January 2011
Mystic Springs RV Park was our destination for Dogwood Sams’ first campout in 2011.  Following breakfast
Saturday morning, President Bill Kranz called the monthly meeting to order and immediately turned the floor
over to Past President Bill Schoenherr for the ceremony of installation of new officers.  Officers for 2011 – 2012
are:  President Tommy Crutchfield; VP Lawrence Merino; Secretary Kay Schoenherr; Treasurer Roy Alsfeld;
Wagonmaster Lonnie Myers   Thanks to these folks for accepting their election to these offices.  We know they
will do an outstanding job for our chapter over the next two years.  We were saddened to learn of the passing
of Kent Henson on January 24th.  There will be no services but we need to keep Margie and their family in our
prayers during this time of sadness.  Janie and Glen Shiver camped with Dogwood Sams for the third time this
month and we were happy to vote them in as our newest members.  Food chairman Lois Crutchfield announced
we will have a brunch Saturday morning at our February campout rather than breakfast.  The theme for
February’s Saturday night supper is soup and salad.  Following supper, we’ll have a Sweetheart Dance with
music provided by Dan  and Zerelda Hammer.  Wear your Valentine attire and join us to enjoy this special
activity.  Lois also announced we will provide dinner for Ronald McDonald House on January 24th.  The menu
for the dinner is chicken-broccoli casserole, vegetables, and bread.  The food must be delivered by 5 pm.  
Carol Braxton reported on the Christmas party for our class at Westgate School.  Nine children enjoyed the
games, prizes, and snacks.  Santa and Mrs. Claus distributed the Christmas stockings stuffed with toys and
treats.  Seven rigs participated and we even had one visitor join our group for the festivities.  Carolyn Kranz told
the group about a shelter at a church in Milton that is open to the homeless when temperatures drop below 40
degrees.  One of our honorary members, Sharon Westmoreland, brought the shelter to her attention and
suggested we support this worthwhile charity.  They request donations of individually packaged breakfast items
the homeless can take with them when they leave the shelter in the morning.  The group voted to support the
shelter with Sharon as chairman of the committee and Carolyn as the chapter liaison.  Although we’ve missed
most of the winter this year, we can begin the support now and continue next winter.  Bring donations to the
next meeting.  Chapter members were reminded to sign up NOW if they plan to attend the Florida Spring
Samboree in Okeechobee this May.  Sites are limited and they go quickly.  The application form is available
February 2011
Cold weather kept many of our members home this month.  The hardy group that showed up at Owassa
Lakeside RV Park at Owassa, AL, had a fun time anyway despite below freezing temperatures (and a few
frozen water hoses).  The cozy clubhouse was certainly appreciated by one and all.  Appetizers for supper
Friday evening and lots of games kept everyone happy.  Eight rigs attended the meeting called to order by
President Tommy Crutchfield.  Our Valentine party for the class at Westgate School will be Monday, February
14th.  Wagonmaster Lonnie Myers announced our March campout will be at the Farmer’s Opry in Chumuckla,
FL.  We’ll hold our April meeting at the Alabama Spring Samboree in Dothan, AL.  The May campout will be at
Florala State Park in Florala, AL.  No campouts are scheduled for June, July, and August.  Make reservations
yourself and be sure to notify Lonnie if you’ll be attending.  If you have extra firewood at home, please bring
some to Florala in May for the bonfire.  Meals Chairman Lois Crutchfield announced our breakfast time will go
to 9:00 in March.  Bring your meat to the cooks by 8:30.  Appetizers will be the Friday night meal and the
Saturday night supper theme for March is Hawaiian.  Lois also reminded everyone we’ll provide a meal for
Ronald McDonald House on March 29th at 5 pm.  The menu will be discussed at the March meeting.  Following
supper Saturday evening, chapter members enjoyed a Sweetheart Dance with Dan Hammer providing dance
lessons and Zerelda Hammer spinning the tunes.  This was a new activity for us and it was a fun change.  We’ll
miss the Hammers after they retire and hit the road as fulltimers this summer.  Dogwood Good Sams gathered
on Valentine’s Day at Westgate School to host a party for our 4th grade special needs class.  Jackie Blake had
valentines and balloons for the kids to decorate and each child had a Dogwood Sam “assistant.”  The gift bags
were distributed to the delight of all the children and the holiday-themed refreshments were a big hit.
January 2011
Trina and I arrived on Thursday afternoon to find the Claytons, Rings, Harriet Haire & Jeanne Dodd, and
Johnsons set up and the first card game in progress.  Also on hand for the weekend were former members,
Bob & Patt Sundve who were visiting from Arkansas and Jim & D McDade, who were voted in as our newest
members of the Getaways Sams. “”WELCOME!!!.  Sharon & Pam Bundy finished out our little group on Friday.
Friday morning breakfast was furnished by our Hosts, Harriet Haire and Jeanne Dodd.  Friday evening, a fairly
large group went out to eat, while others chose to eat in.  The weather was clear and the temperature rose a
little each day, making for a nice camping weekend.  Saturday morning, we were treated to another breakfast
by our hosts getting us off to a well fed start of our day.  President Al and the Eckharts drove in for the
business meeting.  Deb Dlugosz and her son also joined us in their rig for their second visit.  The camping
schedule was discussed.  It was decided that due to the small number of members (5) going to the Samboree in
Palatka, that we would not make it an official campout.  John and Sue Johnson said they would host both, with
the regular campout being at Pecan Park on our regular weekend.  It also was decided that although some
members would be going to the Georgia Samboree in March, the regular Chapter campout would be at the
Starke KOA on the fourth weekend.  John Johnson reported that we had donated $14,130 in goods and
$300.00 in cash to the Veterans Hospital in Lake City in 2010.  Ron Snelling reported that we should be getting
a certificate from Ronald McDonald House recognizing our contributions of aluminum can tabs.  Keep up the
good work!  Saturday a group got together and made Valentine cards for the veterans.  Saturday evening we
had another great pot luck dinner with our host preparing an oriental dish and a big pot of beef stew to go with
all of the goodies Chapter members contributed.  After dinner, many of those present went into Woodbine for a
free country music show and dance.  As you can see from this picture they had a great time.
Sunday morning arrived much too soon and after a devotional by Sharon Bundy, we said our good byes and
headed for home.  Ron Snelling for our Hosts Harriet and Jeanne
January 2011

February 2011
Editor was not able to attend the Samboree; however I have had a couple of individuals, Bill Catron (picture) &
Don Harper (for additional comments), of this section.  Thanks to Both of You! And another Thanks to, Jenova
Hoelscher for contributing the main content of this section.  Thanks to all of you! The following information is
compliments of Jenova, “The First Lady of Lake Eola Good Sam.”  Here is sort of the way the rally went, Tues.
Sun Shiny day and all rigs parked on nice flat grassy lots with straight in lots.  All were 30 amps with all of us
together.  Joann had a pot of yellow-eyes beans, from Virginia cooking on the stove.  We had beans-rice,
chicken salad, egg salad and chocolate cake. We all ate at Durrance's MH.  We had 6 rigs present.  Six
members played Samba (Good Sams BINGO) Kay, John, Ralph, Bill, Judy and Jenova. Judy won the main
Cover-all and Jenova won 3 times!!  Wednesday the wagon was fixed real nice.  It looked good, lots of different
things in it (even a donation from the “Duck People”.  It was a cold night -turns were taken selling tickets, noon
Ralph brought a pot of home-made veg., soup from home, with sandwiches, as we were eating Don and Nancy
came in making 7 rigs.  Supper was at Chris's with her great meat-loaf and everyone brought a dish to go with
it.  We ate outside, no wind, lovely day.  The parade of banners went well with Charlie and Morris carrying Lake
Eola’s banner, nice entertainment.  Thursday, cold, rainy, and we were served free COLD hotdogs, in the main
building which is a big shed with open sides, felt like a freezer, but ticket sales were good.  Our group played
Pinochle, Train and Wizard (I think someone won 2nd place, not for sure).  Twelve of us went to Chili's for
dinner, good food but had to wait a long time for our tickets so we missed Sambo!!!  Historian forgot the camera
again. The following information is compliments of Don Harper, Friday, Don and Nancy had to leave, something
about their electrical system melted or something, games were played during the day.  Supper was at Bob and
Judy Stewart’s, delicious roast, later all played games in the coach and all seemed to have had a very nice time.
Saturday, more games were played plus Bocce Ball.  We sold $674.00 total gross in tickets for wagon had
lunch at Jenova’s and supper at Chris's. The drawing went real fast and I didn't get name or nothing, it was very
cold, none of the group stayed long.  Ralph bought a Motor Home!!  Congratulations to you and Jane!!  
Sunday, cold morning, packed up, and said good-bye.
January 2011
Our 29 January 2011 meeting was held at Blueberry Hill in Bushnell, Fla. at 11:00 at Site #3.  The meeting was
called to Order by our President, Davy Coyner.  It was opened by the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lords
Prayer.  President: Dave & Carolyn Coyner: Bob & Tina Joslin: Leroy & Barb Dubey: S.D. & Doris Lanham: Cliff
Braisted & Gerry Demarest: Walt & Gail Merritt: Red & Paula Pechtel: Dick & Nell Reed:  Total 8 Rigs   Visiting
was Tom and Debbie  Wise, our ASD represenatives.  Leroy (our Sgt. at Arms) said Dick, Bob and Walt had
their hats on during the opening of the meeting (our heads got cold).  They each donated $1.00 to go into the
50/50 kitty.  Carolyn showed "Thank You Cards" for the ditty bags from "Osprey Point Nursing Home", and
"Real Life Childrens Home"  for our donation of $100.00 at Christmas.  Due to the Okeechobee "Spring Rally"
in May this year and several members  being gone at that time, it was suggested that the May 20-22 meeting at
"Breezy Oaks, near Bushnell" to be cancelled.  A unanimous vote to cancel was passed.  Dick brought up
sending our "Newsletter electronically.  This was approved by all.  The exception is Cliff and Gerry.  They do
not have an e-mail address. Theirs will be sent to them by regular mail.  Carolyn advised: For those going to
the 25-27 March outing at "The Red Oaks.Bushnell", and plan to go a day early, call them at 352-793-7117.
Anniversary: Dave & Carolyn at 57 years.  Nell give them an anniversary card from the Chapter members. The
50/50: Leroy officiated: Red won the first drawing  and Dave won the second.  Dave donated his part to the
50/50 kitty.
February 2011
HELLO- from the February (Winter Samboree) Good Sams Samboree at Palatka, Fl..  Guess What?  We had
very little rain, only at the start of the Samboree.  However-it was just a little bit cool.  It got below freezing a
couple nights and the wind blew during the daytime.  I have to admit we were on the cold side.  The building we
had for all the activities had plastic around it for siding.  The only problem was, the end was open letting in all
the cold air.  It is hard to play Bingo with your collar pulled up and keep one hand in your pocket while using the
other to stamp the Bingo card. The good part was at the end of the week it started to warm up during the
daytime.  However when we broke camp on Sunday morning, ice come off the slide cover when we closed up
the unit.  It was fun.  For all those who did not make it to the Samboree???????????  I understand.  Our
meeting was 11 February 2011 at the rear of Dubey’s unit.  It was relatively warm that afternoon.  The meeting
was called to order by our V.President, Bob Joslin, followed by The Pledge of Allegiance and The Lords
Prayer.  Four Rigs Present: Barb & Leroy, Bob & Tina, Red & Paula, Dick & Nell.  There was no Treasury report
this month.   Secretary January report was accepted as read.  Bob reported that at the “Presidents Meeting”
The information was about the same.  Some people wanted to cancel the winter Samboree, but Bob Ward,
State Director, advised that if they did that, the prices on the Spring and Fall Samborees would have to go up
to cover the expenses of the Good Sams Club.  The main Samborees problem,  is a campground with a large
enough activities building to handle all the people.  Attempts to clean our Chapter Flag appeared to be
promising.  Dick will attempt to better job at home.  The games went well in the building.  The ASD’s spent two
days taking up the canvas floor and leveling out the sand.  They did a good job and no one fell off the Holly
boards  Meeting adjourned, motion by Tina and seconded by Leroy
January 2011
Our January Camp-out was held at Blueberry Hill RV Resort in Bushnell, Florida on Jan. 7th - 9th.  Present
were 9 rigs, 17 members and 4 guests. John and Dora Weaver were Wagonmasters and did an excellent job
the whole week-end. It was cold and windy but the sun stayed with us so we didn’t mind, especially knowing that
a lot of the country was snow-bound and we weren't.  The early birds on Thursday enjoyed sharing hamburgers
and picnic fare followed by games and cards. Friday, after a busy day enjoying ourselves we met at 4:30 for a
unique pot luck Soup dinner.  Each couple brought a pot of their favorite soup and since it was so chilly the
soup really hit the spot!   After that it was time for cards for some while others went back to cuddle up in their
warm RV’s.  Saturday morning the camp-ground provided an all- you-can-eat pancake breakfast for a small fee
which some of us shared.  Saturday at our meeting we had the pleasure of meeting guests Nita and Russ
Bindley who hailed from Riverview, Fl and Warrenton, Va.  Inducted by President John Weaver were new
members Elsa and Pete Petrusson from Sun City Center, Fl.  A BIG Welcome to you Pete and Elsa!   
Saturday afternoon was spent chit-chatting and card-playing which gave us a big appetite to finish up all the
left-over soup from the night before.  A special thanks to Dale and Sandy Keck for the delicious mini cheese
cakes and chocolate nut cookies!  Those who decided to play cards were in a dilemma as the main hall was
tied up with a special impersonator show so they decided to gather in the laundry room and play.  Somebody
said it was the “cleanest” card game in town!  Sunday, after coffee and donuts, thanks to the Weavers, we said
our good-byes  and packed up to head for home.....another fun week-end over too soon!
January 2011
The Sunset Ramblers had three rigs present for a cold and windy January campout.  We went to Lake Bryant
RV Park in Ocklawaha, Florida.  The early birds gathered to visit on Thursday afternoon.  We had a good time
catching up on the latest and greatest.  Friday morning the guys enjoyed doing some handyman repairs on one
of the rigs.  That afternoon we had a good time discussing and dreaming about changes we could make to our
rigs.  By Friday evening we were all present and we gathered for a delicious supper of chili prepared by our
wonderful wagon master.  Saturday morning, we planned for an anniversary celebration for that evening.  That
afternoon we took a quick car ride to check out the beach.  It was too windy and cold to do more than a quick
look across the lake.  We went right back to one of the rigs and spent a great afternoon talking inside.  That
night we surprised Rich and Jeannie with a card and cake for their 52nd wedding anniversary.  Dinner was
tailgating and finger foods and was delicious.  We had a great weekend of food, fun and fellowship.  Our next
gathering will be at the Florida Winter Samboree in Palatka, February 9-13.  A Samboree is a great way to
come and check out all the chapters.  Everyone is always welcome to come and visit with us.  We would love to
visit for the day or camp with you for the weekend.  Please give Leo Nadeau a call at 904-771-2762 to join us
as we gather for food, fun and fellowship.
February 2011
The Sunset Ramblers had seven rigs present for the Good Sams of Florida’s Winter Samboree in Palatka,
Florida.  We had a wonderful time.  Our members represented three different chapters in the parade of flags.  
We ate good food from donuts to hot dogs to catered meals.  We played games and bingo.  We walked our
dogs on the beautiful grounds of the Rodeheaver Boy’s Ranch.  We bundled up for the cold and enjoyed the
wrap and peel warmth as the sun came out.  We volunteered at Dr. Sambones and door prizes.  We shopped
and supported the vendors.  We even won some door prizes and a couple of rounds of bingo.  We had great
entertainment and really enjoyed our stay.  We are looking forward to our next campout at Coastal RV in
Georgia,  in early March.  Everyone is always welcome to come and visit with us.  We would love to visit for the
day or camp with you for the weekend.  Please give Leo Nadeau a call at 904-771-2762 to join us as we gather
for food, fun and fellowship.

Our chapter visited Crystal Isles RV Resort in Crystal River, Florida, an Encore Super Park.  Frankly there was
nothing exciting about this place, certainly not on par with other Encore Super Parks that we have visited.  The
recreation hall was small and had to be shared with residents and their guests. The kitchen facilities were
equally small which made it difficult for our hostess.  There was however an abundance of no-see-ums and
since we had to spend a lot of time outside we got more than our share of those little creatures.  In spite of the
short comings we still had a very good time.  We had 19 member rigs in attendance, 1 drive in  and 2 guests.  
Our State Director Bob and Reba Ward came and spent some time with us.  Our Host and Hostess, John and
Joan Russano  really did a fantastic job.  Joan did all the cooking and baking for two delicious dinners as well
as Sunday morning breakfast.  She forced us to eat more than we wanted and there was plenty left over for
take outs.  We congratulate  John and Joan and thank them for doing a great job.  Mixed in around our meals
were organized games which most everybody participated in.  During the weekend we played holey Board,
Bocci Ball, Shoot the Moon and a game that drives everybody crazy,  don’t know the name of it but there is a
timer that is constantly  beeping.   Everybody as usual had a great time and look forward to the next meeting
which will be the Winter Samboree , February 9th-12 in Palatka, Florida . Our next Chapter Campout will be
March 25th-26th at Paradise Oaks, Bushnell, Fl., when the Potters will be our Host and Hostess.
The Winter Samboree, February 9-13, 2011, was held at Rodeheaver Boys Village in Palatka,FL. A Samboree
was previously held here in 2006, and according to those that attended then, it was a nightmare. Many
improvements have been made to the grounds and the main building, and most everyone attending agreed
that it was much nicer than Dunnellon.  During the opening ceremony, certificates were presented to Sassy
Sams, Rolling Sams, and Jax Rambling Sams for winning second place in the Chapter of the Year competition.
Trail Blazing Sams received a certificate and plaque for winning first place 2010 Chapter of the Year.
Beanbag baseball had a total of 14 teams to enter and the great news is Trail Blazing Sams won first place.
There were 48 teams that participated in Holey Board, and 23 teams in Bocci Ball. Since attendance was much
lower, our indoor card games had less people participating - 48 players Wednesday and 70 Thursday. Our
entertainment consisted of Lori Gill, - a variety act, Sonshine Quartet - gospel music, and a Sweetheart Dance.
We had two of our members that won the State 50/50 raffle. The Flea Market was a huge success with
only two chapters participating, Pine Tree Sams and Trail Blazing Sams.  Next campout is March 25-27 at
Paradise Oaks in Bushnell and Chuck & Jean Potter are our hosts (727)492-4543. A group will be attending the
Alabama Samboree April 7-10 in Dothan, AL and Joan Conway (813)938-5691 is the POC. The Spring
Samboree will be May 4-8 in Okeechobee and it is filling up fast.