June 2010
We had a great turnout for the May Campout at Daytona Carefree RV Resort in Port Orange, FL.  Daytona
Carefree is a nice clean resort located just south of the Daytona International Race Track.  It is close to
restaurants, shopping and for those into salt water and heat, the beach.  The Richardsons, Reynolds, Eckharts,
Claytons, Rings, Pelzes and Bev Maples and Helen Paulin were set up and into their first card games when Trina
and I arrived.  We were followed shortly by the Roachs, Eddingses and our newest members, Louis & Charlotte
Gonet.  Sharon and Pam Bundy filled out the group when they arrived in time for breakfast Saturday morning.  
Sharon’s rig is still in the RV hospital awaiting more vital organs.        It just goes to show, that accidents can
occur at the most unexpected times and from the most surprising direction.  Sharon was in one of the go ahead
lanes of a multi lane highway, when an elderly lady driving a large Cadillac decided she needed to turn left.  The
fact that there was a fairly large travel trailer on her left did not deter her.  Well, actually it did.  Although
theCadillac put up a good fight, the trailer finally won, but not before it was wounded severely.   It was rather
warm for the entire weekend which moved the outdoor games in, but there was nice sea-breeze blowing most of
the time.      
Friday’s bean bag baseball game proved the old saying, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!”  proved true again.  
The team led by John Johnson pulled away to large lead and looked like the mercy rule would have to be
invoked.   But have no fear, the team led by Al Richardson came roaring back and took the win in the ninth
inning.  The Richardsons with the able assistance of the Reynolds prepared two fried turkeys for the Saturday
night pot luck dinner.  And as usual, the rest of the Chapter kicked in tables full of all manner of goodies to go
with the turkey.  If they had Al’s recipe for frying turkeys in Ben Franklin’s day, the turkey might have been the
national bird instead of the Bald Eagle.     Saturday started with a hearty breakfast of hash browns, sausage,
bacon, eggs and toast prepared by Al and his friends.  Things were going smoothly until Al encountered power
problems.  It seems the Club House didn’t have enough power to handle all of Al’s cookware.  The problem was
solved by several people doing some cooking in their rigs.  We had a nice time  visiting with one another while
the slight delay was overcome.
It doesn’t pay to go to bed too early.  It seems we missed the watermelon midnight snack on one of the nights.    
Sharon treated us to a very short, but nice devotional on Memorial Day Saturday evening after dinner.  Most of
us stayed until Monday, but as she had no RV, Sharon and Pam had to head back to Jax on Saturday evening.

August 2010
KOA Kampground in Stark Florida is very nice and clean, and the staff was also nice and very helpful as we
arrived.  The campground is close to rural restaurants and shopping at Wally World.  The Eckharts, Claytons,
Rings, and Bev Maples and Helen Paulin were here and semi set up when I (Wagon master) Fredericks arrived
closely followed by the Pelzes, who pulled in next to us.  Looked around and only saw the girls, who informed me
that all the old guys were taking naps.  The McKinleys were on their way from down south.  But it was not long
after we arrived that we received a call from Bob saying that he was broken down on the Howard Franklin Bridge,
and would have to be towed. Thursday evening started the fun and games after we all had dinner at some of the
local restaurants.  Friday brought breakfast at 0700 with good campers rolling in till 1015.  After our bodys got
some nourishment the card games started.   The McKinleys called to say that the earliest that the shop could get
the needed parts and start repairs would be Wednesday.  Tea time Friday had all the usual stuff with lots of
games going on. Had more arrivals Friday with the Roches coming in the early afternoon just in time for tea time.  
The Mckinleys put their rig in the shop and came up and stayed with the Fredericks.  Saturday morning brought
breakfast of Sausage Gravy & Biscuits, Scrambled Eggs and the rest of the fixings. Tea time brought out the
usual mouth-watering snacks and card games.  Supper time arrived between the rain showers to the smell of fish
frying along with French fries and hush puppies.  And along came the delicious side dishes.  Everyone got their
fill before we brought out the new game.  All read and followed the Plan of the Day and brought their purses and
wallets.  We were introduced to a new game, first we were divided into two teams, then the hosts explained the
rules of the scavenger hunt.  Don’t know where they came up with some of the things that they were looking for,
but we all did our best to find them.  Some of the teams tried to use the Japanese version of items, but the judges
were not buying it.  Prizes were given to the winning team and the card games once again started. Once again
everyone had a great time and gained a few pounds.          Sunday morning brought a leisurely time getting our
rigs ready to head for home and get ready for the next campout.    

June 2010
The June campout was held June 11-13 at Kelly’s Countryside RV Park in Callahan, FL.  We had six rigs present
for the weekend.  Our president is recovering from surgery and came over for the day on Saturday.  One of our
members was proud to introduce a new rescued dog to our large family of dogs and cats.  Some of the couples
that arrived early on Thursday checked out a local restaurant Steamboat Lilly.  It was very good.  Friday night
our wagon master had a wonderful cold supper waiting for us.  It was perfect as the temperature was over 98 for
most of the day.  We gathered in the hall for supper followed by fellowship and a couple of rounds of cards.  
Saturday morning we had a delicious breakfast followed by our meeting.  It was great to see so many of us
gathered.  That evening we had a delicious Italian potluck.  The food was great as always but the time together
was even better.  Cards, laughter and fun continued into the evening.  We are looking forward to July at Wild
Frontier in Ocala.  They have a pool so bring those bathing suits.  Everyone is always welcome to come and visit
with us.  We would love to visit for the day or camp with you for the weekend.  Please give Leo Nadeau a call at
771-2762 to join us as we gather for food, fun and fellowship.

July 2010
The Sunset Rambler’s July campout was held July 9-11 at the Wild Frontier Campground in Ocala, FL.  We had 3
rigs present and had a great time listening to stories about teenage years in Germany.  We gathered together
for three suppers and a lunch and the food was always wonderful and the conversation flowed.  We played
dominos and just about everyone won a game.  We worked on several repair projects and enjoyed helping each
other out.  We are looking forward to our next campout which will be held August 13-15 at the Wilderness RV
Park in Silver Springs, FL.  Early campers will start coming in on Monday and will continue arriving until everyone
is present Friday night.  Everyone is always welcome to come and visit with us.  We would love to visit for the day
or camp with you for the weekend.  Please give Leo Nadeau a call at 771-2762 to join us as we gather for food,
fun and fellowship.

August 2010
The Sunset Ramblers held their August campout August 13-15 at the Wilderness RV Park in Silver Springs, FL.  
We had seven rigs present and two friends. It was a weekend of adventures.  One member had a flat tire on his
trailer.  He ran over a very large bolt but fortunately it was just before he pulled into camp.  Several of us took a
journey to Rodehaver Boys Ranch to check out where the Samboree will be held in February.  One of our
wonderful Mr. Fix guys worked on cleaning the roof of one of the rigs.  Good Sam’s Roadside service came out to
change a tire with a sidewall issue on a class c camper.  We had a wonderful retirement party for our newest
retiree.  Congratulations.  Enjoy the freedom.  The weekend was busy with lots of fun, food and fellowship.  
Everyone is always welcome to come and visit with us.  We would love to visit for the day or camp with you for the
weekend.  Please give Leo Nadeau a call at 904-771-2762 to join us as we gather for food, fun and fellowship.