Are you aware that we have a MEMORIAM page on the website?  If
someone in the chapter will send me name and date, it will be posted.  I
often pick up info from newsletters but feel that I am missing some.  The
memorial service for our deceased members is always at the November
Samboree and is a beautiful service.    
News of various chapters is published every month.  I need to get news from
your chapters via e-mail if you can do so .  
If you have a chapter website, I can do a link to it or you can send me your
newsletter in PDF format and it will be added to chapter newsletters.  That
news then will  be very current.  Links to chapter websites are reached by
clicking on the chapter name on the
Chapter Presidents page.  
First, I would like to introduce myself.  I am Jill B. Campbell and I have
lived in Dade City, Fl, all my life.  My husband, Max, and I have enjoyed
48 plus years together.  We were appointed as ASD's by State Director
Bob Ward in 2009, and have had a lot of fun: camping; at the Samborees;
with our chapters;  and the rest of state staff.
Second, I would like to express my thanks to State Director Bob Ward
for having the confidence in me to appoint me to fill the position of
webmaster.  I will strive to maintain this website in a way that will be
satisfactory to him, and appealing to all Good Sams of Florida members.  
I will strive to always keep the website up to date with all current activities,
photos, and current events.   As well as news of the chapters as furnished
by the chapters.
If you have elected new officers, changed phone numbers, or changed
or created a new webpage, please send me all the pertinent information,
so that I can made the changes on the website.  Thank you for all your
information that you have furnished and keep up the good work.

Remember on the newsletters to send me a paragraph or two, or a link
to your website newsletter,  for each month to be posted on the Chapter
News page.  We are all interested to see what our sister chapters are

Also remember to send me your members that have passed away so their
names can be posted on the memorial page of the website.

At the upper right-hand corner of my webpage is a link to OpenOffice,
which is a free download for a wordprocessing software.  Just click on
the link and click on download, and you will have free software that
you can use for a lot of processing programs, spreadsheets, and other