November 23, 2013 Fall Samboree
State Committee Meeting
Southern Palms RV Resort, Eustis, Florida
Meeting Minutes
Florida State Director, Joe Weston, called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.  After Sharon Bundy gave
the invocation, Wagonmaster, Bill Hammel led the committee in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  

State Secretary, Liz Abrams, read the Good Sam Pledge.

State Parliamentarian, Mike Abrams, explained the meeting procedure of raising card to be recognized,
then state name and Chapter.  When voting, raise the card to indicate your vote.  Verbal response is not

Liz Abrams called the roll of Chapters.  There were 39 presidents or delegated representatives in
attendance, enough for a quorum.  

Joe Weston called for reading the minutes of the State Committee Meeting that was held in Okeechobee,
Florida last April.  Chick Thompson, Sunset Ramblers, moved that we adopt the minutes as posted and
waive the reading of the minutes.  Chuck Akerman, Bay Area Sams seconded the motion.  The motion

State Treasurer, Linda Voyton, provided copies of the treasurer’s report.  Morece Abbott of South Florida
Lifetime Sams asked, regarding State 50/50, what is the justification of the staff expense of $521.83.  
Linda explained that the expense is to reimburse the staff for purchasing door prizes.  Morece asked why
100% of the 50/50 money wasn’t spent instead of carrying over $2000.  Linda explained that the money
carried over is used to purchase door prizes for the next Samborees.  This treasurer’s report covered the
time period of 1/1/13 through 9/30/13.  It doesn’t cover year to date.  Since it carries over from Samboree
to the next, it will never be zero.  Joe Weston explained that all money collected in State 50/50 will only be
used for door prizes.  Bill Amos, Jax Rambling Sams, moved that the treasurer’s report be accepted.  Hal
Hauschild, Go See Um Sams, seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  

Committee Reports

Legislative:  Sharon Bundy stated there was no pertinent legislation to report on.  

State Store:  George Redderoth, representing Lorretta Redderoth, said the State Store is doing great
this Samboree.  Since this meeting is held during the hours the store is open, Lorretta was unable to give
the report herself.  

Dogs for the Deaf:  Reba Ward did not yet have the amount which was raised this year.  She thanked
everyone who participated or volunteered in the dog walk yesterday.   The square patch is no longer
available, only the dog bone patches.  On the new form, indicate the number of dog bone patches your
Chapter has earned.  You no longer have to attach the Chapter roster.  

Florida Guide Dogs:  Tom Leonard stated that this report is from last year’s Samboree.   The donation
collected at Southern Palms in 2012 was $5,335.  We expect to exceed that number this year as pledges
for the dog walk have exceeded what we received last year.  Florida Guide Dogs for the Deaf wants to
thank all the Chapters for supporting them through Pennies for Pooches and the dog walk.  We found
that if the Chapter is small, then Pennies for Pooches will allow you to earn a patch for your Chapter’s
flag.  Your donations have provided a gulf war veteran, who incurred total hearing loss and PTSD from
explosives, can feel safe when leaving her home with her guide dog Bubba, who is trained to recognize
explosives.  We greatly thank her for her service to our country.  

Historian:  Sherrie Risberg said the scanning process of Chapter continues of history from late 80’s
through early 90’s.  We still are missing information from some Chapters.  She will send an email
reminder out to presidents after the first of next year.

Webmaster:  Jill Campbell reported that she and Sherrie have been working many hours redesigning the
web page to make it more user friendly.  Jill and Sherrie will upload Samboree pictures into a Flicker
account so that you can see the old pictures in a slideshow format, online.   You may submit your
Chapter newsletters to Jill in either a Word document or PDF format.  If the file is very large containing
many pictures, Jill has to compress the pictures so the file is able to load to the website faster.

Emergency Response Team:  Mike Abrams reported that the microcode on the AED is up to date.  All
supplies are sufficient and no additional funds are needed.  Qualified volunteers are always appreciated.  
This Samboree has been good so far, with only bumps and scratches to tend to.  

Boggy Creek:  Bob and Peggy Brown offered a walking tour of Camp Boggy Creek at this Samboree.  
Fifty-three people participated.  We encourage Chapters to take the tour as something new is learned
every time you go.  If you want to arrange a tour for your Chapter, go to Good Sams of Florida web site
to get the phone number.   If you have handmade teddy bears or blankets that you would like to donate
to Boggy Creek, you can bring them to any Samboree and Bob and Peggy will deliver them on your
behalf.  We will contact Chapter presidents to get the number of hearts or patches you earned.  When
you make donations to Camp Boggy Creek, please let Bob and Peggy know, so that you get credit for the
donation as a Good Sam Chapter.   

Wagonmaster:  Bill Hammel reported that 253 rigs arrived early bird.  As of now, the total is 393 rigs.  See
you at the Samboree in Palatka.  

State Director:  Debbie and Joe thank everyone for all that you do and continue to do for each of your
Chapters.  A lot of you will be moving out of office, with new presidents coming in.  Thank you for your
support of the State Committee.  Without you, there would be no reason for us to be here.  We’ve had a
fabulous time this week thanks to each of you.  Each week, 8 to 15 emails come to us from the Good Sam
Club office, from people who want to join a Chapter.  Please make contact with the interested persons as
soon as possible.  If you feel your Chapter is getting too large such that you cannot find campgrounds to
handle the numbers, consider taking a few rigs and make a new Chapter with them.  We don’t want
anyone who wants to camp with a Chapter to be turned away.  

Old Business

The state SOP’s have been approved.  We mailed each of you the proposed State SOP and have
received approval from the majority of the Chapters.  

New Business

The proposed budget for 2014 was sent out to each of you via email.  It is the same amount as 2013, Joe
feels he can manage with the same budget.  Chick Thompson, Sunset Ramblers, moved the committee
approve the budget as proposed.  George Olson, Osceola Sams, seconded the motion.  The motion

A lot of discussion has occurred regarding individual Chapter SOP’s.  We encourage you to keep them
as simple as possible. As an example, a SOP should contain Chapter name, colors, dues, when you
camp, and radius in miles for campouts, if applicable.  The Good Sam Club Constitution and Bylaws apply
to all Chapters.  It is not a requirement that you have a Chapter meeting every month.  You may choose
to have them only when necessary.  Your Chapter can adopt the State’s SOP as your own.   If you don’t
want to write your own Chapter SOP but choose to adopt the State SOP as your own, then send a letter
to Joe Weston with your Chapter name, stating that you agree to follow the State SOP, then sign and
date the letter.

Jim Davis, Space Coast Sams, asked if the 2013 Good Sam Directors’ Manual which is referenced in the
State’s SOP, was available to look at.  Joe said he would have it posted on the web site since the former
President’s and officer’s manuals have gone away.  

Hal Hauschild asked Joe to clarify what are the Chapters’ responsibility regarding individual Chapter
members Good Sam Club membership status.  Joe said Chapters must verify that new members are
active members of Good Sam Club at the time they join a Chapter.  

Linda Whittie, Sunny Palms, said they don’t know when their memberships expire since it is not indicated
on the Good Sam Club member’s card.  How can they find out the expiration date?   Ed James, Southeast
Regional Director, said the member should call Good Sam Club member services, which is listed on the
back of your Good Sam Club card, to get any information you need about membership.  

Chick Thompson asked how Chapters will know if their SOP is approved.  Joe asked that each Chapter
send a signed and dated hardcopy of their SOP in the USPS mail.  If approved, Joe will sign it and
forward to Ed James to sign.  If you want to send it first to Joe in an email, for his review, that’s okay.  We
will send a copy of the accepted and signed document back to the Chapter president.  

Regarding liability issues, Hal Hauschild asked if Chapters were liable for any problems associated with
their volunteer activities in the Samboree, for example selling food which they prepared and served.  Or
would they be covered by the insurance carried by the State.  Joe responded that it would be under the
State’s insurance in that case, since it was approved by the State to sell the food for the Samboree
guests.  Joe said that luckily, this has never been a problem in the past.  

Hal Hauschild asked if the State anticipated an increase in the cost per rig from Chapters in 2014, to
which Joe responded not at this point.  The Chapter rosters and dues should be sent to the State this
month, November 2013.  A few Chapters’ rosters are missing and Joe would appreciate you sending
them to us.  He’ll send out an email reminder to those who are late.  

Joe Weston asked for volunteers to perform an audit of the treasury for 2012 and 2013 at the Palatka
Samboree in February 2014.  Mary Ellen Morton of Manateean Sams, Bill Conway of Trail Blazing Sams,
Karl Rabbe of Golden Triangle Sams, and James Walters of Jax Rambling Sams, volunteered to serve on
the audit committee.   Joe asked them to come in on Monday February 24, 2014, and he will cover the
cost for that day’s camping.

Bill Pitz, Capital Seminole Sams, asked if there might be security provided at night, provided by Chapter
volunteers.  He had his golf cart stolen the first night here, and on another night there was an attempt to
steal his motor cycles.  The motor cycles had damage to the key switch.  He called the police and notified
the staff at Southern Palms about the incidents.  Bill said he would be happy to help with the nighttime
security with others.  Joe said he will be bringing this up when he meets with Southern Palms.  He will ask
them to provide additional security.  The fairgrounds next door to Southern Palms has 24 hour police
patrol, we’d like to have them patrol within the campground also during Samborees.  If that doesn’t
happen, we will ask Chapters to patrol at night, like we once did when we held Samborees at the Orlando
fair grounds.  

Next year will be elections for both State Director and State Treasurer.  Debbie and Joe Weston are
planning to seek reelection to serve for two more years.  If there is anyone else who is interested in
running for State Director, please send Joe a letter stating so.  Linda Voyton said that she plans to run
for State Treasurer to serve for two more years.  If there is anyone who wants to run for the State
Treasurer position, please let us know.

On the 2014 rosters, we need the members’ names and new officers listed along with the expiration date
for their Good Sam Club membership.  If your members do not know the expiration date, call the number
listed on your Good Sam Club card to get the information.  Jill Campbell said she would accept an email
with new officers’ names, phone numbers, and email addresses listed, if your 2014 rosters were
submitted without them.  

Ed and Peggy James, Southeast Regional Directors, thanked Joe and Debbie for having them down.  
This is their first time visiting a Florida Samboree.  Ed has been with Good Sam Club since 1982.  He was
a Sambassador for many years.  He complimented Joe and Debbie on a marvelous job.  A lot of changes
have occurred to the Good Sam Club this year, and a lot of it is to benefit the Chapters as well as the
Club itself.  We want to give everyone in Good Sam Club the opportunity to join a Chapter.  Our
Southeast region had more volunteer hours and contributions than any other of the nine regions, and
Florida ranked very, very high.  The focus next year for the Southeast Region will be in member and
Chapter membership growth.    Ed said that only 1% of the Good Sam Club membership are members of
a Chapter.  Ed said that he and Peggy have had a lot of fun at this Samboree, that we have a great State
and to keep it up.  

Joe encouraged everyone to come to the Palatka Samboree in February.  The Okeechobee Samboree
registration forms will be available on the web site tomorrow.  

The next State Committee Meeting will be held on May 1, 2014 at 3:00 pm at the Okeechobee

Hal Hauschild moved that we adjourn the meeting.  Chick Thompson of Sunset Ramblers seconded the
motion.  Motion passed.  Meeting was adjourned at 10:33 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Liz Abrams
State Secretary
Good Sam of Florida