Director Bob Ward called the meeting to order at 2 PM and asked if all Presidents or representatives had
checked in with Mike Abrams and Mary Murray.
CHAPLAIN Sharon Bundy gave the Invocation
SAMBASSADOR Rosemary Ranks read the Good Sam Pledge
PARLIAMENTARIAN Mike Abrams explained that we are governed under the Constitution and bylaws of
Good Sams of Florida and also National Good Sams, and by the rules and regulations of Roberts Rules of
Order. Mike stated that to be able to speak during the meeting you must get the attention of the chair by
raising your card. If the chair recognizes you, you must then stand and state your name and chapter before
continuing. He also advised that the ordinance card should be raised to vote. He asked that the cards be
returned to him at the end of the meeting.
SECRETARY Mary Murray gave roll call, with 42 Presidents or representatives attending. This was enough
for a quorum.
Mr. Ward called for the reading of the Minutes of the Special State Committee Meeting held in Okeechobee.
Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams moved to waive the reading of the minutes and accept them
as published. This was seconded by Charlotte Smith of Lake Monroe Sams. Motion carried.
Mr. Ward called for the treasurer’s report. John Weaver of Skyway Sams made a motion to accept the report
as published and Bill Conway of Trail Blazing Sams seconded the motion. Motion carried.
TREASURER Linda Voyton said the IRS did an audit Tuesday and Wednesday. She had advised them
when they called to set up an appointment that we would be in the middle of a Samboree and they thought
that was great. As it turned out, he had a good sense of humor and was a nice person. He said everything
looked really good and she was doing a good job. The only thing that we are not doing that should be done
is provide a 1099 form to any performer making over $600 for a show so they can claim it on their income
tax. She has to go back to the reports for 2009, 2010 and 2011 and send
them in and the performers will have to claim it if they haven’t already done so.
LEGISLATIVE - Sharon Bundy said that, unfortunately, she left her report at home and had to have it
emailed; she is missing a couple of pages but will send it in to be added. She spoke of the plan to add
campgrounds in 56 of the Florida State Parks and said the proposal to add a campground at Honeymoon
Island on the gulf coast wasn’t considered a favorite for the 400 people who jammed into the hearing in
Dunedin. The message wasn’t the least bit subtle and the state dropped the idea for Honeymoon Island.
That doesn’t mean campgrounds would not work in other parks; it depends on the park.
She also spoke on the government’s order to use more efficient light bulbs. She said the new type light
bulbs have a trace amount of mercury. One of the biggest complaints is that they are only manufactured in
STATE STORE – Carolyn Swinea said the store is doing above average in sales and she thinks it has a lot
to do with the weather. She said when it’s cold they sell a lot of jackets and it isn’t really that cold. She
invited everyone to stop by the store and see all the items.
DOGS FOR THE DEAF – Leo Reuss said the dog walk was rained out this morning but he will accept the
donations on Saturday and he hopes all the chapters that are going to donate something have the right
name on the checks this time.
Mr. Ward said that Leo has had this position with Dogs for the Deaf for quite some time and has done a
tremendous job. However, Leo is giving up the position and we need a volunteer to take over as liaison
between Dogs for the Deaf and Good Sams. He said anyone interested in taking over as liaison contact him.
Leo will continue to do it until we get someone to replace him. He thanked Leo and told him we appreciate
everything he has done.
FLORIDA DOG GUIDES – Tom Leonard said that last year’s donations came to $5,794.33, and with further
special donations for memorials etc., total donations came to $6,044.33. The Top Dog Award went to
Golden Triangle Sams. Tom said that tomorrow is the costume dog parade starting at 9 AM and anyone
participating should be there by 8:45AM. There will be prizes and badges for different categories and he
thanks Linda and Quentin Rainey for their support in making those badges for them.
HISTORIAN – Sherrie Risberg said she is still in the process of scanning your chapter history but it is a long
and tedious process, but it’s moving right along. She hopes everyone is enjoying the pictures in the Sun
Room. She said if anyone wanted a particular Samboree shown to let her know. She said when they come to
take your picture just smile pretty.
WEBMISTRESS – Jill Campbell said she had made a lot of changes and new entries to the web page and
she thanked the chapters for sending in abbreviated news letters. Jill
said that this year on the Index page of the website she has added a new picture of State Staff and also
pictures of the Florida Guide Dogs and their owners who visited the Samboree in Palatka.
This year, she added a link to Camping World for all your camping needs and their sales. She added a new
link called”How to join a Chapter” which has a lot of information that can be printed and used for your first
Jill has revised and changed the name of some of the links to make the website “people friendly” to be able
to navigate the website. Also, on the index page, she added a link to the Samboree Registration form that is
being used at the current time for the next Samboree. The link is still on the Samboree Information page, but
if the link is not on the front page then the registration form is not ready to be printed.
Jill asked that any chapters that are having elections for new officers to be sure to send her their names,
addresses, phone numbers (cell, home, or both that you want on the website) and email addresses. She
also said that for any chapters having elections this year, be sure to send the names and other information
of the new officers. She also asked to check the web in February to be sure she has the new officers’
information correct.
She said if you have a website please check it periodically to make sure that the link is still linking correctly.
She said if you have not visited the website, go to and explore the pictures from
the last couple of Samborees and other interesting information.
EMERGENCY RESPONSE – Mike Abrams said his big Surprise was that Pineapple palms have human
magnets; we’ve already had a couple of people who have decided to go dancing with the palms and that’s
not a very healthy thing to do. They are all over this campground. They have tried to cover up some of the
bad ones. He had five calls yesterday and one so far today, and that’s pretty much the average. He
checked on the people he attended to and they are in fine shape and some of them are even here today.
Mike said the equipment is in 100% working order and is certified and we don’t need to buy anything. He
asked that people quit donating items for awhile as they are filling up the office in his house. Mike said he
appreciates all your support.
BOGGY CREEK - Tom Wise said he hopes everyone is taking advantage of the tours they are giving this
week at Boggy. He said Boggy is a year round camp serving seriously ill children throughout Florida. There
is no charge to come to the camp so they rely on the generous support of individuals and corporations,
foundations and healthcare departments. He thanked everyone for last year’s donation. At last year’s Good
Sams Rally we raised $2,768. It costs $450 per child per day. He said they are working with the staff at
Boggy Creek to develop a patch and they should have one by Saturday.
Mr. Ward asked if any ASD’s have anything you would like to bring up to the state committee. There was no
WAGONMASTER – Robin Murray said we have parked 365 rigs so far and there are seven more out there
somewhere trying to find how to get here. We originally had 382 scheduled but lost a few. We should wind
up with around 370. We had a few little glitches with sewers that we couldn’t find but found later and they
couldn’t be opened, and also power and water problems. Robin asked if we like this place, if you’re happy
with it. There was a lot of applause. He asked if there was anyone who didn’t like it and got no response.
Bob Ward thanked everyone for coming. He said this is the end of his third year and he is looking forward to
next year. He said he has enjoyed the last three years. He said he and Reba have tried to visit every
chapter and will continue to do so this year. He said they may just pop in when he knows where your
meeting is. Bob said they like to camp with all the chapters.
Mr. Ward said he received only three Chapter of the Year books and he appreciates that; they are being
judged now.
He said we put a lot of stuff on the web and maybe he shouldn’t have done this. He said a lot of chapters
are not showing up and ask why they should come to the State Committee Meeting when he’s putting
everything on the web. He said it’s actually because you wrote your bylaws and said you should be here at
least once a year.
OLD BUSINESS – Mr. Ward said he had five presidents audit our records in March. He said Jim Johnston
was a CPA and wrote something up but never sent it to us. He was supposed to be here today to give that
John Weaver said he was on the committee and they met in Bushnell. He said everything looked good and
there were no problems. They had a couple of things to fine tune.
Mr. Ward called it to everyone’s attention that we should slow down on the golf carts. He said we’re getting
people who are scared to death when they see you coming; they don’t know if you’re going to pick them up
or run over them. We’re getting quite a few complaints.
NEW BUSINESS – 2012 election. Mr. Ward said that whoever is selected will be taking office January 1,
2013. If there are any nominations from the floor or anyone that would like to get up and speak to represent
themselves running for the office of State Director, he would like to recognize them now. Mr. Ward said he
has received only one letter indicating that they would like to become State Director and that was from Joe
and Debbie Weston. He asked them to get up and tell the committee a little bit about themselves and why
they are so ignorant.
Joe Weston said that ever since they talked about running for State Director he has been asked if he had
any brains. They have been told that they are crazy or stupid. He said that they are crazy – about Good
Sams and all you people. He said they have been in a local chapter of Good Sams since 2000, and have
been attending Samborees ever since
then. Two years before Bob and Reba took office they came to them and if they would be interested in
coming on staff. They said “absolutely”. Joe said he has served as Assistant Wagon Master and in Security.
Debbie has been with the State Administrators and they have had an absolute ball. They want to thank Bob
and Reba; they have done an outstanding job in their term and they thank them for the opportunity. Joe
said the one advantage they would have that none of the past state directors had is Bob and Reba have
agreed to help them along and train them over the next year on everything that is involved in this job. He
said they have talked to the staff that we have now and other than a few that have some health issues,
almost the entire staff has agreed to come with us, and they really appreciate that.
Joe said that on a personal note, he and Debbie have been married 35 years and have one son. They are
both still working temporarily. Joe is a product manager with Seminole County Engineering. He oversees the
road construction projects, hiring contractors to do the work, hiring people to oversee the contractors and
handling the contracts that are in.
Debbie is retired from the Seminole County School Board and is now secretary for their church; he has
served there on the Deacon Staff and Stewardship Finance Committee, and Debbie is on the church staff.
He said his Dad told him that if you believe in something, support it and get involved. He thanked all the
chapters for their support at the Samborees and what they do for their communities. They have had a great
time meeting everybody and would appreciate your support as they come up for this term.
Bob Ward said there is a situation with the treasurer position. He received a letter from a lady interested in
the position but she came to her senses. Mr. Ward asked if there is anyone who would be interested in
running for this position and there was no response. He said he got a letter from Linda Voyton who still
wants to be treasurer. He said he talked to Mike about changing the bylaws and he will turn it over to Mike to
explain what we need to do to get into the next term.
Mike Abrams said that normally the State Director verbally in front of the State Committee and via letters to
all the Presidents requests that the chapters nominate someone for the position of treasurer and for the
position of State Director. He said the question that comes to mind is what happens if nobody turns anything
in. He said nothing
was sent in and we can’t vote on anybody. Linda Voyton served her two voted-in terms but we need a
treasurer. We cannot operate without a state director and a treasurer because no checks can be written
without the two of them signing them. We have to have a treasurer. If no one has put their name on the
ballot to be voted on, it then becomes the discretion of the State Director to appoint somebody as the
treasurer. That is normal in the process of Roberts Rules. At this time they are telling you what must happen
now. It is now the responsibility of the current State Director to appoint the treasurer for the next two year
coming term.
Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams said that in the past we put a motion on the floor to amend
the bylaws for that term for that treasurer to continue on. Why is this being changed?
Mike Abrams said that actually the third term would have been an appointment; he was at that meeting and
it was done immediately that day and voted upon and was not required. She was, back then, appointed at
that time.
Mike said it takes a lot of work to change the bylaws and a lot of work means a lot of time. To change the
bylaws, the first thing we have to do is have discussion, a motion, a second to the motion, further
discussion, and then it must be documented by the secretary, then posted and mailed to everybody for at
least 30 days prior to the next meeting. At the next meeting you vote on it. The problem with that is that it’s
an extended period of time.
We cannot go without a treasurer so in this particular case an appointment will have to be made. We can
change the bylaws but to do it right now is too late. This can be done in the next six months to a year and
that is probably something we should take a look at. The bylaws state that you have a two year two term
commitment and that is the maximum allowed. We changed the bylaws a couple of administrations ago to
protect the state from someone remaining on forever and ever.
Mr. Ward asked if everyone understood what Mike was talking about. He said he didn’t want anyone to be
hesitant about this.
Mr. Ward said that using his authority as State Director he is now going to appoint Linda Voyton for
treasurer for 2013 and 2014.
Bob Ward said that this would cut out our State Committee Meeting in February. We were going to have to
change our bylaws in Palatka, so therefore he will null and void that State Committee Meeting and the next
State Committee Meeting will be in Okeechobee in the spring, 2012. He said the applications for the
Samboree in Okeechobee will go on the website January 1, 2012.
Mr. Ward said there are pictures up in Dr. Sambones of Palatka. He said the floor is no longer carpet; it is all
concrete now. He said it looks very good now. They will drop the sides and he has decided to put six
propane heaters in the building. There is still no sewer system but you can go across the road for $5.00.
There will also be a honey wagon every day for $20.00
Chick Thompson of North Florida Lifetime Sams made a motion to adjourn and Bob Brown of Florida Eagle
Sams seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Murray
Mary Murray, Secretary
Good Sams of Florida, Inc.

Minutes Correction:
Chick Thompson, President of North Florida Lifetime Sams, via email, stated that he noticed that the State
Committee had failed to approve the proposed budget for the next year. As it was pre-published, everyone
had an opportunity to go through it and he stated he was sure everyone was very familiar with it. With this in
mind, Chick’s motion “I move that the budget you published as your proposed budget be approved as
published”. The motion, via email, was seconded by Jim Geller, No Frills Sams, and the motion passed, via
email, from a majority of the chapter presidents.

Submitted by
Reba Ward
Acting Secretary
NOVEMBER 17, 2011