November 15, 2012 Fall Samboree
State Committee Meeting
Southern Palms RV Resort, Eustis, Florida
Meeting Minutes
Bob Ward, Florida State Director, called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. and asked if all presidents or
representatives with written authorization had checked in with Mike Abrams and Liz Abrams.

Sharon Bundy gave the invocation, and Joe Weston led the Pledge of Allegiance.  

Mike Abrams, parliamentarian, explained the Good Sams of Florida State Committee Meeting procedure.

Rosemary Ranks, sambassador of the Good Sam Club, read the Good Sam Pledge.  

Liz Abrams, secretary, gave roll call with 39 presidents or representatives in attendance, enough for

Mr. Ward called for reading the minutes of the State Committee Meeting that was held in April 2012 in
Okeechobee, Florida.  Bill Conway, Trail Blazing Sams, made a motion to waive the reading of the
minutes and accept them as published on the state’s web site.  Bob Brown of Florida Eagle Sams
seconded the motion.  The motion passed.

Committee Reports  

Treasurer:  Linda Voyton provided copies of the treasurer’s report. She advised of a typographical
correction needed regarding the dates for the CD renewal found at the bottom of the report.  The last
two dates should be changed to 6/17/11 and 6/17/12 respectively.  Evelyn Jorgensen of Sassy Sams
made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report.  George Olsson, of Osceola Sams seconded the
motion.  The motion carried.

Legislative:  Sharon Bundy did not have a formal report since legislators have been campaigning for
past several months.

State Store:  Carolyn Swinea reported that during the first two days of the Samboree, business has
been very good and all sales records have been broken.

Dogs for the Deaf:  Reba Ward, liaison, said she received donations of goodies from Oregon.  A dog
walk for Dogs for the Deaf will be combined with Florida Dog Guides this Friday morning.  Forms for
Dogs for the Deaf patches are available.  

Florida Dog Guides:  Tom Leonard, liaison, gave the 2012 report with donations this year being

Historian:  Sherrie Risberg continues the scanning process of historic records for Florida’s chapters.  
The slide show, which runs continuously in the main hall, now has Samboree identification on each
picture.  The Florida Good Sams documentation dates back to 1974.    

Webmistress:  Jill Campbell thanked Bob and Reba for their support over the last four years.  She
reminded chapters to send information about deceased members to both her and Sharon Bundy.   Jill
posts the information on the website’s memorial page.  Sharon requests a brief write-up including Good
Samaritan deeds by the deceased member, which will be presented at the November memorial service.   

When changes are made in your chapter, such as officers, phone numbers, or addresses,  send the
information to Jill as soon as possible, so the website information on the president’s page remains
current. Please send this information by December 31, 2012.  For chapter newsletters, Jill asks for a
short synopsis.   The web address is  

Emergency Response:  Mike Abrams gave a report.  Fours years ago Bob Ward asked Mike to propose
an emergency response program for the Florida State Samborees.  Mike has agreed to continue to be
in charge of the program for the next two years under the newly elected state director, Joe Weston.  
Mike explained the requirements for storage and the regular maintenance of the equipment, with prime
importance being the AED.  

This Samboree there has been one serious emergency.  A woman was thrown from her personal golf
cart and hit her head.  Mike encouraged her to go to the hospital where a CAT scan revealed that she
had suffered a concussion.  She was released from the hospital and is doing fine.

Boggy Creek: Tom Wise, the liaison for Boggy Creek, reported that he and Debbie are not returning on
staff next year.  He thanked everyone for the generous donations to Boggy Creek over the past four
years.  Bob and Peggy Brown will be taking over as liaison.

Bob Ward thanked Tom and Debbie for the great work they have done with this charity.   He
encouraged everyone to tour the Boggy Creek facility.    

Wagonmaster:  Joe Weston said that we parked 210 rigs Tuesday, and 150 on Wednesday.  We have a
total 370 rigs on premises at this time and more are expected to arrive.   

Bob remarked about the great job done at this Samboree by the incoming state director Joe Weston and
the new wagonmaster Bill Hammel.  

This year, the Good Sam Club has asked for the chapter rosters to be sent in earlier than usual.  Thank
you for getting them in early.  Linda Voyton and Jill Campbell need to know the names of the new
officers as soon as possible.  We need accurate information so that we can refer potential new members
to the correct person within the chapter.  Last year we had 203 people looking to join chapters in our

Bob explained the purpose of the 10% tax on profits of chapter money-raisers such as:  selling lunches,
water or popcorn as well as Samgo.  The amount collected is then earmarked for charity of the state
director’s choosing.  At the end of term, the director donates this money to one or more charities of his
or her choice.  This is a Florida Good Sam Club tradition implemented years ago.  

“Wreaths across America” will take place on December 15th.   Florida Good Sams Club has many
chapters that participate in this touching charity.  They purchase wreaths and place them on the graves
of veterans at military cemeteries across Florida.  Thanks to all our chapters who support this charity.

Joe and Debbie Weston are very excited and look forward to the next two-year term as state director of
Florida.  Joe encourages each chapter to support Florida Good Sams and come to the Samborees.  We
are going to have a great time in February 2013 at Palatka and the theme will be “It’s a Zoo”.  Hope to
see all of you there.

Unfinished Business:   

Charlotte Smith, chairperson for the bylaws committee, has submitted the proposed bylaws for Florida
Good Sams for review and approval.  Bob Ward learned recently that the Good Sam Club is preparing a
major reorganization, which will likely change the way the state organizations are run.  He suggested that
we table the Florida Good Sam bylaws discussion until we know the requirements of the Good Sam Club
for each region.

Rosemary Ranks said Marcus Lemonis, Camping World & Good Sam Enterprises Chairman and CEO, is
creating nine regions (vs. current six regions), which will each be run by a regional director.  The
sambassador positions are being eliminated.  All state directors are meeting in Orlando in January 2013
at which time it is expected that details of the reorganization will be announced.

Charlotte Smith, chairman of bylaws committee agreed to table the discussion of new Florida bylaws to a
later date. She recommends that the same members of the committee regroup when the reorganization
details are known to finalize whatever is needed for Good Sams of Florida.  The decision will be up to
Joe Weston.    

Bob Brown, Florida Eagle Sams, made a motion to table the change of bylaws discussion, and Chick
Thompson, North Florida Lifetime Sams, seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  

Ken Wangler, Florida at Large, asked if we should continue dialog with the committee since we have
tabled discussion, or wait.  Bob suggested that we table all discussion related to bylaws until later.  

Joe Weston believes that all states in a region will operate under same bylaws with each state having it
own operation procedures.  Bob reiterated that the information is not yet known, and that we should

New Business:  

Budget:  Joe Weston, incoming state director, explained that his budget is identical to the one that Bob
Ward operated under, with the exception of an additional $1,000 which will be needed for the insurance
on the Good Sam trailer.  The total budget is $18,600.  

Charlotte Smith, Lake Monroe Sams, made the motion to approve the budget.  George Olsson of
Osceola Sams seconded.  The motion carried.  

Charles Akerman, Bay Area Sams, asked for a copy of the budget, as did several other presidents.  
Linda Voyton will have copies available at the registration desk at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.

Bob Ward said our expenses each Samboree run $12,000 and we must have at least 250 rigs
registered to turn a profit. The price of hospitality services (coffee, donuts, hot dogs, etc.) has gone up.  
All directors make sure that Samborees are profitable.   

Bob and Reba have had a blast of fun and enjoyed being directors of Good Sams of Florida the past
four years.  

Bill Conway, Trail Blazing Sams, thanked the Manattean Sams for supporting his chapter’s charity for
Kidney Foundation by collecting plastic bottle caps.  He offered to give other chapters information if they
would like to collect for the same charity.  

Joe Weston asked that chapters send him a list of their favorite charities, such as the collecting of
plastic bottle caps, medicine bottles, aluminum tabs, etc.  He will put all on a list so that chapters can
support each other’s charities.  

Bob Ward said that Sampipers have been running holey board and beanbag baseball for seventeen
years.  They are in need of new equipment;  both the holey boards and the beanbags.  If every chapter
made one, it would help them out.  Debbie Wise said she would take care of the beanbags.  John
Weaver, of Skyway Sams asked where to find measurements on the holey board.  Jill said the
measurements are on the Florida Good Sams website under game rules.  Evelyn Jorgensen, Sassy
Sams, donated a board today.

Bob thanked all chapter presidents and officers for their service.  He asked that more people step up to
serve as an officer within their chapter.  Any chapter that needs help can come to the state committee
and they will assist you.  

The Sunny Palms group have a few members in their group and they plan to form a new chapter.

Bill Conway, Trail Blazing Sams moved to adjourn the meeting.  Chick Thompson, Florida Lifetime Sams,
seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM.  

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Abrams

Liz Abrams, Secretary
Good Sams of Florida, Inc.