April 2016 Spring Rally
State Committee Meeting
Letter to Chapter Presidents

March 7, 2016

To All Good Sams of Florida Chapter Presidents:

   This letter is to inform you there will be a State Committee Meeting on
Thursday April 7, 2016 at 1:00 PM at KOA RV RESORT Okeechobee Florida  in
connection with our Spring Rally.

      I am sending this letter, and the agenda to those that have an email address
with us.  For those who don’t, I will be sending a packet by regular mail.  The
minutes from the meeting in Tallahassee are available on the web page if you would
like to print a copy to bring to the meeting.   Please visit the web page for many
changes have been made in the past year.    www.goodsams-florida.org

    All Chapter Presidents are members of the State Committee and should make
every effort to attend the Committee Meeting or send a representative from your
Chapter.  If you are unable to attend the Committee Meeting and you send a
representative in your place, remember to send a letter signed by you as President
identifying that individual as your appointed representative.  Good Sam of Florida,
Inc. Constitution and by-laws Article II:  Section (2) and Article 5: Section (1) states
all chapter presidents, or their designated representative shall establish a State
Committee and attend State Committee meetings each year.


Joe & Debbie Weston
Florida Good Sam State Director