February 15, 2018 Winter Rally
Tallahassee, Florida
State Committee Meeting
Meeting Minutes
Director Tommy Crutchfield called the meeting to order at 1:10 PM.   Tom Booth gave the
Invocation and Wagon Master Wayne McGee led everyone in the Pledge to Allegiance.  
Parliamentarian Robin Murray read the Good Sam Pledge, then asked if all presidents or
representatives had checked in with the secretary.  Bill Chambers of Lake Eola Sams checked
in.  He then pointed out that there were microphones on each side of the room and gave
instructions to hold up the red card to speak, and give your name and chapter before making
any statements.  He also said that it was very important that everyone give the cards back after
the meeting.

SECRETARY Mary Murray called the roll, with 23 chapter presidents or representatives present,
and advised Director Crutchfield that we do have a quorum.

Tommy asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes of the last meeting held
in Eustis, FL.  Tressa Dishman of Getaway Sams made the motion to accept the minutes as
posted on the website.  Liz Trotter of Palm Coast Traveling Sams seconded the motion.  Motion

TREASURER Linda Voyton asked if anyone needed a copy of the Treasurer’s report.  She also
asked  if anyone had any questions.  Wendy Parsels of Carefree Sams made the motion to
accept the Treasurer’s report as posted on the website and John Russano of Trail Blazing Sams
seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Tommy asked if there was any discussion.

STATE STORE - Tom Booth said they are doing very well this week.  Sales were a little slow
earlier but today has been very good and invited everyone to stop by.

DOGS FOR BETTER LIVES - Bill & Joan Conway -  Joan said there is now a program for autistic
children and they are looking for people to place a dog with.  Representatives will be at the
Okeechobee Rally with a dog.  Joan said they had a very good costume dog walk in Eustis and
raised $1,074.00,which was split 50/50 with Florida Dog Guides.  Donations from chapters came
to $3,239.26.  She thanked all the chapters for making those donations.

FLORIDA GUIDE DOGS - Joe & Debbie Weston are not present.  No report.

HISTORIAN - Sherrie Risberg asked everyone to please keep their chapter’s history and asked
that the chapters send in their chapter traditions.  She said other chapters are interested in
what you do so be sure to send in that information.

WEBMASTER - Jill Campbell said we have a lot of new presidents and she has updated the
webpage.  She asked that all presidents check and make sure the information is correct.  She
said if anything in there is not correct, please send her an email at webmaster@goodsams-fl.
org and asked for any changes to be sent to her as soon as possible.  Jill said the website
keeps being remodeled and now has pictures for every rally back to 2004.  She said Sherrie has
been scanning all albums since the Everglades Chapter first started.  Jill asked that all chapters
send in their newsletters and said she would post them on the website.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE - Brian Whittie said Eustis was boring for him.  The equipment is ok.
There has been only one fall so far and asked everyone to continue to be careful.

BOGGY CREEK - Bob & Peggy Brown - Peggy asked that all chapters get back to them to let
them know how many patches or hearts are needed from your donations at Eustis.  She said
there will be a representative here on Saturday at 2PM.

ASD - Wayne McGee said they have checked in 183 RVs as of 9AM and have 5 more due in.  

Director Crutchfield said we have had some good rallies in the past but the weather hasn’t
helped us any at all. We can’t plan the weather.


NEW BUSINESS - Rick Neblock of Ocala Central Sams said people are saying they don’t want to
go to Tallahassee.   He said they have grown this chapter from 5 rigs to 25 and have potential
for 30.  People are telling him they don’t want to go to Tallahassee.  His chapter has 7 rigs here
this year.  Two years ago they had eighteen.  He asked why we’re going to Tallahassee in the
middle of winter when there is a potential for rain and cold.  He said the unpredictable weather
makes it so that they don’t want to come this far.  He said when we go to Okeechobee it is
beautiful up here.  He said fix the problem and get down south when it’s cold up here and get
up here when it’s warm.   He said we have 183 rigs here and we should have 383. He said we
used to go to Palatka and there’s got to be someplace in the south for this time of year. He said
people don’t want to come up here to this unpredictable weather.

Director Crutchfield told him we are looking into other avenues but haven’t found the right
remedy so far. He gave special thanks to all the presidents that are here and told them they are
doing a great job. He said he’s having a meeting at 4PM on Sunday with the fairgrounds and we
will go forward from there.  

Mr. Crutchfield said if anyone was interested in running for State Director for 2019-2020, please
see him after this meeting.  He said Lois and he are still interested in serving for
2019-2020 if you all will have them.

There was much discussion about placing Tommy & Lois Crutchfield’s name in nomination for
Florida State Director in 2019-2020.

Tressa Dishman made the motion to place their name in nomination for the Florida State
Director’s job in 2019-2020.  Motion was seconded by Bill Pitz of Capital Seminole Sams.  Motion

Mr. Crutchfield reminded everyone that the new Century Patches have Kentucky instead of
Mississippi on them.  He also reminded everyone about the 50th Anniversary celebration in
Eustis.  He said to contact Sharon Bundy.  The application is on the website.  Also, the Mad
Hatters contest will be at Okeechobee so see the website for details.  Eustis will have the Wild,
Wild West Parade.

Ken Risberg said there will be approximately 400 people at this rally and asked everyone to
please push chairs back in or, if moved, put them back where you got them from when you’re
done with them. Also, at the chapter raffles in Okeechobee and Eustis he is asking for your
help.  He said it takes a lot of time for staff to push those chairs back in and to put the moved
ones back where they came from.

Mr. Crutchfield said out next meeting will be April 19, 2018 in Okeechobee.

Louis Galea of Good Time Sams made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  This was seconded by
Liz Trotter of Palm Coast Traveling Sams.  Meeting adjourned at 1:40 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Murray

Mary Murray, Secretary
Good Sams of Florida, Inc.