Please remember to send the names of your members that have passed way this year to
the webmaster
( ) to be posted here on this memorial
page.  Also send a short biography about that individual, including any good samaritan
acts, to Sharon Bundy, State Chaplain
( ).
In Memory...
One Smile for all, One heart of gold,
One of the best this world could hold.
Never selfish, Always kind.
What a beautiful memory, To leave behind

Since our last memorial service we have
lost these friends:
Ken Burson,  03/6/2019,  Go-See-Um Sams
Richard DuPont,  05/16/2019,  Go-See-Um Sams
Frank Ciampaglia,  07/14/2019 ,  Trail Blazing Sams
Earl Foran,  
02/05/2019,  Florida Eagle Sams
Jerry Guthmiller,  01/17/2019,  Jax Rambling Sams
Robert "Bob" Heimgartner,  04/28/2019,  Rolling Sams

Harry "Lonnie" Myers,  01/24/2019,  Dogwood Sams

George Samuel "Sammy" Powers,  01/27/2019,  Florida Eagle Sams
Melvis "Mel" Perry Russell,  09/09/2019,  Rolling Sams
Jari Mahaffey Sharpe,  01/18/2019,  Rolling Sams
Bob Shumaker,  01/09/2019,  Jax Rambling Sams
Virginia "Jenny" Sykes Sims,  08/15/2019,  Getaway Sams

Lorraine Zecher,  04/19/019,  Trail Blazing Sams
Lloyd L. Babb,  11/30/2018,  Florida Eagles Sams
Edward Gusky,  11/14/2018,  Rolling Sams
Wayne Robert Sayers,  11/21/2018,  Ocala Central Sams