We had 22 member rigs, six guest rigs, and two drive-ins at our November meeting.  We had a discussion on
putting on a cap on our membership; final was that we would accept anyone who has showed interest in the
chapter this year (even if it takes the membership over 50); then through attrition we will go to 50 members
and hold the membership there.  Beanbag baseball was played indoors because of the heat; holeyboard was
played outdoors in the shade.  We also played a new game, bean bag toss. The chapter is going to give the
Florida Dog Guides for the Deaf $1500 this year plus $100 for Pennies for the Pooches.

We had 38 member rigs plus one guest rig and one drive-in at our December meeting at Lazydays. Two other
rallys were going on at the same time.  We all cooperated with each other and every one had a great time.
Games were not played at the December campout; it was the consensus of the membership that we socialize
and just veg out at this meeting. June Schunk did the turkeys, etc with other food items brought by the
members.  All the other meals were supplied by Lazydays.

What a wonderful way to start a New Year, warm friends, warm weather and a warm campfire – out in the
boomtoonies.  No one got lost, but a few took the scenic route to the campgrounds.  Our hosts for the January
campout were Duke & Nancy Huggett and Rich & Sharon Vander Bok (filling in for the Morlans who were
unable to attend).  Our campout (17 rigs plus guests) was at Lake Oklawahas Resort, 11 miles off the main
road, through Hog Valley and past the Pig Pen Saloon.  There was a great area (under the trees next to our
rigs) for playing games, eating, and just plain socializing.  Just across a minor park roadway was our great
campfire site.  It was huge and we ALL got to sit around the campfire at one time.  Of course, Host Gaylord,
became fondly known as “DUKE of the Fire.” and appeased the fire spirits, day & night, from Friday to Sunday,
with offerings of almost a ½ cord of wood.  We all brought a lot of wood and had doubts whether he would be
able to use it all but the “Duke of the Fire” did it.  Our faithful Wagonmaster led our caravan on a “10 min
drive” (for 22 miles) to a VFW home where we had an excellent fish fry buffet for $5.00.  We enjoyed
Rummikub, Skip-Bo, Mexican Train, Holey Board, nature walk (cleaned up cans as well), watching a herd of
goats, eating, roasting marshmallows, making popcorn, drinking hot chocolate, telling stories, and laughing.

We had a good turnout (21 member and two guest rigs and three drive-ins) and great weather at our campout
at the Olde Millstream in Umatilla.. Charles & Cookie Green and John & Marty Hunter served as hosts.  We had
a good turnout and great weather (in spite of the month).  We were set in the back rally area which sported our
own clubhouse, showers and, even, a couple of antique cars.  We had a large area in between the rigs to
carry on our sangrias traditions, happy hour and games. Our new officers will be President June Schunk, Vice
President Dave Reagle, Secretary Shirley Zummo and Treasurer John Sorenson.  


The Seahorses had 11 rigs present out of the 550 rigs in attendance at the 2003 Fall Samboree.  We all had a
great time! Our Chapter volunteered to man the Dr. Sambones booth again; it’s an activity we all enjoy.  Four
of our members were early birds and began working at the booth on Tuesday: Fred & Fran Bissell and Bill &
Thelma LeBright. They were recognized for being so conscientious. Also helping at the booth with Cheryl Clark
during the Rally were:  Farada Nagel, Mary King, Carol Truthan, Sissel & Bob Hopper.  Thanks to all, you are
appreciated. We had guests camping with us, too: Charlie Brown & Marilyn Lizzotte, Bob & Shirley Maurice,
and Bruce & Arlene Silvers. Welcome!  Fred Bissell celebrated his birthday with us on Friday, and won the
Chapter’s 50/50 drawing. We all enjoyed our campsite social hour on Thursday afternoon, and dinner at local
restaurant on Friday night (except for the service).  Fred Bissell and Charlie Brown won prizes at the
drawings.  This year’s campout is a milestone for Ernie and Elsie Lara; they have been ASD’s for a year and
seem to be enjoying themselves; and Bessie Bissell has been a special pet in the Bissell family for a year.
Fred and Bessie participated in the Dog Walk on Saturday morning, and earned $30 in donations. The
Seahorses contributed $550 to the Dogs for the Deaf Fund; treasurer Ray King presented the check on
Saturday night. We Seahorses are proud of our monetary accomplishments for this worth-while project, last
year we won 1st place.
The Seahorses (11 rigs) were invited to camp with the Naples Smilin’ Sams in December; they were wonderful
hosts!  The Upriver Campground RV Resort on the Caloosahatchee River was the campout site. Our fun
activities began Friday with a delicious home-cooked dinner of turkey and honey bakes ham; the “fixings”
provided by all our members – it was a 4-star meal!  Our room in the RV building and the tables were
decorated for the holidays.  With Christmas music coming from the room next door and all the decorations, we
were put in the holiday spirit.  Installation of Officers for both chapters took place Friday night with ASDs Ernie
Lara and Fran Hagler performing the ceremony.  2004 officers are President Sissel Hopper, Vice President
Walter Smith, Wagonmaster Fred Bissell, Treasurer Ray King, Secretary Carol Truthan, Sunshine Chair
Mickey Hall and Chaplain Bill LeBright.  We’re anticipating a great year with these officers! Saturday morning
began with a bacon and eggs breakfast cooked by both Chapter members.  A festive Christmas party took
place Saturday afternoon; Santa had been there with gifts!  A couple of clever “ice-breaker” games were
played including pass-the-musical plate (Carl Koch winner).  Saturday night was the highlight of the weekend!  
We took a paddle boat at the Ft. Myers Pier for a festive dinner dance cruise including an all-you-can-eat
buffet.  We all had a great evening!!


The October meeting was packed with Chapter business and most interesting.  Two new couples told a little
about themselves and indicated their desire to become members; after a vote of the membership, they were
administered the oath of membership by ASD Bob Louis.  New officers for 2004 were elected: President Leo
Reuss, Vice President Dot Williams, Secretary Barb Zarzycki, and Treasurer Gail Joyal. Immediately following
our pizza dinner Saturday, we were treated to the usual antics we have come to associate with The Brown Bag
auction.  Ken Long, our renowned auctioneer, was in rare form as once again he led the bidding assisted by
Bob Jacoby.  We received a total of $163 for our charities. The campground managers were so interested in
our decorations for Orlando that they started to measure everything so they could copy it later as they are
having a western party.  After some discussion, they offered us $50 for our decorations after we finish with
them in Orlando; they will even drive to Orlando to pick them up!!!!  Since expenses are going up and there
had been no corresponding increase in dues, the members voted to increase the dues from $15 to $20.

I think it fair to say that all in attendance had a great time and certainly were not bored at the Orlando Rally.  
There is something going on literally from morning to night.  The weather, although a little windy at times,
cooperated beautifully and we were able to work outside very comfortably.  There were meetings, and
seminars and games, an ice cream social, the breakfasts, the evening entertainers, the vendors, and, of
course, the rig decorating, the parade and the awards and door prizes too!  There was certainly something for
everyone.  I am happy to report that all of the Go-See-Um Samers present (10 rigs and 21 members) made it
through the rally without incident – a big relief after the tragedies of last year although we are aware that there
were other chapters affected by some serious problems.  The participation in the rig decorating and parade
was dramatically increased over last year and a couple of chapters really gave it their all!  We worked hard too
but the judges felt that there were others more deserving of the awards so we’ll just have to work a little harder
next year.  It takes a couple years of participation just to get a feel for it.

The December (10 rigs and 21 people) meeting was filled with lots of business and discussions.  President
Bob Jacoby read a letter from the Florida Guide Dogs thanking us for our $600 donation given at the Orlando
rally; this brings our contributions over the last five years to $2325 and entitles each of our active members to
a “Golden Paw Print.”  It was decided to give $350 each to The Salvation Army and Hope Hospice and $100 to
Dogs for the Deaf.  ASD Bob Louis and wife Jeane installed our 2004 officers: President Leo Reuss, Vice
President Dot Williams, Secretary Barb Zarzycki and Treasurer Gail Joyal.  This year’s Christmas festivities
rank among the best ever with thanks to Barb Zarzycki and Dot Williams for an outstanding job on the dinner.  
Following dinner, Santa (Leo Reuss) distributed gifts. [His suit was made by Eileen Scheid.]

Happy New Year as we start a New Year with CITRUS COUNTY SAMS.  We have added many new members
during the past year – and also have lost a few members.  Officers for 2004/2005 are President Frank
Treadwell, Vice President Paul Cullum, Treasurer Don Bunn, Secretary Zola Treadwell, Wagonmaster Paul
Dixon, Assistant Wagonmaster Frank Bartley and Telephone Chairperson Betty Bunn.  During November at
the Florida State Samboree in Orlando, Joan Horn got us “all fired up” for participating in the Chapter Theme


We had seven rigs representing our chapter at the Fall Samboree held in Orlando.  We played holey board
and beanbag baseball – came in 3rd in both.  Under the screened room we had a cookout and potluck
supper.  Then there was a parade and the theme was Indians, cowboys and girls, pioneers everyone.  
Everyone was dressed to the theme but we had trouble holding the banner.  It kept dropping and we had to
sidestep the horse droppings which were quickly picked up by the attendants.  We didn’t win any prizes but we
had a lot of fun.  We had ASD Fran come to install our new officers: President Lloyd Babb, Vice President Joe
Weston, Secretary Emily Griffith, Treasurer Dorothy Kitchen and Historian Robert Kitchen.  


November campout was at Okefenokee RV Park with 17 rigs (some relatives as guests also). Door prizes,
donated by Dick Gore’s RV World, were won by Cleaves, Johnsons, Clawges, Kents, Carltons, Mullis.
Shumaker and McCollisters.  There were discussions about hosts for next year; by-laws say that everybody
must serve once each year.  We had great weather – sun and eighty degrees – for the campout.  Friday,
some went to Okefenokee Deli while others went to Ryan’s in Waycross.  (Trash was burning in a field close by
and the smoke was very bad Friday.)  Breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday were great – no reason to go
hungry at this campout!  For Saturday dinner we had two roasted turkeys and three fried turkeys and lots to
go with them.  We made $230 for the 2004 Florida Guide Dogs at our Brown Bag auction.  We enjoyed fox
races and Left, Right and Center.  

Our December campout was at Okefenokee RV Park with 20 rigs plus two drive-ins. Glenn Yearous gave a
report on the Orlando Samboree including how to start a chapter webpage, info on Florida Guide Dogs and
Pennies for Pooches.  We had a great time here!  Christmas cards were passed out during the day; we had an
excellent dinner with ham as the entree.  We oohed and aahed over ornaments and Secret Pal gifts and
exchanged hugs with our secret pals - secret no longer!  We had a decoration contest and a birthday cake.

January campout was at Okefenokee RV Park with 15 rigs plus ASD David and Shirley Carlson.  The Carlsons
installed our officers for 2004: Will Fender President, Tom Clawges Vice President, Bill Moran Treasurer and
Helen McCollister Secretary.


For all of you who were unable to join us in Cleveland, GA, for the October campout, I can only say that I
certainly hope our photos turn out well enough for you to enjoy the brilliant colors as much as we did.  The
rolling hills (even though the area is called North Georgia Mountains, the highest point is only 4900 feet at
Brasstown Bald Park) were such a welcome relief to the ‘flatlands;’ don’t think any of the hills were higher than
those around Tallahassee on I-10 or Zephyrhills on I-75 – just more of them.  There were ventures to Helen
and Alexander’s for shopping, Dillard House for lunch, Brasstown Bald, an attempt at the Smokies, Dahlonega
for gold and numerous places in between.  Afternoon tea time and morning coffee were served at one of our
vacant sites.  Our cup runneth over with Hobo Stew Friday night; but when cleanup rolled around, there was
just a shade over two cups left!  We enjoyed brown bag bingo, cards and dominoes.  Saturday night we went
to West’s Family Restaurant for either the seafood buffet or ala carte items.

November’s campout was at the Orlando Fairgrounds. For the yearly Samboree, and was a bit different than
our usual campouts.  But a nice change!  There were donuts and coffee available every morning so nobody
had to think about what to fix for breakfast. Thursday the Samboree furnished hotdogs with all the trimmings -
Yum! Yum!  Then, it seemed a good time to take in all the vendor’s wares in the clubhouse; so many pretty,
practical and interesting things to see.  
But the hit of the Samboree was the “scooters”! - many rode electric or gas scooters all around the fair
grounds.  There were so many pretty colors and they looked like fun to ride!  There were lots of participants in
the card game competitions.  Saturday some went next door to the flea market and found things to buy – which
wasn’t hard to do!  That afternoon was the ice cream social.  The Saturday parade was a huge success – most
Getaways marched in the parade. The dinner was unusual and delicious; since first-timers were allowed to go
in line first, most Getaways fell in that category.  The service was fast and courteous – a rare combo for
serving such a large group.

We camped at Okefenokee RV Park at the end of December with nine rigs.  We had moderate breezy days
with cool nighttimes for a perfect week of camping. Several visiting rigs joined us.  We enjoyed shrimp with
snacks for dinner one evening, played dominoes, cards, counted the 10 second drop of the ‘Waterford Ball’ in
New York’s Times Square and toasted each other.  Then we enjoyed a pork roast, bicycle rides, ice cream
social, installation of some of the officers. Let us all strive to make 2004 as good or better than 2003.  We
certainly wish for a better year healthwise.

Thirteen member rigs and three guest rigs shared our January campout.  Our ASDs Dave and Shirley Carlson
attended our meeting and swore in our new officers: President Gene Bundy, Vice President Marin Cox,
Secretary Carol Ring, Treasurer Jeanne Dodd..  We enjoyed meals prepared by Chef Judy.
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