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December’s turnout at Sanlan Ranch, Lakeland, for our last rally of 2004 was a great success with 15 rigs and 32
people.  Only two members could not be with us for the weekend which is understandable this time of the year.
Joe and Juanita Burnett Drexler were hosts for the rally.  If anyone went away hungry it was their own fault.
I think they were surprisingly satisfied - quite a bounty! Rich Karaszkiewicz brought along his accordion and played
Christmas carols and had a sing along after dinner.  One unique thing about Sanlan Ranch is the area for “wagon
wheel” parking.  It affords a wonderful place to sit around the bonfire and chit chat or see who can tell the biggest
lies.  The camaraderie is great!


As I write this newsletter, it is just days away from Christmas and I can’t believe how fast this year has gone.  
Is it my imagination or do the years go by faster as you get older; nah, can’t be!  All who attended the Orlando
Samboree in November had a great time.  Kudos to Joan Horn for orchestrating our part in the pirate parade.
Our last meeting of the year was held at San Lan Ranch RV Park in Lakeland with eight members and five guest
rigs attending.  
Friday night we all relaxed around the campfire, had some snacks, told some lies, finished decorating our rigs with
lights and listened to music.
Saturday the park offered a wagon ride through the park and out to Banana Lake; all who went enjoyed it.  That
night we had our Christmas dinner in the community room with turkey, ham, many vegetables and deserts.
No one went away hungry.  We certainly had a good time with our guests and it looks like we might have some
new members join our chapter; they are certainly welcome.


Our chapter will honor our adopted class of mentally challenged students for Easter and St Patrick’s Day.


The January meeting was held at the Okefenokee RV Campground, Folkston-Homeland, GA.  Hosts were Bill and
Louise Devero who celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary with service to the chapter.  The weather was a
mixture of fog to overcast skies; the sun made itself apparent in the afternoons.  The trains were not so busy this
weekend.  The women enjoyed crafts.  This is a real test of coordination – all that talking and no misplaced beads.
Glenn tried out his new Christmas present by making popcorn.  This may be a new tradition as the members are
so poorly fed that any little bit helps.  The Deveros provided a spaghetti supper.


At our New Year’s Party/Meeting held at Casey Jones Campground, Lake City, we had 17 member rigs, three
guest rigs.  Thursday was full of card and domino games and most went out for dinner.   Friday we enjoyed the
beautiful weather, played cards and dominoes until time for the New Year’s Eve Party.

January campout was held at Eagle’s Roost RV Resort in Lake Park, GA, with 13 rigs. The weather was great until
Friday when it turned cold and started raining; but it didn’t slow down those who wanted to go to the Mall
or eat at the Farmhouse Restaurant.  The food was delicious and we kept the waitresses hopping.  Friday some
took in the Fish Net Restaurant where the seafood is great.  Friday and Saturday some braved the freezing rain to
check out the flea market next door.  Cards and games were in progress most of the time at the clubhouse. After
Saturday’s ham dinner provided by the hosts, Russell and Winnie sang some gospel songs and led a gospel sing
along; Charlotte Lewis did a great job on a solo number.

Barbara Roll’s PEPPER SLAW

For the Slaw
2 3/4 c shredded green cabbage
1 c seeded and diced green bell peppers
1/4 c peeled and shredded carrots

Fill a large bowl with ice-cold water and soak cabbage for 30 minutes to make slaw very crisp.  Drain well.  Toss in
another bowl with carrots and peppers.  (Vegetables with bite like these are more likely to satisfy your appetite
than a typical green salad.)

For the Dressing
2 tbsp sugar
1/4 c cider vinegar
½ tbsp vegetable oil
½ tsp freshly ground black pepper

Stir ingredients together (a combination with a tangy kick; with no mayo each 3/4 c serving has only 65 calories).  
Pour dressing over slaw and toss well.  Refrigerate for 2 hrs before serving.


Is it just me, or did that 2004 year really pass that fast?  It amazes me that so much of life can seem to be
squeezed into such a short period of time.  We have seen many changes in our friends....our family.  We have
shared happinesses and sadnesses; have survived illnesses and bereavements; have laughed and cried together
and apart.  
Yes, thank God, for an amazing year of life.  And may we all be blessed with another one to share.  Thank you to
our hosts Phyliss Baumer with John Sorenson & Joyce Nissen.  Hosts, “yawl dun reel good” with the hobo theme.  
Griddlecakes & sausages, with fresh tree ripen fruits, an open bonfire, with a herd of goats moseying around,
enhanced the atmosphere of your theme. A pie-iron lunch with a hobo stew for dinner made for a fine campout.  

Last year at this time we cleaned up the litter by the reservoir’s edge and saved the cans for our dogs.  This year
we managed much more.  For almost two miles on the road into the park, you could see many full bright yellow
Good Sam litter bags.  So now all of “Hog Hollow” knows that there was a bunch of healthy Good Sammers in their
area.  We need more of those bags!!!  

Fifteen member rigs, a guest rig and two drive-ins were at our January meeting.  At present there are 36 fulltime
members, seven associate members in our chapter.  

Thanks to our hosts, Tom & Nancy Leonard and Charles & Penny Ritenbaugh.  The park, campout theme, food,
talent, turnout – made you all the hosts with the mosts for our February campout.
We had 18 rigs with two guests and one drive-in.  Friday we had our usual Happy Hour and then went out to
supper.  The weather was pretty cool so we just went into our warm cozy rigs for the night.  
Saturday we woke up to the wonderful smell of breakfast casserole.  We later enjoyed Holey Board and bocce ball.


WOW! Did we ever have a FUN December campout weekend!  
There were 11 rigs present including visitors.  It was our first time to camp at Sun ’N’ Fun in Sarasota – what a
huge lovely campground.  Wagonmaster Fred found another great site for us to try – good job!
Friday night was our annual Christmas party; as usual delicious goodies were brought to munch on.  Everyone
was asked to bring a $1 gift for men and lady; we played games and sang Christmas carols.
Everyone shared memories of childhood Christmases past – the spectrum went from humorous to sentimental
Saturday night was spent by our Christmas in Hawaii luau – another fun event. Everyone brought cuisine with the
Hawaiian taste – so delicious!  Again we played games; Nancy Holly and Carol Truthan performed the hula in their
grass skirts.  Bill LeBright and Ernie Lara won the best dressed Hawaiian male; Fran Bissell won the best dressed
Hawaiian female contest.  A fun time was had by all!


Go-See-Ums Win State Rig/Site Decoration Contest!!!  This is a headline we’ve been waiting to see and at
the November Orlando Rally during the Saturday night awards presentations, the headline became reality as
President Leo Reuss accepted the award, consisting of a certificate and $50.00 cash, from Ginny and Warren
Bradley, State Director. A roar went out from all of us present and there could be no doubt how thrilled we were.  
Fourteen rigs and 26 persons were present at the rally which is certainly a recent times high for the chapter and
speaks volumes for the fun and camaraderie enjoyed by our members.


The Thursday early bird chili dinner started a camping weekend filled with activity.  Between the Bean Bag
Baseball, the Tin Can Bingo, the Sock Hop and the mini dental hygiene lecture, there was barely time to breath.
With two separate club rallies going on at the same time, the campground was at full capacity.  One ex-chapter
member coming as a guest was turned away.  (This is the main reason it is so important to call your reservations
in to the wagonmaster as early as possible.)
ASD Richard Vander Bok installed the new 2005 officers; also told us we were given an honorable mention award
for our newsletter.  Lydia Maree suggested we develop a cookbook for the women and a tips book for men.
Nineteen member rigs were present at this January campout  We were few but that was okay.  Those who
attended this Valentine’s Day Campout were delighted with Nancy & Eldridge’s beautiful efforts.  
The weather was a little chilly, but the days were beautiful.


President Jackie “Beebe was presented an award for honorable mention for our chapter newsletter at the
Samboree.  Out of 72 chapters we were selected one of the top 13 newsletters.  We are all very proud of this--
thanks to everyone’s indulgence, cooperation and support.  We  had a total of 17 rigs at the Christmas campout.
Friday was cool with a few scattered light showers – did not dampen any spirits.  After happy hour some folks ate
in while others went to Clewiston Inn for a real nice dinner. Saturday we awoke to a beautiful but cool morning so
many beautiful jackets appeared. We checked out the local flea market, enjoyed beanbag baseball. ASDs Bob
Banasack and Carolyn Swinea installed our newly elected officers: Bob Probst President, Jim Ziegler Vice
President, Shirley Nairn Secretary, Aggie Martin Treasurer.  

Our January campout was held at the Sun Shine RV Resort near Lake Placid.  Hosted by Jackie & Ed Beebe and
Renee & Bubs Bergen and attended by 16 rigs.  As we arrived at the park we,  were welcomed by a large sign at
the entrance welcoming our chapter.  The club house was a new building with two pool tables, a ping pong table, a
poker table and many card tables, dart boards, fooz ball game, lots of sports equipment, tennis racquets, golf
clubs, etc.  Ladies and men made good use of all the tables and games.  On Friday some folks went shopping
while some visited local Lake Placid sights.  Many games were enjoyed.


Because chapter officers must resign their office when they take a position with the state, it was necessary to hold
elections at the meeting at the Tallahassee Samboree.  Bubba Peterson is now an ASD so he resigned his office.
Frank Smith is our new President.  Vice President is Marcee Abbott, secretary is Christine Yearous and treasurer
is Bill Abbott.  We will have a chapter meeting in May at the Wild Frontier.


We had a good time at Zachary Taylor in December.  The Hurricanes devastated their Rec Hall so we dined on
“The Patio!” The weather cooperated right up until we started to eat.  All of a sudden the wind picked up, the
temperature dropped and everybody had to scurry for some warm clothes.

We had a great time at Savannas in January.  Seven rigs attended.  The weather was excellent.  Nice change
from last year when we had to put up shelters and wear parkas to dinner!