State Committee Meeting
Southern Palms RV Resort, Eustis, Florida
November 21, 2015

Joe Weston, Florida State Director, called the meeting to order at 9:34 a.m.  Tommy Crutchfield gave
the invocation in Sharon Bundy’s absence, and then all said Pledge of Allegiance.  

Mike Abrams, State Parliamentarian, explained meeting procedure for being recognized to speak and
for voting.  

Secretary Liz Abrams called the roll of attendance; a quorum with 36 chapters was present.

Joe called for a reading of the minutes from the meeting in Okeechobee, April 2015.  Bob Prudhomme,
Florida Eagle Sams made a motion to accept the minutes as were posted on the website, Wayne
Hyland, Florida At Large seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  

Linda Voyton, State Treasurer, passed out the treasurer’s report.  Bill Watson, Florida Everglades
made a motion to accept the report, Bill Catron, Lake Eola Sams seconded the motion.  The motion
carried.  Linda Voyton decided to seek re-election for the position of state treasurer.    

Committee Reports:

Legislative:  Sharon Bundy was absent.  

State Store:  Loretta Redderoth reported that the store was doing well.

Dogs for the Deaf:  Bill and Joan Conway have accepted position of liaison for Dogs for the Deaf.  Joan
reported a successful dog walk.  Donations this year are $2,996.  

Florida Guide Dogs:  Lew and Danna Smith have accepted position of liaison for Florida Guide Dogs.  
They accepted the position yesterday, replacing Tom and Nancy Leonard.
Joe clarified that the dog walk is to raise money for both Dogs for the Deaf and Florida Guide Dogs.

Historian:  Sherrie Risberg, state historian, reported that all pictures can be accessed through the
Good Sams of Florida website.  In addition to pictures from recent Rallies, older pictures are also there
to see.

Webmaster:  Jill Campbell said pictures on the website go back to the 2003 rally.  Please send your
chapter rosters, noting officers.  Please send via email to any new
presidents or officers that were not included in your roster, which will be added to website.  In
February, please verify your chapter president’s information is correct.  Website address is www.

Emergency Response Team:  Mike Abrams reported that microcode is up to date and our supplies are
sufficient.  He reported that number of calls has decreased over the past eight years and appears that
people are taking better care of themselves.  

Boggy Creek:  Bob and Peggy Brown reported that they offered golf cart tours to 50 people this past
Thursday and Friday.  We emailed each president an application to volunteer with the Holiday Party on
December 12.  Send your application no later than November 30.

Wagonmaster:  Bill Hammel reported 287 rigs Tuesday, 106 rigs Wednesday, and as of Saturday
morning, there are 409 rigs present at this rally.  

State Director’s Report:  Debbie and Joe Weston thanked the committee for their support during the
past three years.   Chapter rosters are a listing of all members and officers of a chapter.  There is a $2
fee each year assessed by the state.  Rosters should be sent to Joe Weston early January in order for
him to meet the deadline imposed by the Good Sam Club.  

Ed James, Regional Director, reported that Chapters no longer need to send in additions or deletions
of members throughout the year, but a complete roster is still required from Joe and Debbie by
February 1, every year.  Ed encouraged anyone interested in becoming State Director, to let Joe and
Debbie know so they can train them over the next year.

Old Business:  none to discuss

New Business:  Regarding the “Winter Rally in Tally”, we have up to 450 sites available at Tallahassee;
200 sites have dedicated 50- amp, 250 sites have 30-amp service, all have water, and we have two
dump stations.  We are negotiating with honey wagon company for fee per service.  There are two
12,000 sq ft buildings for activities.  Bean Bag baseball and Holy Board could be played  inside a
building whatever the weather, however, Bocci Ball cannot be played inside the building due to asphalt
flooring.  The entire grounds have been upgraded with grass.  Chapters will be parking together, like

2016 Budget was sent out; a slight increase for ASD’s to visit their chapters has been added.  Tressa
Dishman, North Florida Lifetime Sams, made motion to accept the budget as presented.  Bill Watson,
Everglades Sams seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  

There have been changes in the organization of Florida Guide Dogs since Arlene’s death.  We will
request a copy of the financial statement and determine if we will continue to support it as a Good Sam
of Florida Charity.  Lew Smith will ask for a monthly report from them and will work with Joe to ensure it
meets our standards.      

Although Linda Voyton has expressed a willingness to stay on as treasurer, the position is up for
reelection next year.  Let Joe and Debbie know if you know of anyone who would like to run for the

There will be a presidents’ committee meeting in Tallahassee, to allow any potential candidates to tell
you about themselves.  We will send a letter to presidents announcing date and time of meeting.  

Elizabeth Trotter, Palm Coast Traveling Sams made motion to adjourn the meeting.  Debbie Dlugosz of
Getaway Sams seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 10:09 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Liz Abrams
Secretary, Good Sams of Florida