Our January campout was held at Tropical Palms in Kissimmee with eight member rigs and seven visiting rigs.  
Hosts Bill & Charlotte Hartmann provided us with a great “Hawaiian theme” for our weekend.  We sharpened our
skills in beanbag baseball for the Dunnellon Samboree.  Our chapter members visited the “Old Town” area
adjacent to Tropical Palms where classic cars were on display for the weekend.  We welcomed two new member

February campout was held at the Dunnellon Samboree where we were well represented with 14 member rigs
and five visiting rigs.  Our chapter members Dave & Dee Robb were camped with the State Staff.  We drove the
tram for approximately 19 hours and served ice cream sandwiches Thursday.  Our members participated in
indoor and outdoor games (see winners’ page).  Due to more participation at the Samborees, our chapter has
donated four Cribbage and four Skip-Bo games to the State.  We hope that whomever won our Camping World
gift card puts it to good use.  Century Patches were presented to the Bluhms and Powers.  We welcomed three
new member rigs.  The facilities at the Samboree were great.  The more your chapter participates and
volunteers, the better time you will have!


We held a short meeting at our December meeting at Hillsborough State Park.  We will have four rigs attending
the Spring Samboree.  Had some rain at our campout but did squeeze in card playing before the rain.  On
Wednesday we toured the Shriner’s Hospital and ate lunch at the cafeteria.  We sat by the campfire at night and
also enjoyed pie iron pies.

Our hosts at Myaaka River State Park in January were PJ and Howard Souder.  We enjoyed hamburgers and all
the fixings.  We did see deer, birds, gators, just so much wildlife in this area.  The second morning it was even
too cold for the crows; they had kept us serenaded the first morning but they kept very quiet the second
morning.  We were braver than the crows as we did manage to eat our oatmeal in the cold.  We did see a baby
hawk and later an adult hawk ; they do not appear skiddish around us humans.  We did get enough sunshine in
the afternoons to play a little cards and got the Holey Board out to practice so that we will be ready to compete
at the Spring Samboree.  We are now having a raffle each meeting to raise funds for the Shriner’s Children.  


We camped at Pelican Palms in Bagdad in January.  The weather was beautiful and the food was great.  We
were busy as usual.  We exercised on the park’s equipment, played pool, sang along with the karaoke machine,
and played card games and dominoes.  Several guys sneaked away for a game of golf.  Leon Westmoreland,
Tommy Crutchfield and Bill Braxton served as Chefs for Friday night hot dogs, Saturday morning breakfast and
Saturday night supper.  The new officers took their places at the meeting.


Our first outing of the new year was at Tropical Palms; we had a pretty good crowd.  Our hosts, Higginbothams
and Kitchens, came in early and the rest of us (11 rigs) came Friday.  That afternoon we played holey board.  
We had a good potluck supper; afterwards Suzy had some door prizes (fattening, cute and useful) – candies,
glowing pacifiers, gloves and more candy.  

The February campout was at Clerbrook in Clermont with 11 member rigs and four visitors. Our hosts, DePaiva
& Jones, planned a great weekend.  The tornado and rains were not a part of their plans; and, had the path of
the tornado been a little further south, we would have been in trouble.  There were some quick calls home to
check on family and conditions.  Thankfully all was OK.  We had to share the clubhouse with two other clubs this
time.  Our chapter stayed mostly in the “enclosed” screen room at the back of the building by the pool – it was a
little less noisy.  Good potluck supper on Friday evening.  Susan Troop topped it off when she brought out a
cake for Alan’s birthday and we joined with the Happy Birthday song.


We started our new year camping at Homeland, GA, with Herman and Betty Jones as hosts and 15 rigs including
ASD Sharon Bundy.  Ellis Mullis and Bill Moran cooked breakfast on Saturday and Sunday  for the entire group.
ASD Bundy swore in the new officers.


We had a great turnout for our December/New Year’s Eve Party at Oaks n Pines RV Park in Lake City with 16
member rigs and one guest rig.  Others stayed at other campgrounds or motels and joined us for activities.  The
new owners of the campground have done a great job with the drainage problem that plagued the park in past
years.  Thursday and Friday were filled with the usual games; some went into Lake City to eat while others ate
in; and, of course, we had lots of conversation at our “Tea Times.”  ASD Sharon and Gene Bundy installed the
2007 Chapter Officers.

A small, but energetic, group traveled to Titusville for the January campout at the Great Outdoors RV Resort.  
We had a total of nine rigs.  The weather was a bit chilly and wet when we arrived but warmed up and dried out
as the week progressed until it cooled down and rained Saturday night.  The REC room was a tent with nice
tables and chairs and AC and heat.  When the heat didn’t work one night we moved to a building where we
played “Apples to Apples” - a new game brought in by the Snellings.  


Hardly seems possible that it’s 2007 already!  Didn’t we just usher in 2006?  And what a beautiful year it’s been
– just the kind of weather we live in Florida for!  Our first campout was held at the Lake Oklawaha RV Resort in
Fort McCoy.  We had a wonderful turnout – 22 rigs and one drive-in.  On Friday we celebrated Happy Hour,
swatting “bees” and catching up on the latest.  Many of the group then traveled to Fort McCoy for the monthly
Fish Fry at the VA Home.  Games followed in the clubhouse.  Saturday we had sandwiches and pies cooked
over the coals of an open fire (thanks to Duke Huggett!) In pie irons.  Really good - unless you left them in too
long!  We had an enthusiastic game of beanbag baseball.  That evening we enjoyed potluck dinner together
and either campfire time or games afterward in the clubhouse.


Another lively campout at Sun ‘N Fun in Sarasota; this was our 3rd year there.  A nice sized rec room makes this
park very appealing for us.  We started out Friday night at an all-you-can-eat Italian buffet restaurant; they
probably didn’t make any profit on us.  Saturday we held our annual Christmas dinner; everyone brought
something to go along with the ham and turkey.  The rec room was all decked out for Christmas.  We held our
gift exchange; everyone brought a new $1 gift from the Dollar Store.  The “elves” sang Christmas carols.  Sissel
and Fran each provided a fun quiz in which thinking caps were needed.  Our new Seahorses officers were
installed by State Director Bill and Dianne Maxwell.


Our Christmas party at Little Willies (18 rigs) was great!  Thanks to Doris and Phil Moore for decorations and
setting up the evening; they did a fantastic job of transforming the clubhouse into a party atmosphere.  Bob and
Dede Jacoby provided Honey Baked hams with others providing other dishes.  Bob Louis won the jar of candy.  
Centerpieces were beautiful and went home with lucky ticket winners.  To determine who would get first pick of
the gifts you had to figure out what word was on your back (only three questions allowed).  ASDs Bob and
Jeanne Louis inducted our 2007 officers.  We decided to equally divide our charity money between the Salvation
Army and Hope Hospice.  


We met at Tropical Palm Resort in January with wagonmasters Ludwicks and Nelsons.  Many of us arrived
Thursday to a cool but beautiful day, sunny and bright.  After setting up we visited and renewed old friendships.
Some played cards in the meeting room, then early to bed to await balance of members on Friday for a total of
18 rigs.  Friday we arose to another beautiful day in Florida.  The wagonmasters found spots for those arriving
as the park is nearly full.  A number of cabins have been built limiting the motor home sites.  Some had their
motorhomes washed/waxed by a company in the park.  A number of us visited “Old Town” adjacent to the park.  
Some went bike riding.  After dinner we met in clubhouse for card games.  Past president Jackie Beebe swore in
the new officers.

The February campout was held at the Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort in Clermont with Marguerite & Bob Probst
and Barbara & Jim Ziegler as wagonmasters.  They did a wonderful job under trying circumstances.  Those who
arrived Thursday did so in the inclement weather.  Everyone made the best of it as Good Sam members always
do.  Most of the members went to the Oakwood Smokehouse near Leesburg for a wonderful dinner. Friday we
learned we were only a few miles from the devastated area in Lake County.  Very fortunate as there were over
1000 rigs at the campground.  It was very windy but no damage reported by our members.  We share the
campground with the Sassy Sams and Florida Eagles.  A challenge was made to have a beanbag tournament


Due to Wild Frontier cancelling our reservation at the last moment, we did not have a campout but we held a
potluck dinner at the Ferguson’s Saturday morning (maybe we should do this more often).  We had lots of good
food, great fellowship and a  meeting with 23 members present and two visitors (prospective new members).

What a turnout we had at Ole Mill Stream with nine rigs as earlybirds and two more coming in Friday.  Card
games were played all three nights.  The Becks, Coffmans and Joan Carter had pancakes and sausage for both
breakfasts.  Earl Howe got a Pumpkin birthday pie.


Our Chapter donated $350 to the Real Life Children’s Home in Okeechobee as our 2006 charity contribution.  
Also, a member made stocking hats for the 30 children at the home.  Another member made 17 hats and gifts
for the children at the Salvation Army Sally House in St. Petersburg.


The weather was great for the January campout at Lazy Days which was also the 2007 Super  RV Show. We
had fun, good food and top notch entertainment at Lazy Days.


Our January meeting was scheduled for Moore Haven marina; but, at the last minute we were informed of an
electric problem and we were transferred to Robins Nest.  The weather was nice but a little too windy for the
awnings to be lowered; we had cool nights and warm days.  We had 11 members plus ASDs Bob and Carolyn
who swore in the 2007 officers.  They also talked about attending the Samborees and other events and what we
can expect if we do attend – very interesting!!  Friday night was had our regular finger food dinner (sharing the
rec building with another Good Sam group) and on Saturday a great dinner of lasagna and salad made by
Denise had everyone opening a notch or two on their belts.  After dinner we played bingo.

We met again at Robins Nest.  Due to problems at Moore Haven marina, we spent the last two meetings at
Robins Nest; both are managed by the same people.  Our turnout was small, only had five rigs.  The weather
was ideal with cool nights and warm days. Thursday was ice cream at the clubhouse.  Friday we had a finger
food dinner; Saturday they had a pork dinner at the Robins Nest for $6.00.


November campout at Travelers Rest in Dade City had 20 rigs plus guests and ASDs.  Our members played
games and some even played a game of golf.  Both Friday and Saturday we enjoyed a wonderful potluck
dinner.  Hosts were Tom and Roseann Lange and Ken and Phyllis Crocker.

December we were at SanLan Park in Lakeland.  It was a little chilly; but with this being our Christmas meeting
and party it put us in the Christmas spirit. We  had 14 member rigs and two guest rigs. The rigs were decorated
and the bonfires were going.  Games were played and, on Friday, we all went for a wagon ride through the

January we were at Blueberry Hill RV Park in Bushnell.  We now have 28 members with the addition of two new
couples. Hosts were Tony and Linda Nagliere and Jack and Linda Clark.

We had 11 rigs, 23 members, at the winter rally in Dunnellon.  We attended seminars, played games and
competed in cards, dominoes and outside games (for winners go to winners webpage).


January campout was at Lake Placid hosted by the Blanks and Muchas.  We kept Florida free of more litter with
a clean-up, enjoyed ice cream in town, pizza at the club house, more food than we could eat at our potluck and
games during the day and evening.  Our wagonmaster Bob showed us an entertaining use of a wheel chair and
a scooter.  We had 12 rigs in attendance plus four guests.

February takes us to the Winter State Samboree in Withlacoochee.  Our southern members overnighted at
Williams Five Star RV in Sarasota, then caravan up I-75 to meet up with some more of our contingent on their
way to Withlacoochee.  The Samboree was a tremendous success.  They parked 390 rigs – not too shabby for
our presidents first samboree.  The new State Director is Bill and Dianne Maxwell and the new wagonmaster is
Tom and Par Grice; all hail from Silver Sams II – HOWRAH!!!  We had 10 rigs in attendance with six guests.  We
volunteered for the tram, inside security, raised money for our charities with bake sale and sewing booth, then
did a litter cleanup for one hour.  Trips into the two local towns revealed very accommodating responses.  We
played games, enjoyed beautiful weather, fellowship, potluck, conversation and excellent entertainment.
Looking forward to this next year.


January campout was at Ocala Ranch RV Park, Ocala, with 14 rigs, 26 members and four guests including ASDs
Bob & Reba Ward. We’ll be serving lunch two days at Dunnellon Samboree.  We also are sponsoring a
Bloodmobile at the samboree.  


Our January campout was held at the Clewiston KOA with Henry and June Fuller as wagonmasters.  Thursday
we all dined on our own; Friday we ate at the Clock Restaurant in Clewiston and all enjoyed a great meal.  
Saturday, it was a potluck dinner in the clubhouse at 4 pm which was the only time we were able to get the
clubhouse.  At 8 pm we then had a happy hour outside by a bonfire.  We had five couples plus two guests and
ASDs Carolyn Swinea and Bob Banasack who installed our new officers.


The January rally was held at the Sertoma Youth Ranch in Dade City with Billy Sue and Jim Bourland as hosts.  
There were eight member rigs plus guests attending.  Everyone had a good time at the Kumquat festival


Our February campout was at Casey Jones in Lake City with four member rigs.  The weather was good and we
were able to have a good time.


January meeting was at Blueberry Hill RV Resort, Bushnell, with 17 rigs in attendance.  

February meeting was at Grand Lakes RV & Golf Resort, Orange Lake, with 14 rigs attending.


The December rally was held at SanLan RV Park in Lakeland.  Thirteen rigs attended plus special guests ASD
Tom and Pat Grice; also some of our honorary members.  Our annual Christmas dinner was held Saturday.
After dinner, we had our annual Chinese gift exchange.


Eight member rigs had a good time at Casey Jones in January.  There were some great card games and
dominoes which were enjoyed by all.  As usual, our wonderful cooks provided enough food so Saturday night it
was leftovers instead of eating out.


Five rigs attended our first campout of the year in White Springs at Lee’s Country Campground.   Friday night
we had our chili dinner and afterward we discussed our plans for the Winter Samboree.


Dogs for the Deaf and Hospice need your support – Please Help!

The weather was great at Robin’s Nest.  Let’s hope we have the same luck at John Prince Park.  We did have to
share the room, but it all worked out fine.  We played a game Saturday afternoon that was brought by Luz’s son-
in-law Don which we enjoyed.  The evenings were spent with dice and a puzzle.