Celebrating 50 years of Good Sam Club
            and about 47 years of Good Sams of Florida, Inc.
Good Sam Club was founded in 1966 and is celebrating their 50th year.  Good
Sams of Florida, Inc. followed closely behind in 1969.  We are highlighting the
Florida State Directors from the beginning of Florida Good Sams beginning in
1969 thru the current year.  We have gone through countless records to try to
bring photos and articles from that time frame for all to enjoy.  Everglades Sams
was the first Florida Good Sams chapter and the excerpt is from their history
books.  “Tom & Stella Scott and family of Ft. Myers, had been reading in  “Trailer
Life Magazine” about the advantage and fun of a Good Sam Club so they
requested information.  At the same time, Frank & Lillian Freeland of Ft. Myers,
had the same idea and contacted the California based organization.  He requested
information as well and was told to contact Tom & Stella Scott.  They organized
the first campout on September 1969 and subsequently became “Everglades
Sams #1”.  Frank Freeland was named the first President of Everglades and later
in 1970 was named the first Florida State Director.  
The rest, they say, is history................
4th State Director Bob &
Martha Ollis  1975-1975
8th State Director Clayton & Mary
Shaner   1993-1995
6th State Director Max &
Doris Exline  1980-1986
7th State Director Ben & Francis
Lanier   1987-1992
Above is Everglades Sams
#1 - 100th meeting
celebration. Below is
Everglades Sams members
and first rally.
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12th State Director Bill &
Dianne Maxwell   2007-2008
Schedule of Florida rallies from 1971 to 1980.
5th State Director Martha &
Hank Hudson  1975-1980
10th State Director Jack & Thelma
Henry   1999-2002
GoGo Angels participating in a
parade at Samboree.
Volume 29 -- 2016
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Suncoasters Sams as
hapter Entertainment at
Samboree - They were
having fun!!!
"Florida State Directors" from 1969 to 2016
9th State Director Frank & Zola
Treadwell   1996-1998
1st State Director Frank &
Lillian Freeland. 1969-1971
2nd State Director Doug & Ann
Adoit. 1971-1972
3rd State Director Bob & Bertie
McQuaide  1972-1974
11th State Director Warren &
Ginny Bradley   2003-2006
13th State Director Bob & Reba
Ward   2009-2012
14th State Director Joe &
Debbie Weston   2013-2016
Suncoasters Sams attended the
1970 National Rally in Fiesta Key.  
Don't really know what was
happening - I guess they
were all crowned "King for
the Day"
WOW!  Top is Bingo then
and on the right is Bingo
They had great Chapter
entertainment then and there has
been some great Chapter
entertainment in the last few years
also.  Below is only one of many.
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This is the State Directors meeting
of Region 6 - sometime between
1975 and 1980 with the new map.
Chapter of the Year in 1975 was
awarded to Ocala Central Sams (above)
- now fast forward 47 years to 2016
and it was awarded to Trail Blazing
Sams (below).  Congrats to these two
and all those in between.
Florida Eagle Sams as
Chapter Entertainment - with
"No Pepe" and his sheep