NOVEMBER 23, 2019
DIRECTOR – Tommy Crutchfield called the meeting to order at 8:00 am.

Tom Booth gave the invocation.

Wayne McGee led the committee in the Pledge of Allegiance.

SECRETARY – Jill Campbell read the Good Sam Pledge.

PARLIAMENTARIAN – Larry Brighton asked if everyone had checked in with the secretary and received
their red card.  He then described the meeting procedure and asked everyone to raise the red card to
speak, then wait for the microphone before speaking.  Please return the red cards after the meeting.  He
stated that we use Roberts Rules of Order as a guideline for our meetings.

SECRETARY – Jill Campbell did the roll call, with 31 chapters or representatives in attendance.  Jill then
advised Director Crutchfield there was quorum.

Mr. Crutchfield asked for the reading of the minutes of the last state committee meeting.  Tressa Dishman
of Getaway Sams moved to accept the minutes as printed.  Frank Cosentino of Trail Blazing Sams
seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

TREASURER – Linda Voyton handed out the treasurer’s report before the meeting.   She asks If anyone
had any questions.  Tressa Dishman of Getaway Sams moved to accept the treasurer’s report as
distributed.  Jackie Fields of Manateean Sams seconded.  Motion carried.


LEGISLATIVE – Sharon Bundy was absent.

STATE STORE – Jack & Jackie Laubach stated that the store has been doing very well. He stated that
they have some new items in the store and plan to add more new items.  He also stated that all the
Florida Good Sams anniversary shirts has been sold and he stated he was going to take orders from
anyone that wanted to purchase one and would be delivered at the next rally.  Please continue to
patronize the store.

DOGS FOR BETTER LIVES – Vicki Porter was absent.

FLORIDA DOG GUIDES – Joe & Debbie Weston was absent.

HISTORIAN – Sherrie Risberg reminded everyone to keep camping and making memories, have a great
time.  Please let your members know that the photos are running on the television.  Also please check
out the Facebook page for Florida Good Sams and join the group.  She explained again how to join the
group.  If you recommend someone to the group, advise them to answer the questions, this is to let me
know if they are really interested in joining the group.

WEBMASTER – Jill Campbell stated that we have been doing a lot of work on the web page  On the front
of the program is the address for the web page– .  This address is on the
front of every rallies program. Sherrie and I have been working on the web page to make it people
friendly so you can find whatever you are looking for.  If you have any questions my email address and
phone number is on staff page.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE – Kathleen Anson said we had only minor incidents that just needed band

BOGGIE CREEK – Bob & Peggy Brown.  The tour of Boggy Creek was a success.  We were blessed to
have the bus again this year and were able to have 35 on Thursday and Friday.  We were also blessed
to be able to do the tour on the bus.  Thanks to the campground for providing the bus.  There were
several bears and blankets delivered. The representative for Boggy Creek will be at the rally to collect
donations from the chapters.

ASD REPORTS – No one wished to make a report.

WAGONMASTER - Wayne McGee reported that there were 300 rigs parked.  Hopefully everyone was
satisfied with their sites.  If you had any problems with your site, please let me know.

STATE DIRECTOR - State Director Crutchfield gave a report on the spring rally in Okeechobee.  He
stated the numbers were down and felt the change of the date was probably the reason for the numbers.

State Director Crutchfield noted that a budget report for 2020 had been distributed.  If you have any
questions, please feel free to talk to him.  A motion was requested for approval of the budget.  Raymond
Ellison of Sassy Sams moved to approve the budget as distributed, motion was seconded by Tressa
Dishman of Getaway Sams.  Motion carried.

DECHARTER CHAPTERS – State Director Crutchfield stated that it has come to our attention that we
must decharter a couple of chapters.

Decharter – A letter from Osceola Sams Chapter #71 – It was noted that Osceola Sams were merging
with Rolling Sams.  Jackie Fields of Manateean Sams moved to decharter Osceola Sams.  Frank
Cosentino of Trail Blazing Sams seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Decharter – A letter from South Florida Sams Chapter #1
67 - South Florida Sams only have a few
members and no one wants to be officers.  Wendy Parsels of Carefree Sams moved to decharter South
Florida Sams.  Bill Chambers of Lake Eola Sams seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

The next rally will be in Okeechobee along with the next state committee meeting will be on April 23,
2020 at 1:30 pm.

Frank Bowler of Bay Area Sams questioned why Camping World does not support Good Sams.  State
Director Crutchfield stated that he had contacted another recreation vehicles dealer to bring units to
the rallies.  Mrs. Crutchfield stated that even though they do not bring units, they do support us with
donations a lot of door prizes.

Thomas Young of Capital Seminole Sams questioned where there will be a possibility of a winter rally to
replace Tallahassee.  Mr. Crutchfield stated that a facility large enough has not been located at this
time.  Bill Davis of Crosstrails Sams stated that advertising and promotions were needed for the
Tallahassee rally.  Cindy Green of Manateean Sams need more advertising.  Bob Homan of state staff
noted that the presidents of the chapters need to promote the rallies.  Tressa Dishman of Getaway Sams
stated she keeps a record of her chapters and notify her members of the rally activities.  Wendy Parsels
of Carefree Sams questioned the numbers of units needed for Tallahassee to break even for the
expense.  State Director Crutchfield noted that at lease 225 units and there were only 195 the last time.  

Sherries Risberg, Historian, please send your newsletters to the webmaster to post to the website
concerning your camping activities and information.  She outlined the newsletter contest and rules
outlined on the website.

Jill Campbell, Secretary/Webmaster, please send in your rosters and new presidents names and contact
information for the website.  Please send this information to me by January 1st of each year.  

Raymond Ellison of Sassy Sams questioned the possibility of having the winter rally at a different time of
the year.  The problem with that would be trying to plan each of the rallies if they are scheduled too close

State Director Crutchfield emphasized that Good Sams chapters needs to bring younger people into their

Bill Chambers of Lake Eola Sams gave kudos to Florida State Staff for the Florida rallies.  He stated that
at their member Tom Gorski’s funeral, he was very impressed to have six members of state staff to be at
his funeral.

Frank Bowler of Bay Area Sams questioned why the dog walk was cancelled and was advised that no
sponsors were found.  He stated that If the chapters had been contacted they would have stepped up as
sponsors.  State Director Crutchfield noted that there would be a dog walk next year.

Mr. Crutchfield called for a motion to adjourn.  Tressa Dishman of Getaway Sams moved to adjourn.  
Raymond Ellison of Sassy Sams seconded the motion.
Motion carried.  

Respectfully submitted
Jill Campbell, Secretary
Good Sams of Florida, Inc.