January 2010
In January, thirteen (13) rigs from our chapter traveled a little North to Alachua, our destination being
TRAVELERS'  RESORT.  After our usual Friday afternoon get-together we traveled into town to the
CONESTOGAS resaurant  for our Friday evening dinner.  By the way, our theme for this month was centered
around Valentines' Day.  This meant that the color  was red or pink, including the clothing, food, decorations,
etc.  In  the evening after returning to the campground we participated in table games or cards.  This was an
extremely cold  and miserable week-end,but we all had smiles and lots of fun.  Saturday breakfast and lunch
were on your own with the regular chapter meeting at 10:00 AM.  On Saturday afternoon  we enjoyed doing
several Valentine paper puzzles, darts, horseshoes, and bocci with prizes given out by the hostesses, (Neretta
and Anita). Our regular Saturday " pot luck supper"  had  a special treat as we were surprised with a  
scrumptious sheet cake provided by the campground !!!  Table games and cards followed the evening meal.    
Sunday we all took home the memories of the week-end.   

February 2010
Our get-together in February at  the Oysters Restaurant in Crystal River had a lot of past memories as we gave
our thanks to our 'ENTERTAINMENT" chirperson Patty.  Patty orchestrated the "ENTERTAINMENT" segment at
the Good Sam Samboree at Wekiva Falls in November 2009.  She received a plaque and  a glass cake dish
combination which can be used several ways.  After returning to the ELITE RESORTS campground in Crystal
River, everyone enjoyed an evening of table games and cards. The theme this month centered  on St.Patricks
Day involving the color green. Breakfast was "pot luck" followed by the chapter meeting at 10:00AM.  Lunch was
on your own with the afternoon spent visiting each other.  "Pot luck dinner" on Saturday consisted of green
punch, green foods,etc followed by evening games and cards with prizes  presented by Zola, Marie, Frank and
Ed.  On Sunday all went home happy after participating in the events.


February 2010
Below freezing temperatures prompted the cancellation of our January campout so everyone was happy to be
camping again in February.  The chapter returned to Mystic Springs RV Park and I’m happy to report there were
NO ANTS this time.  Those of you who couldn't make this campout missed a great time at a great location on the
banks of the Escambia River.
Nine member rigs and two visitor rigs were present for the chapter meeting Saturday morning.  Several items of
business were voted on and locations of future campouts were announced.  Bill Schoenherr was appointed
Chaplain for the year.
Several rigs attended the Florida Winter Samboree in Dunnellon this month.  VP Tommy and Lois Crutchfield
reported they carried the chapter banner in the chapter parade.  Tommy Crutchfield and Randy Chesnut took
second place in the washer toss competition.  Jackie Blake made and donated an afghan for Camp Boggy
Creek.  All of the attendees reported having a great time at the Samboree.  There are a number of Samborees
scheduled in the next several months.  Some of our members are heading north in June to attend some of them.  
All are invited to come along and enjoy the fun.  The Florida Spring Samboree at Okeechobee is sold out but
registration forms are now available online for the Florida Fall Samboree at Wekiva Falls November 17-21.  This
Samboree sold out quickly last year so get your registration in as soon as possible if you want to attend.    
Six rigs met at Westgate School February 15th and surprised our adopted class with a party.  The ten students
enjoyed their Valentine gifts, a “cake walk” where everyone wins a prize, a balloon popping contest, break
dancing, and, of course, Valentine snacks.  Our holiday parties are always a hit with the kids and we grownups
get a kick out of seeing them have a good time.  We like the hugs we get too.


January  2010
Our January campout was held at Lake Oklawaha RV Resort and was hosted by Tom & Nancy Leonard and
Charlie & Cookie Green.  Most of the 13 rigs (including one guest rig) attending arrived on New Year’s Eve. The
weather was COLD, but didn’t dampen our spirits. We enjoyed card games in the clubhouse and watching bowl
games on various rig TVs. Saturday morning our hosts treated us to sausage gravy & biscuits. Newly-elected
president, Steve Griffin, did a great job leading the meeting. Afternoon games began with Beanbag Baseball
(played inside and won by the men). Then we bundled up and played Bocci Ball and Holey Board outside, with
Mickey Marks and Charlie Green winning the Holey Board tournament. In the evening we shared a wonderful
ham dinner, followed by board and card games in the clubhouse.

February 2010
Our February campout really took place the last weekend in January. We had a wonderful turnout – 17 rigs
joined us at Paradise Oaks for a sometimes wet, sometimes cold, weekend. State Directors Bob & Reba Ward
who live close by joined us several times during the weekend. Some of the early bird crew went out to dinner
Thursday evening; others did the same on Friday evening. Because the rain was predicted for Saturday, we held
our outdoor game “tournaments” on Friday afternoon, playing Holey Board and Bocce Ball.
Saturday morning our hosts, Steve & Carol Griffin and LJ & Tricia Green, served us yummy pancakes and
sausage. After lunch we gathered in the clubhouse to play beanbag baseball, with the men winning again! (Hey,
ladies, we need to practice!) Many stayed on to play board and card games for much of the rainy afternoon.
Saturday evening we enjoyed a romantic Valentine’s dinner with our hosts providing delicious Italian casseroles.
After dinner our hosts led us in 2 group games – our version of Family Feud and a Valentine Trivia game that
had us scratching our heads!
Sunday morning we enjoyed our traditional “sweets to share” breakfast before bidding about two-thirds of us
goodbye. Six rigs stayed over Sunday night, and visited the Webster flea market on Monday morning. Four of
those rigs then continued on to attend the FMCA rally in Brooksville.
A total of 10 rigs attended the Winter Samboree in Dunnellon, plus 4 couples who drove in to help with our
successful Sandwich Sales on Friday and Saturday. As usual, GT Sams was active and involved in many of the
Samboree activities. We hosted the Hospitality Hour on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mickey Marks led the First
Timer’s Meeting on Thursday morning. We also participated in rig decorations for the Winter Wonderland theme,
with a display entitled “Not a Snowball’s Chance in Dunnellon.” Mickey Marks and Howard Schunk volunteered to
help with parking rigs. One of our Beanbag Baseball teams won 2nd place (losing to the ASD’s); the other lost in
the semifinal round. Carol Griffin won 1st place in Mexican Train Dominoes. It was a great week!


January 2010
Our Chapter always enjoys camping at Sun ‘N Fun in Sarasota , FL ; 10 rigs were present. The facility is very
nice, and we have a private room for our Christmas party activities. As always our Christmas meal was
wonderful! Elaine Fritz made the ham and Carol Truthan baked the turkey; our members brought the “fixings”.
Elaine coordinated our meal, Joyce Pennington decorated the room, and Carol Truthan & Sissel Hopper led in
the Christmas carols. Santa Clause managed to find us; there were lots of presents under the Christmas tree
brought by the King’s. We look forward to our new season in January 2010 and invite visitors to join us whenever


January 2010
The Sunset Ramblers held their January campout at Casey Jones RV Park in Lake City, FL.  We had seven rigs
present.  It was very cold with a low of 19 degrees Sunday morning.  We spent a lot of time together inside.  We
played card games since it was too cold to enjoy the outdoors.  We also held computer lesson for a couple of the
guys and the some of the gals had an old fashion sewing time.  We really enjoyed catching up on all the news of
everyone’s holidays. We had a wonderful potluck supper Saturday night with pie and cobbler for dessert.  
Sunday morning brought that low of 19 so pack up and move out was an adventure.  We are hoping for much
warmer weather in February.

February 2010
The February campout for the Sunset Ramblers was held at the Florida Winter Samboree in Dunnellon Florida.  
We had 7 rigs in attendance.  We had 2 rigs parked with the state staff.  We had 2 rigs parked with their other
chapter.  We had 1 rig parked up close to the building in the handicapped section and we had 2 rigs parked in
regular parking.  Our vice president and his wife carried our chapter flag in the parade of flags. We enjoyed
walking around and visiting the vendors.  We participated in some of the games and even won a few of the
chapter raffles.  It was very cold but the evening entertainment was worth putting on the layers.  We had a great
time going to lunch at a small restaurant in town. We received a certificate for our 2009 newsletter.  One of our
members took 3rd place in the staff golf cart decorating contest.  We enjoyed talking to possible future members
at the first timer meeting.  We hope to thaw out in time to attend our March campout.  If you would like to join us
in March or any other month please give Leo Nadeau, our president a call.


January 2010
We once again held our first campout of the year at Suwannee River Hideaway in Oldtown.  Our camping
weekend – just like last year – coincided with New Year’s, so we took part in the New Year’s celebration being
held there.  Originally we had 10 rigs present, but by New Year’s Day we were down to 9.  One of our
octogenarians decided to do the limbo at the New Year’s Eve party, fell down and broke her ankle in the
process!  She was rushed to a hospital in Gainesville where she was admitted, operated on, and spend the next
two days.  However, in spite of Evie’s accident and the cold, cold weather, we still managed to have a good
weekend.  Luckily we found that the Lighthouse Restaurant in Fanning Springs was still open so we went there
for dinner on New Year’s Day.  In less than two months time, two of our members have gotten new (well, at least
new to them) RVs and many took the tours to see the new “digs”.  

February 2010
Our February campout and meeting was held in conjunction with the Winter Samboree in  Dunnellon.  We had
14 member rigs present at the Samboree.  As usual, we passed out donuts one morning and also served hot
dogs for lunch one day which earned us our worker stars for this Samboree.  We entered the Rig Decoration
Competition and Andrea’s vision earned us a 1st Place!  We are so lucky to have her; her ideas are legendary.  
Everyone contributed something in keeping with the theme “Winter Wonderland”: Christmas trees and lights,
white sheets, balloons, fire ring and fireplace, hot chocolate, marshmallows, singing voices, and “ice” skaters.  
Through the week we played games and had teams entered in Bocce Ball, Bean Bag Baseball and Holey Board.  
A number of individuals also played cards and dominos, walking away as first or second place winners!  We also
initiated 10 new members into Fuzzy Puckers.  We met two couples who are very interested in joining Sassy
Sams.  One couple was able to attend our meeting thereby getting in their first of the three visits with us required
for membership.  While at the Samboree, we packed four large boxes which will be sent overseas to soldiers
serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Monies earned from our Chinese Auction (held at the Fall Samboree) and the
Raffle held here paid for all the “goodies” we are sending them.


JANUARY  22-24, 2010
Winterfest was the theme of our January campout held at Springs RV Resort in Silver Springs, Fl.  Quite fitting
considering the weather and the fact that the theme for the Dunnellon Saboree is  “Winter Wonderland”.  We
sincerely hope its anything but winter but it will be fun to pretend.
Our host/hostess for the weekend was Al and Lynne Morneault.  No strangers to hosting even though this
campout presented some challenges for them.  January is a very difficult month to find accommodations due to
the winter months are very busy for campgrounds and most just can’t provide the facilities that a rally needs.  In
any event  Al and Lynne did a great job .
At this campout we had 22 member rigs and 4 guests in attendance.  A couple from Canada was visiting one of
our members and joined us for the weekend.  We were very pleased the our State Director Bob Ward and his
lovely wife Reba  came  for a visit.  Bob and Reba both acknowledged our chapter for all that it does at the
Samborees as well as thanked us for being a leader in the Good Sams organization.
Our next meeting is schedule for the Dunnellon Samboree February 17th-21at.  We have 14 members attending
and will participate in the flea market as well as run the indoor games and bocci ball at the outdoor games.
An interesting Recipe for Friendship was published in our regular newsletter.   
1 cup of Courtesy – add a ½ cup of Patience – a ¼ cup of Forgiveness
2 cups of Understanding with 1 cup of Friendly Words with a pinch of Praise
Mix in a dash of wit and humor.
There is no baking, steaming or stewing needed.  Season with a spice of life.
Serve in generous portions topped with kindness and love.
Author Unknown

FEBRUARY  17-21,  2010
Winter Wonderland, probably the most popular Christmas song was a very appropriate title for this years
Dunnellon Samboree.  We experienced some bone chilling weather when the wind made the temperature feel
like it was in the low 20’s.  The State Staff suffered the most having to spend long days outside making sure
everyone got parked.  In spite of the conditions everyone seemed to have a good time.  Our chapter had 14 rigs
present including 3 that are State Staff members.
Due to the elements (weather) and perhaps the location this years attendance was some 100  less than last  
years.  There was a lot of first timers, State dignitaries and Good Sam members from other states .
Like every Samborees there was a lot going on which kept people busy.  Indoor games, bocce ball, flea market,
selling water at all events and participating in the rig decoration contest kept our members very busy.   Our
chapter represented by Ralph Zecher and John DuBose won first place in the Bocce Ball tournament and Lynne
Morneault won first place in the Chicken Foot game.  Harold and Caroline Johnson took first place in the Rig
Decorating Contest with Al and Lynne Morneault coming in second.
March’s campout will be hosted by Larry and Joan Buback is scheduled for the 26th-27th at Elite Resorts in
Crystal River.  The theme will be “Swing into Spring”.  In addition to making Easter Baskets for some deserving
children, rehearsals  are set for the entertainment we will be providing at the spring samboree which will be held
at Okeechobee  April 14th-18th.