State Committee Special Meeting
North Florida Fairgrounds, Tallahassee, Fl.
February 4, 2016
Joe Weston, Florida State Director, called the special business meeting to order at 3:02 p.m.  
Tommy Crutchfield gave the invocation in Sharon Bundy’s absence, and then all said Pledge of
Allegiance.  Tommy read the Good Sam Pledge.
Mike Abrams, State Parliamentarian, explained meeting procedure to be recognized to speak
and for voting.  

Secretary Liz Abrams called the roll of attendance; 20 of 50 chapters were present.

Joe called for a reading of the minutes from the meeting in Okeechobee, April 2015.  Wendy
Parsels, Carefree Sams, made a motion to accept the minutes as were posted on the website,
Tressa Dishman, North Florida Lifetime Sams, seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

As this is a specially called business meeting, there will be no committee reports.  The purpose
of this meeting is to give any candidates for State Director a chance to speak; and we have old
business to discuss.  

Southeast Region Good Sam Directors met here this week.  Good Sam Club will no longer hold
a rally until further notice.  Discussion is ongoing regarding regional rallies and perhaps a
Southeast Regional Rally will develop.  Camping World is a supporter for the “Rally in Tally”,
and TV advertisements about us are being shown on local channels.  

We had over 400 rigs at the November rally in Eustis.  It was a great rally, and Southern Palms
would like us to hold all three of our rallies there.  Unfortunately, we cannot do that.  

At the last State Committee meeting, we discussed Florida Dog Guides and the passing of the
director last August.   Lew Smith who is our liaison arranged for the new staff to speak about
the organization and their plans for it.  Robin Walsh and Kathy Johnson are the new directors.  
Last November, they asked their staff to work without payment until they got money back into
the program.  The organization trains service animals to assist Florida residents who have
hearing loss, mobility loss, and those in need of companion therapy, and veterans in distress.  
The program was started 1984 for hearing impaired, but she saw a need for others and
extended the program.  

Lew and Robin will be in contact on at least a quarterly basis.  Lew will communicate status to
the state committee members and will ensure that all is on track.  Many chapters withheld
money until they had information from new directors.  Florida Eagles are satisfied and will be
issuing their check for Florida Dog Guides this month.  Please send your donations directly to
Florida Dog Guides and let Lew Smith know about your donation so he can keep track for Good
Sams of Florida.  Contact Lew Smith by his email or phone found on the Good Sams website.   

Florida Dog Guides F.T.D. Inc.
P.O. Box 20662
Bradenton, Fla 34203

Any chapter who would like them to speak at your meeting, please call them.    Pennies for
Pooches cans are available to collect change for donations.  Forrest Fritz, Good Sam
Seahorses, asked what salaries are.  Robin said they are still running organization as
volunteers without pay.  Once things are settled, the co-directors will share the salary of $400
per week, as was paid to previous director. Twenty-five percent of funds would be for
administration.  Joe asked committee who would support Florida Dog Guides and all present
indicated affirmative.    

New Business

Tallahassee Good Sams sent Joe a letter asking to de-charter their chapter.  Thirty days ago,
Joe contacted each member via email asking them to reconsider, join another chapter or merge
with an existing chapter.   Regretfully we must ask for a motion.  Lew Smith, Florida Eagles,
made motion to de-charter and Tressa Dishman, North Florida Lifetime Sams, seconded the
motion.  The motion carried.

Joe invited Liz and Don Trotter to speak regarding their interest in the position of State Director
of Florida.  Last November, since no one on staff had come forward with an interest in
becoming the next State Director, Liz and Don came forward as a potential candidate.  Earlier
today, someone on staff expressed an interest in running for the position.  Don and Liz
graciously stepped aside, but said that they are interested in the position in the future.  

Tommy and Lois Crutchfield will seek the position.  They have been on staff three years.  Joe
thanked Liz and Don for coming forward, then asked for any other candidates who would like to
run and no one expressed an interest.  

The state staff arrived last Thursday to prepare the grounds for this rally.  Joe said the
fairgrounds staff have worked well with us and would like us to come back.  They provided two
buildings, new tables and chairs, refrigerator and ice machine for our use.  Joe signed a
contract for this event based on number of rigs.  We currently have 268 rigs on site paying $20
per night.  If we sign a two-year contract, we will get a lower rate.  Joe asked for a show of
hands of those present who would like to return to Tallahassee for winter rally, all present
indicated they would.  

The next regular meeting will be in Okeechobee in April.  

Liz Trotter, Palm Coast Traveling Sams, made motion to adjourn the meeting, Henry Harper,
Crosstrails Sams, seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 3:36 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Liz Abrams
Secretary, Good Sams of Florida