Wow! What a turnout! 20 out of 21 member rigs (and three guest rigs) attended our January campout at Lake
Stone RV Park in Century. This was probably our largest group ever.  It was great to see such a crowd.  Friday a
large group traveled up the road to the Century Care Center where they assisted with Safety Bingo presented by
Epilepsy Services of NW Florida, one of our supported charities.  We donated a multitude of items for prizes and
helped residents with their bingo cards.  It was a truly satisfying and enjoyable activity for all involved.  Hotdogs
and games filled the Friday evening hours.  After breakfast the next morning, President Bill Schoenherr installed
new officers for 2009. Lois Crutchfield displayed chairback covers she’s made to use at Samborees to reserve
seating. A group of ladies constructed plastic canvas card holders that can be attached to your name badge cord
to hold your rig “number” card at the Samborees.


Our January campout was held at “Olde Mill Stream” in Umatilla.  The weekend was started with a rousing Holey
Board tournament with everyone gathering in front of the O’Daniel’s rig socializing until their turn to play.  The
weather was absolutely gorgeous for outdoor activity. We enjoyed our favorite activity – potluck! After dinner we
played card and board games.  Our chapter has volunteered to decorate the stage in November with the theme
“Under the Big Top.”

Our February campout was held at “Olde Mill Stream RV Park.”  The weather was absolutely beautiful; this is the
reason I live in Florida.  Hosts for the weekend were Ben and Carol Baker and there were 11 rigs present.  Friday
we had our usual “superdelicious” potluck meal, followed by card bingo.  After that we had an evening of
Valentine fun and games.  Saturday we all went out to eat at Umatilla Tavern and Restaurant; the food was good
and we all had a good time socializing.  ASDs Joe and Debbie drove over to join us for dinner.  After dinner we
returned to the clubhouse for more fun and games.


Our hosts, Art and Nancy Davies, took the chapter (nine rigs) to Country Oaks Campground in Georgia for
January campout.  Friday was a clear day with a fall feeling so we sat outside with our newest toy – a handheld
GPS unit – which we used to find our dinner location in Kingsland.  We ate at Langs Marina Seafood Market.  
Sunday there was no traditional campground breakfast so we scattered to various restaurants.  Our new slate of
officers was sworn in by Will Fender.  We did enjoy a Hobo stew as there are no kitchen facilities at this
Casey Jones RV Park in Lake City was the location of February’s campout with Herman and Betty Jones as
hosts.  The weather was clear and not too cold.  We were parked together in the field near the meeting room.  
Friday it was warm enough in the bright sun to sit outside.  Our evening meal was at the Ole Times Country Buffet
in Lake City; it is a favorite place when we are camping nearby.  At noon Saturday most of us went to Turning
Wheel for a lunch of hot dogs or hamburgers.  Some RV repairs were made and parts were purchased. Card
bingo was a favorite.


December campout was at Oaks n Pines RV Park in Lake City.  The officers furnished ham and turkey along with
veggie and cheese trays and other goodies for the New Year’s Eve party.  With all the great stuff brought by the
members, we, as usual, had way too much food although I did not see a lot go to waste.  Thursday we were joined
by officers from Suwannee River and Suwannee Valley Sams for a joint installation of officers by Sharon and
Gene Bundy.

In January we went to Twin Oaks Music Park in Hoboken, GA, with seven member rigs and one guest rig.  In
addition, we had four rigs from the Sunset Rambler Sams join us for a cool weekend.  We learned a valuable
lesson this weekend.  Although we enjoy going to Twin Oak Music Park and the owners are great, we will not try it
again in January.  On Thursday we had to wait while Mr. Crews and crew closed over 350 water faucets that had
been opened due to a previous freeze.  Once they were closed, the water could be turned to our rigs.  We also
found the heat for the Rec Room consisted of one small electric heater.  Mr. Crews did purchase an additional
heater while we were there.  The first day and night were very cold.  The weather improved to the point that the
days were comfortable but the nights in the Rec Room were still a bit cool.  This of course, brought out complaints
but did not stop the card games.  Friday breakfast was served by the Sunset Ramblers.  That afternoon we
played beanbag baseball while the usual Hand and Foot game was going on.  That evening, we were treated to a
delicious “Hobo-ken Stew” prepared by the Ramblers.  They furnished the meat and everyone else chipped in two
cans of “whatever,” which was then combined into a delicious and warming meal.  Carl had a brilliant idea to help
our Veterans in Lake City by making Valentine cards for them.  Everyone agreed and went to work making them.  
By Friday morning we had over 50 beautiful cards for our Vets. We tried a new game called “Tail Gate Toss” or
“Corn Hole.”  It’s similar to Holey Board but easier since the bags of corn are tossed at an angled board.


Our January campout at Lake Oklawaha RV Resort was a tremendous success with 12 member rigs and one
guest rig!  The majority arrived for early bird on New Years Day and enjoyed the afternoon and evening.  Friday
afternoon we gathered around to play a variety of outdoor games – Bocce Ball, Ladderball and Holey Board.  It
was informal and fun!  For dinner many of us roasted hotdogs around Ken Cole’s campfire and later we played
games in the clubhouse.  Hosts Dale & Phyllis Horn and Phyllis Baumer treated us for breakfast.  After our
meeting we again roasted hotdogs and made pie iron sandwiches.  Saturday evening we enjoyed Hobo stew,
compliments of our hosts, and played games in the clubhouse to round out a wonderful weekend.  

Old Man Winter tried to spoil the February campout at Wilderness RV Park and Estates, but we refused to give in
to the chilly weather!  We had a great time, even if we did have to unhook our water hoses temporarily for the
freezing temperatures Thursday morning!  There were 12 member rigs and one guest couple.  Friday many of us
enjoyed the Fish Fry at the campground Café.  Afterwards our hosts, the Ritenburghs and Raabes, set up a
chocolate fondue with cake and fruit for dipping. Mmmm, good!  Saturday it was warm enough for us to enjoy our
outside games of beanbag baseball, holey ball and ladderball.  


Thirteen rigs and five guests attended the December campout at Fisheating Creek.  We welcomed our guests
and hope they return soon!  The weather was cold Sunday morning but delightful Saturday night as we sat
around the campfire singing Christmas carols.  We would have roasted marshmallows, too; but everyone was too
stuffed after a delicious dinner.  Carol Truthan provided turkey and Elaine Fritz brought ham with the “fixings’
provided by other members.  It was decided that a brown bag auction would be held with the proceeds going to
build up the Chapter’s Dogs for Deaf fund.  Auctioneer Bill LeBright provided us with his bidding skills and his
comical antics kept us all laughing and having fun.  The 2009 officers were installed by ASD Ernie Lara (his last
job before leaving office).  We predict another great year for 2009!!!

The January campout, although cold, was fun.  President Forrest Fritz had a nice fire going for the early birds
Wednesday night.  Friday we went to Sonny’s BBQ for an enjoyable dinner.  Fire starter Carl Koch had the
campfire going when we returned from dinner; however, it was very windy and cold.  Saturday morning was very
brisk so the walk was postponed until the afternoon.  They walked around the campground and then up the hill to
the Lake Okeechobee levee to look out over the lake. There were 11 rigs present for the weekend. President
Fritz showed a video of an “A Cappella” group singing the National Anthem following our Pledge of Allegiance.  
When it was over, we were told the girls singing were 7 and 8 years of age; they did a fantastic job!  We had a
social hour prior to the potluck Saturday; the Park management was very kind and allowed us to eat inside the
Rec Hall as the weather was so cold.  The potluck was delicious as usual.


The January campout was held at Pecan Park RV Resort just north of the Jacksonville International Airport with
Glenn and Christine Yearous as hosts.  On Friday the wind made the flight pattern miss the campground; the
skies were clear and the sun gave us some warmth.  We were parked in nearby sites that, although cement, were
not flat but most can park with the wheels at nearly the same grade.  That evening we went to the nearby Cracker
Barrel for our supper. The next afternoon we walked to the nearby flea market.  Brunswick Stew was served for
supper.  We had six rigs present for our meeting.


Seven rigs braved the rain and cold and had a fabulous time in January at Oklawaha RV Park.  Tuesday was
bright and cool; once we got the heat going in the rec hall we had a comfortable place to gather.  After our usual
potluck we turned out four able bodied couples to receive square dance instruction from our own professional
caller – Ray.  Those who didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t dance were entertained by the efforts  of those who did.  Our
hosts Ernie and Sherry and Bert and Sherry provided a nice breakfast.  Several of us ate lunch in the rec hall
sharing our meal with Rich and Sharon Vander Bok (our ASDs).  Because the RV park is quite far from any
restaurant we planned to get out our grills and cook whatever we brought  sharing mealtime together again.  The
general feeling was “why don’t we do this more often?”

Eleven rigs made it to Olde Mill Stream in February, just in time for unseasonably warm weather.  Almost all took
advantage of the beautiful weather by arriving a day early.  As always, Monday was a quiet day with some visiting
and supper on your own.  It should be noted that for the first time in a long time we had to share the facilities with
a Winnebago Itasca Travelers chapter.  With our 11 rigs and their 16 we made a pretty good crowd.  Fortunately
Olde Mill Stream assigned plenty of spaces for each group and we managed to share the kitchen facilities
amiably.  We played cards in the evening.  Tuesday started cool but warmed up nicely so that some of us stayed
around to visit while another group decided on lunch in Mt. Dora followed by a walking/shopping tour of town.  We
played cards and bingo, had out pictures taken in a Valentine heart.  Wednesday most of us ate at The Mason


Our January campout actually started in December as we returned to camp for the second year in a row at
Suwannee River Hideaway in Oldtown with 13 rigs plus one guest.  The campground owner/managers and
several other campers joined us at the Club House for a great time.  We even provided some unexpected
amusement at midnight when our very own Father Time passed the New Year on to Baby New Year.  On New
Year’s Day we all went out to dinner at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Fanning Spring.

Instead of going to a campground for our monthly campout, we opted to hold our February meeting at the
Dunnellon Samboree.  This year 14 member rigs (and two guests) made it to Dunnellon.  As the Sassy Sams are
Bob and Reba’s home chapter, they asked us to kick-off the Friday Night Chapter Entertainment.  We staged a
production of the Sassy Sams’ “Not So Newlywed Game Show.”  The show participants and those of us involved
with the commercials had a great time that night.  We think the audience enjoyed the show too.  This show would
not have been the success it was without the hard work and creativity of our Director/Producer/Stage
Manager/Prop Designer/Costumer Andrea Oat.  Also, as Charter members of FSFP, The Florida Society of Fuzzy
Puckers, we initiated 68 new members into this elite organization.  Fuzzy will reappear in April at the Okeechobee
Samboree and will again welcome new members into his Secret Society.


January found us at Otter Creek County park with seven rigs and one guest.  What a beautiful park it is.  There
are great lodges for meeting.  The ladies made lap robes for the veteran’s home in Port Charlotte.  We want to
thank our hostess and host, Darla & Ed Blanks and Joyce & Bill Mucha.  They did a great job.  On the way there
we were caravanning and it was raining and the roads were muddy.  Well, it makes a difference if you put Avenue
or Street in your GPS as we went down the wrong road.  Low and behold, we met another camper from our group
and we all had to turn around on a small spot in the area.  We all had a great time once we arrived at the

We met at the rest area and caravanned from there to the Samboree in Dunnellon in February.  We had eight
rigs present with three guests.  We sewed on patches for fellow campers and met a lot of new campers.  What a
great surprise we all had when they announced
Honorable Mention for International Chapter of the Year
was Silver Sams II.
 We are real proud of Joan Collett for all her hard work on the book.  Eleven of us went out
and cleaned up trash on the main road and got seven bags of trash.  A good time was had by all.


On Friday night of our February campout we ate out at Flora’s & Ella’s and then played cards.  Saturday we were
going to have heavy hor d’oeuvres but since it was Valentine’s Day and the camp was having a dinner dance we
decided to eat at the club.  The meal was very good.  We had our own private room; afterward we played cards.  
Saturday the Jupiter Lighthouse challenged us to a baseball game and we beat them.


Our February campout was held at Sportsman’s Cove RV Park in McIntosh with seven rigs and two guest rigs.  
Friday night was salad night which was nice as usual.  Saturday, Valentine’s  Day, the men cooked for the
women.  The steaks, burgers and side dishes were great and really special.  Jim & Nelda presented all the women
with carnations.  The campground had the tables decorated for us and went out of their way to offer anything we
needed.  Watching and listening to the airboats was special.  We played cards and sat around chatting about
everything, including a southern lesson about chickens, hogs and frogs.  Yikes!!  A great time was had by all.

We were well represented at the Samboree in Dunnellon with six rigs and we were all parked together.  The area
they parked us in was beautiful with a lot of trees and right on the water.  Yep, our sites were really right on the
water!  We enjoyed bingo (won eight games between us), played beanbag baseball, holey board, card games
and dominoes as well as played cards between us at a table in the sun and looking over the water.  It was great.   
The Samboree was really a success.  Bob Ward and his staff did a great job.


The January campout was a joint campout with Getaway Sams and was held at Twin Oaks Park in Hoboken, GA,
with five rigs from our chapter.  With the hard freeze the night before we arrived to camp, the sites had no water
and the buildings were locked up.  Those who did not let their water drip that night woke up to frozen hoses as we
had several hours of a very hard freeze.  Friday morning was clear with bright blue skies.  Projects from
computers to scooters were worked on.  We enjoyed hobo stew (even shared it with others camping there),
played beanbag baseball, worked on cards for Lake City VA Hospital.

The February campout was held at the Florida Winter Samboree in Dunnellon  with five member rigs and one
guest rig.  Risbergs and Raineys arrived on Friday to help set up the Samboree.  Tuesday was a beautiful day for
arriving in camp as earlybirds.  Tuesday we played Samgo but had no winners; a good time was had despite the
cold.  Wednesday brought the wind and swirling dust.  Thursday brought dark skies and outdoor games were
moved under the pavilion.  Lots of helpers moved tables and chairs out of the way.  Hot dogs and ice cream were
enjoyed at lunch.  The State Committee met in the afternoon. We helped at Dr. Sambones.  


What a WONDERFUL start to a good year of FUN; we had three motorhomes and one tent.  Lembkes stayed in
the tent and said they were fine as they had a mattress and a heater.  We had had to cancel our January meeting
because of bad weather and the ONLY days we could get in a three month period were the first week of
February.  Our hosts, John and Carol, were able to get the Nellie Bly kitchen (a large dining area with kitchen and
a serving room with two large long tables to use for our dinner and for playing cards.  We had lots of fun playing
cards.  We also enjoyed roasting marshmallows on a stick over the fire.  Wednesday  some went to the Bell Tower
and then to the museum and the craft shop.


Our January campout was held at Sugar Mill Plantation Campground, north of Thomasville GA.  Because of the
comfortable amenities of the clubhouse, Sugar Mill has been the January campout destination for the past several
years, in great part, to provide assurance of a respite from extremely cold weather should the weather gods not
smile on us.  Seven rigs were in attendance plus three drive-ins Saturday.  The weather was mild but the
intermittent bad weather prevented us from playing outdoor games.  Friday it was chili, Saturday it was potluck
brunch and then into Thomasville for dinner at the Market Diner adjacent to the Farmers Market.  We had front
row seats for the entertainment.  


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. The spirit of Christmas was with us all as we celebrated our
December Campout at Claremont RV Resort in Clermont, Florida. We had 18 member rigs and one guest rig.
This meeting was our traditional Christmas celebration as we exchanged gifts and cards. In addition we brought
gifts for the children at the Shriners Hospital in Tampa.  We also picked the organizations that we wanted to make
donations to this year. Our host and hostess, Bob and Jean Roy, treated us to some very good food and put
together a program that featured some great local talent. Frank, Mary and Carolyn were the main characters.
After several Christmas songs, we wrapped up the evening with the 12 days of Christmas or you might say we
tried to.  Getting twelve senior citizens to remember their lines turned out to be quite a task. During our business
meeting, our ASD Robin Murray brought us up to date on several changes that would be taking effect on January
1st when our new State Director Bob and Reba Ward take office.


I would like to thank everyone for making our monthly outings in 2008 a huge success and am looking forward to
a successful 2009 RVing year. Our Christmas party at Bohemian Garden was well attended and enjoyed by all.
Cal Johnson did a great job entertaining everyone. Thank you Cal. Wish everyone a HAPPY HEALTHY