SPECIAL STATE COMMITTEE MEETING

                                             KOA CAMPGROUND, OKEECHOBEE, FL.
                                                                  MAY 5, 2011

Director Bob Ward called the special State Committee Meeting to order at 3:33 PM and instructed all
members to turn off their cell phones.

CHAPLAIN – In the absence of our Chaplain Sharon Bundy, Joe Weston gave the invocation.

WAGONMASTER Robin Murray led the Pledge of Allegiance.

PARLIAMENTARIAN Mike Abrams welcomed everyone to the special Committee Meeting and explained that
we are governed by the rules and regulations of Roberts Rules of Order and the By-laws of International
Good Sams and Good Sams of Florida, Inc.  He advised that to be able to speak during the meeting you must
get the attention of the chair by raising your ordinance card.  If the chair recognizes you, you must then state
your name and chapter before continuing.   He also advised that the ordinance card should be raised to
vote.  He asked that the cards be returned to him at the close of the meeting.

SECRETARY Mary Murray gave roll call, with 41 Presidents or representatives attending.  This was enough
for a quorum.

Mr. Ward called for the reading of the minutes of the last meeting held in Palatka.  Ed Tauber of Citrus
County Sams moved to waive the reading of the minutes and accept them as published.  Bill Conway of Trail
Blazing Sams seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Mr. Ward stated that he called this meeting as a special meeting, so therefore we can do away with a lot of
the committee reports that we have, all the way to the financial report.  This special meeting was called for two
reasons: There are a few things necessary to bring up down in this area because we have some chapters
down south that cannot make it up north and he doesn’t think it’s not fair to decharter those chapters
because they cannot come up there and visa versa coming down south.

The Director stated that he would like to change the State Committee Meetings to have one in Okeechobee
and one at our fall Samboree.   We have Jupiter Lighthouse who is not here, we have Wun Wun Wun that is
here, and Salty Sams is here.  That is two of the chapters that have not attended our Samborees in quite
some time.   It was called to his attention that Jupiter Lighthouse is here.  It’s hard for these areas from the
south to come up north to attend the committee meetings.
He said he was looking for a motion so we can put it in the minutes to have the committee meetings in
Okeechobee and then have one at our fall Samboree.  He said he was looking for a motion to change the
meeting and hold it in an area that is easier for them to attend.  Then if they do not attend when we hold them
in their area we can feel a little better about dechartering these chapters that do not attend when we put it in
their back yard.

Rob Malonson of Go-See-Un Sams made the motion to change the locations of the meetings.  This was
seconded by George Olsson of Osceola Sams.  Bob asked if there was any discussion.  Bill Sanders of Wun
Wun Wun Sams said he didn’t believe Okeechobee was a good place to have the Spring Samboree; he
thought it would be better there in the fall because the October and November weather is a lot more pleasant
than May.

Evelyn Jorgensen of Sassy Sams said she thought this time at Okeechobee was great.  She said she has
been coming for years and you may get a few love bugs but not like this.

Ed Coyner of Sampipers said he believed the motion was whether to have our meeting at the Okeechobee
and Fall Samborees, not to change the location.  He said he thinks we should change to have our meeting at
Okeechobee and at the Fall Samboree.

Mr. Ward said we are not discussing where to have the Samboree but where to have the meeting and to
agree to have the meeting at the Okeechobee and fall Samborees.

Mike Abrams stated that the current Florida By-laws state that we have two meetings a year regardless  of
whether you have 5 more special meetings doesn’t matter.  You have to have two scheduled meetings per
year.  Currently we have always held them at the winter and the fall Samborees and we have never had one
here.  He stated that the motion that is currently on the floor is to move the winter meeting to here.  The
meeting we normally have in February will be moved to this one.  He stated that is the current motion on the
floor and it has been first and seconded.

Mr. Ward asked if there was any more discussion about having the State Committee meeting at our Spring
Samboree regardless of where we have either one of them.  Since there was no more discussion, a vote was
taken.  Motion carried.

Mr. Ward said he received an email from Jupiter Light House Sams saying they were glad to have a meeting
held down south so people could attend.  He said it is going to get worse trying to attend them so far away,
especially when you’re looking at people such as  Dogwood Sams in the panhandle up in Milton, FL.

The Director stated that in Wekiva in 2010 he brought up to the State Committee that they should make a
decision whether to go back to Wekiva or not have a meeting at all or whatever.  He wanted the State
Committee Members to have an opportunity to vote on that.  He said he was being pressed at the time to sign
a contract and he put that contract off as much as he could, hoping to find another place that would be willing
to grow with us.  Every one of you that went to Wekiva knew and could see that the building was not big
enough  He said that if we stayed in Wekiva we would eventually get caught and have to dismiss because the
building was too small.  He said that the last catered dinner we had there, we had five fights that night outside
the building.  He thinks we’re all a little bit beyond the years of fighting with each other, he means fist fights,
over chairs because he asked the people to go out so we could turn the building.  It was unbelievable and

He said that Robin Murray and his committee found another place big enough and they are willing to do
whatever they can to work with Good Sams to accommodate us in the way that we should be accommodated,
without having to squeeze people in so tight and still have people standing up in the back.  He said he got a
new contract from Wekiva two weeks ago and they want us to guarantee 400 sites and they will not do
anything for us unless we get 425 sites.  This does not include 20 comp sites that he requires from every
campground  to accommodate his staff.  They have gotten real strict from when we first started going to
Wekiva.  As some of you chapters know that have gone back there they are charging you more money if you
come in before 2 PM.  He said they are not working with Good Sams and our chapters or with him

Mr. Ward said we have found another place and what he is asking, because it is in the minutes when we were
in Wekiva, is to put a motion on the floor to vote, plain and simple, that Good Sams of Florida does not go
back to Wekiva this coming November.

Bill Amos of North Florida Lifetime Sams made the motion that we do not go back to Wekiva.  This was
seconded by Dottie Weis of Golden Triangle Sams.  Motion carried.    

Robin Murray said that he had established a “Search Committee” to find a place to accommodate us with up
to 400 sites with whatever facilities we could get, hopefully with water, electric, sewer and so forth and a
building adequate for 800 people.  We were asking for Utopia; that was our charge and that was our goal.  
We selected a committee and they started their search.  He thinks they were successful.  They looked at
fairgrounds, campgrounds, Military bases, Daytona Speedway, drive-in theaters, etc.  They found 40 to 50
possibilities and probably 100 total no possibilities.   Then he just happened to be the guy that found
Southern Palms in Eustis, an Encore Park.  He & Mary went there from Palatka and met with the manager
and  district regional manager and they were great and were thrilled that Good Sams would consider them.  
They indicated that they would do whatever it took to get our business.  They have a building about one half
the size of the Okeechobee building but said “not to worry”; they will expand their building.  They are willing to
grow with us if we will commit to them. Another positive thing about it is that next door is the Lake County
Fairgrounds.  It has a huge building, about three times larger than Okeechobee, available to us, and the cost
is so we can afford it.  It’s all being handled by Southern Palms and they will get a stage and chairs in there
for us.  They have really been doing good.  The campground has water, electric, sewer, cable, grass sites,
and paved roads. The negative side is that about 100 sites are across the road.  This is a county road with
minimal traffic.  He said he would try to select who is on the other side.

Robin said it is not going to be perfect but in his opinion it will be far better than Wekiva.  The cost will be well
within budget.  Southern Palms is willing to work with us and will absorb some cost of the fair grounds.  There
will be plenty of room for handicapped parking, dealers and vendors.  There are about 60 sites with 30 amp
and the remaining sites have 50 amp.  He asked the committee to go back and talk with their chapters; it’s not
going to be perfect but it’s a lot better than Wekiva and he really thinks we can have a good time there.

Robin said he would send an email to disband the committee.  The committee consisted of Hank Pelz, John
Weaver, Jim Geller, Bill Schilp, Al Richardson, Bill Scheffer and Mary Ellen and Frank Morton.  He thanked
them for all their hard work.

Bob Ward said it is rough to try to find a building and campground like we really need.  He said he visited with
Southern Palms and they are willing to work with us and he is looking forward to going up there, and since
everyone so graciously voted not to go back to Wekiva Reba already has applications printed up.            

Pat Ball of  Space Coast Sams asked for the date.

Mr. Ward said the dates for the Fall Samboree are November 16-20, with early bird on the 15th.   He said we
always have the Samboree the week before Thanksgiving and it has been that way since Warren Bradley was

He said he was able to move the Winter Samboree in Palatka to the later part of February 2012, so hopefully
it will be warmer there.  It will be February 29 to March 4, 2012, with early bird February 28.  He said Robin &
Mary would have an anniversary because they were married on leap day.  He said we would have to have this
place (Okeechobee) for the Spring Samboree when they give it to us.  We can’t pick and choose our dates
for here.  He said he’s been coming here since 2000 and has hit love bugs coming and going.  Okeechobee
2012 will be April 25-29, with early bird April 24.  

He said that what happened this year was that a lot of people told their chapters that the Samboree was full
and that is not correct.  Once a Samboree is full it will be on the internet; he will let you know immediately.

Robin Murray reported that we parked 350 rigs so far, with 2 yet to come.  He said he was glad to have you.

Jim Geller of No Frills Sams said that the last time he checked on Eustis the fair grounds was not a part of it
and thinks Robin did a good job to pull off use of the fairgrounds.

Carol Truthan of Good Sam Seahorses said that Ken Asbury could not come because his RV broke down.  
Linda Voyton said the other one was a first timer.  Mr. Murray said they have everybody in that they were
expecting and almost all of them have the love bugs washed off.  Mr. Ward asked Carol Truthan to call or
email those people so they can get a refund.  They have to contact him before the end of the Samboree in
order to receive a refund.  She said she had already told him that and he thanked her.  

Mr. Ward said that when you are at a Samboree and you know some of your people are not coming, please
let us know.  He started at one time to hold over the reservations until the next Samboree but it got out of
hand when people were holding over for three Samborees.  It’s not feasible.

The Director said that in November at the State Committee Meeting he would like for anyone that would like to
run for the position of State Director or State Treasurer to come up and let him know.  If anyone plans to run
he would like them to be at the State Committee Meeting to speak.

Mr. Ward said there is a situation that has to be brought up.  He said you won’t find a better treasurer than
what he has next to him and it is going to be up to the State Committee in November to make the decision
whether Linda can run or not.  He said NO WAY is he going to run again.  He said it’s been a pleasure and he’
s enjoyed doing it and plans to have fun with the next four Samborees that he has.   

Carolyn Martin of Rolling Sams asked if we could do it now.

Mike Abrams advised her it has to be a By-law change.

Mr. Ward said he was not going into a long discussion; we will do it in November.
He said that also in November he is going to press it hard at the State Committee meeting that we have eight
chapters now not attending the committee meetings.  All Chapter Presidents or their designated
representative will attend at least one committee meeting each year.  You can drive in; you do not have to
come and camp.  If you can’t make it, send a representative.  He is going to press this in November and we
will be dechartering some chapters.  It’s not up to you to do it unless you attend; it’s his job with these By-
laws.  He said he doesn’t want to decharter anyone; he’s been putting it off for three years now and doesn’t
want a new director to come in and have to do this on something that should have been done in the first

Bill Conway of Trail Blazing Sams made a motion to adjourn.  Jim Geller of No Frills Sams seconded.  Motion


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Murray

Mary Murray, State Secretary
Good Sams of Florida, Inc.
May 5, 2011 Spring Samboree
Special State Committee Meeting
KOA Campground, Okeechobee, Florida
Meeting Minutes