Before the meeting was called to order, Director Joe Weston announced that Trail Blazing Sams has been
chosen as Good Sam Chapter of the Year.

Florida State Director, Joe Weston, called the meeting to order at 1:30PM.                      

Sharon Bundy gave the invocation and Wagonmaster Bill Hammel led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  
Acting Secretary, Mary Murray, read the Good Sam Pledge.

Acting Parliamentarian Sharon Bundy explained the meeting procedure and advised that the red card must be
raised in order to be recognized to speak, then state your name and chapter.  When voting, raise the red card
to indicate your vote.

Mary Murray called the roll of chapters.  There were 37 presidents or delegated representatives in attendance,
enough for a quorum.

The Director called for the reading of the minutes of the meeting held in Eustis, FL last November.  Bill Conway
of Trail Blazing Sams moved to accept the minutes as published and Bill Amos of North Florida Lifetime Sams
seconded the motion.  Motion carried.   

TREASURER’S REPORT:   Treasurer Linda Voyton provided copies of the Treasurer’s report and the cost of
the 2014 Palatka Samboree.  Bill Conway of Trail Blazing Sams made a motion to accept the report as written
and Bill Amos of North Florida Lifetime Sams seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


LEGISLATIVE:  Sharon Bundy said she had no report.

STATE STORE:  Loretta Redderoth said the State Store is doing well but still has merchandise.  She said they
have a lot of Lifetime Plaques, etc. left.

DOGS FOR THE DEAF:  Reba Ward said she had no report.  Donations for last year are on the website.


HISTORIAN:  Sherrie Risburg said the pictures are up for Palatka and urged everyone to view them.  

WEBMASTER:  Jill Campbell said that the new chapter officers are listed and asked the presidents to check to
make sure they are correct.   She said that when you have an election of officers you should send the names
to her right away.  Please keep her informed.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE:  Director Weston announced that Brian Whittie is filling in for Mike Abrams as our
emergency response person as Mike is at a Marine Reunion.  He has had two calls; one was a man with chest
pains and was sent to the hospital and the other was a lady with a problem from the heat.  He encouraged
everyone to please drink water on a regular basis.

Brian Whittie reminded everyone to keep a list of their medications with them at all times.

BOGGY CREEK:  Peggy Brown said that Boggy Creek received $6,200 from chapter donations in November.  
Sixteen chapters participated.  She showed a patch that will be given to each chapter that donated and
explained that some may be different.  She and Bob will be receiving donations again at the November
Samboree.  There will be limited walking tours of Boggy Creek available when we go to the next Samboree in

WAGONMASTER:  Bill Hammel said we parked 245 rigs on Tuesday, 87 on Wednesday and are expecting
more to come in today and Friday.  He said the problems with electric are hopefully getting better and the rest
of the week should be no major problem.

DIRECTOR’S REPORT:  Joe Weston thanked all staff members for their help with the cancellation notification
in Palatka.  He said it was a hard decision to make but he felt the safety of those who were going to attend was
more important than the Samboree.  The conditions were such it was literally impossible to hold a Samboree.  
We would have been knee deep in mud all week.  It cost $18,000 to cancel and everybody and everything was
prepaid.  He felt obligated to pay the entertainers as they had set aside time for us.  This was his decision and
if there is any problem with that, see him.

He thanked the staff again for their expeditious way of contacting each and every one.  Only one RV showed
up, from Ohio.  The person had listed his home phone number on the application.  Joe said please list your cell
phone number.

Good Sams of Florida Inc. had guaranteed Rodehaver Boys Ranch $20,000.  Joe and Debbie talked to the
Director of Rodehaver and it is a fine Christian organization.  They said to pay whatever was right and Good
Sams paid them $10,000.

TREASURY AUDIT REPORT:  Mary Ellen Morton reported that the committee, consisting of Bill Conway of Trail
Blazing Sams, Karl Rabbe of Golden Triangle Sams,  James Walters of Jax Rambling Sams and she met for
two days to audit the 2012 and 2013 reports and found no errors or omissions.  Everything looked perfect to

ELECTIONS:  Director Weston said that as he stated last night, he and Debbie will not seek reelection.  We
need someone to step up as soon as possible effective January 1, 2015.  He said to see him or Linda if

WINTER SAMBOREE:  Joe said the Palatka Samboree is not well attended.  We cancelled the last one and lost
$18,000.  If we had stayed we would have lost $5,000.  He asked if we want to continue Winter Samborees or
drop back to two per year.

Dave Coyner of  Sampiper Sams made a motion to discontinue the winter Samborees.
Tom Booth of Sunstate Sams seconded the motion.

Eighteen (18) votes were received for dropping back to two Samborees per year and  eighteen votes were
received to continue with three.

Clark Hutchinson of South Florida Sams said he would amend the motion to drop back to two Samborees at
the present time.  Sharon Bundy said the author of the motion has to amend the motion to modify.

Director Weston said the state staff does not determine the locations of Samborees.   We need a committee to
look at places and see if they are suitable.

Dave Coyner, who made the original motion, made a motion to amend and find a third location. Tom Booth of
Sun State Sams seconded the motion.  The discussion is as follows:  

Pat Souder of Calusa Sams asked it Wekiva would work for the third location.

Dave Jarvi of Go Go Angels suggested Sun and Fun in Sarasota and said they are more than willing to get
Good Sams there.

Mike White of Skyway Sams said the motion failed to drop Palatka.

John Sampson of Sassy Sams says this is something to bring up to the chapter membership.

Joe advised him it would have to be quick.  He needs to know in the next couple of weeks.  He’s trying to get a
feeling on how chapter members think.

Bob Vachon of Good Time Sams says a small group is concerned about having more vendors and RV dealers,
and is not happy with Eustis or Palatka.  They are disappointed this week and the last two or three Samborees
in not having more quality vendors.  He’s not saying the vendors here are not quality; he’s looking for more

Director Weston said there was a motion on the floor to search for new locations and called for a vote.  Motion
carried.  Joe said he is looking for volunteers to give recommendations.  Keep in mind, the building needs to
be approximately the size of the building we are in now.

Dave Alexander of Pasco Loafers asked Joe what he will do if we don’t find a place.  Joe advised him we would
cancel the Samboree.  He said Tallahassee was always cold and rainy and the south is full of snowbirds.

Jim Davis of Space Coast Sams said we are a community brought together and all chapters should come up
with recommendations.

Director Weston said all chapter members should consider forming a committee and the committees will report
to Bill Hammil.

The following is a discussion about Camping World and Good Sam:

Tom Booth of Sun State Sams asked how much money and support came from Good Sam to Good Sams of
Florida and how long we will put up with it.  He said corporate is overrunning what we’re here for.  We are good
Samaritans.  We want to have fun and go camping.

Linda Voyton said we lost all funding from Good Sam.  Camping World allowed $1,500, then $1,000, now
$500.  Alliance pay $550 vendor fee and pay $700 for hot dogs.  She said Camping World comes in for

Joe introduced our Regional Directors, Ed and Peggy James.  Ed said this is the largest general election he’s
ever seen.  He said Joe and Debbie have done an excellent job and he hates to see this state discontinue
Good Sams.                      

He explained that Joe did not send in a request for Camping World as directed.  Camping World did not have
enough time to come here; they need ninety days notice.  

David Alexander of Pasco Loafers said we’re missing the point here.  We need to discuss whether we’re run by
corporate or run by state.  Do members run Good Sams or does Marcus?  Ed James said Marcus will tell you
what to do nationwide.  

Joe said he got spanked because he did not contact Camping World in Ft. Myers.  He had no idea they had
opened a store there.  He did contact Camping World in Kissimmee.  He
said when we went to Palatka he sent Camping World an invitation and they agreed to come.  Two weeks
before the Samboree they called and cancelled because they had a chance to go to a larger show in Daytona.

Bill Catron of Lake Eola Sams said they have 22 rigs here out of 29 members.  He said if Joe and Debbie
Weston are not going to run it they will not come to Samborees or go to Camping World.

Ed James asked how many people bought from Alliance when they came.  Mike White of Skyway Sams said he
bought a $73,000 5th Wheel from Americas Choice because they were there and he was looking.

Tom Booth of Sun State Sams asked when the Westons step down and don’t know anyone willing to step in,
what will happen to Good Sams of Florida, Inc.?  Joe Weston replied that he would offer a motion to disband
Good Sams of Florida.

Bill Watson of Everglades Sams asked if we are an organization of members here or an organization to support
Camping World.  Ed James said it is our organization.  Marcus is not running this state.

Joe said we are Good Sams of Florida, Inc., a totally separate entity from the Good Sam Club.

Leo Reuss of Go See Um Sams asked for the feeling of ASD’s on this whole thing.  Joe told him the staff said if
he goes, they go.

Bill Catron of Lake Eola Sams told Ed James that Joe told us how Good Sam supports us and asked Ed how
they support him.  Ed said he was a contractor and got paid.

Leo Reuss said he resents calling Good Sams a company.  We are here to be Good Sams, not a company.

Ed said he apologizes.

Bill Amos of North Florida Lifetime Sams says give credit where credit is due and throw rocks where rocks are
due.  Jacksonville Camping World gave everyone $800 worth of coupons and $1,000 worth of free camping.  
They had to go to a Coast to Coast park and listen to a 90 minute presentation for the free camping and never
saw the $800 in Camping World coupons.  He contacted Marcus and Marcus said he would give him $1,000 in
gift cards and he has been fighting since October to receive the gift cards.  He said he was sorry he bought
from Camping World.  His son told him he was going to buy an RV and he told him not to go to Camping World.

Ed James told Bill he wants a copy of all his emails and will follow up on it.

Pat Souder of Calusa Sams wants to know how we can separate Good Sams and Camping World and get back
to our group.

Joe told her he could not get into it at this time.

Bill  said thanks to Ed and Peggy for coming after all the trouble they had at home.  He didn’t mean to put him
on the spot.  As a group we need to reconsider what to do.  We don’t want to be under a dictatorship.

Linda Whittie of Sunny Palms Sams made a motion to adjourn.  Bill Catron of Lake Eola Sams seconded the
motion.   Meeting adjourned at 2:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Murray

Mary Murray, Acting Secretary  
MAY 1, 2014