February 19,  2009 Winter Samboree
Dunnellon, Florida
State Committee Meeting
Meeting Minutes
Director Bob Ward  called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM on February 19, 2009.
Wagonmaster Robin Murray led the Pledge of Allegiance and the Invocation was given by John Babson.

Sambassador Rosemary Bates-Ranks read the Good Sam Pledge.

Parliamentarian Mike Abrams asked if there were any Presidents or delegates assigned by the President that has
not checked in.  He stated that the rules follow the Constitution and By-laws of Florida Good Sams and Constitution
and By-laws of International Good Sams, followed by Roberts Rules of Order.

Mike advised that each President or delegate received an ordinance card and it should be used for a couple of
reasons:  First of all to get the attention of the chair.  Anyone who would like to speak to the committee must first
raise the card, wait to be recognized, stand and state his/her name and chapter before continuing.  He also advised
that the ordinance card should be raised to vote.

Mr. Ward asked for the roll call of chapters.  This was done by Secretary Mary Murray and there were 44 chapters
present.  Mary then read the minutes taken at the last Committee Meeting in Orlando on November 22, 2008.

Ken Wangler of Chapter at Large said that under Webmaster, page 3 paragraph 2, Parker Oak had suggested that
Betty would be the volunteer in putting all the History books on the web.  Mr. Ward called for Parker Oak and was
advised that he was not here.  Ken said this is per Betty.

Mr. Ward said he remembers Betty giving us a telephone call and indicating the same thing too. He said Mrs.
Babson did say that; he recalls it distinctly and after she brought that up and he talked to several other people, she
did say that.

Mickey Marks said he was with Golden Triangle Sams, not Golden Anniversary Sams.

Forrest Fritz of Good Sam Seahorses said that on page 5 his name is spelled wrong.  It should be a double r.

Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams voted to accept the minutes as corrected.  Bill Kranz of Dogwood
Sams seconded the motion.
Mr. Ward called for a vote and said the Minutes will stand.

Space Coast Sams just came in and was given an ordinance card.

Director Ward said that with the amount of chapters that are present today, this will be considered a forum, so
therefore we are legal to hold this meeting.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Linda Voyton stated that there was a copy of the latest treasurer’s report in the packet
sent out by Bob Ward.   She checked with Bank of America.  They do not pay interest on business checking
accounts, profit or non-profit.  She stated that she did open a $25,000.00 fixed term CD.  She talked with Bob
Kuehling about this.  To be able to access the money from the CD in case of an emergency it had to be a term of
nine months at 2.1% and it would be available under any condition if we need it.  That would leave $32,219.49
balance for operating expenses.

Mr. Ward said he was looking for a motion.

Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report.  This was
seconded by Jack Henry of Sun State Sams.   Motion carried.

Mr. Ward said he forgot something last night and he does apologize for that.  He asked Bill and Dianne Maxwell to
stand up.  He thanked them for what they have done for Good Sam.  He stated that he is finding out what this guy
went thru.


LEGISLATIVE – Sharon Bundy is not present due to Gene having his heart monitor replaced.  He talked to Sharon
and everything as of yesterday was going well.  We hope to see them tomorrow.  Mr. Ward stated that Sharon reads
all Tallahassee newspapers and keeps up with everything that is going on.  She’s trying to make some contacts
there, which will be great.   She will keep us up with that but right now just could not give any report.

STATE STORE – Carolyn Swinea said thanks so much for coming to the State Store.  Dee and she appreciate your
participation. Thanks to the cold weather they sold a lot of jackets.  She says they are doing very well but don’t know
yet if they have set a new record.  They will be open tomorrow from 9AM to 11AM.

DOGS FOR THE DEAF – Leo Reuss stated that last year $4,100.00 was donated and thanks to a late donation by
Go See Um Sams they now have a total of $4,900.00 for last year.  Hopefully we can do that much and better this
year. There is a new program for Dogs for the Deaf that  helps autistic children and they have one dog in training
that looks like it’s starting to work very well.  There are a couple of fact sheets over on the information desk.  Last
year they had a banner year.  Thank you.

Bob Ward said that Carol Trayor is just out of surgery on a situation that she has.  We have a replacement.  Sassy
Sams will make that report for Florida Guide Dogs.

Evelyn Jorgensen of Sassy Sams reported for Carol and said they received Chapter donations of $5,286.96, Dog
Walk donations of $114.00, and $58.03 for Pennies for Pooches, for a total of $5,458.99.  An additional donation on
01/03/09 from Bass Capital Sams of $75.00 brought the total donations to $5,533.99.  Top donating chapter once
again was Golden Triangle Sams with $1,500.00.  Total donations to Dogs for the Deaf since 2000 is $9,725.00.  

Evelyn read a note from Carol that stated:  “EVERY DONATION – No matter how BIG or SMALL – to the FLORIDA
DOG GUIDES FOR THE DEAF, INC. adds up to help Floridians who are hearing impaired or physically challenged to
enter this life changing program.  Once they receive one of these outstanding trained dogs they will enjoy a whole
new world of freedom, safety and companionship that we take for granted.  Presently there is a very long waiting list
as donations are down.  Won’t you please help?  Your chapter’s donations really make a difference in someone’s
quality of life.  On behalf of the Florida Dog Guides for the Deaf, I want to thank you for your continued support.”  
Carol & Jay Trayer also want to thank their Good Sam Friends for all the cards, emails, phone calls and prayers.

Bob Ward said it is good news to hear that Carol is doing very good.

HISTORIAN – Sue Meyer has a committee that is working very well on our pictures and albums and putting them on
CD’s.  She said they would all be organized for the Samboree at Wekiva Falls.

Mr. Ward said it is coming along real well.  He stated that carrying around this large bunch of books has the trailer
leaning to one side.   It was a lot of weight.

WEBMASTER – Betty Babson said she is getting a lot of good comments from people here at the Samboree about
the web site.  She had someone stop her this morning and really thank her for putting the program on the web site.  
That goes with thanks to Reba who sent it to her so she could put it there.  There are a lot of new Presidents who
are familiar with it or not familiar with it.  She said she has found people who have never been on the web site.  If you
have suggestions she will consider them.   She will have a seminar starting tomorrow at 9AM on how to set up a web
site.  One gentleman came to her this morning and said their web site is old, they can’t get into it, and they can’t
change it.  If your web site is like that let her know and she will give you all the help that she can.

WAGONMASTER – Robin Murray said that as of 3 PM they had parked 349 rigs.  Some more rigs are coming in
today and 20 more are coming tomorrow.  To his knowledge there have been no dings or dents.  As of 9AM today
there have been zero complaints about dust.  It’s been a little wet right now but that’s ok too, we didn’t get a
tornado.  We did have a few problems with water and electric but Todd took care of them.  He said  if you have any
problems with water or electric get hold of him or someone in an orange shirt and they will get somebody out to your
rig and take care of it.  He said that tomorrow we will have three honey wagons on site if anyone is interested in
having their tanks pumped.  It’s $25.00 and there is a sign up sheet at Dr. Sambones.  You must pay with check or
cash and must be at your rig.   He doesn’t know what time but will try to make an announcement later on.   You will
be given a colored card for your front window when you sign up for the pumping and you must be at your rig.

Mr. Murray stated that the good news is there is a dump station on site but the bad news is that there is only one,
which is on the way to the main road, but it’s free.  He asked that on Sunday for everyone to please, please be really
careful pulling out; have someone watch.  There will be a lot of orange shirts around so grab one if you need help.  
He wished everyone well and asked them to drive safe.

Mr. Ward said that Linda was telling him right now that we have 367 rigs in and she has 18 dinner tickets left.  He
said we have 95 openings left for Okeechobee and that by the first of next month they will be gone, so inform your

Mr. Ward said that as you look around at the orange shirts you will see a lot of new faces.  He said that some of the
staff with Mr. Maxwell chose not to come back.  Every one of them did a great job.  He worked with quite a few of
them over the years and it was a pleasure. Things change and people want to get away and do other things so he
had to replace people.  We now have Ken & Sherrie Risburg out of Jacksonville.  We still have Dee & Dave Robb out
of wherever they’re at.  We have Charlie & Linda Voyton; they’re still with us and Charlie does a little bit of
everything.  He’s everywhere, anywhere.  There’s Joe & Debbie Weston of Florida Eagles over on the East Coast,
right around the Sanford area, and we have Debbie & Tom Wise of the East Coast, and of course Don & Lorraine –
great  people.  Mike & Liz Abrams; Liz is ASD and Mike is the other half of it.  We have  John & Betty Babson, great
people.  We have Bob Banasack & Carolyn Swinea.  Bob is now Assistant Wagonmaster, such as Joe is.  He bit off a
lot this time.  Carolyn does a great job with the store.   Rich and Sharon Vander Bok are back with us on staff as
vendor coordinator and door prizes, George & Loretta Redderoth, good people.  George is our hot dog person now
and Loretta keeps him straight.  Sue Meyer is Historian and is working on CD’s and all of those books and doing a
good job of it.  Max & Jill Campbell replaced Reba and himself with their chapters. He put on 2 Ambassadors; they
travel anyway so therefore it doesn’t cost us anything. They are already out there in the field and they go out and
promote Good Sams of Florida.   If you don’t think they promote Good Sams of Florida look at all our out of state
people and ask them where they’re from.  He said he was proud of what Quentin & Linda Rainey do and what Jody &
Al  Dauphinais do. Thank you and you’re a really big part of Good Sams of Florida.  Mary & Robin, Linda & Charlie.  
He will get into the program that Mike Abrams has started up as our response team.  It’s already been working.  We’
ve already had to use it twice at this Samboree.  My lovely wife, Reba – he couldn’t do anything without her.  She
keeps him straight.  Bob Kuehling is our Administrator and is doing a good job and lets us know when we don’t do
something right.  Mr. Ward said he was glad to see all chapters and all out of state people.   He said thank you to
Rosemary and Al.  He said if you go by the Alabama area we have about 10 past out of state directors here and 5
past Florida State Directors.

Mr. Ward stated that on the unfinished business, Linda took care of that already.  He asked if there was any
discussion on what Linda did with the CD.  He asked for a motion.

Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams made a motion to accept.  This was seconded by Bill Foster of
Citrus County Sams.

NEW BUSINESS – Mr. Bluhm wants to discuss something near and dear to his heart.  Gary Bluhm addressed State
Director Ward and the members of the Committee.  He said that three years ago Warren Bradley started collecting
10% of the food sales at Samborees and this went to the Shriners Children’s Hospital.  Warren was a member of the
Shriners for over 20 years and did a lot of work with them.  There are Shriners Hospitals across the country. He said
that when Warren was the President of Bay Area Sams the chapter donated over $1,400.00 the first year. He said
Bill & Dianne and he & Marilyn went on a tour of the Shriners Hospital.  He said that if there is anyone who has not
done this, they should. The Tampa location makes orthopedic artificial limbs for children and they make their own
wheelchairs.  All the workers are volunteers.  Volunteers outdo the administration four times over and the only
thanks they get is a hug or high five from the children.  Any child up to 18 years of age gets treated at no charge, no
matter what the family finances are.  

The President of Bay Area Sams challenged the members to set a goal for donations to the Shriners Children’s
Hospital of $1,000.00; they donated $1,500.00 in memory of Warren Bradley.  They wondered what they could do to
get all of Florida involved and would like to establish a Warren Bradley Memorial Fund.  At the November Samborees
Ginny will accept donations from chapters or individuals and deliver all donations to the Shriners Hospital.  This will
in no way replace other projects other chapters have.  A Warren Bradley Memorial Fund supported by Good Sams
of Florida, Inc., what better way to honor such a great man.

Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams said he has been a Shriner for 30 years.  He wanted to add a
couple of things to what Gary said.  The Shriners provide services not only for children but for the children’s parents
or guardians and this is taken care of at no expense to them.  They provide transportation, housing etc.  He said
that like every other organization the Shriners are losing membership; not because they are not a worthwhile
organization.  They are older.  As membership dwindles any money will be appreciated.  Chick moved that Good
Sams of Florida, Inc. support the Shriners Hospital as one of its charities.  This was seconded by Linda Reuss of Go-

Ben Housden of Bay Area Sams said he was not quite clear how this affects each chapter individually and suggested
it be tabled and let them go back to chapter members and give them the concept.  He said he would like to make a
motion that it be tabled.

Mike Abrams said we can’t do that.

Chick Thompson said it is not a chapter item, it is voluntary.

Bob Ward said we need to discuss it more.  He asked if Gary is looking for the State to raise money for this program
and if we would designate our charity fund to support this charity.

Gary stated that it’s just a way for the State Committee to support the Warren Bradley Memorial Fund for the
Shriners Hospital for Children.  It is simply a vehicle to do it.  He is not asking for any dollars from the state.  All he is
asking is support for the Warren Bradley Memorial Fund.  It is simply a way to remember Warren.  Warren was so
involved with the Shriners Hospital and so involved with Good Sam.  He said we don’t have to take it back to the
chapters, it’s just a project to work on if you want to.

Mr. Bluhm said that in November if you want to donate to the Warren Bradley Fund, Ginny will be up front and you
can bring the donation up to her and she will take it to the Shriners Hospital.  In February she will give a report of
how much was donated.

Fred Osmun of Skyway Sams said the motion was on the floor.  Mike Abrams said it had been seconded and you
have to vote on it.

Mr. Ward said the motion has been on the floor, it’s been seconded, it has been discussed, and he asked for a vote
for all in favor, and then opposed.  Motion carried.

Next on the agenda –MOVIE EQUIPMENT - Ernie Lara purchased and owned movie equipment used by the State
when Mr. Bradley and Mr. Maxwell were directors.  Ernie chose not to come back so we no longer have equipment.  
He said it was up to the State Committee to decide what you want to do.  Usually on Thursday night we have popcorn
and a movie.  He asked if you want to get rid of the movie or do you want to purchase movie equipment.  The
Chapter running the movie has profited.  He researched new equipment and it starts at $800.00 and goes to
$7,000.00.  He asked for any discussion.

Bill Foster of Citrus County Sams said they enjoy the movies.  He said that if it was used for education it would be a
good idea to purchase it; we should support our state and might as well get profit.  He thinks we should purchase the
equipment, put a concession on it as it would be beneficial for the state, for Good Sams of Florida.  It could be
researched and brought up in the near future and he thinks we should really support the state.

Jack Henry of Sun State Sams asked how many people attended the movies.  Mr. Ward said quite a few, it was very
popular.  A lot of people didn’t come to Bingo but they went to the movies and he thinks it went over very well.  Jack
asked if the money we are talking about spending is worthwhile with 800 people here and only 50 attend the movie.  
Mr. Ward advised it was not his decision to make.

Gary Betzoldt of Tallahassee Good Sams asked who would be responsible for the equipment and who will store it
and show movies etc. Would it be the responsibility of the ASDs or a chapter if we decide to purchase this
equipment?  Mr. Ward said it could not be stored in the Good Sam trailer.  We have a screen someone donated but
can’t store it in the trailer because of the moisture etc. and the equipment just won’t take the ride in the trailer.  As
far as the staff goes we will handle it but we can’t approve money like that.  This is up to the State Committee.

Bill Foster of Citrus County Sams said we should table this for study as it is a piece of equipment that has been
identified.  We should know exactly what the cost is going to be.  If we are going to proceed with this we have to have
a definite price and perhaps the name brand of the projector.

Marece Abbott of South Florida Sams asked the cost to rent a movie.

Mr. Ward said it was astronomical for one night.   He said we would have to get the equipment and rent the movie.   
Mrs. Abbott asked the cost to just rent the movie.  Mr. Ward said it was something like $85.00 to rent the equipment
and one movie.  Then you have to get somebody to go out and get it and that person has to be responsible for the
movie they pick and he doesn’t think that any one of our staff want to be responsible for a movie that they may pick
that nobody would show up for.  Mr. Ward said Ernie picked the movie and tried to keep them RV related, although
he doesn’t know how Indiana Jones in RV related.  He said he wouldn’t want to pick a movie for a group of people.

Larry Brighton of Travelin Sams asked if it was possible to hold the money and find out where we stood in relation to
what was made and that kind of thing.  He asked if Ernie was still a friend.

Mr. Ward said if it was ok with the committee we will call Mr. Lara and asked if any South Florida Seahorse member
would contact Mr. Lara and ask if he has any records of how much he made and what chapters paid for movie and
popcorn.  The State never made any money on the movies, it was the chapters that did.

Marie Rose of Florida Single Sams asked if Ernie would sell the equipment.

Mr. Ward said he talked to him about it and Mr. Lara said that we can probably buy better equipment for the same
price he wants for his.  He said his equipment was a little bit antiquated and with everything new out there now we
could probably buy a better piece of equipment for what he wanted for his.  He was honest about it.  Ernie was a
very good guy.

Fred Osmun of Skyway Sams said it would make it easy if someone that is computer friendly could put a DVD in the
computer and find out what it would take to switch to movies and present it at the next meeting.

Mr. Ward asked who would donate a computer.

Mr. Osmun said he would bring his.

Mr. Ward told him that at Okeechobee please bring his computer and a movie.  We’ll be expecting you.  Thank you
very much for volunteering.  End of discussion.  Our movie equipment is taken care of.

Director Ward said that something happened last night that he thoroughly enjoyed - the Color Guard.  He’s very
proud to have that happen.  He said to take this back to your chapters:  this group of people, there were six of them,
called and talked to John Weaver.  He asked John Weaver to stand up and said that John is in charge of the color
guard.  He called McDill Air Force Base to find out how to present the flags and other information that he wanted to
know and McDill took the people out there and trained them on how to present the colors and everything, how to do
the timing, weapons and gloves.  Mr. Ward donated the weapons and they will stay with Florida Good Sams as long
as Florida Good Sams has a Color Guard.  He said that if any of your chapter members would like to be in our Color
Guard we would like to see different chapter members come up and present the colors.  It would take about an hour
for John to tell you exactly what you need to do.  He said that the biggest problem we had last night was that Mary
and Robin and he and Reba couldn’t get out of the way.  We just don’t know where to go to.

John Weaver said he appreciated the opportunity to do something like that.  If anyone wants to volunteer he doesn’t
have to be retired military, just respect the flag.  Be proud of being an American.  He said it can be a man or woman
and he would be glad to work with them and train them.  

DISPOSAL OF 2 COPIERS – Mr. Ward said he knew about a copier Linda had to replace in February 2008.  The
copier was antiquated and had quit working.  They took it to Tampa for and estimate to get repaired and it is not cost
worthy to have it fixed, due to the price of copiers today.  He has 2 of them he inherited from Mr. Maxwell.  He called
Canon with the serial number, year etc. and was told it would cost $85.00 to look at.  He said Orlando was right
around 67 miles from him and 67 miles back, then 67 miles back over there to pick it up and 67 miles back.  It was an
average of $280.00 to fix it.  They bought a new one for $249.00 and he didn’t have to go anywhere, other than
Spring Hill.  He said he needs approval to do something with these, discard them, donate them or whatever.  If any
chapter wants them to use for Good Sam purposes they can have them.

5:05PM Mike Abrams got an emergency call and had to leave meeting.

Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams moved to discard them and
Jeanette Williams of Silver Sams II seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

FAX MACHINE & COPIER – Mr. Ward said the copier is quite old; it was Wagonmaster Grice’s and he inherited it
from Norm Clark.  They may have used it a couple of times.  Wagonmaster Robin Murray said when you plug it in it
hums, it lights up and you can make one copy at a time and it doesn’t do any collating.  Mr. Ward said Robin doesn’t
need it, he doesn’t really do any copying as State Wagonmaster.  He said that since January 01 he has used a case
of paper making copies for Good Sam.  He said there is a lot of copying going on.  Printing company prices aren’t

Bert Martin of Rolling Sams made a motion to offer them to any chapter that wants them and if no chapter wants
them that we get rid of them, dispose of them or give them to a charity.

Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams seconded the motion but suggested a silent auction and do
something with the money.

Bert Martin said he would amend the motion to have a silent auction.  Chick Thompson seconded the motion.  
Motion carried.  Mr. Ward thanked Chick for volunteering to run a silent auction.

Robin Murray stated that he doesn’t want to move them again.  It weighs 400 pounds.

Evelyn Jorgensen of Sassy Sams asked it the auction would be after the entertainment of Friday evening.  Mr. Ward
confirmed that Chick would auction it after the entertainment Friday night.  He also told Chick to remember we’re
having fun.  Mr. Ward called for a vote on the motion to have a silent auction.  Motion carried.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM – Mike Abrams was not present due to an earlier emergency.  This is the third time
we’ve had to use this.

Bob Ward said that he didn’t want to do what Mr. Maxwell did.  He carried the defibrillator and equipment around with
him and was responsible for it the entire Samboree so he set up a program and someone would keep this
equipment, take care of it, maintain it, and make it operate at our Samborees.  Mr. Ward said that when Good Sams
first got the defibrillator everyone thought Trail Blazing Sams would maintain it for two years straight.  Two years are
over with and Trail Blazing Sams is not responsible for it.   He turned it over to Mike Abrams and asked him to set up
a program to have someone on call twenty-four hours a day.  He wanted it so we would be able to recognize these
people and we would have a telephone line set up just for an emergency situation.  He asked Mike if he would take
care of that and get it operating and show him what he wanted and he would make it operate.   He said so far at this
Samboree this is the fourth time he had to do this.  Mike has made this work.  He made it work at 1:30 at night and
he’s made it work all the way up until 3:30 in the morning.  In order for this thing to operate, Mike has to have a
telephone with him 24 hours a day. The telephone number is in your program. He has to have a radio working 24
hours a day, he has lights and he has to have a mode of transportation 24 hours a day.  We’ve taken one of our golf
carts that we normally get and assigned it to Mike so he will be able to have that 24 hours a day.  Right now the cart
is coming out of the golf cart rental on the expense report.  We do have a defibrillator fund and what he is asking,
and it’s up to you to approve this.  Mr. Ward said as long as he is the State Director, if it has to come out of his own
pocket, he will see that this works.  He said he would like to take the cost of Mike’s golf cart rental out of the
defibrillator fund for every Samboree.  We already have everything that goes with that kit donated free to us.  We
have had Hernando County, Pasco County, Citrus County, Hillsborough County, and just about every county around
that Mike has gotten with constantly fill his kit with anything he needs for our response team.  These people really
believe in this.  After seeing how this thing operates here over the past three days, he is asking the State Committee
to approve the cost of Mike Abrams golf cart for our Emergency Response Team to come out of the defibrillator fund.

Mr. Ward said the cost of the cart at this Samboree is about $75.00.  Other Samborees may vary.  He asked that
someone make a motion to take the dollars out of the defibrillator account so we can have the response team there
and ready.

Richard Ormsby of Trail Blazing Sams said that we all know Mike Abrams as very professional and a very dedicated
individual to this program.  Response has to be quick and decisive and a dedicated cart would be very helpful.  He
said that in the defibrillator account there is $1,545.00 and the cost of the cart at this Samboree is around $75.00
and the other Samborees may be a little bit more.  He made a motion that we take the money out of the defibrillator
account for this Samboree and the other Samborees so that we will have the response team available and ready to
respond when needed.

Bill Amos of Jax Rambling Sams seconded the motion.  He also thanked Mike for all the hard work and he
appreciates what Mike has done.

Dave Coyner of the Sampipers asked if this is the only cost involved.  

Mr. Ward said that the radio comes along with his package because he is also an ASD.  The phone is covered under
his program as State Director.  In other words Mike has Reba’s cell phone with him the entire time.  Mr. Ward asked
for all in favor, all opposed.  Motion carried.

INCREASE DUES OF CHAPTER – Mr. Ward said that the last time he could find an increase in dues was in 1985,
when members were afraid to raise it 25cents.  He said everything is going up, stamps are going up 2 cents in May.  
He just found that out, and he also found out that we are spending a lot of money in postage.  He said after looking
at the last mail out he saw we are spending over $500.00 a year in postage.  He said $1.50 really doesn’t do it.  We
could live with it and we will have to live with it if you say so, but he would like to bring it before the committee if we
could have a discussion and then ask for anything to go with it.  If not we will just throw it out the door and wish it well.

Marie Rose of Florida Single Sams made a motion to raise the dues to $2.00.  This was seconded by Dave Coyner
of the Sampipers.  Motion carried

Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams said he was assuming this will take effect in November.  Mr. Ward

INSURANCE ON TRAILER – Mr. Ward said we only have insurance on the Good Sam trailer when it is hooked up to
a vehicle and then it is liability only.  He said there is $25,000.00 worth of goods such as the coffee pots, the games,
clothing, the PA system and hot dog grill.  There is no insurance on this thing whatsoever.  He said no one ever
brought it up before.  He talked to Jack and there’s never been any insurance on it as for as he knows.  He went
back and talked to Tredwell and he didn’t know of any insurance that was ever on it.  He asked what the committee
thought; should we put insurance on it, because if it’s ever broke into again we would lose all that.  Right now it is
sitting by the building but it is stored in Mr. Ward’s yard and is going to Rich Vander Bok’s for repair.
He has to do some wiring and some brakes on it.

Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams asked if anyone had checked on the cost and said we need to find
the cost of insuring the trailer and its contents.  He assumes he will have to be commandeered to do it.

Richard Ormsby of Trail Blazing Sams said he was a former Insurance Broker and will gladly assume responsibility to
check it out.  He will need a list of the contents, whether it is considered business or personal property.  Location is
the problem.  Is it a fixed location, where it’s going to be, what is the insurance company insuring and where is it
insuring?  These things will have to be checked out.   He said chances are it won’t be an exorbitant amount of
money.  It will take a little research and he will have a report in November.  If he gets the information sooner he will
report before that.

Mr. Ward asked him to go ahead and research that, then send Betty Babson an email with the information and
asked Betty to please send it out to all the Presidents.  He asked Richard to see if he could have something by
Okeechobee for people to be able to think about.

Richard said he needed to know the contents of the trailer and the dollar amount and the makeup of the contents.

Jack Henry of Sun State Sams said to find out what it is going to cost.  He said that when they tried to buy it, it was
exorbitant and they could not find a market for it.

Bill Abbott of South Florida Lifetime Sams asked if Good Sams of Florida has any insurance at all.  If they do maybe
they could get an umbrella policy.

Mr. Ward said no sir; we have insurance at the Samborees only.  We are covered at the Samborees but we are not
covered when it leaves the Samboree.

Mr. Ward said that if the committee doesn’t mind he will ask Richard Ormsby and will get the inventory by
Okeechobee and he can research it and get the information to us for the meeting in November.

STATE RAFFLE-50/50 – Mr. Ward said he wants to get the raffle going as quick as possible.  It’s like pulling teeth to
get door prizes.  He did not even get a dealer to do our hot dogs or donuts or anything.  We didn’t get anything out
of these people.  He had a hard time just getting dealers here.  Lazy Days is no longer doing this.  We made the
contact with them and they say they are going to hold off a year and see how things go.  A lot of these dealers are
laying off people, laying off salesmen.  Flagship couldn’t be here because they’ve got two shows going right now and
didn’t have the people or rigs to put over here for us.

Director Ward said the State Raffle 50/50 helps us out in buying door prizes.  Of course the lucky person will win
50% of what we’ve collected.  We gave away $84.00 last night and have $84.00 for door prizes.  He thanked the
Chapters and said they had done very well and we thank you for everything you do.  If we depended on just what
you give us for door prizes we would have a lot of upset people.  Rich sent letters to manufacturers, reaching
outside the RV community to get door prizes.  He got enough Reliable Cleaner to stretch out for the next three
Samborees.  He said we will stay with the 50/50 raffle.

Jack Henry of Sun State Sams said every dollar the state takes in on their raffle is taking away from the Chapter
raffles.  He does not think the State should compete with the Chapter raffles.

Mr. Ward asked if that is the only way the chapter can raise money, and asked if they don’t make money with their
bake sales.  Jack said he didn’t know.  Mr. Ward reminded him that they do one every year.  He said this is up to
you; if you people say stop it then we will have to stop it.  He thought it was a good way to raise money for door
prizes.  You’re the committee, if you say stop it then we will stop it immediately.  We have to do it today but he will
stop it tomorrow.  He promises you that.

Marece Abbott of South Florida Sams asked how much we charge the vendors.  Mr. Ward said we charge each
vendor $50.00.

Mrs. Abbott stated that maybe if the vendors didn’t have to pay so much we would have more vendors.

Mr. Ward said that the $50.00 is just the vendor fee.   He said we were talking about these people all in this building.  
He doesn’t know how he could get any more vendors in here.  Mrs. Abbott said not just here but other places where
we could get more vendors in.   She says she knows that some of the people don’t come to Florida because of the
price of the vendor fees.  He asked if she was telling him to drop the vendor fee.  Mrs. Abbott said she thought it
should be less.  Mr. Ward asked Rich how many vendors we have inside here.  Rich reported 17 vendors.  Mr. Ward
said he didn’t know where he would put any more vendors.  He told her there is just about the same amount of room
in Okeechobee.  She asked about people bringing in there motor homes to show.   Mr. Ward told her that in
Okeechobee we are only allowed to bring in 24 motor homes and those people pay $500.00 each to be there.  Mrs.
Abbott said with the economy being as it is maybe that’s why some of the dealers are not bringing over some
because it takes $500.00 and they are not selling.  Mr. Ward said we can only bring in so many.  He said that in
Okeechobee we can have only one dealer bringing in 24 rigs or two dealers bringing in 12 rigs each.

Administrator Bob Kuehling said the vendor fee for the Good Sams of Florida has not gone up since 2001.  It would
be a big mistake to change that fee at this time.  He said he knew the economy is bad right now but you will find that
most vendors find if they don’t do well at one Samboree they may do well at another.  Generally they will not give
up.  This vendors fee, particularly for people you see around here, if they make a sale or two they are going to
break even and they will keep coming back because they never know what the next one will be.  Right now the first
thing people give up is luxury.   If a dealer can come to a Samboree and sell one rig, 9 out of 10 times they will come
to another one.  He said that from a financial standpoint with Good Sams, let’s just stay with the outline we have right

Rich Vander Bok stated that as a former vendor he can tell you that Florida vendor’s fees – that’s dealers fees - are
the cheapest around.  $50.00 is ridiculously cheap to come into a Samboree of this size.  There are two states out
there that charge no vendor fee but they have no overhead.   One of them is Mississippi.  They do not pay for their
facilities, it’s a fair ground that they have and it is donated from the state, so they have no overhead.  They don’t
have to charge that $50.00.  He as a vendor looked forward to coming to Florida because he could afford their fees.  
He’s been in places that cost you over $300.00.  We are not high.  If we dropped the fees it is not going to do
anything; we are full.

Mr. Ward said back to 50/50: He would entertain a motion to stop or go ahead.

Larry Brighton of Travelin Sams made a motion to accept 50/50 as stated by the director.  Only one person was
against it.   Evelyn Jorgensen of Sassy Sams seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Director Ward said Good Sams International has taken on another charity.  They already do Dogs for the Deaf.  
They took a poll and decided they would like to do something with another type charity.  They want to do something
for children so they came up with the Hole in the Wall Gang.  While he was out in California a lady came in with a
presentation.  He knew one was in the State of Florida so he called an ASD to research it, find out what we could do
for them.

Debbie Wise reported the following:
As you might know as of Jan. 2009 Good Sams adopted  The Hole In The Wall camps for seriously ill children. Some
of the more notable people who helped found Camp Boggy Creek are the late actor Paul Newman and General
Norman Schwarzkopf. There are 10 camps nation wide and several overseas. On January 27 Tom and I had the
honor to visit Camp Boggy Creek in Eustis Florida. The site sits on over 200 acres of land. Our tour guide for the
day was Jackie Boykin. The camp has a theater, well-ness center (called the patch- as in band aid), fully equipped
emergency room, pharmacy, dining hall, craft hall, gymnasium, heated pool, barn with animals, rock climbing wall,
riding area for horses, paddle boats, canoes, fishing, miniature golf course and more.  At this time it cost
approximately $4,000.00 per week per child to attend. All paid for by donations. No cost to child or family. There are
16 cabins which can house 16 children each and a lodge for staff. The children are given the chance to do things
they have never been able to do before with the help of staff. I asked what could we do to help? We can raise
money, volunteer to paint, cook in kitchen, clean, do yard work and more. If you wanted to bring your rig there are
two level asphalt parking lots that could accommodate  you. It would be dry camping, no dump station. There is a
constant need for items like sun screen, box cake mixes, new life preservers, sewing bears (need pattern), quilts for
twin beds,  google eyes, glitter, and in wood working shop cut out ½ inch thick patterns for toys. The facilities idea
came from a young girl in 1991 who loved the outdoors and after attending a hole in the wall, she wanted to start
one in her home state of Florida. Jennifer Masi with terminal cancer helped bring together Boggy Creek for seriously
ill children before she herself passed. The diseases range from HIV/AIDS, heart disease, sickle cell anemia, cancer,
asthma, kidney disease, epilepsy, hemophilia, and rheumatic diseases. During the summer the have 9 weeks of
children only and 20 long weekends  for children an family members . Each child has access to 24 hour medical
attention specifically for their disease. That includes doctors, nurses and medications. This could be a tremendous
opportunity for Good Sams to help a very worthwhile organization.

Mr. Ward said they need chapters to go over there and help them out with the building and everything.  All year
round they’re needing volunteers and they are in need of donations.  It’s a very worthwhile cause.  If your chapter
could get involved in that it would be great.  

Mr. Ward said that other states always give goodie bags.  If any chapter wants to do that it would be great.  Quent
will give suggestions that your chapter can do.  It’s a great idea.  

He stated that he was looking for a motion.

Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams moved to adjourn.

Richard Ormsby of Trail Blazing Sams seconded.  Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 6:05 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Murray
Mary Murray, State Secretary
Good Sams of Florida, Inc.