March 2010
Our March camp-out with twenty-two (22) rigs was at WILLISTON CROSSING in Williston.  At our 2:00 PM
Friday afternoon get-together we did several things. First we had snacks -- Then,went on an Easter egg
hunt, thirdly, we shared jokes with the group and next, we took chances on ( how many eggs in the bottle)
guesses.  The lovely IVY HOUSE was the scene for our evening meal.  After returning from our outing, we
assembled in the beautiful club house for an evening of table games and cards.  Saturday morning the
campground prepared our breakfast consisting of --- coffee, juice, fruit and donuts.  Our usual chapter
meeting at 10:00 AM.  ** Two couples were accepted as members and three couples were visiting.**  Lunch
was on our own.  Saturday afternoon went by quickly as we were involved in horseshoes and croquet
competition.  "Pot luck dinner" is always on the agenda.  This was followed by the awarding of "white
elephant" prizes to the winners of the previous events by Joan, Diane, Don and Woldemar.  Table games
and cards then filled the evening hours.  Sunday was the day of parting until the Samboree.

April-May 2010
Citrus County Sams chapter members (16) enjoyed another get-together with other chapter members at the
Florida State Good Sam Samboree in Okeechobee in April.  The usual activities that kept one busy most of
the time were-- games, checking prize numbers, taking chances, visiting vendors, eating goodies and of
course visiting old friends.  Our chapter volunteered for Dr. Sambones.  We had our usual chapter meeting (
one couple was voted in as new members) and then we enjoyed a "salad pot luck" meal. Anita was the
winner in the longest  golf drive.  The evenings were filled with Blue Grass music and entertainment by the
Trail Blazing Sams.  
An extra camping outing was the NASCAR  grand opening at Blueberry Hill in Bushnell.  Several Citrus
County Sams members attended.  Saturday was filled with swimming, visiting the vendors,a trivia questioning
session,eating and seeing old friends from other chapters.  Several of us received free t shirts.
Since May is national clean-up month for the Good Sam Club -- our Citrus County Sams chapter decided to
participate in the " Keep Citrus County  Beautiful" project. There were twenty-one (21) members who walked
in the Old Homosassa area doing their best to spruce things up. (Just a side note--- three (3) members went
beyond the call of duty and contacted poison ivy as they searched  the bushes for litter)  It shows that we
have a wonderful chapter of willing workers!!!
Due to early vacations, out of the area graduations/ weddings, etc-- our chapter had only seven (7) rigs for
our May campout at Bee's  Campground in Clermont. Friday afternoon our cozy group got together for the
usual social hour, followed by the fish fry at Bee's restaurant.  In the evening we assembled for dominos.  
Saturday morning saw us again at Bee's restaurant for their prepared breakfast.  We walked off our
breakfast as our chapter meeting was at the other end of the campground.  The usual agenda was followed,
except that nothing could be passed as we had no quorum.  At the conclusion of the meeting, the table
decorations ( consisting of a non-living flower and  an American flag)  were presented to each member in
remembrance of Mothers' Day , Armed Services Day and Memorial Day. Now it was time for outdoor
activities such as sitting around the pool, swimming and outdoor games.Those best laid plans were soon
forgotten as Mother Nature had other plans, such as a drenching rain shower. Our cozy group then
gathered indoors for challenging games of ring toss.  Paul and Betty ( husband and wife team) defeated all
other challengers.  Our evening meal was again in the Bee's restaurant with an ice cream social at seven (7)
P.M.  Again our cozy group gathered for an evening of Mexican Train.  During the summer there are fun
campouts and this year a group is going on a rolling fun rally in August.  Our September get-together will be
in Bushnell at Blueberry Hill Campground.  Have a safe summer and Citrus County Sams chapter will see
you all again


March 2010
Dogwood Good Sams traveled to Payne’s RV Park in Theodore, AL, for our March campout.  Several rigs
arrived on Thursday to get the weekend started early while the rest of the group arrived Friday.  Everyone
enjoyed playing bocce ball, washer toss, and beanbag baseball as well as a variety of card and board
games to get ready for upcoming Samborees.  
Our monthly meeting was attended by twelve member rigs and two visitor rigs.  Ed and Mary Elliott report
they will be unable to continue camping with us due to health problems.  The chapter voted to make them
honorary members.  Our pot luck dinner theme in April will be Oriental.   For a change, breakfast at our April
campout will be pancakes.  Saturday evening dinner at the September campout will be a fish fry.  
Dogwood Sams were happy to welcome new members Roy and Carolyn Alsfeld to our chapter.  This brings
our membership total to 22 rigs.


May 2010
May 7-9 at New Smyrna RV Park.  Hosts were Fred and Jane Poole.
Rigs present: Ashe, Brown, Getsee, Bradley-Foran, Kitchen, Morace, Poole, Prudhomme, Troop, Walters,
and Weston.  Driver-overs:  The Jones and Judy’s mom joined us for Friday dinner.  Lloyd and Betty Babb
joined us for Saturday dinner.  Guests: George and Joan Coleman from Debary.  (We were really sorry you
weren’t able to join us for the full weekend, please come back.  Also, thanks for the jellies—they were
delicious and so thoughtful.)  Bob Prudhomme won $14.00 from the 50/50 Raffle (now he’ll be able to pay
for his upcoming knee surgery).  Dorothy Kitchen won the embroidered casserole warmer pad which was the
May hostess gift.  There was no clear winner in the Saturday afternoon bean-bag baseball game.  Rumor
has it that there was a non-female on the female team—a possible “game thrower.”  (HA! HA!)  A great
number of books were swapped at our first Book Exchange.


May 2010
We had a great turnout for the May Campout at Daytona Carefree RV Resort in Port Orange, FL.  Daytona
Carefree is a nice clean resort located just south of the Daytona International Race Track.  It is close to
restaurants, shopping and for those into salt water and heat, the beach.  The Richardsons, Reynolds,
Eckharts, Claytons, Rings, Pelzes and Bev Maples and Helen Paulin were set up and into their first card
games when Trina and I arrived.  We were followed shortly by the Roachs, Eddingses and our newest
members, Louis & Charlotte Gonet.  Sharon and Pam Bundy filled out the group when they arrived in time
for breakfast Saturday morning.  Sharon’s rig is still in the RV hospital awaiting more vital organs.
It just goes to show, that accidents can occur at the most unexpected times and from the most surprising
direction.  Sharon was in one of the go ahead lanes of a multi lane highway, when an elderly lady driving a
large Cadillac decided she needed to turn left.  The fact that there was a fairly large travel trailer on her left
did not deter her.  Well, actually it did.  Although theCadillac put up a good fight, the trailer finally won, but
not before it was wounded severely.  It was rather warm for the entire weekend which moved the outdoor
games in, but there was nice sea-breeze blowing most of the time.  Friday’s bean bag baseball game proved
the old saying, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!”  proved true again.  The team led by John Johnson pulled
away to large lead and looked like the mercy rule would have to be invoked.   But have no fear, the team led
by Al Richardson came roaring back and took the win in the ninth inning.  The Richardsons with the able
assistance of the Reynolds prepared two fried turkeys for the Saturday night pot luck dinner.  And as usual,
the rest of the Chapter kicked in tables full of all manner of goodies to go with the turkey.  If they had Al’s
recipe for frying turkeys in Ben Franklin’s day, the turkey might have been the national bird instead of the
Bald Eagle.  Saturday started with a hearty breakfast of hash browns, sausage, bacon, eggs and toast
prepared by Al and his friends.  Things were going smoothly until Al encountered power problems.  It seems
the Club House didn’t have enough power to handle all of Al’s cookware.  The problem was solved by
several people doing some cooking in their rigs.  We had a nice time  visiting with one another while the
slight delay was overcome.  It doesn’t pay to go to bed too early.  It seems we missed the watermelon
midnight snack on one of the nights.  Sharon treated us to a very short, but nice devotional on Memorial
Day Saturday evening after dinner.  Most of us stayed until Monday, but as she had no RV, Sharon and
Pam had to head back to Jax on Saturday evening.


March 2010
As is the normal for us, about 80% of our membership came to Lazy Days. Most of us came in a day early,
again a regular plus feature of this group!  The weather was perfect for three days cool nights, sunny
days…although the Thursday arrivals did experience some strong and chilly winds. One or two in our group
had a physical discomfort…nothing serious fortunately… but funny enough, quite coincidentally, Lazy Days
put several of us in handicap pads!! Did they know something?  Each day we had lots of getting together
stuff…Happy hour of course, that goes without saying doesn’t it?! We played cards two evenings and David
Kelly was the big winner although wife Sandy gave a little of the family fortune back. Shuffleboard was very
very competitive as always. The ladies particularly, complained about the new surface on the shuffleboard
court because it did require more muscle to push the puck down the runway. And the bean toss baseball
event was truly a highlight with both eleven person teams striving to prevail. This game always encourages
lots and lots of shouting and cheering. This attracts the inquisitive attention of the other campers! They wish
they were Pasco Loafers too! Eventually the team led by Bob Blais won 12-11 but only after captain Bob hit
a grand slam, can you believe that?  Our hosts, Bob & Sandi, supplied the beer and wine for our Friday
early evening Pizza Party. The ordered out pizza was paid for by our “Loafers Fund”, a supper nice idea.
This event was loved by absolutely everybody and all agreed we must do this again.  Our regular Saturday
morning meeting was attended by all and as usual was concise and informative and full of good hearted
humor. Saturday 50/50 drawing was won by Ed and Joan Fisher who drove home with oodles of cash!
The Pasco Loafers really are a fun bunch of people who enjoy the company of our membership as
evidenced by the high attendance at each rally. So God willing and the creek don’t rise, we will it all again at
Okeechobee Good Sams State Rally in just three weeks or so!!  When you see the “Pasco Loafers” logo
displayed outside all our rigs…please…come say hello.

May 2010
Here are the Pasco Loafers in Blueberry Hill NASCAR in Bushnell, very nice. Maizie and Alan the early and
only Loafers in on Wednesday! Jay and Sheila aren’t coming cuz Jay’s got bad knees (but they are
improving after surgery!).  Love bugs covered the front of all our rigs, what a mess. Dave’s wife Sandy had
offered to hire David out as his rig cleaning was that good!  It was really hot and humid, we struggled to find
shade for our happy hour, but we did, of course. Courtesy of Frank & Elizabeth’s double awning. In the
evening lots of Loafers took advantage of an inviting pool!  Lots of chat among our Loafers about summer
travel dreams, quite a few long trips planned.  A demonstration of a dryer pole to be attached to coach
ladder at rear, to dry clothes, by Ed but built by Bob and Sandy, David, Alan and Doug watched with awe!
How brilliant RV‘ers, and Loafers in particular are.  Shuffle board winners were Sandy and Judy, and the
unisex and injured foot wound/head damage (mental perhaps) team of Joan and Alan. In the Polish Poker
session, Bob did a Robin Hood impersonation and rode into the night with all the loot!  Now here’s a hot
piece of news…Doug and Carol our hosts, moved the breakfast start time to 9am from 8am… most Loafers
were very happy for the extra hour to do whatever they might.  50/50 winner was Dave…again!! This is habit
forming…and the other winner as always, our Loafer charities.  It is so hot, we cancelled the bean bag
baseball, but there’s lots going on around the camp because it’s the NASCAR Grand Opening. They had
exhibits, vendors, big screen T.V. and so on…and the inviting cool pool awaits us all. Judy serenaded
several Loafers at her rig with a rendition of Gene Autry’s “Blood on the Saddle”…and her dog “Sara”
sometimes (but not this time) joins in!  Big excitement by many Loafers regarding Paradise Oaks camp out in
December, just a few comments its “beautiful, absolutely the best“.  The October rally hosted by Judy and
Bob will feature a pumpkin painting contest…you are warned…bring a pumpkin!! Bob and Judy will supply
paint…that’s October!  At the Saturday happy hour, again at Frank and Elizabeth, all Loafers were present
and took the pledge!!! Whenever you go to your rig to check on dinner for the pot luck you must always refill
your drinks!!…very important.  Joan’s birthday on Monday next so we all sang “Happy Birthday” at our pot
luck dinner…which was really tasty, full of goodies!  A final get together at Frank and Elizabeth’s rig and this
fun weekend ends. A call to Brinks Security seems in order, on Sunday morning, Marilyn won the big jewelry
prize raffle organized by “Bijou Jeweler Company”…way to go Marilyn  A September get together for the
Loafers, not organized yet…surely we will put something together? Lets hope so!  Safe summer to all from
Pasco Loafers, the fun group!


May 2010
We had a good turnout - 8 rigs - and all arrived on Thursday at the Road Runner RV Resort in Ft. Pierce.
There was the Wallaces, Tripletts, Summers, Matthias, Bob Pearce and Polly Crosby, Fullers, Barbara
Derryberry and Sally Mazzarella and the Braders. We played cards every night in the clubhouse and had
our usual "Happy Hour" each afternoon. On 2 afternoons we played bean bag baseball. On Friday morning
the Braders served coffee and muffins in the clubhouse and afterwards we had our discussion (which was
not a regular meeting as we did not have a quorum). Friday evening we car-pooled to Norris Restaurant and
I guess all enjoyed as we didn't get the pink pig award. When we got back to the campground, we were
entertained with music by a trio on the patio. On Saturday morning 8 of us went to the airport for breakfast
which was only a mile down the road - good food. Then we went on over to the green market in historic Ft.
Pierce on the river. Saturday evening we had our covered dish dinner in the clubhouse and watched the
Preakness Stakes. Sunday was our good-bys for the summer and everyone was wished well. We couldn't
have asked for better weather.


March 2010
Our March campout was held at the Gold Isles RV Park in Brunswick, Georgia.  We had 6 rigs present.  It
was a rainy, grey weekend so we did most of our visiting in each other’s rigs.  We had a wonderful bowl of
chili by Chef Rich Friday night.  It was very tasty and it was even dry enough to sit outside as a group.  
Saturday was overcast so we held our meeting in their club area at the back of their restaurant.  Saturday
night for supper we had a little extra excitement added in.  As some of us were getting things ready for the
hobo stew/soup supper we and their employees smelled a hot electrical smell.  After a quick search it was
discovered that the water heater in the restaurant kitchen was on fire.  We evacuated the building with the
dinner fixings.  Fire extinguishers were used to put out the flames and then the fire department checked to
be sure all was out.  Later that night after the smell lessened we gather to play screw your neighbor and
sevens.  Food Fun Fellowship and Food was the theme for the weekend.  If you would like to join us in April
or for any future gathering please give our president, Leo Nadeau a call-we would love to have you as our

April-May 2010
The campout scheduled for April was canceled as we were very busy with other things.  We had three rigs
attend the Florida State Samboree in Okeechobee while two other rigs attended the Alabama State
Samboree.  We visited with out of town guests, , recovered from surgery, attended meetings, and had to
work.  One couple went to the campground for the week and missed us very much.

The May campout was held April 30-May 2, 2010 at the Williston Crossing Campground in Williston, FL.  We
had six rigs in attendance.  We played holey board, dominos, and even a little bean bag baseball.  We ate,
we laughed, we talked and we ate.  We had wonderful hamburgers and hot dogs Friday night with all the
fixings.  Saturday night we great smoked pork, smoked chicken and lots of delicious sides.  Sunday morning
you could hear the sadness in the voices at having to go home.  Everyone is looking forward to the next
campout at Kelly’s in Callahan with an Italian potluck.  Everyone is always welcome to come and visit with
us.  We would love to visit for the day or camp with you for the weekend.  Please give Leo Nadeau a call at
771-2762 to join us as we gather for food, fun and fellowship.


March 26-28, 2010
Spring has sprung and what a great weekend it was.  Nice weather and the accommodations at Rock
Crusher Canyon RV Resort were excellent.  Our host for the weekend, Larry and Joan Buback did a great
job in putting together a great weekend of fun and activities for us.  A successful campout takes a lot of
planning and organizing.  We learned that the 5 P”s  (prior/planning/prevents/poor/performance) really
works.  In every respect Larry and Joan applied that principle and it surely works.  We congratulate them
and  thank  them.  We had 21 rigs plus 1 drive in for the weekend with most arriving as early birds on
Thursday.  Much of the weekend was dedicated to rehearsing for our performance at the Okeechobee
Samboree.  Our director, Joan Conway, did a great job in putting the acts together and fine  tuning  the
production.  As a chapter we have many things to be proud of.  Adding to that list is our new website which is
now up and running.  Larry Buback with the assistance from Jeannette Ormsby and Al  Morneault have
melded their thought and talents into  the design and text.  Larry has put many hours into this project and it
shows.  There is still some work to be done such as member’s page and the activities of our chapter page,
but the basis is in place.  Our site can be accessed by going to the Good Sams of Florida web site, click on
chapter Presidents , scan down to Trail Blazing Sams and you’re there.  Easter is such a special time for so
many.  A spiritual time of the year whatever your religious beliefs are one thing is certain, for the children
Easter time means Easter Eggs hunts and baskets full of chocolate bunnies and candy.  The less fortunate
children from broken homes do not always get to enjoy the Easter tradition so our hostess Joan Buback and
the ladies of our chapter all got together and made 50 baskets of  goodies  which will be delivered to the
Eckard Community Alternatives of Pasco County (agency for child welfare).  A humanitarian act very well
done.  Many of us 18 rigs in total look forward to the Spring  Samboree coming up April 14-18th. The
program is now posted on Good Sams website so make sure you check it out.   Remember to unhook your
tow vehicles before arriving.

APRIL 14-18, 2010
The best for last!  KOA Campground in Okeechobee was the home of our Spring Samboree and what a
beautiful place it was.  A very clean park with full facilities made for a great outing, not only for the 387 rigs
in attendance but for the State Staff as well.  The Staff did their usual excellent job in making sure
everything went  smoothly.  They receive little recognition for all the hard work they do.  We say thank you to
each and  every one  of them for making this one of our best Samborees.
Our Chapter as usual was very involved in the many Samboree’s  activities but this year it was our turn to
provide the entertainment program on Friday night.  Our show was well received by over 400 that were in
attendance.  From the opening act to the final curtain call the audience seemed to enjoy our performance.  
Act after act received applause and  then  after the final act we received a standing ovation which lasted for
several minutes.  Much more about the performance as well as other information about our Chapter is on
our web site.  Just go to Good Sams of, click on Chapter Presidents, scroll down to Trail Blazing
Sams, click on it and you are there.
Our last campout before the summer  break  will  be held at Rally Park in Seffner, Florida on May 28th –
30th.  In addition to the usual campout activities a special program is being prepared to  honor  our
members who are celebrating their 50th  wedding anniversary.