MAY 2, 2019
DIRECTOR – Tommy Crutchfield called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm.

Tom Booth gave the invocation then led the committee in the Pledge of Allegiance.

SECRETARY – Jill Campbell read the Good Sam Pledge.

PARLIAMENTARIAN – Larry Brighton asked if everyone had checked in with the secretary and received
their red card.  He then described the meeting procedure and asked everyone to raise the red card to
speak, then wait for the microphone before speaking.  Please return the red cards after the meeting.  He
stated that we use Roberts Rules of Order as a guideline for our meetings.

SECRETARY – Jill Campbell called the roll, with 23 chapter presidents or representatives in attendance.  
Jill advised Tommy there was a quorum for the meeting.

Tommy asked for the reading of the minutes of the last state committee meeting.  Tressa Dishman of
Getaway Sams moved to accept the minutes as printed.  Terry Taylor of Jax Rambling Sams seconded the
motion.  Motion carried.

TREASURER – Linda Voyton handed out the treasurer’s report before the meeting.   People wanted more
details, so she stated that she had attached January, February and March 2019.  She then asks If anyone
had any questions.  Tressa Dishman of Getaway Sams moved to accept the treasurer’s report as
distributed.  Frank Cosentino of Trail Blazing Sams seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


LEGISLATIVE – Sharon Bundy was absent.

STATE STORE – Tom Booth stated the store has been doing very well.  The sales are down due to the
number of people attending this rally.  The blue shirts for the Florida Good Sams 50th Anniversary have
sold very well.  The store has four (4) shirts left out of sixty (60).  The sizes left was small and medium.  He
stated they would take orders to be delivered in Eustis.    Please continue to patronize the store.

DOGS FOR BETTER LIVES – Vicki Porter was absent.

FLORIDA GUIDE DOGS – Joe & Debbie Weston was absent.

HISTORIAN – Sherrie Risberg reminded everyone to keep camping and making memories, have a great
time.  All the pictures are online, so encourage your chapter members to go online to view them.  Click on
the web page and then go to photos and you will be able to see any rally we have had.  We are working
our way backwards and some of the older ones are getting there.  All the Traveling Samaritan magazines
are online.  We also have a Facebook site.  There are two different ways to get to our Facebook site.  
Florida Good Sams, we would like for you to “like” this page.  This is where we will communicate to you.  
We also have a group that is called Florida Good Sams friends and this is where you are encouraged to
post your chapter pictures and your own Facebook page.  We encourage you to do this because we have
a lot of people looking at this site.  She explained how to join the group. The questions must be answered
before the person will be added to the group.

WEBMASTER – Jill Campbell stated that we have been doing a lot of work on the web page  On the front
of the program is the address for the web page– .  This address is on the front
of every rallies program. Sherrie and I have been working on the web page to make it people friendly so
you can find whatever you are looking for.  If you have any questions, my email address and phone
number are on the web page.  I will return calls.

EMERGENCY RESP9ONSE – Brian Whittie said we only had one (1) major incident.  A lady stepped in an
ant bed and was taken to the hospital. At last report she was doing fine.  No other major incidents, just
band aids.  The AED pads are good until about 2024.

BOGGIE CREEK – Bob & Peggy Brown stated they just wanted to remind everyone of two (2) events
coming up that someone in your chapter may be interested in.  October 5 & 6, 2019, the Bruce
Rossmeyer’s 24th Annual Motorcycle Ride for the children which will be on Saturday.  The motorcycle ride
will be a destination ride from Daytona to Boggy Creek.   The other thing she wanted to remind you of is
the annual tour of Boggy Creek in Eustis.  The sign-up sheet will be at Dr. Sambones.

ASD REPORTS – No one wished to make a report.

WAGONMASTER - Wayne McGee was absent.  Tommy reported there were 265 rigs parked.  We are
only about 100 less from previous rallies.

AUDIT COMMITTEE – Mary Ellen Morton stated the audit committee got together on Monday to audit the
books of 2018.  There were four (4) auditors consisting of Frank Cosentino of Trail Blazing Sams, Erik
Swartz of Jax Rambling Sams, Steve Griffin of Golden Triangle Sams, and Mary Ellen Morton of
Manateean Sams.  She stated the audit committee found the records to be maintained in an excellent and
correct manner.


DECHARTER CHAPTERS – Tommy stated it has come to his attention there were a couple of chapters
that requested to dechartered.

Decharter – Tommy stated he had received a letter from Sunny Palms Chapter #185 requesting to
decharter. Bill Chambers, Lake Eola Sams moved to decharter Sunny Palms.  Tressa Dishman of
Getaway Sams seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Decharter – Tommy stated he had been contacted by Miracle Strip Sams of Panama City requesting to
decharter.  Jackie Fields of Manateean Sams moved to decharter Miracle Strip Sams #29.  Ray Russell of
Jupiter Lighthouse seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Lois Crutchfield outlined the requirements for the chapters newsletter to be judged.  Newsletters must be
mailed hardcopy to the State Director no later than November 1st of each year.  Sherrie Risberg, State
Staff, noted the details of the newsletter contest were on the web page.

Paul Teal, Vice President, of Good Sam Seahorses questioned the number of chapters that have been
dechartered.  Sherrie Risberg, State Staff, stated there were five (5) in 2017 and 2018.  

Tommy noted at the rally in Eustis there will be a 50th Anniversary celebration to celebrate Good Sams of
Florida’s 50th year.  It will be a great time so encourage all your chapter members to attend.  We will have
some excellent entertainment.

The next state committee meeting will be on November 23, 2019 in Eustis, Florida.

Bill Chambers of Lake Eola Sams questioned the possibility of a winter rally to replace Tallahassee.  
Tommy stated that a facility large enough has not been located at this time.

Frank Cosentino of Trail Blazing Sams, questioned how many first timers were at this rally.  It was noted
there were 39.

Tommy called for a motion to adjourn.  Tressa Dishman of Getaway Sams moved to adjourn.  Reed Files
of Dogwood Sams seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  

Respectfully submitted
Jill Campbell, Secretary
Good Sams of Florida, Inc.