Please remember to send the names of your members that have passed way this year to
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In Memory...
One Smile for all, One heart of gold,
One of the best this world could hold.
Never selfish, Always kind.
What a beautiful memory, To leave behind

Since our last memorial service we have
lost these friends:
Richard Brassard,  03/13/2020,  Skyway Sams
Thomas Clawson,  01/25/2020,  Florida-at-Large Sams
Jerry Eckhart,  02/14/2020,  Getaway Sams
Diane Rexroad,  01/07/2020,  Getaway Sams
Carol Bass Ring,  03/05/2020,  Getaway Sams
Marie Tauber,  01/14/2020,  Citrus County Sams

Susan Troop,  02/09/2020,  Florida Eagle Sams

Katherine Watson,  02/04/2020,  Everglades
Jim Cutshaw,  10/30/2019,  Pine Tree Sams
Richard Garcia,  11/25/2019,  Skyway Sams
Tom Gorski,  10/28/2019,  Lake Eola Sams
Jean Griffin,  11/06/2019,  Citrus County Sams
Jennifer Inskeep,  12/13/2019,  Go-See-Um Sams
Jerry Miller,  11/29/2019,  Citrus County Sams
Helmut Repich,  12/15/2019,  Everglades Sams