Good Sams of Florida Inc.
                                                Commercial Vendor Application-
Winter Rally 2018

Date: February 14-18, 2018 (Wed-Sun); Early Bird Feb 13, 2018 (Tues)
Location: North Florida Fairgrounds, 441 East Paul Russell Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32301
Vendor Coordinator: Ken Risberg, 904-607-2449,

*Vendors may begin set up on Tuesday, Feb 13 and all exhibits must be attended.
*Inside vendors must clear their booths and be out of the building by 5 pm on Saturday, Feb 17.
*Camping fees are not included in the vendor fees. Please complete and send in a camping registration form
(available at with its fees along with this vendor form if you want to camp with us.
* Vendors are responsible for compliance with all Federal, State and Local Tax and Licensing Laws. Payment of
a commercial vendor fee does not constitute a guarantee or insure the exclusive right to sell a specific product or
service. We reserve the right to refuse any application.
*Seminars-please let us know if you want to hold a seminar promptly so it can be included in the printed program.
Seminars will be held to a 50 minute time limit.
*Door prizes are a great way to help promote your business-please consider donating a door prize-thanks!
*Cancellations: There is a processing fee for all cancellations: before Dec 14-$10, Dec 14 to Jan 14-$15; after
Jan 15-$25. Please send an email to the vendor coordinator for any cancellation.
*Vendors will be given a chance to speak briefly at the opening ceremony on Wednesday night.


Contact Person________________________________ Cell Phone#_______________________________

                   Street                                                       City                 State                                          Zip
Email address __________________________________________ Arrival Day/Date___________________

Products to be displayed orsold______________________________________________________________
(Please use the back of form if you need additional space) Door Prize donation yes__________ no_________

Seminar yes__ no___ Seminar to be held in the seminar room______ or at your booth________
Seminar Name for program_____________________________________________________

Vendor Fees:
8’x8’ inside space                      number desired_________@$40                      $_______
8’ Table                                     number desired_________@$20                      $_______
Electricity (bring extension cords)           yes______ no_______
Chairs                                       number desired _________                                $__n/c__
                                                                                                             Total Inside Vendor Fees $__________

Outside :
$60 for up to 40’                 RV length______ Trailer length______      Total Outside Vendor Fee $__________

Make check payable to Good Sams of Florida Inc., by January 1, 2018 and mail it along with the application(s) to:
Ken Risberg, 15255 Landmark Circle North, Jacksonville, FL 32226

              Good Sams of Florida Inc, thanks you for supporting our rally. We really appreciate our vendors!!