State Committee Meeting
Southern Palms RV Resort, Eustis, Florida
November 12, 2016
Joe Weston, Florida State Director, called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.  Sharon Bundy gave the
invocation, and then all said Pledge of Allegiance.  She read the Good Sam Pledge.  
Mike Abrams, State Parliamentarian, asked if all chapter presidents or representative had checked in with
Liz and received the card.  He then explained the meeting procedure in order to be recognized to speak
and for voting.  Please return the cards at the end of the meeting.  

Liz Abrams, State Secretary, called the roll of attendance; a quorum of 31 chapters was present.
Joe called for a reading of the minutes from the Okeechobee Rally.  Tressa Dishman, of North Florida
Lifetime Sams made the motion to accept the minutes as posted on the website; Liz Trotter, Palm Coast
Traveling Sams, seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

Linda Voyton, State Treasurer, passed out the treasurer’s report.  Linda asked if there were any
questions regarding the report.  John Russano, Trail Blazing Sams, made the motion to accept the
treasurer’s report as was distributed.  Tressa Dishman, Florida Lifetime Sams seconded the motion.  
The motion carried.  

Committee Reports
Legislative report: Sharon Bundy said there was no information to report.

State Store:  Lorretta Redderoth said the store had fantastic sales during this rally and would be open
until 11:00 today.  She thanked everyone for shopping.    

Dogs for the Deaf:  Bill and Joan Conway, liaison for Dogs for the Deaf, reported that last year at the
Eustis Rally, chapters donated $2,431, and the dog walk donations totaled $241.  This rally the dog walk
brought in $620.   

Bill introduced Chris Goodier, and her beautiful hearing dog, Rayleen who trained in Oregon.  Chris
thanked the Good Sam Club and every chapter that has supported Dogs for the Deaf. Good Sam chose
Dogs for the Deaf as a charity in 1980.  

Chris and her husband Bob are members of the Good Sam Club and traveled in their RV for six years.  
They have written several articles for Motorhome Magazine about places they have been.  If not for this,
she would not have Rayleen.   She met Robin, the daughter of the founder of Dogs for the Deaf, at a
dog show at the Daytona Rally.  

Chris began losing her hearing when she was 32 years old because of inner ear disease.  Today she
has no hearing in one ear, and little hearing in the other.  She has learned to read lips and has some
help with a hearing aid.  She explained how one’s ability to hear is needed for so many things; hearing
the sound of car keys at the time they hit the ground, or leaving a pot on the stove and not hearing it
boiling over.  She could not hear the clothes dryer buzzing, resulting in lots of wrinkled clothing.    There
were safety issues as well; she would not hear Bob call to her, when walking into path of danger.  

One night a tornado came near her home in the middle of the night; Rayleen woke Chris and took her
into the bathroom that night. Somehow, she knew that was the safest place to be.  She trained to react
to household sounds; such as a microwave signal, an oven timer, or a doorbell.  She works for rewards,
treats, toys and praise.  

Chris encourages people of Florida to apply for hearing dogs.  Rayleen joined Chris 3 years ago, and
the dog is currently 5 years old.  She was to train as a guide dog for the blind, but did not make the cut.  
California Dogs for the Blind give dogs to Dogs for the Deaf when they are found to be not suited for
becoming a dog for blind.  The character required for the hearing dogs are different from the dogs for
the blind.  They should not be so calm as to ignore sounds.  

Chris praised the way Dogs for the Deaf handles donations, 86 cents of each dollar goes to programing,
i.e. dog training and training the people.  They are rated a 4-star charity, the highest rating in charity
ranking.  It costs $25,000 to train a certified service dog, and Dogs for the Deaf serves everybody.  Once
you are on the list, you are in line to receive a dog.  You do not have to raise money for the cost of your
dog.  There is a $50 application fee, and a $500 good faith deposit, which is returned at the end of one
year to prevent people from defrauding.  

Florida Dog Guides F.T.D. Inc.  Lew and Dana Smith, liaison, were not able to make this rally.  We are
continuing to support the organization as they are doing a fantastic job.  Effective January 1, 2017,
Joe and Debbie have accepted the position as the new liaison to Florida Dog Guides. They will have a
report at the rally in Tallahassee.  

State Historian:  Sherrie Risberg continues taking pictures and scanning old photographs.  Anything
you would like to share, send Sherrie an email.  

Webmaster:  It is time to send in your rosters.  Jill Campbell will use the new rosters to update the
Website with chapter president’s name, address, email and phone number.  This contact information is
used to send presidents emails during the year.  And people looking for a chapter to join will use that
information to contact you. Once Jill has received the email addresses, she sends an email out to all
chapter presidents in order to test the accuracy of the email.  Please reply to the email when you receive
it.  This is how Jill will verify that she has your correct information.  

Whenever you lose a chapter member, please send Jill the person’s name, chapter and date of their
death.  She will post it on the website’s memorial page to honor the person during the year.  She
forwards the name to Sharon Bundy who will contact you for bio information.  Our departed loved ones
will be remembered during the memorial service Friday night at the November rally.

The rally registration for Tallahassee is currently on the website homepage.  Soon, the registration form
for the Okeechobee Rally will be added to the homepage.  To print, please download the PDF form.   

Visit the website, you will find a lot of information there.  Any questions, please contact Jill.  

Emergency Response Team:  Mike Abrams said we have had some emergencies this rally, thankfuly
nothing severe.  Continue to stay safe.

Joe Weston said that Mike and Liz Abrams are retiring after this rally, also Bill and Millie Hammel, and
Larry and Libby Schramm.  Debbie and Joe thanked them all for their service over the last four years.

Camp Boggy Creek:  Bob and Peggy Brown reported that during this rally, 46 people toured Boggy
Creek. We had a waiting list of additional people who wanted to take the tour but could not accommodate.
Tonight, a representative from Boggy Creek will be here to receive chapter donations.  

Bob and Peggy will email each chapter president with the status of their monetary donations and advise
whether the chapter has earned the patches or hearts.  Please email or call them with the number of the
individual members who need patches.  You can get them at the rally in Tallahassee.  We hope to have
a seminar at the Tallahassee Rally on how to sew a Boggy Bear.  Thank you for your support.  

ASD report:  Jill and Max Campbell thank Debbie and Joe for the past four years of being Florida State
Director.  It has been enjoyable to work with them, and ask all to give them a hand in appreciation for
their service.  

Wagonmaster:  Bill Hammel, Wagonmaster reported that on Tuesday we parked 239 rigs, Wednesday
90 rigs, and Thursday 14 rigs for a total of 335 plus 18 rigs for staff.  

Directors Report:
Joe said that he and Debbie have had a ball being Florida State Directors.  They have enjoyed the past
four years getting to know everyone and having fun.  Memories are better than any paycheck they could
have received in their lifetime.  Thank you for making life so easy.  

Sunday night the staff hosted a surprise dinner for Joe and Debbie, and pretty much roasted them.  Joe
is passing on a very important piece of advice to Tommy and Lois.  As they look among the people and
find someone they think is going to fit on the staff, take them to lunch.  Joe says when you feed them you
hook them every time.  

Tommy and Lois are the incoming State Directors.  Tommy thanked everyone for the help at this rally.
They will do their very best, and with the great staff that they have, they know it will be great.  Lois said
that Debbie and Joe have trained them well.  If you have questions, give them a call or email them.  They
hope to see you all in Tallahassee.  

Old Business:
The Okeechobee rally had a great turnout and a great week.  In the past, at the KOA, we have had
issues with power.  Each year the KOA is taking sections of the park and installing independent
pedestals on each site with both 20, 30 and 50-amp service, so there will no longer be sharing the
electric between sites.  They are completely rewiring the whole park.  Good Sams of Florida has had a
rally there for the past 47 years.

New Business:
Joe received a letter from the president of South Florida Lifetime Sams.  All the members are also
members of South Florida Sams so they do not have a large pool from which to draw officers.  At this
time, they want to decharter.   Marece Abbott, president of South Florida Lifetime Sams, made motion to
decharter.  Liz Trotter, Palm Coast Traveling Sams, seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

After the first of the year Joe and Debbie, Lois and Tommy, and the wagonmasters are going to
Tallahassee to do planning for the rally.  The Fairground moved a section of electric 25 feet so that we
have a full 80 sites in the back section.  Last year we could park only 50 there.   We had 265 sites last
year, and this year we expect to have 350 sites.  It is a great facility, please come and support us.  

We sent out the 2017 budget signed by Joe and Tommy for you to review.  Tommy believes he can work
with the same budget as 2016.  Tressa Dishman, North Florida Lifetime Sams made a motion to approve
the 2017 budget.  Natalie Robb, Bay Area Sams, seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

We have $87,848 in the bank, this rally we will net close to $10,000.  There is a $25,000 CD for
emergency.  Good Sams of Florida is a 501C3 organization.  We are charity driven and we support
three charities.  Joe proposes that Good Sams of Florida donate $5,000 to each of our three charities
tonight and Tommy agrees.  Rick Neblock, Ocala Central Sams, made a motion to give $5,000 to each
of the three charities tonight.  Larry Schmuhl, Sunset Ramblers, seconded the motion.  Forrest Fritz
asked the name of the three charities.  They are Dogs for the Deaf, Florida Dog Guides, and Camp
Boggy Creek. The motion carried.  

Liz Trotter, Palm Coast Traveling Sams, said we have a new regional director in the Southeast.  Joe
explained that Ed and Peggy James were the Southeast Regional Directors when they became State
Director. The regions have been redistricted, such that our region has lost Mississippi and gained
Kentucky.  Dave and Patty Morgen will be the new Southeast Regional Directors.  Previously, they were
Kentucky State Directors.  Dave and Patty are also filling the position of National Executive Directors of
Good Sam.  Dave’s focus is going to be promoting chapters.  

Wendy Parsels, Carefree Sams, made a motion to adjourn.  Tressa Dishman, North Florida Lifetime
Sams, seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  Meeting adjourned 10:35 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Liz Abrams
Liz Abrams, Secretary
Good Sams of Florida