Bob Ward, Florida State Director, called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM and asked if all Presidents or
representatives had checked in with Mike Abrams and Liz Abrams.

Joe Weston gave the Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Mike Abrams.  

Rosemary Ranks, Good Sam Sambassador, read the Good Sam Pledge.

Director Bob Ward reiterated announcements made last night that Liz Abrams had been appointed State
Secretary and Joe Weston State Wagonmaster.  

Liz Abrams, Secretary, gave roll call, with 38 presidents or representatives in attendance.

Mike Abrams, Parliamentarian, explained the Good Sams of Florida meeting instructions.  In order to get the
attention of the chair to speak, we request that you hold up the card that was given you prior to the meeting,
wait to be recognized, stand up if possible, and state your name and chapter name.  The card is to be used
for voting, raising the card to indicate a yea or nay vote.

Mike explained that our intention is to follow the constitution and by-laws of Good Sam International and
Florida Good Sams, and do that by utilizing Roberts Rules of order. As of the end of December 2011, Good
Sam International provided a new constitution and by-laws.  Mike compared the new and previous documents
noting the name has changed from Good Sam International Recreational Vehicle Club to Good Sam Club.  
Therefore any document referring to previous name needs to be updated.  There are many other changes
that are not so trivial.   

A show of hands of the State Committee indicated that most have not had the time to review the new
constitution and by-laws. Mike said he would send out a document next week that shows the changes between
the two documents for the committee to review in order to save them time.  Mike stated that our Florida by-
laws have not been revised since 2005, and this will be part of today’s discussion.

Mr. Ward called for a reading of the minutes of the State Committee meeting held in November 2011 in Eustis,
Fl.  Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams moved to waive the reading of the minutes and adopt
them as published.  George Olson of Osceola Sams seconded the motion.  The motion was carried.

Mr. Ward explained that we would skip the normal committee reports today.  This meeting was called to get a
few things straight.  He said that he had erred last meeting when he appointed Linda Voyton as the Good
Sams of Florida State Treasurer for 2013 and 2014, that he did not have the power to do so.  Steve Griffin,
who was president of Golden Triangle at that time, raised questions regarding the appointment and worked
with Charlotte Smith of Lake Munroe Sams.  Many of you probably received communications from them. The
director’s job at the State Committee meeting is not to suggest or make any motions but to facilitate the
meeting, it is this committee’s job to do that.  Charlotte Smith is going to go over many things with you and tell
us how to amend things.  She is very knowledgeable on the subject of by-laws.  It’s up to you, as the
committee to make these changes.

Charlotte Smith, Lake Munroe Sams, took the floor.  She said that during their research, she and Steve Griffin
noticed that the by-laws had not been revised since 2005 and especially now that there is a new set of by-laws
from the Good Sam Club (formerly Good Sam International) things really need to be looked at.  There are
conflicts between the state by-laws and the club by-laws that had been in existence before and   now are in
existence again.  There are by-laws of the state, which are out of place, some things that don’t make sense,
there are things that are unclear yet need to be in the by-laws.   For example, in Florida by-laws, when the
director may vote is contrary to what the Club by-laws said.  There is information missing about a quorum, i.e.,
the number of chapters that need to be present in order to carry on business, One of the things interesting is
that in the existing by-laws it says that officers must own an RV.  It does not say it has to be drivable, just that
they have to own it.  The method of selecting the Florida State Treasurer is contrary to the Club by-laws, in
one place the by-laws says that the State Committee elects the State Treasurer then at sometime added on a
procedure used recently having chapters elect the treasurer.  It clearly states that the committee elects the
treasurer; it is not an appointed position.   Charlotte emphasized that this has nothing to do with Linda or her
abilities.  It is all about the process and making sure the process is legal.  

Charlotte proposed three things:  
1.        To amend the constitution by removing the two 2-year terms limit of office for officers.   
2.        Elect Linda as Treasurer for the term beginning 2013.  
3.        Appoint a committee to review and revise the state constitution and by-laws.  
Because there are many things that need to be reviewed and changed in the current state by-laws, Steve and
Charlotte felt that it was necessary to look at the by-laws in their entirety including the constitution.  She is
recommending and proposing that the State Committee put together a by-laws committee of 5 or 6 people to
look at the by-laws and make changes and make sure the document is workable and usable and understood.  
She is willing to serve on this committee and has copies of existing state by-laws, the new international by-laws
and also some areas that seem to be problems.  She envisioned that this committee would have at least one
meeting in Okeechobee (2012 Spring Samboree), then do a lot via email, and if necessary meet in the fall with
the idea that the proposed by-laws will be presented and voted on at the State Committee meeting in Eustis
this coming November.   

Chick Thompson, North Florida Lifetime Sams asked if the 2-year limit is to be removed for all officers or just
treasurer?   Charlotte said that the thought at this time was just for the treasurer, however the By-laws
Committee could make additional changes.

Forrest Fritz, representing Good Sam Seahorses, recalled that the original exception made a couple of years
ago, to allow Linda to serve an additional term was intended to apply to Linda only.  If we make this change
now, will it also apply to a future treasurer?  Charlotte responded that it is her opinion that we are dealing with
the current situation only.  Currently, we are removing the 2-year limit so that Linda can be elected again as
Treasurer for 2013.   When the By-laws Committee gets together, it’s possible that there will be other changes
made to the By-laws, which will be presented to the State Committee for it’s approval at the November 2012

Jean Mennenga, Manateean Sams, asked that in four years, after Linda has run the two terms, what if
someone doesn’t want to run for treasurer except Linda?  Charlotte responded that all we are doing right now
is removing the two-term limit, in order to elect Linda.  It is possible that the By-laws Committee could decide
that the 2-term limit might also apply to other officers, or decide that the 2-year limit applies again to all
officers.  It will be up to the By-laws Committee to decide and then present to the State Committee for a vote.
Jean asked for clarification again, what if no one wants to run for treasurer except Linda.  Charlotte said the
proposed change today, would remove the limit for the current treasurer, Linda, and allow her to do it for the
next fifty years.    

Bob Ward asked if everyone understood what is going on and if not, please let us know now.

Henry Harper, Crosstrails Sams, asked why not make the correction today, rather than waiting until 2013?  
Charlotte said that we would be correcting it today, which is the first thing that she and Steve Griffin are
recommending.  She recommends that today we amend the constitution by removing the current term limit for
treasurer, and secondly elect Linda for the term beginning 2013.  Any other amendments or changes to the
constitution and by-laws would be voted on at the November 2012 rally.  

Chick Thompson, Florida Lifetime Sams, wanted it to be clear that a couple of years ago, there was no change
made to the by-laws to change the term limit of treasurer.  There was simply a motion made and accepted by
State Committee to allow Linda to serve one more term than was stated in by-laws.  

David Coyner, Sampipers Sams, made a motion to accept Charlotte’s recommendation but make Linda’s term
a temporary term until we can get the committee together and come up with a final decision on what to do.  

Charlotte said it’s possible that the by-laws committee would come up with some change that might fall in line
with what David Coyner is talking about, so she thinks making it temporary is not needed because when you
are revising by-laws which affects a current officer then you have to have a proviso saying it does or does not
affect that current officer.  So, whether Linda serves one year or more is up to the By-laws Committee.  

Chick Thompson, North Florida Lifetime Sams, read out loud the proposed amendment to Article IV of Florida
Good Sams constitution:  Elected officials (officers) shall not serve more than two terms (2 years per term) in
office, not to exceed a total of four years.  However, upon successful completion of the annual internal audit,
as required by the by-laws, the incumbent treasurer may seek reelection, by the prescribed election
procedure, to serve beyond the limit of two terms.  All elected and appointed officials must have ownership of
a recreational vehicle during their term of office.   

Chick made a motion to accept this proposed amendment and Charlotte Smith seconded the motion.  Bob
Ward called for discussion and called for a vote.  The motion was passed.  

Charlotte Smith made a motion that Linda Voyton be elected Treasurer for a term to begin January 2013.  Bob
Brown, Florida Eagle Sams, seconded the motion.  Bob Ward called for discussion then called for vote.  The
motion was passed.

Charlotte Smith moved that the State Committee create a committee to review and revise the State
Constitution and By-laws.  This committee should consist of 5 or 6 people with the intention of the State
Committee voting on the revision at the November 2012 rally in Eustis.  George Olson, Osceola Sams,
seconded the motion.   Bob Ward called for discussion then called for a vote.  The motion was passed.  

Bob Ward appointed Charlotte Smith as chairperson of the By-laws Committee then called for people who
would like to be on the committee.  He commented on the serious purpose of this committee and the
commitment expected of its members.  

The By-laws Committee
Charlotte Smith, Lake Munroe Sams - Chairperson
Karl Raabe, Golden Triangle Sams
George Olson, Oseola Sams
David Coyner, Sampiper Sams
Evelyn Jorgensen, Sassy Sams

Bob Ward called for an audit committee to be formed to conduct this year’s internal audit and appointed Mary
Ellen Morton as the chairperson, as she is an accountant.  He called for members to assist with the audit.  

The 2012 Audit Committee
Mary Ellen Morton, Manateean Sams - Chairperson
Evelyn Jorgensen, Sassy Sams
Jean Mennenga, Manateean Sams
John Henderson, Silver Sams II
James Walter, Jax Rambling Sams

Bob Ward said it is not in the budget to pay for camping for these committees for by-laws or audit.  He called
for a motion for the state to pay for camping.  Chick Thompson moved that the state pay for camping for the
By-laws Committee and the Audit Committee.  Evelyn Jorgensen, Sassy Sams, seconded the motion.  Bob
Ward called for discussion, then called for a vote.  The motion was passed.  

Bob Ward congratulated Linda on her election for Treasurer for term beginning 2013.  

Bob Ward wanted all to know that Linda Voyton has been on staff since 2005 and has used her personal
computer for her job as treasurer every day of the year. The computer needs to be replaced and he wants the
State Committee to consider replacing her computer.  She has not asked for her computer to be replaced.  Bill
Pitz, Capital Seminole Sams, made a motion that the Florida State Committee buys her a new computer.  Ken
Wangler, Florida At Large, seconded the motion.  Bob Ward called for discussion.  Discussion regarding
putting a price tag on the new computer ensued.  Linda was asked what she needed and she said that she
doesn’t know prices of computers but that she will need office package software as well.  Bob Ward said he
thinks $1,000 maximum because we want a computer which lasts.  Morris Durrance, Lake Eola Sams,
suggested a limit of $2,000.  Chick Thompson asked if she needs a printer also, and Linda explained that the
State does allow her a printer in the budget.  Bob Ward called for a vote and the motion was passed.

Bob Ward thanked the committee for approving our budget over email.

Bob Ward said unfortunately we received some letters from chapters requesting de-charter.   
Letters were received to de-charter from:
Salty Sams
Florida Single Sams
Casita Scramblers Sams

Our next regular State Committee meeting will be in Okeechobee, April 2012.  The By-laws Committee will
have a meeting during that Samboree.  

Bob Ward requested that Linda Voyton attend the Audit Committee meeting.  

Bob Ward introduced David Bliss who is an ordained minister and founder of an organization called Faith-Bilt
Homes.  They renovate old RV’s and provide to the less fortunate.  Faith-Bilt Homes is giving the first one to
an 88-year-old veteran named John Patterson.  He is working with the Veteran’s Administration and Habitat for
Humanity to reach out to veterans in need.   He wants  Good Sams of Florida to know that he is interested in
old motor homes.  If a Chapter refers an old motor home to Faith-Bilt Homes, they will award $50 to the
Chapter, and if you refer someone who needs one of these homes through a church, the sponsor church
would get a love offering.  

The State Director told us that Okeechobee is not sold out yet, but we have sold 250 sites of 385 sites in
Okeechobee.  When it is sold out, we will put it on the web site and will start a waiting list.  Normally, 3 weeks
before Okeechobee we get cancellations.  Don’t give up if you are on the waiting list.  If you and your chapters
want to go, get your reservations in as soon as possible, hopefully you will at this Samboree.  

Chick Thompson, North Florida Lifetime Sams, made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Charlotte Smith asked
for those who volunteered for the By-Laws Committee to see her.  George Olson, Osceola Sams, seconded
the motion.  The motion passed.  

Meeting adjourned at 4:05 PM.  

Respectfully submitted by,
Liz Abrams
State Secretary, Good Sams of Florida, Inc.
March 1, 2012 Winter Samboree
Rodeheaver Boys Ranch, Palatka, Florida
State Committee Meeting
Meeting Minutes