some time.  In doing the scanning she has found that she does not have the formation history of some of
the chapters.  She asks that you have “fireside chats” in your chapters about “the good ole days”.  Memories
will lead toward another and another.

She would like to know the following:
Who were the charter members?
When was the chapter formed?
Why or how was the chapter formed?
How did you come up with your chapter name, patch etc?
Early pictures?
Special/significant events the chapter may have participated in.
Who were the officers?
Any special story that should be recorded.

She can receive information by email at risbergken@comcast.net or US mail at 15255 Landmark Circle North,
Jacksonville, FL  32226.  If you have any questions you may call her at 904-751-3557.

Mr. Ward said that it is a very tough job that Sherrie is doing.  He said you may remember looking at those
books that we used to tote around.  There were pictures of people in there that we didn’t know.  They went
back to 1974 and she is trying to organize it and find out what is going on so if you want to look up your
chapter history, she has it.

WEBMASTER – Jill Campbell expressed congratulations to all the new Chapter Presidents and wished them
and the returning Chapter Presidents good luck.  She asked that you be sure and check out your information
on the website, such as email addresses and chapter websites.  If you create a new website please let her
know so she can link it for others to enjoy.  She also thanked those that are sending their reports for their
monthly activities and said if you are not doing this yet; other chapters are missing out on what your chapter is
enjoying each month.

Jill said she has been making some more changes to the website.  Under the “State Committee Meeting”
section of the website she has added the Good Sams of Florida Constitution & Bylaws, the Presidential
Manual and the Wagon Master Manual in an Adobe format for printing.  Suggested guidelines for chapter
secretaries and treasurers will be added.  The minutes for each State Committee Meeting will be archived at
this location, as well as the agendas.

Jill has added an Adobe format for printing the program for the Samborees and has also listed each day’s
activities and seminars just to be viewed on line.  She also added an Adobe format for printing the rules of the
games so anyone can click on the link and print a copy.  To print in a normal font you need to increase the
zoom to 125%.   She said the pictures of the game winners will only appear under the game winners section of
the website.      

If you have any questions about what can be posted to the website you can direct your questions to Jill.  In
order to add anything new it will need to be pre-approved by the State Director.    

Jill reminded everyone that we have a Memorial section on the web.  She said to send the name of the person
and try to get some information  from the family about their Good Sam acts, etc. and give this information to
Sharon Bundy.

Mr. Ward said the web page has really changed and Jill is doing a wonderful job.  He likes our web page better
than anybody’s he has ever seen.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM – Mike Abrams apologized to Sharon Bundy for not letting anyone know
before now that Sharon was kind enough to donate an oxygen bottle to Florida Good Sams.            

He said he is very proud to say that at the end of this Samboree we own all future medical supplies and
equipment.  Everything we have will be ours and that is good news because things were constantly being
begged, borrowed or stolen.  We have no borrowed equipment etc.  Mike said the system is working fine.  He
said it has been a slow Samboree as far as he is concerned and he hopes we can keep it that way.

BOGGY CREEK – Tom Weiss said he and Debbie are the representatives of Florida State and would like to
say they are both overwhelmed and appreciative of your generous donations to Boggy Creek.  He said that in
November “09” at Wekiva they collected $1,727.00.  The Chapters that donated were Get Away Sams, Go
See-Um Sams, Golden Triangle Sams, Sunset Ramblers, Palm Coast Traveling Sams, Rolling Sams, Sassy
Sams, South Florida Lifetime Sams, and Trail Blazing Sams.  He said if your chapter gave and are not on the
list, please let him know.

WAGONMASTER – Robin Murray said that as of a few minutes ago 275 rigs have been parked.  That’s the
good news; the bad news is that half are probably in the wrong place.  He said that Bob Banasack and Joe
Weston are assistant wagonmasters and do a fabulous job.  Thank you to both of them.  He said we are
expecting four or five more rigs tomorrow and a drive in for the day.  He stated that the “honey wagon” would
be here tomorrow around 9:30 AM and it would be a big help if you would be at your rig with your sewer hose
connected.  He also reminded everyone that there is only one dump station when you leave on Sunday so
expect a line.      

STATE DIRECTOR’S REPORT - Bob Ward mentioned the chapter rosters and said he never thought
something so easy could be so hard.  What he asked you to do was send him a current copy of chapter
members, their names and addresses have their Good Sam number and expiration date along with their $2.00
membership.  He said he got a little bit of everything.  Mr. Ward said the rosters need to be in by December
15; he got the last one just before he came in to the Samboree and they didn’t have but three members.  He
said he hopes we can do better next year.

Mr. Ward said if anyone wishes to run for State Director or State Treasurer he needs to know.  Mary has sent
out the nomination forms for treasurer.  Linda just recently got papers from California for the State Director
election.  He said California is having problems because we have our elections earlier than anyone else.   The
treasurer is elected every two years and can run two consecutive years.  He said when Linda’s term came up,
nobody wanted to run and it was brought up in a committee meeting that she could run again.  He said the
treasurer is the most important job here, that without what she does and all that she handles we could not
operate.  How she keeps the books is awesome.

Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams made a motion that Linda be allowed to run for the forth
consecutive term as treasurer.  Bill Scheffer of Bay Area Sams seconded the motion. Judy Crosby of Lady
Lake Sams said they have the same problem in their chapter for president and treasurer; nobody wants to do
it.  She said she makes a motion to make it in the by-laws that the treasurer can run for consecutive terms.

Robin Murray said that what she is saying is correct; the elected treasurer, not Linda, can run for more than
two consecutive terms.

Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams said this is about the current treasurer, not about changing
the by-laws.  This is a motion for Linda to run for one more consecutive term.  His motion was for the current
treasurer to run for one more term.

Jim Johnson of Casita Scramblers moved to table the motion and form a committee to change the by-laws.

Parliamentarian Mike Abrams said it had been moved and seconded and cannot be tabled unless the person
who made the motion amends it.  It now needs to be voted on.  Mr. Ward called for a vote and motion carried.

Mr. Ward stated that as soon as Linda gets out the ballots the Presidents need to mail the ballots in as soon
as possible due to the fact that we have to get the information to California.  When we leave here we won’t
have a contract.  If we don’t know by Okeechobee time we still won’t have a contract.  They don’t do final
election or whatever they do out in California until August.  Therefore he would like someone to make a motion
that as soon as Linda finds out who the next director is she lets us know so we can write contracts.

Linda Voyton said she put the dates she wants this year so they can have the ballots back by April but this
year California won’t let her do it.  We won’t find out until late August.

Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams made a motion to let Linda tell us who is elected as soon as
she knows.  Carl Smyly of Palm Coast Traveling Sams seconded.  

Mr. Ward asked if there were any questions.  Steve Griffin of Golden Triangle Sams asked if California had to
write approval.  Mr. Ward told him no; we do our own election.  The presidents send the ballots back to Linda,
she counts those ballots and then she has to send them to California, then California announces who the new
State Director is.  Linda is not allowed to say anything unless you approve it.  Mr. Ward called for a vote and
motion carried.

NEW BUSINESS – Mr. Ward announced that we would decharter Midlife Sams, Golden Anniversary Sams,
Pampered Campers, Bluegrass Jammers, Peace River Sams, Orange Park Nomads, Sun Catcher Sams,
Naples Smiling Sams, and Tampa Rig Runners.  He said that he has contacted each one and he will go ahead
and start the process to decharter them.  He said that these chapters have been with us for a long time.  He
said they need your help.  If any chapter feels they can’t make it let us know so we, as the state committee,
and he as director can get with you and help in any way we can.  Before, the director joined two chapters so
they could have enough members.

Carl Smyly of Palm Coast Traveling Sams made a motion to adjourn.  This was seconded by Chick Thompson
of North Florida Lifetime Sams.  Motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:35 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Murray
Mary Murray, State Secretary
Good Sams of Florida, Inc.