Fourteen of our members and our ASDs, Billie & Bette Hodgin, gathered at Hendrys Sabal Palms in Palmdale for
our annual Christmas party and meeting.  Monday we had our dinner with steaks furnished by the chapter which
we all enjoyed inside the clubhouse. After Tuesday’s breakfast we held our installation of officers by our ASDs.  It
is always such a pleasure to have them with us.  Our incumbent officers were all reinstalled.  Our afternoon was
spent playing cards and renewing our skills at holeyboard.  It is amazing the skills that you lose but most of it is
just plain luck.  

There were five rigs present and we all enjoyed the beautiful weather at Lake Manatee State Park, Bradenton, in
January.  Monday was our potluck, hosted by the Rands, and our taste buds were well satisfied.  We all joined for
breakfast on Tuesday and the oatmeal was a welcome addition on such a cool morning.  We spent the afternoon
hiking the trails and playing games.  In the evenings we enjoyed a campfire.


Our December campout was at Ocala Ranch and was attended by 19 member rigs and four guests.  We had
great games and food.  Santa Claus even came for a visit.  Our members also brought non-perishable food which
was donated to Daystar Life Center of Citrus County.  Our new officers were inducted by Assistant State Director
Bob Ward: President Paul Cullum, V President Rod Yeager, Secretary Judy Todd,
Treasurer Dan Todd, Wagonmaster Frank Bartley.


Seven rigs traveled to Fountain for the January campout.  The weather was cold and windy so there was very
little outside activity.  The ladies put together Valentine baskets for the children’s party at Westlake school while
the men observed.  We shared the clubhouse with a Coachman Club.  We had our usual hot dog supper Friday
and breakfast Saturday morning.  Then vacated the clubhouse so the other club could hold their meeting.  Marg
Henson gave the ladies a demonstration on making center pieces.  We enjoyed a scrumptious supper Saturday
evening and shared the clubhouse, camping experiences and tall tales with the Coachman Club.  We had a great
time and hope to meet them all again.


For our December outing 25 of us went to the Dixie Stampede.

Our January meeting was at Tropical Palms in Kissimmee with 10 rigs present.  Friday evening was our pot luck,
then card bingo was played with the proceeds for the Dogs.  Saturday night the chapter went to the Cracker
Barrel for supper and later played cards and dominoes.  

What a campout we had at Encore Ocala!!  Our biggest ever – 19 rigs; also our ASDs Merle and Ray Schimke
plus visitors.  We had a lot of rain but that didn’t seem to damper our spirits; our hosts O’Daniels and G Browns
did a wonderful job carrying out the Valentine theme throughout the weekend.  We played card bingo and
canasta and marbles.  Saturday many of us enjoyed the pancake breakfast put on by the campground.  The
Schimkes installed the officers for the 2006-7 term.


Our January meeting was held at Pecan Park RV Resort, Jacksonville, with wagonmasters Herman and Betty
Jones.  It was a chilly but clear weekend.  Friday the hardy few (10 of us) went out to eat at Applebee’s.  They
joined enough tables to have all of us sit at one large table; we just beat the rush hour and soon the restaurant
was full.  This chapter has experienced a slow decline in active membership which is common to many social
groups.  Yet the number of RV’s on the road is increasing.  It may be that the Good Sams old plan of support for
on the road emergencies is not much of a reason to join the club.  The reliability of RV’s today should cause
Good Sams to emphasize what to do while on the road or camping, not just camping to exercise the RV.  Was
mentioned that the membership roster sometimes had the wife’s name first, in others the husband’s name was

In February we met at Country Oaks, Kingsland, GA.  Will and Shirley Fender were the wagonmasters.  The
weather was clear and cool.  The bright afternoon sun had the ‘Early Birds’ out for a sun soaking and dog
walking. That evening we went to St. Mary’s Seafood Restaurant for our meal.  There was so much to eat that
many took ‘doggy bags’ back.  Saturday morning our cooks managed, in restricted space, to serve the normal
good breakfast in the camp office.  Saturday we had hobo soup; each member brought a can.  Afterwards we had
our Valentine Card exchange.  The real party started when each husband had to tell how he met his wife.  In a
few cases there was discussion as to the exact facts in the story.  Sunday our hungry group went to the nearby
Cracker Barrel for breakfast.


We had a great campout, meeting and New Year’s Eve party at the Pecan Park RV Resort in Jacksonville with 15
member rigs and four guest rigs.  With the exception of Sunday night when a storm came up and one of our
guests lost their awning, the weather was great.  Between card games and the flea market next door, most of us
made at least one trip to the area restaurants.  Jenny Brodhead hosted a “Girls Day Out” at Ruby Tuesday’s
which was a Dutch treat for all of the ladies after the business meeting.  Dick grilled hamburgers for the guys who
were left behind.  Prior to the party Saturday night, Sharon & Gene along with Dick Brodhead installed the 2006
Chapters Officers.  It was a very impressive candle lighting ceremony.

God smiled one again upon the Getaway Sams and gave us beautiful weather all weekend – including the chill in
the air on Thursday night. Ten rigs were present at King George RV.  Saturday’s dinner was chili with many
toppings; this was followed by cards and a campfire.  Not certain which card table or fire circle had the tallest
tales, but it was all in good camaraderie and friendship.

Mashed Potato Salad

Wash 1 ½ lbs baby red potatoes, quarter them leaving the skin on.  Place in a pot, cover with water and add 1 teaspoon salt.  Boil
under tender, then mash with ½ c milk.  After potatoes have cooled, add 1/4 c finely diced celery, 3/8 c finely diced onion, 1 Tbsp
mustard, ½ c mayonnaise, 1 Tbsp red wine vinegar, ½ tsp black pepper.  Mix well.  Refrigerate immediately.  (Serves six.)


We had a wonderful campout in January at the Encore Park in Ocala with 20 member rigs and two guest rigs.  It
was a beautiful shaded setting with crisp cold air!  We had to break out our heavy coats, but good fellowship,
friends, food and fun kept us warm!  Everyone enjoyed the photos taken at the December campout and put on
display here in the clubhouse.  Thanks, President Horn, for the great idea!  The weekend began with Happy Hour
followed by a chili supper (cooked by Phyllis Baumer) and, of course, games after.  Saturday found us sharing a
unique way of making omelets – thanks to Tom and Nancy!  The cold didn’t keep us from participating in games
Saturday afternoon, although some less-hardy souls retreated to the clubhouse.  Dinner, hosted by the Leonards
and Phyllis Baumer featured pork roast with cranberry gravy – mmmmmmm....good!  This was followed by a
rousing game of Beanbag Baseball.  Sunday we shared sweets in the clubhouse.

The first weekend in February found us (15 members) camping at the Wild Frontier Campground in Ocala
(sometimes referred to as Turning Wheel, the dealership in front of the park).  Although it was a stormy weekend,
with heavy rain during both Friday and Saturday nights, fairer skies prevailed for the duration of our outdoor
activities.  We opted for Beanbag Baseball inside Saturday afternoon.  The Valentine decorated evening meal
featured fried chicken and was followed by a trivia contest.


We had another lovely campout in December at Sun ‘N Fun in Sarasota; this is our second year there.  A nice
sized rec room makes this park very appealing for us.  We started out Friday at an all-you-can eat Italian buffet
restaurant; don’t think they made a lot of profit on us!  ASD Ernie & Elsa Lara invited us back to their gorgeous
rig where we watched the hilarious movie,
Christmas with the Kranks.  Saturday morning had four of us ladies
making Santa wind catchers; they are oh so cute.  That night we held our annual Christmas dinner; everyone
brought something to go along with ham.  Such a yummy assortment of food!  We held our gift exchange;
everyone brought a new $1 gift from the Dollar Store.  The “elves” sang Christmas carols – sounded pretty good
too.  President Sissel gave a thinker’s quiz; Karen Glas was the winner. Mary King won the Raffle Christmas
wreath.  Our new Seahorses officers were installed: President Walter Smith, VP David Bale, Wagonmaster Fred
Bissell, Treasurer Fran Bissell, Secretary Carol Truthan,  Ass’t Sec Nancy Koch, Chaplain Bill LeBright, Sunshine
Chair Thelma LeBright, Newsletter Sissel Hopper.  Outgoing President Sissel thanked all the officers for their
help, faithfulness to the Chapter and indulging her for the many activities she planned during the last three
years.  She also encouraged everyone to support Walter and the new Officers to make our Chapter grow and to
prosper for future years.

It was “old home week” at the Janurary campout at Fisheating Creek.  Many of our members who have been away
for a while were back.  Welcome back – you’ve all been missed!  We had a record 15 rigs.  We had a fantastic
weather-wise outing, too; the sun was shining and the nights were just perfect for sitting around the campfire.  
Our morning nature walk was delightful; good participation.  All meals were delicious as always; the hobo stew
was a big hit.  We ate in true “picnic style” by sitting outside on long tables perfect for fun and conversation.  The
proceeds from the brown bag auction and the pancake breakfast have us off to a good start for our “dogs” fun.  
Thanks to Bill LeBright for being our auctioneer; he does such a good job by interjecting humor making it a fun
event.  Bob & Sis Hopper were presented with a plaque for their 25 years of dedicated service to the Chapter,
thank you all!


The new year brings new members and new officers to our chapter with five new members being inducted by ASD
Bob & Jeane Louis.  Late they swore in the new officers: President Gail Joyal, Vice President Linda Reuss,
Secretary Eileen Scheid, Treasurer Chere Ruester.  Both ceremonies were brief but reaffirmed the traditions and
values of the Good Sam Club. As the Good Sam Club was founded on the values of helping one another whether
it be on the road or through charitable giving of time or resources, Go-See-Um Sams have strived over the years
to uphold those same values.  It is wonderful to see new members join our group and participate in those same
values.  It is equally fantastic to see those who are elected to officer positions take their responsibilities and
pursue them for the benefit of our chapter.  Our December campout was so much fun with decorations and, of
course, the Christmas party.  Thanks to the Schlenkers we had a delicious ham dinner with pie for desert. The
wagonmaster reported that the turnout for this meeting is a fantastic total of 17 rigs, three cars and 39 folks.  
WOW!! That is about an 85% turnout.

What a great weekend in January no less.  Could the weather have been better?  The breeze kept the bugs
away, the sun was shining, and the temperature was like a spring day.  What a great turn out!!!  We are about at
capacity for membership so we will have to start watching our numbers because most parks will only
accommodate 20 rigs.  We had 17 rigs at this campout.


We had a wonderful time at Kellys in Callahan.  The weather was rainy and chilly but that didn't dampen our
spirits.  We were honored to have our ASD, Geddas, Ida and Mary Williams, as our guests.  Geddas installed our
officers as follows: President Bill Amos, Vice President Clara Mitchell, Assistant Vice President Ron Blayney,
Secretary/Treasurer Freda Riddle, Wagonmaster Billy Riddle.

In February we had a wonderful time at Kellys in Callahan.  It was a little chilly but we found a place in the sun to
sit and visit.  Friday we were treated to Dick Williams’ famous chili; it was delicious as was the wonderful lemon
cake our resident “Betty Crocker,” Freda Riddle, made.  Saturday night we met in the clubhouse for dinner.  


December meeting was a Christmas dinner party at the “Off the Vine” restaurant hosted by the Murrell’s.  After
dinner we went over to the Murrell’s for drinks and a chat session.

January campout was held at Tropical Palms Resort in Kissimmee and hosted by the Probst’s and Ziegler’s.  
Many arrived on Thursday and then, after setting up, went shopping.  Some went to Outback for dinner then to
the clubhouse for card games.  We had a total of 14 rigs after Friday’s members arrived. After breakfast we
chose “super bowl” teams with Ed Beebe and Gayle Holland as team captains.   Saturday Rod Cole came to visit
and gave a presentation of “Yankee RV Caravan tours.”  

Our February campout started out at the Marina RV Resort.  Three of us caravaned out together with two others
arriving soon after on Thursday and another on Friday.  Friday morning President Probst, our wagonmaster,
arrived to find out there were no more full hookup sites available.  He had called the resort at the first of the year
to make arrangements; called again two weeks before campout and the resort called him one week later.  Neither
time did they mention anything about the sites not being available.  So President Probst left and notified everyone
the campout was canceled.  We’re all very sorry this happened.  Their management leaves a lot to be desired.  
But we went fishing, swimming; enjoyed an ice cream social, attended a “pick-en and strumming” session


January’s campout was held at Wild Frontier RV Park in Ocala with five member rigs and one visitor rig coming in
as earlybirds.  Five more rigs came in on Friday and most of us went to eat at Sam’s Seafood Restaurant; Wizard
was played during the day and after supper.  For lunch Saturday we combined our goodies with the Daytona
Drifter’s Good Sam Chapter for hotdogs with all the trimmings; Wild Frontier RV Park furnished the hot dogs.  
Holeyboard, bocce ball and wizard were played in the afternoon with Sonny’s Ribs and members’ great dishes
being served for supper.

February’s campout was held at Old Mill Stream RV Park in Umatilla with five member and one visitor rig. All
enjoyed a great meal at The Mason Jar with wizard being played that evening.  Friday three more rigs joined us
and all went to eat at The Quarterdeck with bocce ball being played during the day and wizard after suppler. Five
more people drove in Saturday for the meeting.  A potluck dinner was enjoyed in the afternoon with wizard being
played afterwards.

Four rigs went to Palatka Samboree as early birds.  Two more arrived on Thursday.  Some first timers joined us
for a potluck dinner that evening.  Friday two rigs left because of the rain.  Saturday the ones remaining went to
supper at Corky Bells for a great dinner.  


Our January campout was at Kelly’s RV Campground, off of US 41, north of I-10.
The Yearous’ were wagonmasters.  The weather was a warm Florida weekend.  Friday we sat down to bean soup
with cornbread and various preserves.  The park made their smaller room with the kitchen available for our use.
After the meal, Glenn shared his 77th birthday cake.  The Kelly crew furnished all the park campers with a
pancake breakfast on Saturday for $2.50. Saturday we took the hiking trail; a branch of the trail passed by a
shallow lake.  After we cleaned up from our Saturday dinner, we found many other campers sitting around a fire
so we visited with them for awhile.  


Most of us drove to the Rodeheaver Boys Ranch south of Palatka Tuesday morning; others pulled in
Wednesday.  The grounds had received a good soaking from rain a couple of days before so you had to be
careful not to get stuck pulling into your site.  Our chapter received two awards at the rally –
Second Place in
the Florida Chapter of the Year and a Certificate of Recognition and $100 check for Honorable
Mention in the International Chapter of the Year contest.
 We were most pleased to have four guest
couples joining our nine member rigs.  The Tuesday earlybirds went to Golden Corral for dinner.  Thursday we
filled the upper dining room of Southwell's Seafood & Steak Restaurant downtown for more good chow.  Some of
us managed to try lunch at Corky Bells after we learned of its presence in Palatka.  Saturday was the catered
dinner at the pavilion.  We had to eat good because we worked it off. Rolling Sams served a sausage and gravy
biscuit breakfast, helped state personnel serve hot dogs for lunch, served ice cream, handed out door prizes and
entertained with our boom bah band.  Other chapters added boom bah instruments to assemble the biggest band
we have seen at a hot dog lunch.  You’d think they were trying for Guinness!


January campout was held at Webster Travel Park in Webster with six rigs.  The weather was beautiful.  Ann fixed
a big pot of soup for dinner Friday evening.  All others brought things to accompany that.  Lots of camaraderie –
seemed as if we hadn’t been together for awhile.

Cleanup was held on Jan. 14th in Sertoma Park.  Had a great bunch (13 of us) to help.  The wind was terrible;
many pieces of trash were put in the bag three or four times.  Finally had to call it a day but we still had many,
many bags of trash.  Picnic was held afterwards but was moved to the Baldwins to keep the food on the plates.  

Christmas party was held at the Ariana Village Clubhouse.  The boys from Anchor House, as well as their helpers
and Father Mark and wife Ellie were our guests.  The boys surprised us with a program of Christmas songs.
There was much good food and fun.

February campout was held at Three Flags RV Resort in Wildwood with five rigs attending.  The weather was
beautiful.  We all attended the dinner held by the park Friday evening and then played games at Lucas’s and
Baldwin’s.  The mosquitoes were biting outside and the clubhouse was being used by the park.  Saturday Ann
had sausage gravy and biscuits – um-m good.  Potluck that evening was a Mexican theme with lots of Mexican
dishes and great desserts.  


We just had a nice weekend at 1000 Trails RV Park near Arcadia with six rigs and 10 members thanks to the
Sievers; some came on Thursday and others on Friday.  We had a potluck dinner with a great chili made by
Anita.  We were informed by management here that there would be heavy winds that night so we all closed our
awnings and prepared for it.  It did get windy but it also got very cold.  We ended up in the Sievers rig for our
meeting due to the cold.  There was a shopping party for Elise and the women that afternoon looking for
antiques.  It was too windy and cold for outside activities.  We had a great dinner Saturday night but we had to eat
at 5:00 as there was going to be a show at 7:00 p.m.  We had a great beef stew plus large hot dogs and
hamburgers; then we were allowed to stay for the show if anyone wanted.

It was a great weekend at Fisheaters Creek.  We had some cold weather but it wasn’t that bad; could have been
worse.  We had 10 rigs plus guests.  Friday we had our finger foods get-together with a nice variation of different
foods.  We then set up a nice bonfire to keep us warm while we were able to chat and enjoy each other’s
company.  Saturday was a cold morning but once the sun came out it was an ideal day for activities.  It was a
good day for getting some fresh air and lots of sun.  Unfortunately there is no nearby activity except in the park;
the closest town is LaBelle, 16 miles away.    We had our anniversary dinner in LaBelle at Flora & Ella’s
Restaurant.  The food was good and the prices were great.  A good time was had by all.


Our January campout was held in Riverview at the Hidden River RV Resort with 11 member rigs.  The sun shown
Friday and Saturday but it was very cold so we did not pursue the outdoor games.  Cards were the main
attraction all weekend.  Friday everyone went to the restaurant where Gail works; Saturday was the ever usual
great potluck dinner.  


First of all, as we only had four rigs at the Orlando Samboree, Sassy Sams received a good share of prizes –
Holey Board, Bocce Ball, raffle winners, bingo winners, cake walk – and best of all, 3rd place for Kamping
Kapers.  We were joined by two other rigs from Spring Hill; one of whom decided to join us.  The weather was
great all week.  The parade was great fun for all who participated as well as for all of us who watched.  There was
a lot of work and time put into it by fellow Good Samers.  Entertainment provided for us as well as the food was
great also.  Thanks to all who were responsible for the Rally; we appreciate all your hard work.

Our New Year’s Eve party was held at Wild Frontier campground in Ocala.  It was well attended and a lot of fun
for the 11 rigs attending.  The owners of the campground hosted a party for all the campers with music, food, soft
drinks, hats and favors.  Several nice door prizes were given out.  We even had a group from Sassy Sams take
the stage and serenade us -a fun and safe time was had by all.  


Our December campout was held at Rally Park in Tampa with 15 rigs.  Our Christmas outreach was to Florida
Baptist Children’s Home in Lakeland with 26 requested gifts plus 34 McDonald’s gift cards.  We also donated
several large boxes of daily needs to the Home.  This is a monthly outreach as we donate medicine, cottage
needs and personal needs on a monthly basis.  It was a great feeling as it truly is “more blessed to give than to

Our January campout was held at Wild Frontier in Ocala with 11 rigs.  We all had a great time.  Our “Let’s Eat
Out” event was at Sam St. Johns’ Seafood Restaurant.  The food was awesome.


Meeting was called to order at Sun Lake RV Resort with 15 members and seven guests including ASDs Bob and
Reba Ward.  The Wards installed the new officers: President Fred Osmun, Vice President Steve Drumheller,
Treasurer Joyce Best and Secretary Betty Kimmerling (by cell phone since she couldn’t be at the campout).  
Florida Dog Guides did a demonstration.

Meeting was at Olde Mill RV Resort with 19 members and three guests (11 rigs).


The January campout was held at Sunshine RV Resort, Lake Placid.  We all enjoyed a great weekend; however,
the weather turned cold and very, very windy on Saturday.  In spite of this, we did have a great time. Friday night
most of us dined at the Golden Corral Buffet in Lake Placid.  Their food, as always, was wonderful and, of course,
we all overate.  Saturday we had a potluck dinner hosted by our wagonmasters Don and Sandy Harbol who
cooked some great lasagna!!!  Again everyone stuffed themselves!!!  After the potluck, we had a silent auction
which was so much fun.  Some of the items auctioned were absolutely “outrageous.”  We all had some great
laughs and raised lots of money for Dogs for the Deaf.

Several couples from our chapter attended the Winter Samboree in Palatka.


Our February campout was at Clerbrook Golf & RV Resort, Clermont, with 11 rigs present.  


The December rally was held at SanLan RV Resort in Lakeland with 11 rigs plus our ASDs Tom and Pat Grice
plus guests.  Friday we enjoyed a chili supper with all the wonderful side dishes the ladies in the chapter
prepared.  We really enjoyed the bonfire as the weather was not so good.  Cards were played in the recreation
room.  Saturday some of the ladies went shopping while the rest had free time to do whatever they wanted.  At
the end of our monthly meeting ASDs Tom and Pat installed our new officers: President Wilber Sewell, Vice
President Jack Henry, Secretary Becky Ball and Treasurer Thelma Henry.  Afterwards, our members were
entertained by a blue grass trio, “Under the Radar.”  

The January rally was held at Sertoma Youth ranch in Dade City with six rigs plus guests.  Friday was Italian
cuisine at Papa Joes restaurant..  Saturday the weather was warm and sunny and perfect for a game of golf or a
trip to the Kumquat festival.  Crafts were taught by Billy Sue Bourland and Joyce Cole.


Our chapter meeting was very productive.  Jim, our treasurer, has a bank account for our chapter in which we will
try to keep $400.  We also decided to change our meeting from in the morning to 7 PM after our covered dish.  
Saturday we will have a spiritual hour from 7-8 PM with our chaplain leading us in devotions, then our musical
group will play and lead us in songs (oldies mixed with hymns).  Our wagonmaster Barbara has been busy lining
up places for us to camp.  We had nine rigs and one guest rig from Old Town.  The weather was beautiful until
the cold front arrived Friday with high winds most of the night.  Saturday we went out to eat at the China Buffet in
Lake City.


Our January campout (eight rigs) was held at one of our favorite parks, Sugar Mill Plantation, north of
Thomasville, GA.  We had the availability of the clubhouse of which we took full advantage.  Friday we went to a
local restaurant, “The Homecoming,” for dinner.  Saturday evening was another feast with four pots of chili and all
the trimmings.  The weekend was filled with fun, games, laughter and fellowship.  


Our January campout was at John Prince Park in Lantana. Eleven rigs had received parking permits. The weather
was good to us – no rain and not too cold.  Saturday night we had a campfire with the cooking of marshmallows.  
At our Sunday meeting our ASDs Bob and Carolyn honored us with their presence.