November 19,  2009 Fall Samboree
Wekiva River Resort, Sorrento, Florida
State Committee Meeting
Meeting Minutes
Director Bob Ward called the meeting to order at 3:31 PM on November 19, 2009, and asked if all Presidents had
checked in with the Secretary and Parliamentarian.

INVOCATION was given by Sharon Bundy.

WAGONMASTER Robin Murray led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

SAMBASSADOR Rosemary Bates-Ranks read the Good Sam Pledge.

PARLIAMENTARIAN Mike Abrams stated that each President or delegate had received an ordinance card and it
should be used first of all to get the attention of the chair.  Anyone who would like to speak to the committee must
first raise the card, wait to be recognized, stand and state his/her name and chapter before continuing.  He also
advised that the ordinance card should be raised to vote.

Director Ward stated that there were 48 chapters present and said that it is a shame for a president to be at a
Samboree and not come to a Committee Meeting to represent their chapter, and said he would see the ones not
attending later.  He told the presidents that they run this organization and what we do is how you tell us to run it.  If
you don’t attend the committee meetings don’t come to him later and tell him that things can’t happen this way etc.  
He asked that the presidents try to do better.  

Mr. Ward called for the roll call of chapters.  This was done be Secretary Mary Murray and there were 48 chapters
present, thereby forming a quorum.  The Director then asked for the minutes of the last meeting, held in Dunnellon
on February 19, 2009 to be read.  Several ordinance cards were raised and Charlotte Smith of Lake Monroe Sams
made a motion to accept the minutes and Fred Osmun of Skyway Sams seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Director Ward asked if everyone had received the Treasurer’s report and advised if the reports are not received or
if you can’t open them for some reason to please call him and he will snail mail them.  He stated that we have
saved over $350.00 in postage this year alone by sending information by email.   He then called for the Treasurer’
s report and Treasurer Linda Voyton said the bottom line as of September 30, 2009 was $97,222.07 in the
treasury.  Chick Thompson made a motion to accept the report and Bill Amos of Jax Rambling Sams seconded the
motion.  Motion carried.

Cyndi Humphrey of Manateean Sams said that the minutes need to be approved as printed and made the motion
to do so.  She said we only voted not to read them.  Bill Kranz of Dogwood Sams seconded the motion.  Mr. Ward
said there was no motion, just that we voted not to have them read.  Carlton Smyly of Palm Coast Traveling Sams
made a motion to accept the minutes as printed and this was seconded by Bill Kranz of Dogwood Sams.  Motion


LEGISLATIVE - Sharon Bundy gave an extensive report on environmental issues, lemon laws for RV’s, school room
class sizes, volunteer services encouraged by AARP etc.  See attached message for the report in its entirety.  

STATE STORE - Carolyn Swinea said that they have a few new items.  She said that sales have been moderate;
today was slow, with the games being played.  She said if they don’t have the size or color of something you want
she will be glad to order it and you are under no obligation to take it when it comes in if it is not what you wanted.
She would appreciate you coming to see them.

DOGS FOR THE DEAF – Leo Reuss said he would be accepting donations to Dogs for the Deaf at the meeting on
Saturday night.  He said that if by chance you want to make a donation later send it directly to Oregon.  If it gets
there by the end of December it will be counted this fiscal year.

FLORIDA GUIDE DOGS – Carol Trayer reported that Florida Good Sam members have donated $5,568.99 this
year to Florida Guide Dogs and the Top Dog Award goes to Golden Triangle for their donation of $1,500.  Their
total donation since 2000 is $9,725, which is outstanding.  She thanks everyone for their outstanding support and
is now giving the baton to the new liasion Tom and Nancy Leonard.  She thanked everyone for their prayers and
said she is getting better. Tom said if you need any patches or paws let him know and he will get them out to you.  
Bob thanked Carol very much and said she has done an outstanding job.

HISTORIAN – Sherrie Risberg said some history is running on the TV screen on the stage now and is only a drop
in the bucket.  She said Bob brought buckets of history to her and each day there will be different chapter history
up there.  She puts something different on it each day.  She said she would be working on the history of chapters
over the next year and would be contacting presidents to send her information such as the year chartered, charter
members, how the chapter was formed, some of the first places they went.  Bob thanked Sherrie and said some of
the information goes back to 1974 and there is a lot of history there and people look a lot different now.  He said
there will be some 30 and 35 year anniversary awards given out Friday night.  Some of these chapters have been
around a long time and have probably seen it all.  The first Samboree had only two motor homes and they were the
box looking Winnebagos.  Most members had truck campers back then.    He said you would see every past State
Director up to today.  He said that just to look at it is amazing.

WEBMASTER - Director Ward said that Betty Babson left us and was gone to be with her Lord.  We do now have a
new webmaster and he’s proud of her; she’s doing a great job.  He said Betty worked hard and gave everything
she had to make that website work.  He asked that everyone remember Betty and remember John.  

Mr. Ward introduced Jill Campbell as the new Webmaster.  Jill said that Betty was loved by all Good Sammers and
will be greatly missed by the State Staff as well as all of you.  Jill said she was appointed by State Director Bob
Ward to be the new Webmaster.  She said that she knows she cannot fill Betty’s shoes but she will strive to do her
best to continue with the website in a way to make Betty proud of the baby she created.  Jill said that Betty was a
great teacher and always checked for grammar and spelling in all things that were posted to the website.  Betty
wanted the newsletters sent to her and she would pull a paragraph or two out of those newsletters to post in the
NEWS OF CHAPTERS pages.  She enjoyed doing that and Jill applauds her for it.

Jill said she is not a stickler for grammar or spelling.  If she sees a misspelled word she will correct it.  She said she
enjoys reading the newsletters but it is an expense with time and money to send those to her.  All she needs is a
paragraph or two for each month that you would like other Good Sammers to read about what your chapter is
doing or has done.  This will then be posted to the website.  The entire newsletter is sent to Bob Ward.  Jill asked,
in order to save extra postage for you, that you email the news items to her at   
She said you can still mail them to her at P. O. Box 1863 Dade City, FL  33526.

If you have any questions about what to post please contact her.  In order to add anything new it will have to be
pre-approved by the State Director. She said that there will be a new page for State Committee Meeting Agenda
and Letters to the President.  Also the current minutes of each committee meeting will be posted starting with the
meeting in Okeechobee forward.  The minutes of the Committee Meetings will be posted after each meeting when
Mary has the time to write them and email them to her.

Jill said she will strive to do her best with this new responsibility and she appreciates all of your encouragement and
cooperation.  She said thank you to those that have sent her encouraging emails.  She really appreciated it.  She
will strive to do her very best to keep the website in a way that would make Betty very, very proud.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM – Mike Abrams said that four years ago we purchased an AED.  He said that the
first two years Trail Blazing Sams kept and maintained the unit and brought it to all the Samborees.  When our new
director, Bob Ward took over he decided we would do a little bit more with it and he developed the Emergency
Response Team.  Mike said he is seeing the crunch everywhere; it’s not just the economics of gasoline.  He said to
try going to the fire stations like we have been doing the past couple of years getting material and ask them for
something that costs them money.  It’s getting tougher to find things free that we’ve been getting from the various
counties from their fire rescue service.  One of these days he is going to have to start dipping into our fund for the
emergency response team.  There is plenty of money right now to take care of the supplies.  Every Samboree he
has had to use oxygen, dressings and band aids.  This all has to be replaced with new breather masks and refilled
oxygen tanks.  The worst thing we could do is to come here with a half full kit and not be able to respond when we
need to. The economy is affecting everybody, including us.  He is still going out and trying to get freebies every
Samboree.  Mike said he gets a call almost every day, typically not real serious, although he has sent a couple of
people to the hospital.  The system is working and he’s proud of that.  He said thanks from the bottom of his heart.  
You’ve made this work with brotherly love out there.

Bob Ward said he didn’t know about yesterday, or was it today?  Mike said there is one    every day.  Everyone
looks out for each other.  Mr. Ward said it is working very well and can’t work without your help.

Mr. Ward said he was going to skip over the report of the ASD’s because that is something new that he hasn’t
informed them of how he would like to have that done.

WAGONMASTER – Robin Murray said that we parked 403 rigs as of this moment and he thanks the staff, the
parkers and all you folks who have helped us out.  Everything went well.  There were some glitches because we’ve
never been here before.  We’ve made mistakes but have accommodated all as best we could and honestly as we
could and did not show preference to anybody.  He apologized if you are not totally satisfied with your site and
promised to do better next time.  He asked if anyone had any questions.

Mr. Ward asked Earlene Bradley of Florida Eagle Sams to come forward and accept $250.00 for the stage
decorating.  He said they did a wonderful job.

Mr. Ward advised that the chapter pictures will not be taken on stage when we give out awards tonight.  He said
seven chapters turned in books for Chapter of the Year and they are still being judged.  Jill is working with each
one of them to get pictures taken.  When you are called on stage he will give certificates.  He has about 25
certificates to hand out plus will be judging the rig decorations and the parade on Saturday.  He said that the
Chapter of the Year will be announced on Saturday night.  The 50th Anniversary party will be held in the tent and
anniversary photos will be done then.

Director Ward said that he proposes a budget every year for the coming year for the money that will be needed to
operate Good Sams and this year he has cut the budget by $6,000.  He didn’t see any reason to have a cost on
there that you didn’t understand where it came from or what happened to it or anything like that.  He didn’t
understand what the cash carryover was used for so cut it out.  He can’t use anything that he doesn’t know
anything about or that you don’t know anything about. Any questions?  There has been no problem operating with
the budget.

Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams made a motion to accept the budget and this was seconded by
Linda Clark of Sassy Sams.  Motion carried.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS – Mr. Ward started with the Good Sam trailer.  He said he and Rich Vander Bok went over
it from head to toe.  They added new tires, brakes and lights, and cleaned and calked the top so it won’t leak on all
the equipment, staff clothing and games.  He said that Richard Ormsby had volunteered at the last meeting to
check out insurance on the trailer and has called about the weight, price etc.  He said Richard has called him
several different times about the weight, contents etc. and he’s answered all his questions.

Richard Ormsby of Trail Blazing Sams said he put the specs together.  He said that whatever we decide to do, it will
cost some money.  He said he is acting as adviser or consultant and is not a licensed consultant for Florida.  What
he lays out will have to come with a disclaimer that he is not responsible.

Richard said the large national market does not exist for the type of coverage we’re looking at.  For the total trailer
we would have to go to a regional company, a small company.  We have two; one company is interested in the
trailer only, not the equipment.  That company is Passport America and we all recognize that but they will not do
the equipment.  The second company is a marketing group and the rating service we looked at is called A. M.
Best.  They will rate the company based on the financial stability.  This particular company has an A- rating. That is
a good rating for this company and they have the type of coverage we are looking for, which is the equipment as
well as the trailer.  There is no liability on the trailer or it’s contents; the liability is on the tow vehicle, so whoever is
towing this trailer will have the trailer covered under their insurance.  Where our coverage picks up is on the
equipment and the value of the equipment. The premium for the trailer alone is $210 per year, with a $500
diminishing deductible.  With the equipment added it would come to a minimum premium of $832 a year.  That
covers $25,000 on the contents and $11,000 on the trailer, with $1,000 deductible.  It’s covered for all perils except
terrorists, load, rocks, rodents etc.   It does cover theft, fire, overturn, upset etc. as long as the trailer is locked and
there is visible signs of entry.  Those are the provisions.  So that is what we are looking for and it is $832 per year
and is the best coverage he could find.  

Mr. Ward thanked Richard and said that he has spent a lot of time on this.  

George Wartzok of Jupiter Lighthouse Sams said in all of this he never heard the name of the company.  Richard
said it was Markel and is an infrastructure of several different companies.  The name of the company underwriting
this insurance is Essex.

Director Ward asked everyone to understand that if anything happened to this trailer we are out of business.  We’ll
just come to the Samborees and look at each other.  He said this trailer has never been insured.  He had the
money in this year’s budget to put new tires and brakes on it.  Safety is a very big issue with him.  He said that
whether this thing is insured is up to you.  This budget that he has will handle it easily.

Gary Betzold of Tallahassee Good Sams asked for a ballpark figure for the value of the equipment.

Bob Ward advised him it was $25,000 for just what’s in it; it’s not the trailer itself.   He said if you try to replace that
trailer today you are looking at at least $10,000.

Gary Betzold of Tallahassee Good Sams made a motion to accept the proposal to insure the Good Sam trailer.  
Carlton Smyly of Palm Coast Traveling Sams seconded the motion.  
Matthew Rogalski of Ocala Central Sams asked what $210 was for.  Mr. Ward checked with Richard and  told him it
was for the trailer alone; we received two quotes.  The one we are looking at covers the trailer and it’s contents
and is $832 per year.  Mr. Ward asked if there was any more discussion then called for a vote.  Motion carried.

ROSTERS – Director Ward said that he told everyone last year that we could save a lot of money by emailing the
rosters.  Previously the Director would mail the roster to the ASD, the ASD would mail the roster to the Presidents,
the Presidents would correct them and mail them back to the ASD and the ASD would mail them back to the State
Director.  He asked that the Presidents take the up to date list of chapter members as you have now, with name,
address, telephone number, email if available, Good Sam number and expiration date and mail directly to Bob
Ward with $2.00 per rig membership dues.

Helen Price of Suwannee River Sams thought the letter said $2.00 per member so that is what she sent in so hers
was turned in wrong.  Bob told her it was quite alright and he would get it back to her.  He said the rosters need to
get to him by December 1 because he has to go thru every one of these things and get it sent out to California.

Larry Malec of Pasco Sams said he sent in $1.50 per person.  Bob told him if that is what was sent he will get it
back.  He asked everyone to have the rosters to him by December 1 because he has to have them to California by
December 31.  

Sambassador Rosemary Bates-Ranks said that the money is for the state; just the roster information goes to
California.  Mr. Ward iterated that the state gets the money so it can meet the budget.  He said Florida has 862
members, so multiply that by two and it is nowhere near $17,000 but helps.  Therefore, the rest of the money we
make comes in at Samborees.

Forrest Fritz of Good Sam Seahorses said that they have a member that will be voted in on Saturday and asked if
they have until December 1st to send her membership in.  Mr. Ward said it was okay.

ELECTIONS – Director Ward said he was finishing his first year in office and will have to open the elections next
year for Florida State Director and also for State Treasurer.  Linda Voyton is handling the State Director elections.  
If you would like to throw your name in to run for State Director, please do so.  Let Linda know so we can get your
name on the ballot.  Bob Ward said he will run again for State Director; that is in his plans.

COMPENSATION AT SAMBOEREES – In past years the State Director has always compensated the staff as stated
in the February 2005 Bi-laws.  He asked that everyone who does not have the 2005 Bi-laws to please pick up a
copy from Reba.  He said that past State Director Warren Bradley changed the Bi-laws and brought them up to
date and the last time before that was in 1989 or something like that.  The past State Director and incumbent state
staff will be given complimentary entrance to all State Samborees.  There are a lot of past state staff who have
worked very, very hard and he does not believe that one state staff member from the past who is no longer with us
or no longer on staff deserves any more than anyone else should, so therefore he will no longer accept past state
staff and compensate them into a Samboree because it’s not fair to the other people who have done just as much
work as they have.  We have done this in the past and will no longer do that anymore.  What we compensate is the
incoming staff and past State Directors.  It’s been that way for years.  We also compensate in our Sambassador
and our Region 6 State Directors.  We have the money in every Samboree to do that. To compensate in every
past hard working state staff member would be outrageous.  He doesn’t think one from many years ago is any
better than one from last year.  Therefore he is going to ask the state committee to vote on this.  Should we
compensate anyone in from past staff?

Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams made a motion that we no longer compensate past state staff.  
Gary Betzoldt of Tallahassee Good Sams seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Cyndi Humphrey of Manateean Sams asked if we needed a change in the bi-laws.    Mr. Ward advised her no.

Jack Henry of Sun State Sams said we never have compensated past staff and asked when it started.

Mr. Ward said it was done in 1985 to have a person come in for the rest of her life.

Mr. Henry said he thought we were talking about all state staff.  Bob told him no.

A vote was taken and motion carried.

DECHARTER – Director Ward said he hated to do it but the people were no longer around.  and the chapters have
dissolved themselves   The chapters to be dechartered are Crimson Circle, Gulf Coast Sams, Rowdy Rovers and
Second Chance Sams.  He cannot get in touch with them and they have sent their paperwork to him to decharter.

Fred Osmun of Skyway Sams made a motion to decharter the named chapters and Chick Thompson of North
Florida Lifetime Sams seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Mr. Ward announced that our next meeting will be held February 18, 2010 at Dunnellon, FL at 3:30 PM and will be
under the pavilion.

Jack Henry of Sun State Sams made a motion to adjourn.  Carlton Smyly of Palm Coast Traveling Sams seconded
the motion.  Motion carried.

Linda Voyton announced that she will run again for State Treasurer.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Murray, State Secretary
Good Sams of Florida, Inc.