November 2014 Fall Samboree
State Committee Meeting
Letter to Chapter Presidents
October 19, 2014

To All Good Sam’s of Florida Chapter Presidents:

This letter is to inform you there will be a State Committee Meeting on Saturday
November 22, 2014 at 9:30 AM at Southern Palms RV Resort in Eustis, in conjunction with
our Fall Samboree.

With all of our suppliers cutting back on door prizes and donations, we will accept help
from the chapters in the way of giving door prizes.  I would like to thank everyone for all the
help in volunteering and donating door prizes in the past.

I am sending this letter, the agenda and budget proposal to those that have an email
address with us.  For those who don’t, I will be sending a packet by regular mail.  Linda
Voyton, State Treasurer, will be sending the treasury report when she has it available and
will have copies at the meeting.  The minutes from the meeting in Okeechobee are
available on the web page if you would like to print a copy to bring to the meeting.   Please
visit the web page for many changes have been made in the past year.    www.goodsams-

All Chapter Presidents are members of the State Committee and should make every
effort to attend the State Committee Meeting or send a representative from your Chapter.  If
you are unable to attend the Committee Meeting and you send a representative in your
place, remember to send a letter signed by you as President identifying that individual as
your appointed representative.  Once again we will be hosting a President’s breakfast at 8:00
AM for you and your spouse as a small token of our appreciation for what you do all year long.
Ifyou are sending a representative in your place they are welcome to attend.

As of today we have 345 registered, hopefully we will see each of you at the Fall

Joe and Debbie Weston
State Directors, Good Sams of Florida, Inc