Our first meeting of the new year got off to a rousing start at Wild Frontier in Ocala with 16 member and three
guest rigs in attendance.  The meeting was a tad longer than usual but there were issues to discuss and decisions
to be made for the coming year.

February’s meeting was held at Breezy Oaks R.V. Park, Bushnell.  Those who came Thursday were treated to a
campfire and hotdogs followed by a jam session.  The fire felt good as it was pretty chilly that evening.  Friday we
held a birthday party for our chapter with cake, candles and ice cream.  Afterwards there were games.

Our meeting for March took place at  the Good Sam Friendship Rally held at the Yogi Bear Campground in
Madison by Assistant State Directors Bob and Reba Ward.  It was, without a doubt, a huge success. From the day
we arrived til the day we departed, we laughed, met good friends, ate tons of good food and played the silliest
games but it was fun. The rally included a pancake cook-off, fishing contest and St. Patrick's Day parade, including
canine participants and their owners - all dressed up in green. In addition, there was a sale of breakfast and lunch
items provided by two of the chapters with the profit going to their favorite charity, a hobo stew dinner provided by
host and hostess, Bob and Reba Ward, brown bag auction and several games. Saturday morning there was a
potluck breakfast and Saturday evening everyone enjoyed an Italian potluck dinner. Sunday everyone headed
home - to rest up! For information about the chapter call Zola Treadwell at (352) 621-3523.
What a Samboree we had in Okeechobee.  It was so well organized.  The weather cooperated as well and it was
very pleasant.  Everyone in our Chapter volunteered.  What fun we had at the Mad Hatters contest.  The evening
shows were very entertaining and the Saturday night dinner was delicious.

Our campout at Sunset King RV park was an enjoyable event to say the least.  We had 11 rigs in attendance
including guests and our new ASD, Tom Mixon.  Unlike the last two campouts, the weather was spectacular.  Leon
and Sharon provided the main dish for both the Friday and Saturday evening meals.  As usual, lots of side dishes
mysteriously appeared and all were consumed with great gusto.  We were entertained Friday at the clubhouse by
a talented gentleman by the name of Jack Jensen from the Black Hills of South Dakota.  He was on the last leg of
his winter tour in the south before returning home.  Dwight and Leon provided the entertainment for Saturday
evening, playing the guitar and singing oldies but goodies.  Leon and President Larry recently completed the first
project for the Panhandle Food Bank by cutting approximately twenty oak pallets to size for the floors in two large
reefers.  This enables the workers much better access for storing and retrieving the many boxes of frozen food
handled on a daily basis.

We had six rigs at the May campout at Blackjack Creek.  Leon and Sharon volunteered to hots the Saturday
evening dinner with good old fashion country fried chicken – mouth watering, finger licking good!  We provided
our own entertainment by fishing, playing dominos and sitting around the campfire roasting hotdogs and

We had 10 members plus Press Gazette reporter Deborah Nelson and her daughter; she not only covered the
event but participated in the cleanup.  

Eleven rigs were present at our campout in February at Jennings RV Campground. Friday evening most went to
the Cracker Barrel to eat.  Good food!  We had some rain but it didn’t dampen our spirits.  We ate Shirley Fender’
s Valentine cake, talked, and played Left, Right, Center.  Saturday we shopped, cooked and did crafts – bead
banners are in right now – and visited.  Thanks to our hosts, Pat and Ole Johnson, for a wonderful time.

Fourteen rigs were present at Casey Jones Campground in March.  We also had several guests.  Paw Print
badges and pins were passed out.  The chapter will go to the Hanna Park rally in
April while the Yearous’ will represent us at the Samboree. Friday most went to Ryans to eat.  Good food!
Saturday we did crafts – bead banners are in right now.

February campout was at Oaks & Pines RV Park.  Judy’s Café was open and running every morning for those
who wished to have a hearty breakfast.  She even changed her sloppy joe menu to accommodate the chapter
Friday night.  Saturday night’s dinner was roast pork.  Early birds took advantage of the rec room to enjoy their
cards.  A beautiful birthday cake wished the Getaways a Happy Number 22.

In March we headed south to Ocala and Wild Frontier Campground which has recently reopened. Five rigs came
in as early-early birds, seven rigs as early birds plus eight more on Friday. We took advantage of the free hot
dogs served by Turning Wheel RV and a few looked at the news RVs, then we had an ice cream social. Saturday
was a day for eating – free hot dog, then ice cream, then a delicious dinner catered by Evelyn of Wild Frontier

We had a great turnout at Hanna Park with 18 member rigs and a guest rig. Members kept busy participating in all
the activities.

One of the highlights of the Ocala Ranch campout was the installation of new officers.  Our Past President,
Richard Vander Bok (now ASD - looking good in orange), swore in our new leaders with a very nice rite of lighting
candles. They are Madam President June Schunk, Vice President David Reagle, Treasurer John Sorenson and
Secretary Shirley Zummo. Rich and Shirley Vander Bok along with Howard and June Schunk hosted the campout.  
They were also in contact with the Little Sam Leprechauns for “great weather” after the Tallahassee Samboree.  
We were right next to the clubhouse.  They spent a good part of a day having a “flea sale” for the dogs and then
more time making, preparing and literally compiling a HOBO stew for our potluck dinner.

Thank you hosts Dan & Irene Grabowski; your choice of Encore SuperPark was good.  It was also so close to
many interesting attractions that some people missed their quiet time. We were a few miles from surfing in the Gulf
or watching the Manatees in Crystal River.  The park had its own ball courts, bonfire area, canal fishing dock,
pond with nasty swan and ice cream kiosk.  It was hard to sit and relax.  An thanks for reminding us to bring extra
bg repellant for those beastie “no-see-ums.”  You will have to see the Leonard’s new rig which touted a “condo
cat house.”  Most of the group went to the fish fry at the clubhouse, then attended a lecture on Identity Theft
which was very interesting.  Saturday an enormous buffet breakfast was waiting for us in the clubhouse for only
$4.00.  At noon, it was a poolside BarBQue.  After games it was back to the friendship circle for sharing stories
and recapping our adventures of the day – including one member being chased by the swan and another being
The May meeting was at Southern Palms Park with 16 member rigs, two guest rigs and five drive-ins. Hosts John
Sorenson, Joyce Nisses, along with Larry and Cindy Andrews were hosts with the mosts.  They stuffed us with
food and made us laugh till know....excused ourselves.  They planned something for everyone at any
given time, in a nice park, next to all the amenities of the park.  Friday’s Potato Tush race was hilarious, the pool
was enjoyed, discussions about chapter affairs were fruitful, games were challenging for both the men and the

What a fun weekend we had at Fisheating Creek in February!  It was too cold for the group to go downtown
Saturday to watch the Swamp Cabbage Festival parade as the temps were in the low 40s (not an Eskimo in the
group!).  ASD Ernie Lara and Fred Bissell braved the cold weather and rented a canoe for a trip on the nearby
river.  Our traditional soups dinner warmed us up as well as the heat from the campfire that Carl Koch built for
us.  The s’mores and roasted marshmallows were a big hit, too!  Bill LeBright had us all enjoying his comical
antics at the brown bag auction; this event is a fun way to get funds for the Dogs for the Deaf fund.  Sunday
morning’s pancake breakfast was a great way to end a good weekend for the 13 rigs present.  Fred reminded
our dog owners to use plastic bags (without holes) to clean up after your pet.

We had another successful campout in March at the South Bay RV Park; if you were there, you know how much
fun we had! Fourteen rigs were present.  We could not have asked for a better weekend weather-wise; it was
warm and breezy during the day, but calm enough each night for us to have a roaring bonfire.  Thanks to
Kilgores, Laras, Bissells and Lauridsens for an impromptu BBQ lunch under the shade trees Friday.  That
evening found us at a local seafood restaurant; don’t think they made a profit on us!  Mary King had eight ladies
exercising and walking up to the Lake Okeechobee levee Saturday morning.  The birds were siging and it was so
lovely – a real joyous experience with nature!  That afternoon we played Bunco for the first time as a group; what
a fun experience that was!  Thanks to Marge and June for being our teachers – they needed a lot of patience!  
The “create-your-own” sundae was a big hit; we’re really creative!  Saturday eve we watched Pirates of the

What a great time we all had at this year’s Okeechobee Rally! The Seahorses were once again in the spotlight
on Friday night; we were awarded our Chapter’s 25 year anniversary certificate before the whole assembly
(Chartered on September 27, 1979). Our Charter members, Ken and Virginia Asburry, carried the Seahorses’
banner in the opening ceremony parade. Marie Lauridsen has designed a drawing which will be made into a
badge signifying our anniversary; she is very artistic.  All of our members can be very proud of accomplishing our
longevity fete! There were many Rally activities to keep us busy: we especially enjoyed manning the Dr.
Sambones booth. Bill & Thelma LeBright, George & Mickey Hall, Paul & Marie Lauridsen, Ken Asburry, Farada
Nagel, Arlene Silvers, Al & June Melaragno, Carol Truthan, Bob & Sissel Hopper volunteered their time, thank
you! Our flea market sale was a big success;we couldn’t have done it without ALL of you!.  

The January meeting was filled with business and discussion. Snoopy had gotten too wet so was no more and has
been replaced with a dog named “Sex.”  There were 13 rigs at the campout.  Opal Jolliff is the only surviving
Charter Member and is now unable to participate; the chapter voted that she be granted an honorary lifetime
membership in the chapter.

Ten rigs, 21 people plus drive-ins attended our February  meeting.  Two new couples were voted into
membership.  Thank you letters from Dogs for the Dead and Florida Guide Dogs were read, paw prints were
distributed. Bean Bag Baseball was enjoyed by two teams of players.

For March there were 12 rigs and 25 people in attendance. It was suggested that we again collect canned goods
and non-perishable food items for donation to a local food pantry; this was unanimously agreed.  Saturday
everyone gathered in the recreation hall to enjoy a traditional St. Patrick’s Day corned beef and cabbage supper.  
Plans are underway for decorating our rigs for the Orlando Samboree.  Again we enjoyed beanbag baseball with
teams of seven players each.

Twelve rigs attended the last campout.  Members were asked to write down their favorite campground.

Seventeen rigs were at the April campout.  President Richard Mellman, Vice President Al Robinson,
Secretary/Treasurer June Nobles were installed by ASD Richard VanderBok.  The problem concerning available
campgrounds suitable for accommodating a large group of motor homes with out needs was discussed.  Activities
included Bingo, Pictionary, Dinner Cruise down a peaceful river, shopping in Dunellon, story swapping and

Our May meeting (9 rigs) was at Hanna Park.  SkyMed has requested permission to speak to our chapter for
approximately 30 minutes at our November campout in Folkston, GA.  In return they will donate $50 to our
chapter.  Some members visited the ocean, the Naval Base or just sat in front of their rigs chatting.  Al Robinson
once again went out of his way to help out many of the chapter members.